OLTL Recaps: The week of January 13, 1997 on One Life to Live
Bo searched for Antonio in New York City. Addie testified in the custody trial. Max and Maggie had a going away party for Dylan. Nora offered to take Antonio's case after he had her kidnapped. He had been accused of killing Carlo.
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Monday, January 13, 1997

Antonio, Carlotta, Chris and Bo

Carlotta and Antonio are saying their good-byes. Antonio wants Carlotta to promise not to give up on her hopes and dreams. Carlotta tells him, "You're gone, tell me what dreams do I have. Chris tells his mom that she should leave, that she is only upsetting Antonio. Antonio tells Chris that he is glad his mother is there. He tells his mother that she must not give up because there is still Cristian. They must both keep their dreams alive for Cristian. Chris and Carlotta then leave. A snitch tells Bo where to find Antonio. Linda overhears and lets Eddie know that the cops are coming. He gets there just in time to sneak Antonio and Chris out the back way. Eddie tells Antonio that the truck will be there shortly to pick him up and that it was Linda who told him about the cops coming. Linda then comes in the room and tells Antonio that she wanted to tell him bye. They hug.

Max, Maggie Andy, Dillon

Andy and Dillon talk about Antonio and she tells Dillon that the evidence is stacking up against Antonio. Dillon asks about the tux and shirt. She asks him how he knows. He tells her everyone in Angel Square knows. He then reminds her of a clothes drive in the square. They go to look through all the clothes that were turned in. They don't find the shirt but do tell a bunch of children to be on the look out for the shirt. They in turn will go tell their parents and hopefully someone will come up with the shirt. Maggie and Max talk about telling Al about their relationship. Max thinks that he doesn't need to because Al likes Maggie. Maggie still wants Max to discuss it with him before she will stay the night.

Marty , Todd, Blair and the hearing

Marty starts off on the stand. Todd's attorney asks Marty about Todd raping her. He then asks about Todd saving her life and the lives of 2 children. He then asked if she sees him any different. she admitted that what he did took courage. He then brought up the fact that Marty gave blood to save Todd's life. She said she did it because he was a human being. She finally agreed that he had tried to turn his life around. They brought up the fact that Todd had left his honeymoon to go to Ireland to bring Marty back home before a little girl died. That Todd had been shot and presumed dead because he was there for her.
Then Blair's attorney asked her if she were friends with Blair. She said no and agreed that in fact she didn't even like her. she then asked why she would testify for a man that raped her. she said she had to because she was subpoenaed. The attorney was badgering Marty and Patrick jumped up and yelled for her to leave Marty alone. The judge then asked marty which parent she thought should have Starr. Marty said she was an orphan and that both parents should be and neither were perfect. The judge said, when you find one that is, bring them to me.
Asa then took the stand.He said he had married and divorced Blair and that she had tried to kill him. He told the court that she was from a long line of raving loonies. He told about Blair faking the pregnancies and not giving him pills when he was having a heart attack. Blair's attorney then asked Asa how many wives he had had. He said 8. She asked how many times he had been married. He said 9, he had married one twice. He then said he hoped to get it right next time. The attorney said she hoped so for the sake of wife number 10.
Todd then got on the stand.He told about going to Ireland and about Starr. He told the court that Starr was his life. She was his chance to do something right. Starr was just as she was named, a star, a sign of hope. He admitted that he had made a lot of mistakes and hurt a lot of people but he would be a good father. When asked if he thought Blair would be a good mother. He said it scared him. Blair's attorney then asked him if he let Blair know he was alive when he was well enough. He said he had wanted to surprise her. She asked him if he went straight home. He said he did but found his wife on the floor making love to Patrick. He was asked if he kidnapped Starr. He said it was a complicated story. The judge said answer yes or no. He said no. He was asked if he returned Starr when she went on air pleading for Starr's return. He said its complicated. When told to give a yes or no answer, he said no.
Todd's attorney then brought up Blair's mental stability. He gave the judge her medical records. He then called Agatha Cramer to the stand. Blair jumped up and yelled, " don't you dare hurt my mother, Don't you dare hurt my mother. she was running toward Todd and being restrained when it went off.

Tuesday, January 14, 1997

Kelly, Joey and Drew

Kelly wants to leave for Paris. She asked Joey if he had talked to his daddy about going to Paris. Drew came in while they were packing and when she got Joey out of the room to call his dad, Kelly talked to Drew about lying to Joey. He told her that if she wants to keep this lie up she needs to go on and leave for Paris. Joey walked in and could tell that something was going on between them, but doesn't know what.

Todd, Blair and the custody hearing

Addie took the stand. The judge told both attorneys that she would stop the questioning if they upset Addie. The judge then introduced herself to Addie and Addie wanted to know about the judge's robe more than what was going on in the courtroom. Todd's lawyer then started questioning Addie. He asked if Blair was pregnant. Addie said she was. Then she said, it is real and not fake isn't it? (looking at Blair) The attorney then asked, Why did Blair marry Asa? Addie said, He's a mean man with lots of money. Then he asked, Why did she marry Todd? She answered, He's a rich man. He continued asking Addie about Blair and her real and fake pregnancies. I'm not suppose to say that. That's a secret. The attorney kept getting louder and asking more questions about Blair's pregnancies real and otherwise and Addie started getting upset. Blair got upset. Dorian jumped up and wanted to stop it. The Judge said sit down or you'll have to leave. Blair started screaming at Todd that she hated him, and to leave her mother alone. She started grabbing papers and ripping them up. She yelled that she hated Todd and that he'd never see or get Starr. Judge fined Todd's lawyer $500 for getting Addie upset. She then recessed the court until tomorrow. Todd told his lawyer that $500 had better not show up on his bill or he'd break his lawyer's legs. Patrick told Blair that he'd take her home. Viki told Todd she was ashamed of him for putting Addie on the stand.(I really don't think that Todd enjoyed what his lawyer had done either) She then reminded him that he had lied on the stand when asked if he had kidnapped his daughter. He said no he didn't, she is my daughter, you can't kidnap your own daughter. I just took her for the weekend.

Dorian told Cassie to go make sure that Kevin gave them a fair shake on the article he was writing for the Banner. Viki told Kevin that Starr was family and he should remember that when writing the story. While writing the story up, Cassie comes in and looks at his story. She sees that Kevin is indeed giving a fair look at both sides. Kevin told her he didn't know how much his mother would leave in and not cross out herself. Cassie caught a reference to Dorian and what she had done to the Buchanans. She asked Kevin to tell her what was going on. He said, are you ready to hear the truth. She said yes. Kevin told Cassie the whole story about what Dorian had done to the Buchanans.

Wednesday, January 15, 1997

Dylan and Linda

Dylan tells Linda that he is going back to North Carolina. He misses his family and feels that his work here is done. He asks Linda if she will go home with him. Linda said that it sounds great and that she will probably regret it, but this is her home and she can't leave it.

Max and Maggie

Eleanor's picture is in the paper along with her obit. Maggie finds out that she is the wife of a prominent magazine mogul. This visibly upsets Maggie, and Max comes up and asks what's wrong (doing that alot lately) She tells him that the woman in the paper was the woman that died in the hotel at the island. Max asks why it upsets her so much. She says because it was such a beautiful place and they were so happy there. Their life was just beginning there, and her's(Eleanor's) ended. Max told her,"I love your compassion. You're a good soul." Dylan comes in and tells them that he is leaving tomorrow. Max wants to have a party for him, but he says no. He leaves and Max tells Maggie to start planning, they are having a party.


Andy tells Max that she thinks she knows who really killed Carlo, and she is going to prove it. She then rushes out. Carlo's voice- "R.J. I need you to do another job, excellent job. All the dead would rest easy if they knew you were handling their affairs. Now I need you to do one more thing" . This is what Andy overhears as she walks down the hall. She busts in and there sits R.J., listening to a tape recording of Carlo. Andy tells R.J. that she knows that he killed Carlo and that he framed Antonio, and she is going to prove it. She tells him how she thinks he got another shirt, killed Carlo, wiped it in Carlo's blood, and then went back to talk to Hank. He tells her that she gives him alot of credit. Andy says, I do, I think you're a very smart man. But I'm coming back with a warrant for the tapes and there had better not be anything erased off of them. I bet there are more of these tapes. I'm going to get those too." She then leaves. R.J. doesn't look any to happy.

Bo, Nora, Carlotta, Alex Masters from "The City" (the P.I.)

Bo tells Carlotta that Antonio is in danger, and that if she knows where he is, she needs to tell him. Carlotta says, I know he is in danger, but if I never see him again, if he is safe, that will be OK. Bo tries to convince her that Antonio needs to turn himself in and tell everything that he knows and maybe they can work this thing out. Carlotta then really jumps on Bo and reminds him that Antonio had trusted him and went to work undercover for him and that Bo had let him down. He trusted you, and you put out an APB for him and have a P.I. out looking for him. How can he trust you or the system that has done nothing but let him down? The system just sees another Latino that has committed another crime and needs to be put in jail. The system didn't help him before, what makes you think it will help him now? I hope that he gets away and that you never find him. About this time, a frantic Nora runs in and tells Bo that he is overworking himself, that he isn't taking his antibiotics and resting as he should. Bo tells her to calm down he is taking care of himself, but that he had a job to do. She says she's sorry, but that she is stressed. Bo gets a call from the P.I. Alex (boy does this guy look familiar or what) that he has the perp in a meat truck. He is waiting for back-up and Bo to get to New York. Bo tells Nora he has to go, and gets on a Buchanan helicopter and heads for Manhattan. He arrives and Alex shows him where the truck is and says that someone just walked by and tapped on the truck like they were giving a signal. Bo and Alex go and beat on the truck and yell their, "open the door, this is the police" thing and who is in there....nope, not Antonio, Eddie. After trying to get Eddie to tell them where Vega is, Alex and his back-up leave and Bo asks Eddie had he ever ridden in a Chopper before. Eddie said "no way, man." Bo tells him that the only way to get over the fear of being up so high is to talk... Meanwhile, while all this is going on, two guys with masks grab Nora and blindfold her and take her to an old building. They leave and Nora takes the blindfold off. As she is looking around she hears someone coming. Guess who... yep. Antonio Vega. (I bet he's looking for an attorney, what do you think?)

Thursday, January 16, 1997

Max, Maggie, Dylan, Marty

Max and Maggie had a going away party for Dylan. Linda came to Dylan and reminded him that he had promised her a dance if he ever walked again. He said ok and went to turn on some music. She said no, in public. This is how she gets him to the surprise party for him. At the party Dylan says his good-byes to everyone. Marty shows up to tell him goodbye and he asks her about the hearing. He told her to be tough and things would work out. Viki played pool with Eddie and kept beating him. When asked how she was so good at pool, she told them that when all of her personalities merged, that she found she could do alot of things she had no idea she could do. Max told Dylan that he was more than a friend, he was a brother and not to be a stranger. Dylan then told everyone that he had to fulfill a promise and took Linda's hand and began to dance with her.

Cassie, Blair, Cord and Dorian

Dorian and Blair were at Dorian's and Dorian was telling Blair about Olivia and what had happened and what the Buchanan's wanted from her. Cord comes over to tell Dorian he wants his money now. Dorian says, How dare you come here and harass me when I'm trying to help my niece through a difficult time. He tells her that her 48 hours are up and he wants the money or she goes to jail. Blair pleads with Cord to wait until the hearing is over. "I need Dorian and she won't be of any help to me in jail. Please wait til the hearing is over." Cord agrees to wait, but says that when the hearing is over, he better have his $20 million or Dorian goes to jail. He leaves and Blair turns to Dorian and says, What have I just gotten you out of. Dorian then told Blair the whole story about Olivia and the tapes and the $20 million. As soon as she finished, Cassie came a knocking. Cassie confronted Dorian about the Buchanans. Dorian denied everything. Cassie didn't believe her and told her that her obsession with destroying the Buchanans was going to destroy no one but her family. She storms out. Dorian told Blair that she had a helicopter and was fixing to go to a cruise ship where Alex was and convince her to change her story, and get the tape. Blair reluctantly told Dorian to go and do what she could because she needed her with her, not in jail. I can't get custody of Starr with you broke or in jail and I will do whatever it takes to keep Starr.

Nora, Antonio

It was Antonio who had Nora kidnapped. Nora was furious when she found out. She told Antonio that she would like to beat out of him what he scared out of her. He told her that she was never in any danger, that if she had just walked away they wouldn't have done anything to her. She said they failed to tell her that. She asked him if Bo was looking for him in Manhattan. He said he was suppose to leave, but that he had seen Carlotta and that she had lost faith and that was something that he just couldn't take. He asked her to defend him. She told him that the evidence was stacked against him and that she wanted to know the truth from him. He told her that he was with Carlo on the deck talking about Carlo knocking Andy out. They got into a fight and Carlo pulled a gun on Antonio and they struggled. Antonio knocked the gun out of Carlo's hand and the lights went out and a shot rang out. Carlo was draped over the railing and blood was running down his hand. He could tell that Carlo was dead, so he left. Nora asked him if he had his coat on. He said No. She asked if he got blood on his shirt and he said No. The how did the blood get on the shirt? Antonio said, I don't know. I told you, you wouldn't believe me. She told him that if he would give himself up she would take the case. She said she had never felt right about the fact that she couldn't help him clear his name. She told him that they had a witness that could put in at the boat and that he had nothing but his record. "I can't promise you anything. Do you stay and fight or cut and run?"

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Friday, January 17, 1997

by soapcentral.com


At the courthouse, Patrick arrives to testify on Blair's behalf. Blair can't believe how heartless Todd was yesterday, using Addie to make Blair lose it in front of the judge. Patrick says today is Blair's day to set the record straight. Marty arrives as Blair and Patrick are about to go into the courtroom. Inside the courtroom, Todd is surprised to see Viki there, since she was so upset with him for using Addie.

Viki thinks that Todd took the coward's way out. He could have fought to keep Blair, but he just gave up. Viki is there because there's a young life at stake. She wonders if Todd realizes how badly Starr will feel later when she finds out how badly Todd treated her mother. Todd replies that he just took the first shot, Blair will have the tar and feathers ready for him today.

Patrick sends Blair into the courtroom, and Marty then tells him that she came to be there for him. Patrick warns her they are going to rake him over the coals and if it gets too difficult for her, she should leave. They go into the courtroom, where Cassie is already on the stand. She is testifying that Blair's love and hope kept Starr alive when she was born prematurely. Todd's lawyer brings up the fact that Todd fired Cassie from The Sun. Cassie explains that she was planning to resign anyway, since she didn't like the direction Todd was taking the paper. Todd's lawyer holds up a copy of The Sun with the headline "Preacher's wife in blackout bliss." Cassie says that's a perfect example, The Sun now settles for rumor and innuendo instead of facts. Todd's lawyer points out that Cassie's opinions are colored by the fact that she is Blair's cousin and she also hates Todd. Cassie leaves the stand and Patrick is called to testify next.

Patrick explains that Blair blamed him at first for Todd's death, but they began working together on a play and they grew closer. Months after Todd's supposed death, they had a brief affair, but they were both still in love with someone else. Patrick tells of how much Blair loves Starr and how she stayed strong when Starr was kidnapped. He then talks about Blair being pregnant with his child and how he will always be there for Blair and the baby. Todd's lawyer then asks if one of the two times he and Blair made love was on the floor of the penthouse. How did they know Starr was asleep in her crib, that she hadn't climbed out, crawled toward the stairs and seen them together.

Patrick thinks it's a disgusting question. Blair is a very watchful mother, and except for the time when Starr was kidnapped, she always knows where Starr is. The lawyer then questions Blair's responsibleness with birth control, but Blair's lawyer objects and the judge sustains it. Todd's lawyer then brings up the fact that Patrick is involved with the then-married, now divorced, Margaret Saybrooke. This is the stable atmosphere in which Blair will be raising Starr? In redirect, Blair's lawyer asks if Patrick can remember Blair ever not being responsible and devoted to Starr. No, Blair loves Starr more than her own life, Patrick replies. Patrick leaves the stand and a recess is called. Patrick goes out into the hall to look for Marty, but Todd informs him that Marty has already left.

Viki breaks up the potential fight between Todd and Patrick, and she and Todd head back into the courtroom. Patrick has to leave, but he asks Cassie to keep an eye on Blair. Inside, Blair takes the stand. She's not proud of some of the things she has done in the past, of the person that she was, but everything changed after Todd's death. She's taken care of Starr on her own, she kept The Sun running and even increased its circulation. She tried to put on a production of a Shakespearean play, but the night before it opened, Todd burned the sets. This is objected to, since Todd never admitted doing it. Todd did admit, however, that he kidnapped Starr, Blair tells the judge. Todd did it because he wanted to hurt her, because he was jealous of Patrick. Blair explains that when she slept with Patrick, she thought Todd was dead. She never loved Patrick, though, because she was still in love with Todd.

Blair was so happy when she thought she had a second chance with Todd, but from the beginning, Todd felt she had betrayed him. When it's Todd's lawyer's turn to begin questioning Blair, he covers the microphone and asks Todd, "Are you sure you want me to do this?" When Todd doesn't answer, the lawyer again asks Todd for an answer, "do I destroy your wife, yes or no?." Do it, Todd says, not looking very happy about it. Todd's lawyer points out that Blair has no proof Todd set fire to the sets and it's only her word against his that he admitted to kidnapping Starr. Todd hasn't been arrested or charged with any crime since his return. Blair has admitted to an adulterous relationship with a man who left her alone and pregnant. Blair points out that since she thought Todd was dead, the affair could hardly be called adulterous and Starr was never exposed to something she shouldn't see.

The judge asks Blair to tell her what her feelings are toward Todd right now. Blair describes how, when they first met and fell in love, they helped each other get over their pasts, being together made them less self-destructive. She feels like she's lost Todd a second time, that she failed to save him from the darkness in his own heart. She thought at one time that Todd wanted to change. She doesn't feel that anymore and she's unable to protect him from himself. But she can protect Starr from Todd's violence and self-hatred. She doesn't think Todd would physically hurt Starr, but she would be hurt "if she lived with him and saw that the light had gone from his eyes." Blair pleads with the judge not to give custody of Starr to a 'dead man'.

Patrick goes to Marty's house and finds her taking a nap on the couch. She gets up and apologizes for leaving, but she couldn't stand the ugly testimony. Patrick gets down on one knee and asks Marty to marry him.

Blair leaves the stand and goes back to her table. Viki leans over and says to Todd that he was so sure that Blair would tear into him. It didn't exactly happen, did it, Viki asks. The judge begins talking about the case, both sides past of violence and instability and their efforts to correct their past mistakes. After listening to both sides, the judge has come to what she sees as the only possible decision....


At Bo's house, Nora arrives home and Bo tells her about his wild goose chase to New York to find Antonio. The phone rings and Nora answers it. It's Antonio, he wants to meet Nora at the warehouse. Nora tells Bo she has to go see a client and starts to leave. "That client wouldn't happen to be Antonio Vega?", Bo asks.

Nora and Bo start a hypothetical conversation since Nora won't and can't admit that she's working for Antonio. IF she learned where Antonio was, it was after Bo left for NY, therefore she couldn't have stopped his wild goose chase to NY. Bo asks her where Antonio is now. Bo tells her she's obstructing justice if she won't tell Bo where Antonio is. Hypothetically speaking, Nora says, she's very close to geting Antonio to surrender, she just needs a little more time. By the end of today, Nora promises before leaving.

Cristian brings Carlotta to the warehouse to see Antonio. Carlotta is thrilled to see he's OK and they hug, but she's worried that Antonio is still in town, that the police will catch him. Antonio tells her he talked to Nora, she will take his case if he turns himself in. Carlotta doesn't want him to do it, she doesn't think he will get justice and she doesn't want to see him in jail again. Antonio couldn't bear to leave with his mother's dreams all turned to ashes.

Bo is with Hank at Rodi's, explaining that Antonio is still in town and Nora knows where he is. Nora thinks she can get Antonio to turn himself in by the end of the day. Hank says she had better, because right now she's guilty of harboring a fugitive and obstructing justice. Andy comes in and sits down at their table, she has news for them, but she doesn't think they'll like it.

Carlotta taught him to be proud of himself, and to do that, he has to stay and face his problems. Nora arrives. Carlotta asks if Nora can guarantee Antonio will get off if he turns himself in. Nora can't promise anything, but if Antonio stays, he has a chance at freedom. If he runs, he'll be running the rest of his life. Carlotta promises to support him, whatever he decides. Carlotta and Cristian leave. Antonio agrees to stay and fight, but there's one thins he needs Nora to do for him first.

Andy thinks R.J. is the shooter. Between the time the lights went out, and the time Hank saw him, R.J. had plenty of time to shoot Carlo and put some blood on a shirt that looked like Antonio's. He could have then planted the shirt at Antonio's a few days later. Andy explains when she went to visit R.J., he was listening to a tape of Carlo giving instructions for his funeral. If there's one tape, he may have taped other conversations which might implicate his killer. Bo will visit R.J. and try to convince him to give up the tapes without a warrant. Bo tells Andy to stay away from the case, her conflict of interest with Antonio could compromise the case. Andy gets a phone call and goes to the bar to take it. It's Nora, calling from right outside Rodi's(she peeked in earlier and saw Andy with Bo and Hank). She asks Andy to meet her at her car.

Andy leaves. Hank's considered whether R.J.'s guilty or not, Hank admits, but he's not sure if R.J. did it. Bo's interested in hearing the tape that R.J. has. Nora brings Andy to the warehouse to see Antonio. She sends Andy inside and tells them they have one hour. Andy and Antonio embrace.

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