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by Dawn
For the Week of March 2, 2009
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One Life to Live has met its quota for 'who's the daddy?' stories for this year, and it's only March.
One Life to Live has met its quota for "Who's the daddy?" stories for this year, and it's only March. Last week's episodes took the plot too far, as there were many false starts about who David's father was. First, everyone thought it was Asa, then they learned that it wasn't. Then, Rex was David's father for a few minutes, which is didn't work, and then finally, the lab technician at Llanview Hospital decided it was Bo. Those scenes really tried my patience. It seemed like everyone was going to be David's father at some point before the truth was revealed. Since we watched Bo and Rex change history in 1968 where Emma Bradley was concerned, I don't think many people were shocked by this revelation. What shocks me more is the fact that the Buchanans continue to rely on that particular lab to run DNA tests when there have been so many errors. I don't want any DNA tests done in a place where a computer matches up the wrong DNA samples because it was feeling feisty. Llanview Hospital has never been known for attention to detail when it comes to medical tests, so I don't know why the Buchanans don't go somewhere else; they have enough money to go to anywhere!

The most interesting part of the story, in my opinion, is if Bo will accept David as his son. Since the Buchanans decided that David was the worst person ever, and they've all been focused on keeping David away from the Buchanan estate, it can't be easy for Bo to accept that he is David's father. Bo should be an expert at dealing with a long lost son, since he's been in this situation before, but he couldn't leave Asa's mansion fast enough after the results were revealed. It's also interesting that David stopped being interested in the Buchanan fortune after he learned that Bo was his father. He realized that he actually respected Bo and couldn't believe that they were related. It was easy for David to accept Asa as his father, since Asa wasn't the most upstanding citizen himself. Now, David seems to want a relationship with Bo more than he wants Bo's money. I don't think there will be any teary-eyed embraces in the near future, but I hope they do reach some type of understanding. I love when characters that couldn't be more different are put in a situation together. I liked that David reached out to Viki for advice. She understands the Buchanans better than most people, and he knows that she'll be honest with him. I know Tuc Watkins isn't sticking around, so I hope we get to see David and Bo in at least one more scene before he leaves. I also hope Tuc Watkins doesn't stay away from the show for long. Now that David's paternity has finally been straightened out (or so I hope), the story could actually be entertaining!

Moving along to the other paternity mystery of the week, Roxy needs to tell Rex the truth about his father. I couldn't believe that she lied TWICE about his father in the same week. It has to be someone who is pretty evil for Roxy to lie to her son again. Rex banned her from his life for months after she told him that Charlie was his father, and now she is willing to risk losing him again. I know there have been speculations that Mitch Laurence will end up being Rex's father, but unless Mitch is going to rise from the dead again and return to Llanview, I am not sure why the writers would make him the father. Mitch is a character best seen in action to truly understand how diabolical he can be! I think it's time for Allison Perkins to wake up from her coma and tell us what she knows, since she seemed to know Roxy's secret at least year's Go Red Ball. It feels like we have been wondering who Rex's real father is for a very long time, so Rex and Roxy need to stop talking about it, or the writers need to give us an answer, a TRUTHFUL answer! I vote for the latter.

Stacy is living up to my expectations for her. She feels misunderstood but is doing everything she can to bother Gigi. It was obvious that she was just waiting for Gigi to walk in on her when she had her hand on Rex's chest, and she seems to be trying to get Shane to like her more than he likes his own mother. When Gigi told her she had to get a job, she looked like she was going to have a temper tantrum, and then she threw away the application in act of defiance. Gigi said that Stacy has always wanted what Gigi had, and it looks like nothing has changed. I hope Rex doesn't decide that Stacy is worth cheating on Gigi, since that appears to be one of Stacy's goals. After all Rex and Gigi went through, it would be all for naught if Rex fell for Stacy's act. I hope Rex is smarter than Fish, who assumed that he and Stacy were an item because she took him home after the ball. Stacy seems to enjoy manipulating people and then letting them go when she's bored with them, so I hope Rex doesn't make a big mistake with her. People have said that Rex and Gigi are boring now that they are together, but I think Stacy is going to do something about that!

Anyone who reads my columns on a regular basis knows that I don't like Blair, but I applaud her for dumping John last week. She finally accepted the fact that he is stuck on Marty, and that Blair will never have his undivided attention. I also like that she admitted yet again that she is a jealous person. All too often, people don't admit this about themselves, and Blair is one to avoid admitting anything about herself, especially to herself, so I thought that was a big moment for her. I am not sure that I actually believe that Blair loves John, since I think she got together with him to spite Todd. However, it's never easy being anyone's second choice, and she was definitely John's second choice. I liked her conversation with Dorian until Dorian suggested that Blair make a statement against Marty to make sure Marty was convicted. Dorian will always have her crazy schemes that backfire, but I wish Blair wouldn't follow in Dorian's footsteps. John isn't going to be eager to reunite with Blair if he knows that Blair did everything she could to send Marty to prison. She will simply look like the jealous ex-girlfriend! Since Blair has already given a statement to the police, the damage has already begun, and I don't think Blair can stop it, but I hope she learns not to take Dorian's advice anymore!

I am thrilled that Cristian finally realized that Vanessa has been using him. Thank you, Captain Obvious! He was shocked to learn about Vanessa's past and realized their marriage was a sham. Really? Didn't he decide that he suddenly loved Vanessa in about 5 minutes after Sarah left Llanview? Ugh. I am not sure exactly when Cristian become such a gullible person, but I don't like it! Seeing Vanessa being taken away in handcuffs was a great sight, though. It was also great to see Cristian rebuff her attempts to assert her innocence at the police station. We know that she didn't shoot Ray's wife, but she certainly did take advantage of Cristian's need to help her. I hope she and Lola are both headed out of Llanview. As I've said many times, the cast of this show is too big, and neither character adds anything to the show!

Finally, now that February is over, I hope I don't hear any characters singing the praises of a certain kind of soup again. I know times are tough, and sponsors are what keep the show on the air, but having characters give mini-commercials into during their dialogue took away from the drama of the show!

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