WILLIAMS Family Tree
Doug Williams
Originally known as Brent Douglas. Also had a half-brother Byron Carmichael.

m. Kim (divorced in 1976)

m. Addie Horton (1972; invalid; deceased; see Horton)
Doug learned only after Addie's death that he and Kim were not divorced at the time.
    c. Hope Williams (born 1974)
        m. Larry Welch (1984; divorced; deceased)
        m. Bo Brady (1985 to 1995; 2000 to present; see Brady)
            c. Shawn-Douglas Brady (born 1987)
                a. Belle Black
                    c. Claire Brady (born 2005)
                    c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage; via in vitro; with Belle)
                m. Mimi Lockhart (married 2006)
                    c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage; via in vitro)
                m. Belle Black (married November 23, 2007 to present)
            c. Zack Brady (born in 2000; died in 2006)
            c. Ciara Brady

?. Rebecca North
    c. Dougie LeClair (born 1976)
    Later renamed Charles, being raised by one-time stepfather Robert LeClair.

m. Julie Olson (1976 to 1979; divorded; see Horton and Olson)

m. Lee DuMonde (1979 to 1980; divorced)

m. Julie Olson (1981 to 1986; divorced; see Horton and Olson)

m. Julie Olson (1994 to present; see Horton and Olson)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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