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For the Week of May 12, 2008
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One Life to Live is obviously still in transition with a long way to go. However, it was more balanced; there was something for almost every fan to watch, and that's a big improvement!
One Life to Live started to look like more like itself last week. There were some changes to the show such as new titles for each episode and a brand new theme song, but I felt like I was watching the show that I have known so well for over a decade. One Life to Live is obviously still in transition with a long way to go. However, it was more balanced; there was something for almost every fan to watch, and that's a big improvement! Viki and Charlie proved they were a good match, Natalie and Jared became a clandestine couple, Adriana tried to control her upcoming nuptials, Langston and Dorian's relationship became more complex, Snoop Dogg visited Llanview, and we finally learned what happened to David! For the first time in months, I can't wait to see what happens next!

I was happy to see Viki have more than one scene last week! We are finally getting to see more of her relationship with Charlie, and we got to see they really do make a good team. While they counseled Gigi and Rex individually about their situation, neither Viki nor Charlie realized they were giving the same advice. They are on the same wavelength and both have the wisdom that comes from having been through many experiences in their lives. I almost wish that Charlie's secrets didn't have to be revealed. Viki looks so happy with Charlie, and she hasn't looked this happy in a long time. While I think that Viki would be able to forgive Charlie for his lies eventually, I don't want to see them separate, even if it is only temporary. Viki has extended compassion, understanding, and forgiveness to many people in her life, and she has the remarkable ability to see situations from more than one perspective. Will she be able to understand why Charlie lied for Jared? Viki has been there for her children, and so she understands how much Charlie wants a relationship with his son. She will undoubtedly be upset that Jared lied to the Buchanans, but maybe she can see Charlie's predicament and why he went along with Jared's ruse. She knows how much he regrets alienating his son, so I am sure she can see his motives for lying. I am not sure what will happen, but I don't want Viki and Charlie to break up, especially not because of Jared! I hope this is one case where the truth doesn't set Charlie free…from Viki!

Jared and Natalie finally stopped lying to themselves last week and decided to be a secret couple. I can't say that I am a fan of this couple, but at least I don't have to hear them talk about how they could be together if Jared weren't Natalie's uncle. It might have been all of those conversations that made me not care if they ever became a couple! I know Natalie and Jared have a lot of fans, but I don't see the spark between them. I actually like Natalie better with Jared than I do with John, but I don't think they are the next super couple as some people do. I think it has to do with Natalie keeping Jared's secret from her family. She is allowing him to continue tricking the Buchanans, and since she is a Buchanan, I can't get behind this pairing! I was happy, however, that Jared told Natalie the truth WHOLE truth about his biological father. I like that Natalie's first instinct was to tell Viki the truth. However, Jared managed to convince Natalie that telling Viki the truth is a bad idea. I wish that Natalie would tell him to put a sock in it! Viki is her mother and has been there for her numerous times! She was suspicious of Charlie when she met him, and now that she knows he really did have a secret, I think she will feel obligated to tell Viki. How can Natalie keep so many secrets that directly affect her family to herself? To make things even more complicated, she and Jared have to resume their relationship as niece and uncle once they return to Llanview if they don't tell the truth. We all know that can't last long! Can you imagine Viki walking in on Jared and Natalie while they were being a couple instead of uncle and niece? It's only a matter of time before something like that happens! David already saw Natalie and Jared kissing, and while he doesn't know the whole story yet, I am sure he will figure out the truth. Again, I really don't understand how Natalie and Jared are a wonderful couple, but I will give them credit for their determination to be together in spite of all of these issues! I just hope Natalie takes the high road and tells her family the truth before things get any more complicated!

Meanwhile, Adriana is determined to make sure her wedding happens, even if it involves blackmail and giving large sums of money to a man she hardly knows. It's no secret that I don't like Adriana. She makes a great bridezilla, and that's about it! I was thrilled when both Layla and Dorian told Adriana that she looked desperate by paying Brody off to pretend to be Shane's father. Adriana has become so accustomed to people doing whatever she wants that she didn't know what to do when her maid of honor and her own mother spoke against her actions. She still doesn't see how poorly she has been acting, but she is losing the support of her best friend and her mother. Brody doesn't seem to care what Adriana wants him to do, and he doesn't seem to care either. Her plans are going to backfire in a big way, and it will be fun to watch it all unravel! I don't know why she thinks forcing a guy to be a father who doesn't want to be a father is a good idea. Brody already has her money, and he really has the power over her at this point. Adriana must have inherited her poor scheming skills from Dorian! I actually cheered for Dorian when she told Adriana to get over herself and brushed her off so she could deal with Langston's "problem." I wish Adriana would drop this awful scheme and focus on the real problem: her trust issues with Rex! I am surprised that she wasn't more concerned with Rex's drunken appearance at Ultraviolet. It was obvious he was so drunk that he couldn't even see straight, but she didn't even ask why he got so drunk. Even when she realized he was there looking for Gigi, she didn't purse the issue with him. She has been so busy focusing on Gigi that she has been ignoring Rex's behavior, and this makes me think that we are in for a very interesting wedding!

As I said, I loved how Dorian told Adriana to go away and focused on Langston. Dorian's relationship with Langston had been neglected for months, so seeing them interact again was great! Making Dorian Langston's legal guardian had so much potential, and then their new connection was practically forgotten. However, we finally got to see the interesting dynamic between these characters last week, as Langston was forced to pretend she was pregnant. Dorian reacted to Langston's "news" just as many mothers would. She was furious at first and let both Langston and Marko know they messed up. Instead of standing there and taking it, however, Langston told Dorian that she sounds just like Todd. Ouch! Dorian detests Todd, and the idea that she is like him was too much for her. Langston also reminded Dorian that she is only her legal guardian, not her mother I think Dorian realized at that moment that she will have to work on her relationship with Langston and that it won't be easy! Langston is still dealing with losing her parents, and she isn't ready to accept Dorian as a true parental figure yet. Even when Dorian tried to help Langston with her pregnancy, Langston wouldn't accept Dorian making decisions for her. She wanted to know why Dorian was so making a decision about her pregnancy and insisted that Dorian explain herself. These scenes demonstrated that both women are stubborn and strong-willed. Langston still hasn't gotten used to having to answer to anyone or having anyone on her side and has taken care of herself for a long time, while Dorian is always trying to do what she thinks is best for "her girls." We got to see that Dorian and Langston's relationship isn't perfect in these scenes. They are still getting to know each other, and I think they will face many challenges as a result. I think Robin Strasser and Brittany Underwood are doing an outstanding job with their story. Robin is always wonderful, and Brittany has proven that she is a terrific young actress. I can't wait to see how their relationship develops in the coming months, especially once the Cole/Starr saga ends!

We also saw a fun side of the show last week. Snoop Dogg came to town with a new theme for his favorite soap, and he shared some great scenes with Bo and Roxy! Usually, I don't comment on musical guests because they don't typically impact any of the stories on the show. However, this time, Snoop brought his own history to the show. We learned that he and Bo knew each other because of Bo's soap opera, Fraternity Row! I wasn't watching during this period of time, but I did know about it. Bo has done a lot in his life, so I liked that the writers acknowledged Bo's history! It looked like Bob Woods enjoyed doing those scenes with Snoop, and the whole cast seemed to enjoy his visit. Soaps are often accused of being to gloomy, so bringing a musical performer like Snoop Dogg, who happens to be a fan of One Life to Live, was a creative idea!

Finally, we learned that David has been working at everyone's favorite diner, the Bon Jour Café! It seems like life at the diner picked up right where it left off when Viki left Texas! Moe and Noelle are still fighting over pie, and they seem short staffed, but now they have a new bus boy! When David left a few months ago, he had $1 to his name and left for parts unknown. Who would have guessed he'd be working with Moe and Noelle? I am glad we got to see them again! Moe and Noelle will never be main characters on this show, but it's nice to see them again! The Bon Jour Café has a lot of meaning for One Life to Live. Viki got her new start at the there, so I love that the writers decided to have David start a new life there too. I enjoyed his "True Hollywood Story" that told us where he's been. It was clever to have David be affected by the same strike that affected the show in real life! I think David's story is very true to his character, and it was definitely entertaining. Now David is faced with the same predicament that Viki was faced with when she worked at the diner. People from Llanview are there, and David has to decide if he should face Natalie directly, or if he should hide like Viki did from Dorian! The parallels here are wonderful, even though Viki and David couldn't be more different! David's situation might be a little more complicated, though. He doesn't know he is the true Buchanan son, and he saw Natalie and Jared kissing. Once he finds out the truth, the Bon Jour Café could be the catalyst for yet another new life…as a Buchanan! He might not find out the truth now, but I am sure Natalie and Jared will make him suspicious! His reaction to seeing them kissing was hilarious! I wish the powers that be at ABC would entice Tuc Watkins to stay on a regular basis! The show isn't the same without him!

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