Tony Geary
Geary denies biotox storyline was his
Posted Saturday, October 13, 2001 12:39:20 PM
As General Hospital moves to scrap the biotoxin storyline it had planned for the upcoming November Sweeps, there's reportedly more trouble brewing involving this same saga.

Earlier this year, reported that Emmy winner Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer) had delivered a story outline to GH executives. The document, entitled "Endgame," was an apparently unsolicited story outline by Geary and his writing partner that would bring about the end of the show's ongoing Spencer-Cassadine feud. Some Internet chatter has linked Geary's document with the biotoxin storyline. Geary, however, denies these claims.

"In December of 2000, my writing partner, Irene Suver, and I delivered an 80-page document to ABC entitled 'Endgame.' It was a story to end the Spencer-Cassadine 'war' once and for all, and to move us out of the morass of the past," Geary said in a statement.

"Now there seems to be some confusion regarding the authorship of the story currently airing on [General Hospital]. That storyline is the sole creation of the current writing staff, and bears no resemblance whatsoever to 'Endgame.'"

When contacted for comment on Geary's statement, an ABC spokesperson stated that the show had "no comment."


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