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For the Week of January 10, 2011
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The residents of Llanview rang in 2011, and so far, it looks like this year will be filled with gloom and doom as Bo and Nora struggled to communicate, Natalie and Jessica's pregnancies were in peril, Marty sunk to a new low, and Nate confessed to murder, among other things. Thankfully, there was also some much-needed humor, as David tried to spoon his way out of prison.

While it's hard to watch Bo and Nora be estranged, I like this story so far. After judging Nora so harshly for so many years, Bo is realizing what it's like to be the one who did something wrong (or so he thinks). He is ready to work it out and move forward, but Nora just can't do that, even if it pains her to shun Bo. It's interesting to see how Nora is dealing with Bo's infidelity compared to how he dealt with hers. Bo was quick to serve Nora with separation papers when he found out about Sam, while Nora admitted to Matthew that she didn't want a divorce last week. While Nora is extremely hurt, she isn't in a hurry to condemn Bo. She knows what it feels like to be the one who made a mistake, and that is playing a role in her reaction.

I am glad Bo is questioning what happened between him and Inez, and I hope the truth is revealed soon. Inez isn't very convincing with her story, and I don't think she can keep her secret for much longer. While I am confident that Bo and Nora will make it through this situation (especially since Bo didn't actually cheat), I don't want to watch them be this miserable for too long!

Meanwhile, Jessica learned that her baby was in trouble and that she had to make a decision that could endanger her own life. I don't like that Jessica is the position of possibly losing a third baby. As I've said before, way too much has happened to this character in the last few years, and watching her go through yet another crisis is too much. I hope she has the C-section and that her baby survives because I don't want to watch Jessica mourn again. I have no idea why the writers think that doing lots of bad things to Jessica is must-see television, but it needs to stop…at least for a while.

At the same time, Natalie went into premature labor and found herself at the mercy of Marty. I haven't been able to feel sorry for Natalie since Marty decided to seek revenge on her. Natalie has had several opportunities to take Marty's power away. All she had to do was tell John the truth, and Marty's threats would have been worthless. However, Natalie didn't anything and has let Marty taunt her and almost tell John the truth on numerous occasions. When she tried to take control of the situation by kidnapping Marty last week, it was too little, too late. Aside from Natalie's impressive strength that she must have had to drag an unconscious Marty to the lodge, I didn't buy her "bad-ass" routine at all. She is yet another Buchanan who is trying to be Asa and doesn't cut it!

The only thing that surprised me about Natalie and Marty's confrontation at the lodge was that Marty left Natalie to fend for herself while she was in labor. We all know Marty hates Natalie, but leaving Natalie in her condition took that hate too far. Marty claimed that while she didn't care about Natalie, she did care about the baby, but her actions said otherwise, and that is disturbing.

Rivalries are commonplace on this show. We've watched Dorian/Viki, Téa/Blair, Nora/Lindsay, and others fight over many things over the years. The thing that made these rivalries enjoyable was that though these women disliked each other, they also cared about each other. Marty walking out on an ailing Natalie proved that this isn't the case with this rivalry, which makes me think it can't continue. Marty's days in Llanview might be numbered. While soap characters can recover from just about any misdeed, this one was over the top, and Marty can't rationally justify it. It will be interesting to see if she has any regrets after the fact.

Speaking of rivalries, one is quickly brewing between Kelly and Aubrey. This story hasn't been that interesting so far because we've seen variations of it before with Joey. He hasn't changed and continues to be as clueless as ever, even as Aubrey seems to be pretty bad at covering up her secrets, including her other boyfriend. It's obvious that this is all heading to a reunion between Kelly and Joey, which I have mixed feelings about, but I am glad that this story is giving Kelly a chance to be Kelly…instead of whomever she was during Melinda's murder investigation!

We got to see David Vickers with all of his humor still intact…even from a Moroccan prison cell! It's nice to know that after months of being in prison, he hasn't changed. His phone call to Dorian was bizarre, though. If I had limited time to call someone and tell them where I was, I would like to think I'd blurt it out immediately instead of letting the other person talk, as the cell phone connection faded. Despite that, it looks like David will be out of prison soon. Rex is on the verge of telling the truth, and it wouldn't surprise me if David got to make another phone call. I've missed seeing David in Llanview, even if his brief appearances don't do a lot to advance a story!

I have come to the conclusion that I don't care who killed Eddie Ford. I don't believe Nate did it, and I am sure he thought he was protecting Inez by confessing. However, if Nate or Inez were to disappear tomorrow, I wouldn't miss them. If Robert killed Eddie, I wouldn't really miss him either. If someone else in Llanview killed Eddie, I am sure they wouldn't be punished for it, so this story isn't terribly compelling. It was interesting to see Téa implicate Todd in the murder, though. Her confidence in her ability to clear anyone of any charges never ceases to amaze. Hopefully her strategy won't backfire!

I am glad that Blair finally decided to open Eli's box, with Cristian's lock-picking expertise. After weeks of avoiding the box, all she found was a painting of her from 2003. I don't know what she was expecting, but I am sure she never thought she' find herself in that box! I know there is a lot of speculation about what it means, especially when it comes to a highly rumored return. All I will say about it right now is that I hope this painting takes Blair in a new direction that is completely free of crazy serial killers.

Finally, I am still enjoying Viki and Dorian's alliance to bring own Echo, even if I do suspect that Dorian is taking pleasure in Viki's dilemma. That being said, Dorian is the right person to deal with Echo. Dorian has done enough conniving in her past to be able to predict what Echo will do next, especially since Echo doesn't seem to be too smart. I don't know how Echo didn't realize that Dorian was at the A.A. meeting. Her disguise was ridiculous, and it was obvious it was her! Dorian might not have to work too hard to accomplish her mission. Echo will never know what hit her!

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