OLSON Family Tree
Ben Olson (deceased)

m. Addie Horton (1949 to 1971; dissolved by his death)
    c. Julie Olson
        a. David Martin
            c. David Banning (born in 1967)
                m. Trish Clayton (divorced; see Stanhope)
                    c. Scott Banning (born 1977)
                m. Renée DuMonde (1982 to 1983; divorced; deceased; see DiMera)
        m. Scott Banning (1969 to 1973; dissolved by his death; see Banning)
        m. Bob Anderson Sr. (1974 to 1976; divorced; see Anderson)
            c. Robert Anderson Jr. (1975; deceased)
        m. Doug Williams (1976 to 1979; divorced; see Williams)
        m. Doug Williams (1981 to 1986; divorced; see Williams)
        m. Doug Williams (1994 to present; see Williams)
    c. Steven Olson
        a. Virginia Stanhope
            c. Spencer Olson

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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