Robert S. Woods
by Dawn
For the Week of July 12, 2004
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Several residents of Llanview found themselves stuck with people last week, and the results of each grouping certainly did vary.

Several residents of Llanview found themselves stuck with people last week, and the results of each grouping certainly did vary. The students of the Love Project did not find common ground, Bo and Nora divided up their space, and Dorian, David, Paul, and Natalie were all greedy enough to work together in order to find the Santi millions. The moral of the story is that throwing people together isn't always a good idea.....

Some readers have asked me what I think of the Love Project now that it has officially started. So far, it is pretty boring. Why? Well, for one thing, we are being forced to watch random characters try to live and work together. There are already plenty of characters on the show, and adding a group of seemingly one dimensional characters for the sake of this storyline seems unnecessary. As I have said, the main premise of this storyline has been done before and is still being done on such shows as the Real World. While shows like that may have a place on television (depending on whom you ask!), this scenario is not adding anything to One Life to Live. So far, all we have seen is the students arguing with their roommates and being generally unpleasant. So far, all I want to see with this storyline is for Roxy to tell them all to be quiet and to get over themselves! Perhaps this will change, and these unruly students will become likeable, but for the time being, I do not see that happening! With the exception of Jen, Riley, and Marcie, the so-called "college crowd" is lackluster.

Bo and Nora, on the flipside, were very entertaining. They got on each other's nerves quickly, arguing over everything from relationships to water bills to who needed to use the phone more. It was obvious that their arguing was done with a certain amount of affection for one another; they were just stuck in a miserable situation. Things that they find endearing about each other in some situations became irksome in this one. They didn't feel well and had other things to be doing. By the end of the week, the house was divided in two so that Bo and Nora wouldn't have to cross each other's paths unless that is what they wanted. Matthew looked disillusioned as all of this was taking place, but he eventually got what he wanted when Bo returned to Nora's house and stayed because he wanted to stay. This is not the first time Bo and Nora have been trapped together. A few years ago, they were in a warehouse on what was supposed to be the night of Nora's wedding to Sam. Things were very different when that happened; Bo and Nora were newly divorced and were reminiscing about the old days and trying to move on with their lives. They were being very careful not to attack each other. This time, however, the gloves were off and nothing was off limits. Their relationship has grown in the time they have been divorced, and the spark is still there. If they are going to get back together, however, I would like to see it happen with Matthew manipulating situations. It is adorable that he wants them back together, but trying to force things like that is never a good idea. I admit, I did laugh when Matthew offered to get the duct tape when Nora said her mouth should be taped shut. He is just a little too eager to help sometimes!

Finally, Dorian, David, Paul, and Natalie, all proved that $100 million can make people do strange things. They all teamed up to find the elusive money even though they didn't trust each other or like each other. Dorian even went hiking in heels, which really shows how much she wanted the money. They went the wrong way and came back looking like they had been through quite an ordeal. Did this stop their quest for the big money? No! They went right back out and tried again. They found the empty vault shortly after Jessica found Tico, and Paul and David were arrested. It is amazing that so many people were looking for this vault and could not find it for a long time, and then they all find it within minutes of each other (at least in soap time). Now that they all know the money is not in the vault, will they give up? Paul and David probably won't let getting arrested stop them; they are both greedy enough to keep searching. Once Dorian finds Adriana, I am sure she will be back in the game too. Antonio and Sonia probably won't find the money, since Sonia is suspicious of Antonio and might try to lead him in the wrong direction. It will be interesting to see who, if anyone, finds the money, and how far Antonio will go to complete his mission. Sonia is an interesting character that I would like to see stick around for a while. She has a gun and is not afraid to use it, so Antonio needs to be careful for now. However, there is potential for a good couple there, and maybe it should be explored.

Random Thoughts.....

No one noticed Adriana, a sixteen year old girl, was missing? If John McBain hadn't asked about her, who knows when Carlotta or Dorian would have realized Adriana was gone.

Jessica looked ridiculous skulking around Puerto Rico with that big hat. It's great that she saved Tico's life, but she needs to give the Nancy Drew act a rest!

Why didn't Kevin have the locks and codes changed after firing Margaret from Buchanan Enterprises? He knows she is a little crazy and knows a lot about B.E. He has a had a lot on his mind, but he really should have protected his company better!

Have a pleasant week!

Until next time, Dawn

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