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Part two of a special two-part look back at the events of the past year in Llanview.


1. The Redefining of Viki.

There is no mistaking the fact that Viki has not been a central figure on OLTL for a number of years. Whether that is former Head Writer Dena Higley's fault or someone with even more authority at ABC than her (i.e. Brian Frons), it doesn't really matter because Fall of 2007 marked the return of Viki Davidson to the forefront. Remember the days when every Sweeps period revolved around a "Viki-centric" story? Whether it was Viki/Niki or grieving over Megan's death or traveling to Eterna or becoming Mayor of Llanview, Erika Slezak always delivered the goods and made everyone CARE about Viki and her myriad problems/conflicts. So it with great enthusiasm that I now tune in and see Viki in a situation we've never seen before---serving coffee at a café in Texas! After yet another confrontation with arch-rival Dorian, Viki abruptly left Llanview to rediscover herself and to determine what the course of the rest of her life would be. The best part about Viki's redefinition is that she has made new friends and she has found love in a place she never expected to find it! Considering that Viki is one of the core characters in Llanview's history, it is so refreshing and exciting to see her take her rightful place in the spotlight once again.