WOLEK Family Tree
Unknown Wolek (deceased)
Distant relative of Unknown (see below).

c. Anna Wolek
    m. Jim Craig (deceased) (married 1970; died 1981; see Craig)
c. Vince Wolek (deceased) (died 1981)
    m. Wanda Webb (married 1970; see Webb)
c. Larry Wolek
    m. Karen Martin (married 1969; divorced 1969)
    m. Meredith Lord (deceased) (married 1970; divorced 1973; see Lord)
        c. Daniel Wolek (twin; born 1971)
        c. Unknown Wolek (deceased) (girl; twin; born 1971; died 1971)
    m. Karen Wolek (married 1977; divorced 1979)
    m. Laurel Chapin (deceased) (married 1985; died 1985; see Chapin)

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Unknown Wolek (deceased)
Distant relative of Unknown (see above).

c. Jenny Wolek (deceased) (died 1997)
    m. Tim Siegel (deceased) (married 1976; died 1976)
    m. Brad Vernon (married 1978; divorced 1981)
        c. Mary Vernon (deceased) (born 1979; died 1979)
    m. Peter Janssen (deceased) (married 1981; divorced 1982)
    m. David Renaldi (married 1984)
c. Karen Wolek
    m. Larry Wolek (married 1977; divorced 1979)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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