OLTL Recaps: The week of November 11, 1996 on One Life to Live
Maggie prepared to leave for the Philippines. Dr. Durbin was found dead. The wrong people learned that Antonio was working undercover. Cassie broke all ties with Dorian. Gold balloons fell from the ceiling at Todd and Blair's wedding reception.
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Monday, November 11, 1996


Keneally talking to the thug reprimanding him for fouling up his simple chore of getting the book. Keneally doesn't want anyone to find out he's in the middle of this whole thing.


Patrick and Marty are intimately touching each other and speaking of the fairy tale of them being together. They kiss. They are on the bed now. A LOT of chattering, not much foreplay going on here. He says, "I knew that once we made love, I would be yours forever." She asks him to make love to her. The fire alarm goes off.

The run outside the room, and Keneally is in the hall. He asks them to go outside and check for smoke coming from the roof. They go, and thug and Keneally enter the room to search for that book.

Patrick comes in downstairs and tells Marty there was no smoke on the roof. Keneally comes in and says it was just a wiring problem. Patrick says maybe someone did it on purpose to get back that book he was telling him about. Patrick goes on to say what a good thing it is that the police have the book now and it's good the people who want the book don't know that.

Keneally wants Patrick to let him know if the police find anything out about the book. Patrick has suddenly become very serious as he listens to Keneally talk. Patrick wants to head home. Patrick and Marty go upstairs to change.

Keneally calls Carlo the police have the book. Carlo is angry and hangs up the phone. He calls Tonio and wants him to come over NOW.

Patrick and Marty leave and go out the door. Marty goes on about being worried about Keneally but Patrick gives a Yeats quote that's sounds very appropriate about something being amiss.


Maggie sitting in chair looking at map of the Philipines. Max comes in after putting Al to bed. He gets angry and wants to know why she is hanging around at his house. Doesn't she have a lot of packing to do? She wants some coffee. He wants her to go. She says he's cold. He says the whole thing stinks. Does she want him to ask her to stay? She insists NO!

She came to see him because he's her friend and doesn't want to leave Llanview while he's angry at her. He's fuming because she's leaving despite how she feels about him. She starts to cry a bit. He calms down and says he'll be fine, and she should go and do what she needs to do. They say her leaving is for the best. They are saying goodbye, then Al bursts in and hugs Maggie saying he won't let her go.

Al is mad at the nuns for making Maggie going away. Max tells him she's going because she wants to. Maggie tries showing him with the map where she'll be in the Philipines. Al says he and his dad need her more than anybody. He wants Max to tell her she can't go. Max tries to explain to Al about Maggie being a nun and having to go where she's told. Al gets angry and throws the book to the ground asking her why those other kids mean more than they do.

Maggie picks up the book, and says Al and Max are important to her, but she needs to go to help those very needy children. Max tells Al they are tough guys and they don't need anyone. Al leaves the room without giving Maggie the hug she asked for. Max leaves the room as well.

Max returns after settling Al. He asks her if she'll be going to the Philipines soon. She says probably, and they realize it will probably be their last time together. She goes for the door, and he calls for her. He asks her not to leave without saying goodbye. She promises and goes out the door and remembers all the good memories with Max.


Clint and Viki in library room. Kevin comes in. They are waiting to hear from Judge Fitzwater about what Viki did. Kevin tells them about Alex's arrest. Viki is pacing worrying about her fate with Fitzwater. Nora and Hank arrive. They have good news. Fitz was happy with Viki's deprogramming and decided to let Viki go. Viki is very grateful. No jail, no mental hospital. Besides, Hank says the real criminal is Carlo, but Durbin is missing and they need his information on what he knows.

Bo and Nora leave. Clint leaves for the Banner to cover Alex's arrest. Kevin wants to take Viki out for champagne and deserts.


Carlo at table eating. Todd invites himself to sit down. Todd tells Carlo that Alex pointed the finger at him as Poseidon, so what's his comment? Carlo says Alex always lies. Todd wants the scoop on Carlo before the other reporters are all over him tomorrow. Kevin arrives and Todd excuses himself and goes up to Kevin and teases him about letting a Pulitzer story slip from his hands. Todd says he got the exclusive from Alex. Viki appears and greets Todd. Kevin sees Carlo and wants to leave. Viki goes up to Carlo to share a few words with him. Carlo tries to leave, and Viki tells him he's not going anywhere.

She tells him how angry she is for what he almost had her do to Kevin. Kevin approaches. Viki goes on to tell Carlo had he turned Durbin into someone hateful. She calls Carlo a loser. He says shes demented. She goads him. He's been beaten. He didn't count on her love for her son beating his evil. Carlo calls her self-righteous. Talks about his son that Viki killed. Viki admits she shot his son but she's not proud of it and it sorrier than he'll ever know, but Johnnie was brutalizing Tina and she would do it again if she saw that. Carlo asks is she plans on gunning him down as well. She says, "No, I'll let someone else do that for me."

Carlo leaves, and Viki feels better for getting all that out. Todd approaches and says he's got to work on his HUGE edition for the Sun.

Kevin and Viki are eating at a table. Hank comes in and tells them Durbin was found asphyxiated in his car.


Tonio arrives and asks him what's up. Carlo is clearly getting frustrated and seems a bit crazy laughing how he'll annihilate every one of them who betrayed him. Carlo asks Tonio, "How far are you willing to go with me?"

Tuesday, November 12, 1996

Carlo / Antonio

Carlo's having breakfast when Antonio joins him. Carlo tells Antonio that he has seen all the papers. Carlo asks Antonio if he's in all the way - Antonio tells him yes, since Carlo's always been there for him and his family. Carlo tells Antonio that Alex has betrayed him and she'll pay.

Antonio asks Carlo is he's Poseidon but Carlo sidesteps his question. Carlo gives Antonio some cocaine to plant in Alex's hotel room. Antonio tells Carlo that he'll stop along the way to get more stuff to plant.

Bo / Hank / Andy / Press

Andy asks if Alex has given any statements. Bo and Hank say no. Hank is ready to make a deal, but Bo wants more time to take Carlo and Alex down. Bo and Hank go face the press and give the standard issued non-answers to the press. Andy then runs off the press. Cassie and Kevin get back in and try to corner for Bo for more answers to no avail.

R.J. / Alex

R.J. drops by to see Alex at jail. R.J. tells her that Carlo is unhappy, but he does so in 'code' since the room is being monitored. Alex asks R.J. for help with her bail and lawyer which he can't since he's short on funds. R.J. asks her if there is someone else she can ask. R.J. warns Alex to be careful.

Blair / Starr / Todd

The Mannings are in the park. Zeus is hiding and watching the family. They're discussing the Carlo/Poseidon story - now if Todd could get more story to go with the headline. Blair reminds him that it hasn't stopped him in the past. Todd asks what contribution has she made as editor in chief of late, she responds with the sick children that are advertising their charity ball.

Alex calls Todd to offer him more for his headline. Todd tells Blair that Alex will talk to him as soon as he gets over to the jail. Todd tells her he has a meeting in the afternoon to possibly buy some more newspapers for his media chain, then corrects himself and says 'ours'. Blair's tells Starr that her daddy's happy and they're starting a new life with her.

Todd doesn't want Carlo to go to jail before the ball because he'll be a big draw. Blair wants to see Carlo behind bars for taking Starr. Todd's demeanor changes and Blair thinks he's shaking thinking about someone taking Starr, Todd tells her he's not shaking and he takes off.

Cassie / Kevin

Unable to get answers from Bo or Hank, the two decide to get answers from Alex by seeing if Andy will get them in to see her. Andy tells them no.

Todd shows up and gives Kevin and Cassie a bad time about getting to see Alex for an exclusive. Kevin has Andy tell Todd that no one can see Alex. Kevin tells Todd they are on the same team now as Bo comes out to tell Todd that Alex will see him now. Kevin is furious, but Bo tells him that Alex decides who will see her.

Undaunted the two decide that the dead Dr. Durbin and the coroner might be of help and head for the morgue. They run into the coroner but he tells them that he has to talk to the DA first and beside they were in a restricted area. They leave and wait for the coroner to leave.

The two are caught going through the files when Kevin faints. Cassie tells the doctor to get some ammonia to revive Kevin. While the doctor is gone Cassie searches the files one more time. Kevin comes to before ammonia is thrown in his face to revive him.

Alex / Todd

Alex wants Todd to pick up her costs to bail her out of jail and provide her with some spending money. They finally agree upon a price.

Hank has overheard the conversation and says that he'll settle for a deal to put Carlo behind bars. Todd runs into Andy when he's leaving, giving her a bad time about Alex's deal with him.

Cassie and Kevin run into Andy right after that and ask her if Todd was able to get anything from Alex. Andy tells them she doesn't know. Cassie and Kevin talk about the coroner's report that said Dr. Durbin suffered a contusion. They head towards Dorian's to get more information to link Dr. Durbin with Carlo.

Antonio / Bo / Carlotta

Someone climbs the firescape ladder and watches Antonio meet with Bo who's dressed as a bum. Antonio tells Bo what Carlo's plans are. Bo says go ahead and plant the drugs then he'll drop the charges. Antonio can't believe Bo would use the planted drugs. They part their ways.

The someone follows Antonio who runs into Carlotta at Angel Square by Cristinan's statue. They talk about their father/husband. Antonio blames himself for his father's heart attack. Antonio tells Carlotta that maybe his father understands better what he's doing right now. Carlotta tells him she hopes so. Carlotta tells Antonio that she knows that he's (A) a good man just surrounded by evil.

R.J. / Carlo

The someone in the shadows stops by Carlo's. Carlo tells him that he's going to buy Antonio a ring like his son Johnny D's as a gesture for coming through for him (C). The someone is R.J., who tells Carlo he has something to tell him about Antonio.

Antonio goes to church to pray for guidance.

Zeus / Blair / Starr

After Todd leaves, Zeus comes out of hiding and performs his magic for Starr, Blair and other passersby in the park. Zeus pulls out some stars out of his sleeve and makes bunnies appear for Starr. Blair realizing that Zeus has called Starr by her name, freaks and threatens to call the police. Zeus points out Starr's diaper bag and Blair relaxes. Blair apologizes telling him that Starr had been kidnapped so she's over protective of Starr.

Blair asks Zeus about himself. Zeus tells Blair that he's a street magician from Europe, travelling the world. Zeus tells her that he's tired of travelling and wants to settle down. Blair offers him a job to perform at the charity ball. The two are talking some more when Todd returns and demands to know what's going on to a bewildered Blair.

Wednesday, November 13, 1996

Today's show opens with Todd walking in on Zeus' performance with Blair and Starr at the park. To say he was furious is an understatement. Blair not knowing what's going on tried to explain that he's just a great out of work magician who has been amusing Starr all afternoon and she'd like him to perform at Starr's upcoming 1st birthday. Todd manages to send Blair and Starr home. He then rips in to Zeus asking him what kind of game he's playing meeting up and hanging out with hsi family. Zeus explains that he was wondering when they were going to execute their plans to take Starr to Bali and that he is running out of funds to lay low. Todd gives him some cash and warns him that if he says one wron word to Blair, he'll make him disappear and it won't be a magic trick. He then takes the passports from Zeus and tells him to take off.

At the Waterside Inn restaurant, Cassie and Kevin wait for Dorian to meet with them and hopefully get the complete story on the Durbin/Hesser connection. Cassie tells Kevin to let her deal with her mother alone. After some protest, Kevin agrees, but, only if he can sit at a table not too far away to observe and intervene if Dorian gets out hand.

Dorian arrives and is really pleased to see her daughter. She goes on to comment that Cassie must have forgiven her if she's having lunch with her. Cassie cuts to the chase and asks her mother outright to stop lying and start telling the truth. Of course, dear ole Mom is offended by that and proceeds to start shifting the blame to the Buchanan's who she claims have poisoned Cassie's mind against her. Cassie disagrees and tells her that she knows her too well and can telll when she is playing games and telling lies. She also reminds her that by keeping silent, she will helping Hesser stay free. This goes on for a while, and Kevin seeing that Cassie is not getting anywhere with her mom steps in with news about a late breaking story that Elliot Durbin has "re-surfaced" and is at the LVPD office spilling his guts about the whole Viki/Hesser deal and is implicating Dorian as well. Dorian is scared now and in her own round about way kinda admits to knowing about the plot. Cassie is stunned that her mother knew about this and didn't do anything because she sees it as a final act of revenge against Viki when the later kills her son. As Cassie rips into her mother, Viki walks in and the cat's let out of the bag when Viki responds to Dorian personal attack that Elliot Durbin is dead. Dorian sees she's been had by both Cassie and Kevin and the reporting duo make their escape.

In the meantime, back at Carlo's, R.J. who is now revealed as the mystery man that followed Antonio to the rendezvous with Bo, visits with the Mafia boss. Carlo is busy cleaning the ring that once belonged to his son Johnny D. He then tells R.J. that he will be getting one just like it as a gift for Antonio Vega. This really incensed R.J. and he tells Carlo not to trust Antonio because he thinks he's up to something and may not be trustworthy. Carlo asks for proof which R.J. didn't have, but, says he followed Antonio to a secret meeting place where he met with someone. He does not know who he met with and didn't hear the conversation. He also tells Carlo how Antonio met him with his mother later and said "this part of my life will be over soon." He asks Carlo to think about the statement. Carlo defends Antonio and says R.J. is just jealous/envious of Antonio and laughs the incident away - or so it seems. R.J. further states that Antonio will bring cops and send Carlo to prison. As R.J. leaves, Carlo picks up his drink, but, he's unable to take a sip.

Later at the chapel, Antonio lights a candle for his late father and prays for guiadance and protection and the strength to see this project through. Cris comes in and is very upset with the situation. He asks Antonio to leave the Carlo lifestyle right now for his own good and also to ease their mother's grief. It looks as if Antonio would tell Cris something important, then the priest walks in. He confirms that Carlotta is indeed sad and he remembers the days when their father was alive. After he leaves and Cris leaves also, Antonio says some more prayers then decides to go into the confession room. As he prepares to speak, it is revealed to us viewers the priest who is behind the curtain waiting to listen to his confessions - YEP! CARLO HESSER in a priest disguise unknown to Antonio. God help him if he confesses the wrong info!

Thursday, November 14, 1996

Dorian / Blair

Dorian tells Blair that Cassie no longer wants anything to do with Dorian, and she can no longer see River. Dorian is worried that if she tells Cassie everything about the Waterside Inn incident, Carlo will retaliate. Dorian asks Blair to lie for her. Lieing is not the answer, tell Cassie the whole story, Blair urges. Dorian begs Blair to help. Blair is not going to lie for anyone. She's even going to tell Todd the truth about Patrick. Dorian says never, Todd will not forgive Blair.

Todd / Viki

Viki shows Todd the toy bunny she found at the mountain cabin. Viki wants to know when Todd is going to tell Blair it was Todd, not Carlo, who kinapped Starr. Viki accuses Todd of following in their father's footsteps. She urges Todd to tell Blair the truth. However, Blair is not the only one in themarriage keeping a secret. Viki tells Todd to move on. He's trying. Viki reminds Todd that he committed to a totally honest relationship at his wedding.

Dorian / Viki

Meeting at the country club, Dorian apologizes to Viki for accusing Viki of having turned Cassie against Dorian. Dorian asks Viki to put in a good word for her with Cassie. Dorian claims she had nothing to do with the incident. Dorian tries to explain her presence at the Waterside Inn, but Viki is not buying her story. Furthermore, Viki will not put in a good word with Cassie.

Carlo / R.J. / Antonio

Carlo waxes poetic about Johnny Dee, telling Johnny that Antonio is a traitor. Antonio tries questioning Carlo to find what he knows about Elliott's death. Carlo sends Antonio to the LPD to ask Linda if they've found the cocaine in Alex's room yet. R.J. asks Carlo why he continues to trust Antonio. Form now on Carlo only relies on R.J. to see things through when Carlo leaves town. He'll leave before Bo can put him in Statesville. Carlo explains about the incriminating information in the book of Irish Aires. But first, retalliation against a select group of enemies. After the boat party, Carlo will disappear.

Catching Antonio speaking to Linda, Andi questions Antonio as to why he's at the station. She tells him she's been reinstated, and she'll never let anyone cloud her professional judgment again. Bo angrily fights with Antonio, then tells him thePD will bust Alex for cocaine soon.

Carlo tells Grant to follow Patrick and Marty when they leave the Police station. Antonio is sent to check security at the yacht.

Patrick / Marty / Bo

At the police station, Bo tells Patrick and Marty the cryptographer found nothing in the book of Irish Aires. Patrick insists the book is evidence. Why were P&M almost killed for the book? Bo peels back the cover of the book to reveal a computer disk. He comes back with a computer printout that makes no sense to him and Patrick, but Marty thinks she may know what the numbers mean. Andi is sent to check security at the yacht.

Todd / Blair

The ballroom on the yacht is beautiful and reminds Blair of their wedding reception. She invites Todd to dance. Todd has a surprise for her. Gold balloons gently fall from the ceiling. They are getting a chance to do their marriage and lives over again. Maybe they'll ge it better this time.

Todd prepares to make a confession to Blair. She announces she's been keeping a secret too.

Friday, November 15, 1996

Starting Location: Carlo's Apartment

*On the desk are stacks of $100 bills, a dead rose, the key to a safety deposit box, passports in the name of Anthony Wilkison and Arturo Irizarry, several credit cards, bullets, keys, and a gun with a silencer, among other things. Carlo reaches over and turns of the CD player on the desk which has been playing The Ride of the Valkyrie. He picks up the gun, puts in a clip and opens the door to let R.J. in. R.J. has brought him one hundred thousand in Mexican pesos. R.J. says it's a shame that Carlo won't be able to announce his departure at Todd's party tonight. Carlo replies that the one the citizens of Llanview should be saying goodbye to is Antonio Vega. "There are fates far worse than death", Carlo says ominously.

*Carlo gives R.J. a list of travel arrangements to make and tells him to use a public telephone to do it, Carlo doesn't want the police to be able to trace any of the phone calls once he is gone. Alex will be no problem, Carlo has taken care of that. The police found cocaine in her room, Carlo tells R.J. If Carlo's taken care of most of his enemies, Antonio, Alex, then why is he leaving, R.J. asks. Carlo has to leave because of Patrick and the information contained in the book. It's only a matter of time before Bo discovers it's importance .

*Carlo is packing when there is a knock on the door. It's R.J., all Carlo's travel plans are done. Carlo gives R.J. the keys to his suite. R.J has one more thing to take care of, Carlo tells him, Blair and Todd. Antonio enters and tells him that the security checked out. Carlo gives Antonio a tux to wear for the party, then leaves with the small black bag he packed.

*Carlo breaks into Antonio's apartment, opens his bag and takes out a shirt and a switchblade(the one that Javier used to stab Kevin??). Just then, Carlo's cel phone rings. It's Grant calling to tell Carlo that the disc has been destroyed. The news makes Carlo very happy. Grant overheard Marty and Patrick say they were headed to the Wild Swan. Carlo tells Grant to follow them, but he's sure Mr. Keneally can handle it if there are any problems. Carlo cuts himself with the knife and leaves the bloody shirt in a bag in Antonio's closet, taking the knife with him. Carlo turns back to shut off the light when Andy arrives, calling out for Antonio. She opens the door and sees Carlo standing in the middle of Antonio's apartment.

*Meanwhile, R.J. breaks into Blair and Todd's apartment and searches their desk. Not finding what he's looking for, he searches further until he finds the two fake passports Todd had made in Todd's jacket. They are the ones that Zeus made for Todd and Starr when Todd kidnapped Starr and planned to take her out of the country.

Location: Todd's party ship

*Todd and Blair are standing on the dance floor of the ship surrounded by gold balloons. Blair's working up to telling Todd the truth, saying that she has never been famous for telling the truth and she was afraid she'd lose him, when Antonio walks in and spoils the moment. Blair leaves Todd to talk to Antonio alone. Antonio explains that he's there for Carlo, to check out the security precautions before tonight. As Antonio walks around, Todd goes over to Blair and reminds her there was something she wanted to talk about, they'll go to the stateroom where they'll have some privacy. As they leave, Andy walks in and sees Antonio. Andy is surprised to here that Carlo will be attending Todd's party tonight. Antonio leaves to check out the rest of the ship.

*In the stateroom, Blair tries to stall for time. Just as Todd is about to walk out, Blair asks him to wait. In the ballroom, Antonio is about to leave after finishing his inspection when Andy asks him to wait. Andy wants to know what he meant before when he said maybe they could do what they want someday. Antonio tells her it was nothing, to stay out of Carlo's way tonight, and leaves. Andy tries to call Bo, but he's not available. She leaves a message telling him that Carlo will be at Blair and Todd's party tonight. Talking to herself, Andy says that Antonio might not want to talk to her, but he's going to talk to her.

*Todd's making her nervous, staring at her like that. Fine, Todd says sarcastically, he'll turn around so Blair can talk to his back. Blair talks about their marriage at St. James church and that they had vowed never to keep secrets from each other. Then, a few days later, she found out that he was dead, and she wanted to die to. The only thing that kept her going was Starr. When Marty and Patrick came back, she hated them, she still hates Marty now, Blair rants. Todd knows how much she hates Marty, "Tell me about Patrick", Todd demands.

*When Patrick came to Llanview, she did blame him for what happened to Todd. But once she got to know him better, she found out he was a kind and compassionate person. Blair was very lonely, she tried to fight it, but she was lying when she told Todd that there was nothing going on between her and Patrick. We got to be friends and... we slept together, Blair finally admits. It was only a few times and only because she was so lonely. She swears to Todd that she never stopped loving him. Todd finally turns to look at her. Blair asks Todd if he hates her. Todd asked her about 4 or 5 times about Patrick and she lied to him every time. Blair was scared, she tells him. Of what he would do?, Todd asks. Todd knows what it's like to be scared, he's glad she finally had the guts to tell him. He's not glad that it happened, but she thought he was dead. As far as Todd is concerned, they should try to forget it ever happened. Blair hugs Todd and tells him that she loves him. Todd's be so closed off ever since he came back, it there something he wants to tell her, Blair asks.

Starting Location: Llanview police station

*Hank confronts Alex with the cocaine that Antonio planted in her room. Alex claims that the cocaine was planted, even Hank couldn't believe that she was involved in cocaine. Maybe Bo or one of his cops planted it in her room, Alex suggests. Hank assures her it was not the police. Alex figures out that it must have been Carlo, seeking revenge. If Carlo is willing to frame her like this, why won't Alex give the information she has on Carlo to the police, Hank asks. In exchange for what, Alex wants to know. Hank will make her a deal, if she gives Hank the evidence, he'll drop the charges to misappropriation of funds and destruction of evidence and he convinces the judge to give her a suspended sentence.

*Asa answers the doorbell at his house and finds Hank and Alex on his doorstep. "The witch from hell", Asa greets Alex. Asa very reluctantly lets Alex come in. Alex has proof that Carlo Hesser is Poseidon, and she left it somewhere in Asa's house. She says "it's" in a black vase in the living room. Hank sends the police woman they brought with them to go get it. Alex says she taped Carlo on two separate occasions and on both of the tapes Carlo admits he's Poseidon. The policewomen brings the vase to Hank, who looks in the vase and finds nothing except a rose (the same one Carlo had earlier in his room). Alex grabs the vase to look, but there is nothing else there. She smashes the vase, then looks up at the rose in Hank's hand and realizes that Carlo has somehow gotten the tapes. Their deal is dead, Hank tells her. "Carlo is everywhere", Alex says.

Starting Location: Llanview University - Music Dept.

*Bo, Marty and Patrick are there to use the computer the students use to record their music. Marty asks Patrick to plug it in (They make a point of showing Patrick plugging it into the wall instead of the 'Computer Equipment Surge Protector'). Marty's seen the code on the printout before, she thinks it may be a code for processing music. Grant is lurking outside in the hallway, spying on them. Bo puts the disk in, the computer plays a quick melody and then says 'ready'. Marty starts playing some of the Irish tunes out of the book, hoping that one of them will work. Grants calls Carlo and tells him that Bo found the disc hidden in the book. Carlo tells Grant he has to prevent them from playing a song in the book called "Lily of the West', whatever it takes, or start planning his funeral. Grant opens the breaker box for the building. At the same time, upstairs, Marty is about to play the song "Lilly of the West."

*Marty plays the song and it works, names and bank account numbers start scrolling quickly down the screen. Just then, Grant hits the breaker box with a metal music stand, causing the keyboard Marty was typing on to shoot out sparks. Marty is thrown to the floor, but she seems to be OK. Bo wants to get an ambulance, but Marty insists she's fine. Bo goes to check and see what happened. Patrick tells Marty what happened was no accident, he hugs her, glad that she's OK. Bo comes back, he talked to the janitor who said the circuits were deliberately shorted out. Bo pulls the disc out of the computer, but it's completely fried. Marty has a photographic memory, she thinks if she goes someplace quite to think, she might remember some of the information.

*At the Wild Swan, Marty tells Patrick, Bo and Mr. Keneally that she's just fine. Bo tells her to relax and try to remember whatever she can from the computer screen that Bo could use to convict Carlo. Bo has to leave and get ready for Todd and Blair's party, he's curious to see whether Carlo will show up. Bo and Mr. Keneally leave. Mr. Keneally comes back in a short time later to tell Patrick that Bo is on the phone for him. Patrick leaves, closing the door behind him. Marty tells Mr. Keneally it's starting to come back to her, she can remember part of what was on the computer screen. She asks him to go get Patrick. "Don't worry Ms. Saybrooke, I'll take care of everything", Mr. Keneally tells her.

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