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by Dawn
For the Week of March 30, 2009
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It is obvious that Stacy was brought to Llanview to be disliked by many viewers. Gigi and Rex had been together for months with little conflict, so a complication was created.
I found One Life to Live difficult to watch last week. While there was enough drama to fill each episode, some of it was absurd. From Gigi falling for Stacy's stupid scam to Nora playing for both sides in the courtroom to John's big announcement at the end of the week, I found myself wondering to what universe the show had transported it itself.

It is obvious that Stacy was brought to Llanview to be disliked by many viewers. Gigi and Rex had been together for months with little conflict, so a complication was created. I've had enough of this complication named Stacy. Stealing Gigi's dress and assuming her identity at the ball was enough to make Stacy wear out her welcome, but now I am ready to take up a collection for her ticket out of Llanview. She feels that Gigi has always taken what was hers, and she is ready to take it all back, especially Rex. Since drugging Rex and setting him up to make him look like a cheater didn't work, Stacy decided to rig the results of the bone marrow tests. For some reason, Stacy thinks that she can fake being a bone marrow match, get Gigi to break up with Rex, and swoop and take him for herself. There are so many problems with this plan that it's hard to keep up, but how can she let her bone marrow be donated to Shane when she isn't a match? Is she willing to let him suffer so she can be with Rex? It's sick. I liked when Schuyler told her that anyone with a heart would be tested to help a sick child. Stacy doesn't have a heart at all, if she thinks that it's okay to use Shane's serious illness to her benefit. The other part of Stacy's plan that is stupid is the fact that Rex doesn't want her anyway! I don't know why she thinks that after Gigi mysteriously breaks up with Rex, he'll decide to move on to the next Morasco sister. Rex wasn't always the most upstanding guy, but he's changed a lot since he arrived in Llanview, and I don't believe he would move on easily after being dumped by Gigi.

Gigi's reaction is another thing that was hard to watch. I know she is desperate to save her son, and she probably isn't thinking clearly. Shane is her life, and she is terrified of losing him. However, I wish she would see that she could easily dupe Stacy into thinking her plan worked and then pull out the rug from under her. Gigi could tell Rex about Stacy's "offer," stage a fake break-up scene, let Stacy donate the marrow (if she were actually a match), and then tell Stacy she's stupid. Why does Gigi think she really has to break up with Rex without telling him about Stacy's plan? Rex would definitely be upset with Stacy and would want to confront her, but I think he could play along until Shane got what he needed and then confront her. After everything Rex and GIgi went through to be together, it is ridiculous that Gigi thinks she can't tell Rex the truth. She doesn't have to stage a new relationship with Brody to break Rex's heart to help Shane. All she has to do is TELL THE TRUTH! I don't know if I can even watch next week, as Stacy's terrible plan is set into motion. I don't want any of it to happen because there are much better ways to deal with Stacy's extortion!

Roxy also has the power to stop Stacy from using Shane to get Rex. All she has to do is tell Rex who his father is and that he's still alive with matching bone marrow! I don't care who Rex's father is at this point. He could be Mitch Laurence, the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, or Victor Lord's doppelganger. It doesn't matter. This person can save Shane's life and stop Stacy and her evil ways. I wish that Roxy hadn't fallen for Stacy's blackmail so easily. I know that this is a sensitive issue for her, and she doesn't want Rex to know who his father is, but she really should have told Rex the truth about his father instead of letting Stacy take over. I don't know what Rex's father did, but since he appears to be unconscious or at least unable to move, he can't be that dangerous anymore. Roxy needs to stop protecting herself and do what is best for Shane, which is telling everyone that the mystery man in that hospital bed is a match. I can't stand what Roxy is doing by letting Stacy walk all over her and letting Shane suffer. It's difficult to like Roxy at all, when she is keeping such a huge secret that can solve Gigi, Rex, and Shane's problem. I hope she tells Rex the truth soon because Roxy looks pretty bad right now, both as a mother and as a grandmother!

I also found Cole's trial hard to watch. I know that conflict of interest is never an issue in Llanview. Anyone can represent anyone else, regardless of relationship. Therefore, I wasn't surprised that Nora was prosecuting Cole's case, even though Matthew was in the car that he was driving. However, it was just bizarre for Nora to suddenly think of a lighter punishment for Cole during the trial and for her to tell the judge he was pleading guilty. I am glad that Nora lightened up on Cole, since she has been reeling from what happened to Matthew. She decided to have some compassion and order Cole to get the help that he needs. However, it was all done in a stupid way. Why couldn't Nora have asked for a delay to discuss this option with Cole and Téa? It was more dramatic for her to change her mind in the moment like she did, but the scene didn't feel right. It might have been more interesting if Rachel had walked into the courtroom and Nora saw her right before she thought of sending Cole to rehab. Rachel had a drug problem, and it would have made sense for Nora to feel more compassion for Cole after seeing Rachel. Let me say that I think the acting during those scenes was great. Florencia Lozano, Hillary B. Smith, and Brandon Buddy made those scenes watchable. They can take the strangest writing and work wonders with it. The scenes just didn't make sense as they were written. They felt like a rushed attempt to end Cole's legal troubles so the characters could move on to the next issue. Sometimes I really wish that Nora would go back to being a defense attorney. The writers don't know what to do with her as the district attorney, which causes some strange things to happen in the courtroom!

Moving on to Natalie and Jared, what makes them think that they can keep Chloe's true identity a secret? They both commented on how they kept a secret about Jared not that long ago, and it backfired. They really think they can do it again?! I don't know what these two are thinking, but they certainly deserve each other! Telling Jessica the truth wouldn't have to be the dramatic and painful scenes that Natalie imagined at the hospital. Natalie and Jared could tell Viki, and then Jessica's entire family could tell her together and help her accept the truth. Viki would also be the best person to know how to deal with Jessica's D.I.D. and the possibility of Tess returning, so I don't know why Natalie and Jared wouldn't go to her for help. There are few problems that Viki couldn't solve, and she would definitely know what to do in this situation. Natalie and Jared should have learned a long time ago that keeping secrets never works. Jessica and Starr appear to be spending more time together lately, so it's even more dangerous for Natalie and Jared to keep this secret! After Jessica asked Natalie and Jared to be Chloe's godparents, Natalie told Jared that they couldn't possibly tell Jessica the truth now. Actually, they need to tell Jessica the truth now, as in RIGHT now. They can't let Chloe be baptized under Jessica's religion while Starr still thinks her baby is dead. Sometimes I wish that Natalie and Jared could be thrown back into the secret room because they don't have a clue how to be people. I hope that someone else finds out that Chloe is Hope because I can't watch Natalie and Jared continue this charade for much longer!

Speaking of charades, John announced that he is Blair's new husband during the custody trial to make sure Todd wouldn't get custody of Starr, Sam, and Jack. It doesn't surprise me that Téa thought of this idea. She knew it would get to Todd, and she loves shocking everyone in the courtroom. However, I don't see how John being Blair's new husband really helps. He lives in a hotel room and certainly doesn't have room to take care of 3 kids. He doesn't have any parenting experience, and he's never taken care of Blair's kids. Is he going to move in to Dorian's house to be their new stepfather? He's always doing what he wants to do and doesn't seem like the fatherly type. I don't think he or Téa thought this idea all of the way through. They were so interested in sticking it to Todd that they weren't even thinking about the children. I wish we weren't being subjected to yet another custody trial involving Todd. This plot has gotten old. Dorian is so intent on hating Todd that she can't think clearly regarding the children, and Todd wants his children back because he's been kept from them. This is a terrible situation for Starr, Jack, and Sam. I don't know what the judge decides, but I hope she isn't impressed with John marrying Blair. I hope the judge sees right through this stunt, and I hope she makes sense out of a crazy situation, otherwise known as Dorian, Blair, and now John versus Todd. Enough already!

Random Thoughts: I really like Matthew's new friend Destiny. I was surprised that she turned out to be Shaun's sister, but I am glad that she is connected to someone in Llanview. I'd like to see her stick around and be there for Matthew, especially since he was involved with a mean group of kids before. She tells it like it is and genuinely likes Matthew. That combination works for me! I also like the possibility of Dorian and Ray. They seem to understand each other well, and I think Ray could keep Dorian in line. I hope we get to see them in scenes more often!

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