OLTL Recaps: The week of December 2, 1996 on One Life to Live
The investigation into Carlo's murder continued. Maggie's father voiced his displeasure after Maggie announced her decision. Antonio second-guessed his former actions. Cassie admitted she'd kissed Kevin. Blair was injured.
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Monday, December 2, 1996


Marty sleeping on the couch. Patrick comes in from the cold and warms his hands and touches her face. She awakens with a start and they cuddle a bit.

Later, Patrick brings her in some tea and covers her with a blanket and tells her she was sleeping for 36 hours. Phone rings. It's Hank. Patrick wants to go and try to get Keneally to talk (looks like TK got a trim).


Max is on the phone to the convent asking about Maggie. Maggie is not there. They tell him she has gone off. Dylan walks in. Max is very sad because he thinks Maggie is gone. Dylan tells him the hurt goes away after awhile. Dylan throws Max a coat to go outside and rake some leaves.

Doorbell. It's the lady from the lab he's dated. He tells her he'll meet her in the living room and kind of tells Dylan to take a hike. Max tells her he's sorry he's been so out-of-touch.


At the church praying out loud to God to let her know what to do. Was she wrong in becoming a nun or was it all just a test? Andrew comes in and is surprised and happy to see her.

After the commercial, Maggie has evidently let Andrew in on some news because he is smiling. They are sitting and talking. Maggie tells him her heart always gets her into trouble. Out the window went her heart when she met Max. What does she do? She decides she needs to be honest and open with Max and she's never done that. She kisses Andrew goodbye and leaves.


Todd is fighting with his lawyer. Todd wants custody of Starr or he'll find another lawyer. The lawyer will let him know by the end of the day. As he leaves, Viki enters. Todd tells Viki it is over with him and Blair. He tells her Blair thinks he set the fire at Angel Square. Viki tells him not to delude himself in thinking he can win a custody fight. She tells him he needs to get help. Todd says he told her he didn't belong with normal people. She tells him anyone can change. He needs a psychiatrist (but not someone like Durbin). Maybe if Blair sees he's getting help, she may give him another chance.


Blair is leaving to go to the Sun and Dorian thinks she's suicidal for doing that. Blair says the paper is Starr's legacy. She tells Dorian that Todd set the fire at Angel Square. Dorian says she's going to the Sun with her and goes upstairs to change her clothes. Blair opens the door to leave without Dorian, and there's Viki at the door asking Blair if she's got a minute. Viki wants Blair to give Todd a chance. She tells her people can change and please don't give up on Todd. Blair gulps and tells her she's asking too much. Viki thinks they both want to recapture their love.

Viki tells Blair to go to Todd and Viki stays behind. When Dorian comes down, she only finds Viki there and comments on getting another security system. Dorian asks what she's up to. Dorian gets her coat and accuses Viki on coming on her brother's request. Dorian says she's going to get Blair and bring her back. Dorian thinks Viki should be out shopping for a new psychiatrist.


Hank ushers Patrick into his office. Knock on door and a policeman brings Keneally in, who rejects the offer of having an attorney present. Says Patrick is an old friend. Keneally and Patrick are alone. Patrick goes at him with the questions. Keneally says, "Why don't you admit you're no more just an English Professor than I am an innkeeper?" Patrick looks astounded.

Patrick asks Keneally if he arranged Siobhan's death, and he admits it. Patrick's eyes well up with tears. But Keneally accuses Patrick of killing Carlo. (Patrick's Irish accent is strong again today.) He tells Patrick he's with Marty's beauty now but one day his heart will awaken to a cause from his slumber (very cryptic-sounding).

Hank comes in and ushers Keneally out. Patrick tells him Keneally didn't admit to being the head of Men of 21, and leaves. Patrick looks troubled for having spoken to Keneally.

MAX'S - 2

The lab tech is stretching her muscles and Max is enjoying it. He asks her is she wants a glass of wine and goes to get it. DOORBELL (gee, busy door day). Max asks her to get it while he goes to the kitchen. It's Maggie at the door. Max comes by and sees Maggie and freezes. He hands the lab tech the wine glass and asks her if she missed her flight again. Maggie goes to leave, but Max pulls her in. She tells him she left the order, the whole sisterhood for good. The lab tech hands back the wine glasses and leaves. Max is shocked at Maggie's news.

Later, they are sitting in the living room near the fireplace. Technically, Maggie says she's still a nun but she's made up her mind. She is tired and scared. She said being a nun was her last chance of being a good person. Max thinks this is nonsense. Max tells her how strong she is. She is crying, and he holds her and tell her it's going to be okay.


DOORBELL. Marty answers it and it's Dylan. She's amazed at how well he's walking. He is wondering how she's doing after the Irish Swan blow-up. She says she didn't think they were friends anymore. Dylan says stranger things have happened.

SUN - 2

Todd is at his chair and Blair comes in and announces that the Sun belongs to her also. Todd just matter-of-factly asks her what she thinks of the mark-up he's holding since she's the editor-in-chief. She comments on it. He agrees with her. It's a story about Carlo's murder. Blair asks him "Well, did you do it?" He says, "I wish I had." "But no, I didn't kill Carlo."

As Blair leaves to go down to Copy, she bumps into the lawyer coming in. She leaves and Todd tells the lawyer to hold off for now. The lawyer talks about the custody suit when he's ready, and Blair overhears at the door.


Marty is full of questions for Patrick about Keneally. Patrick is still visibly upset and shuts Margaret up with a kiss and tells her "No more words, please."

Tuesday, December 3, 1996

Todd / Blair / Dorian

Blair overhears the tail-end of the Todd's conversation with his lawyer about getting custody of Starr. Blair confronts Todd about what she overheard. Todd tries to explain to Blair that he told his lawyer to hold off since she showed up to work today and made him think that they could work things out.

The only reason Todd felt he needed a lawyer was to be able to see Starr since Blair has kept Starr away from him. Todd tells Blair that he fell in love with his daughter after Viki brought her to him and made him hold her. He doesn't want to go to court over Starr.

Dorian interrupts Todd's pleading with Blair. Todd threatens to call Security to remove her. Todd and Dorian exchange heated words. Blair pleads with Todd this time to think of Starr. That Starr isn't like some game that one captures another's flag. Blair relunctantly leaves with Dorian.

Dorian gets in a few parting words to Todd. Dorian tells him that the only thing he did right he messed up when he returned. Dorian tells Todd that Blair was doing fine in her career and personal life with Patrick, a man who didn't need a restraining order to teach him on how to treat a woman.

Marty / Patrick

Patrick prepares a fire. Marty's happy and Patrick wants to keep the feeling so, he locks the front door, takes the phone off the hook and says a prayer to St. Patrick to keep the world away for awhile.

Marty shows him a shawl that she bought while they were in Ireland. They rehash the past year, their mistakes. They talk about the time that Patrick told her that everything was over between himself and her but they found their way back to each other. Marty and Patrick make love in front of the fire.

After they make love Marty tells Patrick that she's never been this happy and it frightens her. Patrick tells her she's been around him too long and she's turning into an Irish woman. They see the snow outside and get up to watch the snow, which is making their world anew.

A little later, Patrick and Marty talk about getting back to normal. Patrick wants to return to his writings and teachings. Marty wants to return to her medical studies, after learning the spiritual the body should be easy.

Kevin / Hank

Hank interrogates Kevin more about his whereabouts on the night of Carlo's murder. Kevin tells Hank that he and Cassie had escorted Alex back to her car with the promise of a story but instead Alex gave them the standard line of 'she will be vindicated'. When the two of the them returned to the ship, Cassie went to 'powder her nose' and then the lights wents out. Kevin went around trying to find a fusebox.

Hank asks Kevin about his and Cassie's coming as a couple to the party. Kevin tells him that Cassie and Andrew came together as a couple then Andrew left early. Kevin had been assigned to cover the story for the Banner.

Hank tells Kevin that he did pretty well, Kevin has a story and Carlo's dead. Kevin jumps all over Hank telling him that now he has to see Bo in the hospital and be supportive to Nora. Hank tells Kevin that he misses Bo, too. Kevin tells him that if he knew more he would write it in the Banner for all to read. Kevin asks Hank for any new info, Hank tells him when he has more information he'll tell all at a press conference.

Andrew / Cassie

Cassie is helping Andrew prepare the church for a wedding later that evening. Andrew asks Cassie why isn't she out covering the big Carlo Hesser story. Cassie explains that Kevin is covering it and she had other obligations, her family.

Cassie tells Andrew that she's sorry she isn't the little minister's wife that he wanted, but she tries her best. Andrew tells her he didn't want a little minister's wife. Andrew tells her he loves her for who she is. Andrew and Cassie tell each other they love each other. They talk about their wedding day and the day after.

Andrew suggests taking River over to his friend's home for a playdate, then Andrew would return and he and Cassie could have their own playdate. Cassie accepts.

Cassie / Kevin

Kevin stays out of Andrew's and Cassie's view as Andrew tell Cassie that he'll meet with her later. Kevin tells Cassie that he talked with Hank again and what he told Hank. Kevin stresses to Cassie that everything will be fine if they stick to the same story.

Cassie regrets the night only because they're lying about what happened between them that night. Cassie is grateful for Kevin covering with Hank and the risks Kevin has been taking. Kevin tells Cassie that she's worth it. Kevin leaves and Cassie is beside herself. Kevin returns, Cassie tells him Andrew is her husband and she runs out of the church.

Blair / Dorian

When they get back to Dorian's, Starr just woke up from her nap. Blair takes Starr from her nanny and tells Starr that everything will be all right. Dorian tells Blair that she can stay with her as long as she wants.

Dorian also tells Blair that she'll get Blair and Starr round the clock bodyguards. Dorian tells Blair that she can use her lawyers to start divorce proceedings against Todd and feel free to be greedy.

Blair gets defensive with Dorian telling her that she (B) is unsure about what she's going to do. Blair also defends Todd's right to see Starr. Dorian tells Blair that Todd lost that right when he took Starr away from her. Dorian tells Blair that divorce is her answer to ever being safe.


Briggs brings in the mockup of the front page. Todd tells him to start over this time putting a picture on the front page of Patrick with the headline "Did Poet Pop Pillow Papa?." Briggs balks for a moment but Todd assures him that he'll write the story and to fax a copy of the front page to Hank.

Hank gets the fax and confronts Todd about the accusations in the paper. Todd brings forth Zeus as a witness. Zeus tells Hank that he was down by the docks just out for a walk admiring the boat. Zeus tells Hank that he heard all the commotion.

Since he's lived in Europe he recognized an educated Irishman speaking telling someone "You have no heart, you're a bloody monster and I'm going to kill you." Zeus says he then heard a shot. Zeus tells Hank that he took off because he thought if anyone saw him that he would be next.

Zeus also explains that he didn't come forward before because he's not a U.S. citizen and didn't know what the authorities would say or do to him. Zeus went to Todd with his story. Hank asks Zeus to go down to the station with him about his statement. Zeus says he'll comply and waits outside Todd's office for Hank.

Hank tells Todd that Zeus doesn't appear to be very credible. Todd tells Hank that Patrick is guilty - he has the motive, the opportunity and here's a witness to substantiate it for the DA.

Wednesday, December 4, 1996


Nora comes out of Bo's room looking haggard and exhausted. Drew and Rachel come out of the elevator. Nora reports that there has been no change in his condition. Drew has brought along a classic 50's music CD. Nora tells them to be positive and smile when they go in to visit. Becky Lee shows up and announces that she would like to hold hands and lead them all in singing a spiritual to help Bo get well faster. Everyone just ignores her and then she asks Nora to have a word with her alone. Becky Lee pulls Nora aside and goes into her long song and dance about her golden opportunity waiting for her in Nashville. Drew tries to make her stop but she finally gets around to mentioning the money she needs. Nora goes ballistic and walks away. Drew follows Nora and tries to explain how is mother got the way she is and he apologizes for her actions. Nora tells Drew that Becky Lee made her choice when she cut Bo out of their lives. Nora goes back to Becky Lee and tells her she will honor Bo's promise but not here and now. Becky Lee is grateful and assures Nora she wasn't expecting anything here and now but how about tomorrow. Nora rolls her eyes and goes back into Bo. Becky Lee rejoices to Drew and talks about them both going to Nashville. Drew tells her he isn't going anywhere until he knows Dad's OK. Becky Lee is planning to stay till the end of the week and she is sure Bo will be better by then so they can leave together. As she steps into the elevator to leave she tells him to remember she loved him first before anyone else (guilt, guilt). Rachel overhears Becky's plans and asks Drew if it's true he's leaving. He tells Rachel that his momma hears what she wants to hear. Rachel lets Drew know that she understands how much he loves his mother but he's free to live the life he wants. Nora is back in Bo's room going on and on about Becky Lee and the money. Bo opens is lips and says, "Don't sweat it honey." Nora is joyous, "Sweetheart are you back, are you here?" Bo opens his eyes and mouths the words I love you.


Kevin is mooning over Cassie's empty desk when Andi arrives with some official questions about his whereabouts on the night of the murder. Andi is confused about the part about Cassie powdering her nose. By Andi's account Cassie would have been powdering her nose for a good 25 minutes. Kevin tries to weasel out of the situation as Cassie comes into the City Room and overhears Andi's questions. Cassie tells Andi she's not wrong about Kevin's story not fitting because it's all a lie. Cassie goes over the part about walking Alex out to her limo and then coming back to the ship. Kevin stops her and tells Andi that it was his idea to check out Todd's stateroom for information why Todd was trying to kill Carlo in front of the whole party. Todd enters and overhears this part. Andi tells him it's part of the investigation but if he would like to press charges for breaking and entering he can do so. He declines to press charges but he would like to know what went on in his stateroom after the lights went out? He baits Cassie and Kevin about the preacher's wife in the dark with the reporter. Kevin asks him why he's at the Banner. Todd claims he came to see Viki but since he's there he does have something to tell Cassie. He warns her to stay away from his penthouse, stay out of his face, stay out of his life. After Todd leaves Kevin apologizes to Cassie for letting the stateroom secret out of the bag. At the same time Todd is calling Briggs telling him to change the headline for tomorrows paper to read: "Preacher's Wife in Blackout Bliss."


Blair and Cassie are running around the penthouse packing Blair's suitcases as fast as they can. Blair is so afraid Todd will show up. Naturally he walks through the door right after she utters her fear. Todd blames Dorian for poisoning Blair against him. Blair tells him he has done this to himself and that he will never get near Starr again. Todd warns Blair not to push him he can find a judge who agress that she's nothing but a sleep around slut. Blair announces that the marriage is over and she's getting a divorce. Todd picks up one of her satin blouses and rips it in half. Cassie yells at him to stop acting like an animal. He blows up and is throwing them out of the penthouse when Hank arrives. Blair tells Cassie to go ahead and go she'll be OK with Hank around. Hank notices all of Blair's half packed suitcases, Todd says hello and explains that he was dead for spring cleaning so he's doing a little winter cleaning. Hank asks Todd is he saw Patrick after the lights went out. Todd did and that Patrick said to him, "I don't have time for you Todd, after what I've had to do tonight." Todd speculates about what Patrick could have meant by that. Blair sticks up for Patrick telling Hank how Patrick hated guns and violence. She fills him on the night Starr was kidnapped she took out a gun to go after Carlo and Patrick took it away from her. Todd confirms it was a 38 caliber pistol and smirks knowing Blair just accidentally implicated Patrick in Carlo's murder. Blair isn't sure where the gun is now. Todd shows Blair the headline pointing at Patrick as the murderer. Blair begs Hank not to believe what Todd has written in the paper. Hank wants to see them both for statements downtown tomorrow. He offers to walk Blair out. Before she leaves she turns back and informs Todd to expect to hear from her lawyer in the morning. Todd picks up a phone and calls Zeus to pick up the gun at Patrick's apartment.


Marty sadly notices that the snow has stopped but Patrick reminds her the magic hasn't stopped. DOORBELL-Hank arrives and informs Patrick about The Sun headline and the secret witness. Patrick and Marty can't believe Todd is doing this. Hank tells him how the secret witness overheard an Irish accent. Patrick is angry and says naturally he must be the killer since he's the only Irishman in the country. Hank goes on to explain that thus far Kennealy is clean. Patrick sticks with his original story and swears it's the truth. Hank asks him to come downtown and give a statement and maybe a voice line-up. Marty thanks Hank for coming and telling them which gives him the opportunity to get out before Patrick explodes. Marty insists they get a lawyer but Patrick won't call Nora while Bo is ill. Marty goes to dress to go with Patrick downtown. He stares into the smoldering fireplace and she returns trying to comfort him. He finally asks, "Angel, you don't believe it do you, even in the small secret corner of your heart?" Marty is quick to answer him no, no, never. At police headquarters Patrick and Marty wait in Hank's office after giving the statement. Hank comes in and asks Patrick if he took a gun from Blair and asks where it is. Patrick is overwhelmed with how he is being framed. He tells Hank the gun is in the top drawer of his dresser in his apartment. Hank sends cop over to find it but not before Zeus has picked the lock to Patrick's apartment and removed the gun. Hank tells Patrick that if they don't find the gun he better get a lawyer because he will be the prime suspect.

Thursday, December 5, 1996

Alex / R.J.

Hank wants to bring Alex to trial for Fraud and Misuse of Public Funds. If found guilty, she'll got to Statesville and will no longer be mayor. R.J. would testify for her, but Hank would *love* that. If R.J. helps Alex, she promises he'll have a very good friend in the mayor's office. She asks R.J. to "talk to" a judge on her behalf. That wouldn't work out because R.J. is not exactly in with the judges. R.J. suggests Alex make a deal with Hank. She can give Hank Carlo's killer. R.J. says Antonio killed Carlo before Carlo could kill Antonio. R.J. will give Alex proof.

Antonio / Andi

Antonio is giving away the clothes Carlo bought him. He is beating himself up for following Carlo into a life of crime. Even though his motives were good--the scholarship for his brother, etc.--he feels terrible about all the people he hurt that he knew (Max and Maggie) and all the people he hurt that he didn't know. Andi loves him and will stand by him. Andi advises him to talk to Bo. Andi and Antonio go to Serenity Springs for a quick dip in the hot tub to relax and be with one another. They admit their love for each other. Antonio needs Andi, everything else is second best. No matter what happens Antonio wants Andi to always remember this moment.

Cassie / Andrew

Cassie tells Andrew everything that happened the night of the party. Andrew questions her about her actions. Cassie tearfully admits she and Kevin kissed. She's glad it happened. It made her realize what really matters to her--Andrew and River. She promises it will be the last time. How can you be sure, Andrew asks. Anddrew feels that Cassie is paying him back for getting too close to Marty. he felt he had no right to criticize Cassie because she was forgiving him for being with Marty. Cassie begs him not to torture himself.

Kevin lurks at the back of the church. Cassie says Anddrew should accept the job in Chicago. It's too late, Andrew already declined the job. Anddrew spots Kevin. Kevin tells Andrew the article had nothing to do with Cassie, it's Todd's vendetta against Kevin. Andrew blows up. Kevin leaves. Andrew needs time to sort this out. He also will pretend everything is OK for the sake of the parishioners.

The Banner

Kevin yells at everyone in the newsroom for looking at him. He tells Viki he was a jerk, why didn't he listen to Viki? He enjoyed the game but has made such a mess. He's going to Texas to visit Duke. Cassie comes in after Kevin has left to quit her job. Viki asks her to stay until Kevin gets back. She also expresses her sorrow for the whole situation.

Friday, December 6, 1996


Renee shows Maggie to her room. Maggie is very impressed, it's so much nicer than the room she had at the residence . She's worried whether she can afford it, but Renee says she's giving Maggie the "special former nun rate, miraculously low." Max staggers in carrying 5 bags, 1 is from the residence, the other 4 had been stored at Andrew's. Maggie's very excited about her new room, she feels like she's on another planet. Renee tells Maggie to let her know if she needs anything and a very anxious Max urges Renee out the door. Max puts the Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob before shutting the door. "What happens now?", Max asks.

They're very uncomfortable with each other. Max says it isn't like he hasn't thought about her leaving the church and them being alone together, but it feels..."wierd." Maggie explains that she's not really free of the church yet, the Mother Superior has to petition the pope for a release for Maggie, which will take some time. Max says they can make use of this time then, and he asks her out on a first date. Maggie agrees to go. She says this is going to be her first real date where the guy picks her up at the door. She usually met her dates at the gas station or somewhere else, not exactly the kind of guys you invite in to meet the bishop. They agree that Max will come back and pick her up in an hour and he leaves.

Maggie, in a bathrobe, is unpacking her pre-nun wardrobe when there's a knock at the door. It's her father, the bishop, he got her letter about leaving the order. Maggie tells him he drove a long way to tell her "I told you so", that she screwed up again. The bishop hoped that making the decision to become a nun showed some strength of character on Maggie's part, she had found something to finally give her life some meaning. Maggie explains she had to actually become a nun before she realized that life wasn't for her. But she knows leaving was the right move. The bishop tells her she always thought she was right, no matter what she did. It was never what was right, it was only what was right in front of her. The bishop tells her her life is a shambles and until she finds what will make her happy, she's never going to amount to much. The bishop tells her he's staying at the Waterside Inn and leaves. Maggie decides to show her dad 'happy' and pulls out a skimpy red and black top.

Maggie's dressed to kill in black high heels, a black miniskirt and the skimpy red and black top. Max's eyes nearly pop out of his head when he sees her. She grabs her jacket and gets ready to go, but Max wants to know what's going on, something must be bothering her for her to be acting like this. Maggie explains that her father dropped by to tell her she's a big screw up. Max thinks maybe they should postpone the date, but Maggie wants to go out. Her father told her to find something that would make her happy and Max knows all about fun, which will make her happy.


Todd props a copy of the headline accusing Patrick of being Carlo's killer behind his desk. "God, I'm good", he says, staring at the headline. Todd calls Briggs and orders him to have a reporter covering Patrick 24 hours a day. He wants someone there when they drag Patrick off in handcuffs. Marty comes in to see Todd. She wants to know what he is doing, why he's writing these lies about Patrick without a shred of proof. Todd claims he can back up everything he wrote. Marty tells him to print a retraction in tomorrow's paper. Todd tells Marty to wise up, she's being blinded by love, Patrick isn't a saint. Patrick's guilty and Todd's going to prove it and love every minute.

Marty once again states that Patrick is innocent. Do you think innocence really even exists, Todd asks her. Not when it comes to Todd it doesn't. "We're back to 'that'", Todd says. 'That' changed my life forever, Marty tells him. Mine too, Todd replies, and ever since then he's been busting his butt for redemption, which is a joke because redemption doesn't really exsist. If he won the Nobel Peace Prize, the headline would be "Rapist wins Award." It would be the truth, Marty says. Nobody forgives and nobody forgets, Todd says, which is fine with him. He went over to Ireland and got shot instead of Patrick. "And meanwhile, what was he doing? My wife. Where's the justice in that?"

Marty understands now, the reason that Todd didn't go home to Blair right away is because he knew Blair was seeing Patrick. Todd tells her he saw Blair and Patrick making love. Todd thought he and Blair had a connection, but Blair tore it apart. Marty claims she isn't upset about Blair and Patrick because she was married to Dylan at the time. Todd suggests that she wasn't getting any 'action' from Dylan at the time and she was probably lying awake nights, longing to be 'seeing' Patrick. But Patrick wasn't tortured, he was burning the sheets up with Blair. Marty tries to hit Todd, but he grabs her hand.

"Let go", Marty tells him. He does it immediately and backs away. Marty's not scared of him anymore and she's not his victim. Todd may not know what innocence is, but Marty knows evil when she sees it and fights it. Todd claims he's not doing this to hurt her. He thinks she has a blind spot when it comes to Patrick and she needs to watch out. Is she 100% sure "the man of her dreams didn't blow someone away"? She's living in a dream world if she thinks she knows Patrick. People who get close to Patrick usually end up in the obituaries. Marty is just about to leave when the reporter Patrick grabbed comes in with the pictures. Marty wants to know what Todd has done to Patrick now. Todd shows her the pictures of Patrick roughing up the reporter. Todd's even thought of the next headline, "Poet proves penchant for violence." Marty just looks disgusted and leaves.


Patrick's using a drawing of the boat and the surrounding area to try to find out where Todd's "so-called" witness could have been standing to hear people yelling on the deck of the ship. Marty suggests maybe there is no real witness, Todd probably just paid someone off. The doorbell rings, it's Nora, who's come to prep Patrick before he talks to Hank. Bo's doing much better, she tells them, they'll be moving him out of ICU soon. Marty leaves, she's got something she has to do before she goes to work. Patrick says that Nora looks grim. She knows how Hank is when he goes after his number one suspect and it isn't pretty. Patrick's in a lot of trouble, Nora tells him.

Patrick angrily claims that it's all Todd's fault. Todd implicated Patrick either to get revenge for what happened with Blair or to cover Todd's own behind. Nora reminds him that he's the one with the strongest motive to kill Carlo. He knew Carlo was Poseidon, Carlo killed Sioban and almost killed himself and Marty. Patrick said in public that he wanted Carlo dead. Nora believes in Patrick, she knows there's a line of other people who wanted Carlo dead, but Patrick's at the front of Hank's line. He's only at the front because of this mysterious witness who came from nowhere, Patrick says. No, also because Patrick had a 38 caliber gun, the same type that killed Carlo, which is now missing, Nora reminds him. Nora says what they need to do is find the gun. Patrick suggests talking to Todd, he'll know where it is.

Nora tells Patrick to calm down, they need to approach this calmly and provide Hank with a rock-solid motive why Todd is setting him up. The doorbell rings. Nora tells Patrick to be calm, cool and follow her lead. Patrick lets Hank in and he's a little surprised to see that Nora is defending Patrick, but says it's good, Patrick needs her help. Nora questions the reliability of a witness produced by Todd and says Todd has a least as much motive as Patrick to want Carlo dead. It was Todd, not Patrick, who tried to choke Carlo in front a ballroom full of people, Nora reminds him. Only one person has a missing 38 caliber gun and a witness placing him at the scene, Hank replies.

Patrick is explaining for the 5th time that he didn't kill Carlo and the last time he saw him, Carlo was alive and in the ballroom. Patrick tells Hank that Todd, or someone he hired, took the 38 to frame Patrick for Carlo's murder. When Patrick ran into Todd in the corridor and said he didn't need this now, "not after what I've had to do tonight", Patrick claims he was talking about catching the gunman who shot Bo. Hank has his own idea of what happened. After Bo was shot, Patrick found Carlo in the ballroom and threatened him. When the lights went out, Patrick went outside to calm down and ran into Carlo(this is Hank speculating), Patrick pulls out a gun and shoots Carlo. "You killed Carlo Hesser", Hank accuses. Patrick says nothing. Nora asks if he's formally charging Patrick. "Not at this time", Hank replies. Then Patrick has nothing more to say, Nora tells him. Patrick opens the door to let Hank out and Todd's reporter and cameraman are there. Patrick loses it and grabs the reporter while the cameraman is taking pictures of the whole thing. Nora pulls him back inside and asks him if he's crazy. Todd's going to put the pictures on the front page. Patrick apologizes for losing his cool. Nora tells him if he can't keep his cool, he's going to be in a lot more trouble.


Cassie and Blair have come to have lunch together. They sit down and Cassie mentions that she's very tired. Things aren't going well at home because of Todd's headline. Cassie orders two mimosas, she thinks they can both use cheering up. Cassie can't believe she's agreeing with her mother, but leaving Todd was the best thing Blair could do.

Blair's finished her lunch, but hasn't touched her mimosa. Cassie takes it and drinks it herself. Cassie tells Blair that Andrew is hurt, it's like she killed something inside of him. Blair says that love can't be killed that easily and at least Andrew doesn't react violently like Todd. But Blair also says they have to look at it from Todd's point of view. He came home expecting this dream he'd been dreaming, but it was more like a nightmare and he didn't know how to cope. Cassie doesn't look like she buys that story and Blair admits she has to stop apologizing for Todd. Blair marvels that she ate everything on her plate. (Doesn't drink alcohol, is starving, threw up the other day, hmmm... what could this mean??) When questioned by Blair, Cassie denies that anything is going on with Kevin and tells her that she loves Andrew. Cassie asks what Blair is going to do about Todd. Blair's going to find a way to live without him.

Blair's finishing up her dessert when she notices Patrick come in. She goes over and tries to apologize, she feels horrible about how Todd has tried to implicate Patrick. She tries to explain that telling the police about the 38 caliber gun he took from her was just an accident, but he doesn't even want to hear it and storms out. Blair follows Patrick to the stables, but he still won't listen to her. He leaves to go riding and Blair decides to follow him. She tries to mount, but the horse apparently moves and Blair falls, (stomach first, of course), onto the top of the stall and falls to the ground. She lies there clutching her stomach and calling out Patrick's name.

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