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So many secrets, my head is spinning
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Obviously, the residents of Springfield don't really believe that honesty is the best policy. Just how many secrets are being kept right now?
Obviously the motto for Springfield is not "Honesty is the Best Policy". Let's count the number of secrets that viewers (and some characters) know in Springfield:

1) Rafe and Daisy knew one another in Juvenile Hall. How could their parents be that dense? (only Daisy, Rafe and Ashlee - sort of - know the truth). Ashlee just doesn't know "vent boy" is Rafe - and Rafe is Gus' son.

2) Cassie tampered with the DNA test. Only Reva knows - but for how long?

3) Jonathan and Sarah are alive. Now Reva, Jeffrey and Colin know. Part of this story is what happened when Lizzie went missing (only Reva and Jeffrey know that part).

4) Mallet was a hit man (now that Dinah is waking up, she and Blake are the only ones who know Mallet's darkest secret.

5) Ashlee is in love with Coop.

Have I missed any? Of course, that's enough for one show at a time.

Added to all of those secrets will be a fair bit of drama this week. I'm not going to spoil anyone but the Bauer-bar-be-que promises to be a memorable event. But that is for next week's column.

I know that many of you thought Jonathan would be returning this week, but I've still heard nothing firm from the set as yet. Of course, they could not let the news out until he airs (as they did when Bradley Cole came back as Jeffrey - except I was on the set and saw him weeks before he aired). Still, I'm hoping to see Tom Pelphrey back in Springfield soon.

Dinah's recovery looks to be a slow process. I must admit that, despite knowing she's acting, Gina Tognoni is scaring the wits out of me when she goes into convulsions. They seem so real - and at least give her something to do (other actors have literally fallen asleep when in "comas" on soaps since they have to lie still so long. Somehow I think my employer would mind if I tried thatů

Several of these secrets will be revealed this week to others, which means we'll have other stories to focus on. And I hope that we have lots of fireworks on the 4th with the residents of Springfield - many of whom are at odds with one another.

Whatever you and your family have planned, I hope you have a safe and Happy 4th - there will be much to discuss next week once the smoke clears!!

Keep the Light Shining and Happy 4th of July (and Happy 50th birthday to my husband Jack on the 3rd).

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