OLTL Recaps: The week of June 9, 1997 on One Life to Live
Guy attempted to name Todd as the culprit before he died, but Patrick and Ian were suspects. Todd printed a story about Drew. Antonio wasn't certain that Max and Ian really wanted to build up Angel Square.
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Monday, June 9, 1997

Todd is at his penthouse pacing the floor while talking to the parrot. He's upset about Guy and the way the explosion ended up with Guy dead! He decided he's going to use the Drew story that Dorian gave him as another alibi. He gets started on the story.

Alex is really upset at the hospital, where Téa and Andrew try to comfort her. Alex had called Téa as her lawyer, since police had been questioning her earlier. Andrew had come in with Kevin; who was questioning anyone he could about the story for the Banner. Guy goes into surgery.

Ian, Max and Maggie arrive at the hospital, and Andrew tells them how Guy is doing. Ian then tells Andrew that he had told Guy earlier that evening about him not being his son, but John Carpenter's son. Ian feels Guy got exactly what he richly deserved! Kevin comes over to tell Ian and the rest it may have been a bomb. Kevin asks Ian how his father is doing. Ian starts to carry on that Guy is not his father, as far as he was concerned Guy is just a patient and he was a numb stepchild! He doesn't feel sorry for Guy at all!! He storms off.

Bo and Andy come to the hospital to question everyone, especially Alex. Téa resents their implications that Alex could have had anything to do with it. Alex tells Bo that Ian hurt his father terribly earlier that evening and she further explained the situation about Guy was about to dissinherit Ian and didn't get the chance. Bo tells Andy to question Ian. She does that. Ian is starting to get uneasy and says maybe he'd better not be so honest until he gets an attorney.

At Club Indigo, R.J. defends Rachel against a guy making a pass at her. When R.J. is preparing to throw the guy out, a vial of cocaine falls out of his pocket, R.J. grinds it into the floor with his shoe. He says, " Drugs are no go at Indigo,". He bodily throws the guy out, after he tells him to spread the word. Hank is proud of him as he watches. Rachel thanks him and then she leaves with Track. Hank and R.J. get into it again, because Hank tells R.J. he's come a long way. R.J. wonders why Hank always thinks the worst of him! He doesn't or never has had anything to do with drugs. He doesn't need Hank's approval nor wants it. Hank then gets a phone call and has to leave to investigate the bombing. He tells R.J. before he goes that maybe R.J. is the one who can't get over being disapointed in himself. Later, R.J. sees his mother again (a figment of his imagination) and she's accusing him of giving his girlfriend, Charlene, who was only 16 years old, the drugs that killed her. R.J. wails at his mama, that it wasn't his fault -it was an accident!! Rachel tells Track that she wants to take their relationship slow and he says it's okay with him.

Kelly goes to Cassie and tells her about how she caused the accident and wants Cassie's help. Cassie starts to cry and can't believe that Kelly could even ask for her help after what she did! Kelly feels that she can't deal with it alone. As they discuss it Cassie realizes that the accident happened after Kelly had come to her house to show her Joey's letter. She feels she could have prevented the accident if only she had stopped dwelling on her own problems and forced Kelly to stay. Kelly tells her not to feel guilty. Cassie asks for her forgiveness and tells Kelly it took alot of guts to come out with it. Kelly needs a friend and Cassie hugs her. Kelly also tells Cassie about the whole thing concerning Mel, Drew and Dorian. Dorian didn't want Kelly telling anyone about it! Cassie calls Dorian a manipulative vampire. Kelly feels she may have ruined the relationship between Mel and Dorian and that Dorian was still mad at her. Cassie says Dorian does enough of that on her own. She insists Kelly stay with her. Kelly and Cassie embrace again.

Todd calls Briggs while at the penthouse to check on the story about Drew. Briggs asks if Todd knew about what happened to Guy and the bombing. Todd plays along, while Briggs says Guy A. survived and was now in surgery. Briggs thinks they should do the story soon, Todd tells him he will later and hangs up. He yells at the top of his lungs. He feels he's cursed!!! He knows he's gonna be nailed for the bombing since Guy saw him when he called out to warn him to get off the boat. He goes to the hospital. He overhears the doctor telling Ian and the rest that Guy made it through surgery (with 3rd degree burns over 60% of his body), they repaired the internal damage, but his lungs were severely damaged. He is stabilized. Todd mutters, " This is just Great!". (Bo continues the investigation at the hospital with Hank and Andy-wanting to know Ian's whereabouts and Ian doesn't have an alibi for an hour after he left Guy, Max and Maggie earlier that evening.)

Tuesday, June 10, 1997


Max is reading the paper while Maggie sleeps. Maggie wakes up and asks Max what is wrong because he is acting so distant. Max tells her she won't like what he's thinking, but he is wondering if Guy pushed Ian so hard all of the years that Ian might blow Guy to smithereens. Maggie can't believe that Max would think such a thing, but Max argues his point. Why didn't Ian tell Guy right away about Eleanor and Maggie? Why did he wait a couple of weeks and then as soon as he tells Guy, his yacht blows up. Max's point is that maybe Ian waited to drop his "bombshell" and then dropped the bomb before Guy could hack him out of his inheritance. Maggie says that it is ridiculous because Ian was with them when the bomb went off. Max points out that bombers aren't stupid and that Ian is the one that suggested going to Club Indigo. Maybe it was for an alibi. Maggie doesn't believe Ian would be as low and gruesome to murder a man. Max says that even though Ian is Maggie's brother, she really doesn't know him and that they really don't know what Ian is capable of.


Todd reads the Sun's headline about Drew and says that any other day he would get a kick out of scooping the Banner but.... then Byrd says "kaboom." Todd tells him never to say that word again. Todd flashes back to the point when Guy said "Manning?" just before the boat blew up. Todd calls Briggs and asks if there is any news on Guy. When there is none, he tells Briggs to keep in touch with him because "that is the story that they are going to run tomorrow." After he hangs up he wonders why that "stubborn limey" just won't die. Byrd says, "get off the boat." Todd tells him he is not to say that again either. Todd says that he would give anything to know where Byrd hung out before they met up but that that is the beauty of it..."till death to us"...Byrd gets the picture and remains quiet. Todd remarks that the good thing is that at the Banner they're probably pulling their hair out.


Mel tells Viki and Clint that Nashville did pay off. And that he promised if he turned anything up on the family he would run it by them first. Mel tells them about Drew, Drew blackmailing Dorian, and Kelly forcing Patrick and Blair off of the road. Viki comments that Dorian must not be happy that Mel is writing this story. He confirms that that is the origin of this particular hangover. Clint says, "Drew used Kelly to blackmail Dorian just to rack up points with pa?" Clint wants to shoot himself because he knew that Asa was up to something with the waterfront but he didn't think it was this dirty. Mel asks Viki if she's going to run the story. She says yes....if there's room. Mel accuses her of dodging the story. Clint yells that no one is trying to dodge the story, it is just that the front page is taken up with the bombing. Mel was not aware of the bombing so Viki fills him in. Mel comments that the Armitage family knows how to have fun. First Ian's revelation and then the bombing. Viki and Clint are surprised. So Mel fills them in on the truth about Ian and Maggie's heritage. Mel says that if they are going to run the story on Drew then they had better hurry up because no on else has the story. Just then a messenger hands Clint a copy of the day's Sun. Clint then shows Mel and Viki the Sun's headline about Drew and says "well almost no one else." Mel is quite surprised. Viki reads the story and comments that Kelly is not in the story. Mel points out that Dorian leaked the story to Todd. Viki says that Dorian left Kelly out because she was protecting one of her "girls." Mel says that it was more, Dorian is giving Mel a good swift kick in the shins for writing the story. He leaves to look for Dorian. Viki leaves to go and give Todd a tender little heart to heart.


Drew is at Asa's computer when Bo walks in and says "who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today? Is it Drew Buchanon or Travis Bream?" Drew wants to explain, but Bo says that he understands why he never tried to contact Bo, he understands why Drew didn't say "spit" about his past and he understands why Drew came to Llanview and said that his mother was dead. It was all because Drew wanted Bo's money and that if Bo had known the truth, Bo would have cut him off. Drew says that he didn't want to drag his mother into anything she wasn't ready for. Bo tells him to "stop slinging manure before it gets so deep that he can't breathe." Asa comes in and says that there is no proof of anything anywhere and to get off of Drew's back. Bo gets really pissed off at Drew for letting Asa clean up after him. Asa lies through his teeth and tells Bo that he knows nothing and that there is no proof that Asa is covering anything up and that he doesn't appreciate Bo accusing him of lying. Bo tells Drew that he is making a huge mistake and tells Asa that he wishes he would live to be a very old man so that Bo can torture him longer. Bo says he'll catch up with Drew and Asa's and that if Drew has any sense at all he'll come clean about everything. Drew has nothing to say. Bo tells Drew that he'll regret going along with Asa and that Asa will regret screwing with Bo's son till the day he dies.


Viki enters and hands Todd her copy of the Sun. She says that she doesn't know how he can run such an unsubstantiated story that hurts so many people. Viki says that she is disappointed in Todd. Todd says that she should be used to it by now. "Isn't this the basis of their relationship?" "Viki is the loving, faithful sister and Todd lets her down." Viki says that it is a lot more than that. Viki goes on and on until Todd tells her that it is enough. Viki asks him what is the matter. He lies and says that it is just Starr, a sanctimonious sister and a hungry Byrd. Viki knows that it is something else. She asks him why he is so nervous. He says that he is just upset about the bombing. After all, Guy was a publisher. What keeps some other crazy reader from doing the same thing to him? Viki assures Todd that he has nothing to worry about. She leaves and Briggs calls to say that Guy is coming back into reality. Todd hangs up and tells Byrd that he is worried that if Guy speaks he'll be able to finger Todd.


Mel arrives and interrupts a meeting between Dorian and Princess Little (sp?) who are discussing the real woman campaign. (updater note: I must have FF'd through too many Dorian scenes because I do not know a thing about this campaign) Princess Little leaves and Dorian sits on the couch and says "what took you so long." Mel gets very upset and says that he can take many things, but there are three things that he cannot take, manipulation, dishonesty and betrayal and Dorian has committed all three. Dorian admits giving Mel's story to Todd and says that she's not sorry because she'll do anything for her family and how dare he accuse her of betrayal after what he did to her. Mel doesn't know how he betrayed Dorian. She says she asked him not to run the story and he flatly refused. She thought they were close enough that Mel would protect Kelly. He says that that is what he did by having Kelly come forward. It would have been worse in the long run if everyone found out otherwise. Mel says that he didn't realize that by having "fun" with Dorian meant that he would be put on a leash. She says that she would never do that. Dorian says that the real truth is that no matter how close they go she would never take precedence over a front-page story. Mel says that she should realize that writing is his whole reason for being and if she can't accept that then they have some very real problems between them. Dorian says that he can't accept that her family means as much to her as Mel's front-page story means to him. He says he does accept it but that it changes nothing. Dorian says that Mel uses his work to hide his feelings and keep distant from people but that they got close than either anticipated. Mel says that she is wrong, that writing is the beating heart of his life and that it has always been that way and that his wife accepted that in him. He says that Viki told him that Dorian would be angry with him. Dorian is upset that Mel talked about their relationship with Viki and tells him to leave. Mel agrees and leaves. Dorian picks up the Sun and says "God, what have I done?"


Maggie asks Ian how Guy is. Ian doesn't believe that Guy will pull through. Ian tries to cover up his feelings, but Maggie knows he is putting on a front. Ian says that she is right. As much as he dislikes Guy, he doesn't wish him dead. Alex comes out of the elevator and says that she knows Ian set the bomb on the yacht. Maggie tells Alex to go away. Alex leaves shoveling insults at Maggie. Bo comes in and asks how Guy is. Ian gets Max & Maggie to go home, there is nothing they can do there. Meanwhile, Todd is lurking around the corner listening in. A nurse comes up to Ian and tells him that his father is coming around. Todd looks very disturbed by this news.


Viki says that Todd was acting very weird and has been really shaken up by this whole bombing thing. She starts to worry about the security at the Banner, but Clint says that he already checked into it. Beefing up security would only upset the employees. Clint says that Guy was a reprehensible man. Viki says that blowing him up was over the line and wonders when terrorism became so commonplace that it has now affected Llanview Harbor.

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Wednesday, June 11, 1997
by Laura Simurda

Dorian's House- Cassie and Dorian

Cassie upbraids her mother for her despicable behavior in advising Kelly to keep her mouth shut. Dorian may lie as easily as she breaths, but not Kelly. If it wasn't for Andrew and Mel, what would Kelly have done. Cassie knows her mother thinks Andrew is a fool, but Mel...Dorian stabbed him in the back when she leaked the story about Drew's background and Asa's landgrab to The Sun. It would serve her mother right if she lost him. She doesn't deserve him. Dorian defends herself as usual and says she was only protecting her niece. Anyway, her daughter has no right to take high moral ground. CASSIE left HER husband and child for Kevin. Cassie pushes back. This is not about her, it is about Dorian and how she went to Todd just to exact her revenge on Mel for refusing to squash the story about the accident. Dorian says she already tried begging Mel, but when that did not work, she got off her knees and did what she had to do. Dorian reminds her daughter that this is not a game, it is life. Ok, she did not do it all for Kelly. Mel swept into her life like a tornado. She wanted to be the most important woman in HIS life. But with Mel, the story always comes first, then drinking and she is a distant third. But she is sure of one thing. Mel will admire that she fights for what she believes in. Deep down, Cassie knows that survival is instinctual for a Cramer woman. It is why her marriage to Andrew was doomed from the start. Cassie is just like Dorian and Andrew could never understand her.

Nora's office- Nora and Drew

Nora is on the phone with Andy, informing her she is coming down to the station with the person who caused the accident and she will not tell Andy any details until she gets there. Drew arrives and tries to excuse his behavior. He was just protecting Kelly. Nora is not buying it. She knows he blackmailed Dorian to advance himself with Asa. The headlines tell it all on the front page of the Sun. If he thinks he can sell her on his good intentions, then next he will be selling her the Brooklyn Bridge. Drew tries to fall back on their old relationship. She used to like him. What she thinks of him is important to him and he will spend the rest of his life convincing her. He goes through a litany of excuses and finger pointing. Mel is just out to get him. Asa made him do it. Nora knows that he was responsible for the computer dump, so spare her. She also knows that Asa purged his police records, so he doesn't need her as a lawyer, so just why is he here, anyway? Drew replies that outside of his mother in Nashville, Nora and Bo are his only family. PLEASE! He should have confided the truth about his life as soon as he got back to town. Drew tries to blame that on Bo's supposed attitude toward him, but Nora tells him she draws the line at his blaming his father. Bo is hurt that he has tried to reach out to his son time and again and Drew keeps pulling further and further away. Drew says Bo only gives him advice like he was a little kid. Asa shows real interest in him. Asa is only interested in what Drew can do for him. Drew has been dishonest with Nora and Bo since his arrival in Llanview. The only moment of honesty he showed was when Becky Lee came back to town and he finally admitted his mother was alive. But even then, when his father was in a coma in the hospital, he did not admit that the money his mother wanted from Nora was to make up for the life savings she handed over to bail him out of trouble. He allowed his mother to humiliate herself, begging for money to finance her career.

The Banner- Mel, Clint, Cassie

Mel is in his glory as he discusses with Clint how much he is going to enjoy writing Guy Armitage's obituary. Clint gently reminds him that the media mogul is not yet dead, but if Mel wants to put a shroud on and have fun, he should just go ahead. Cassie arrives and proceeds to apologize on behalf of her mother for the scoop Dorian gave to the rival Sun. Clint comments that if Cassie says she is sorry for everythind Dorian does, her dance card will be full for life. He leaves and Mel is affable and tells Cassie that her mother merely scooped him. Cassie is impressed with his gallantry and calls him a "class act." She is afraid her mother is her own worst enemy. He replies that for someone who takes no prisoners, Dorian can be lethal. However, he is aware that most people are both good and bad. Her mother is an intriguing cocktail mixture of both. Compliments aside (from this professsional drinker), Dorian owes him big time.

Rectory- Andrew and Kelly

Kelly arrives as Andrew is on the phone with the director of River's nursing school. Apparently, the four year old has been in an altercation with another boy, one that was unprovoked by the other child. Andrew tells the Director the he will apologize to the other tyke's parents and that he will see to it his son does not repeat his behavior. Andrew waves her in and they discuss River. Andrew says his son is old enough to learn right from wrong. Kelly remarks that puts her way ahead of her. Andrew and Mel helped her take responsibility for her actions. She has confessed to Bo and is now on her way to the police station to give her statement. Andrew offers to go with her, but Kelly explains that Nora agreed to be her attorney, so she won't have to do this alone. The most difficult thing for her will be to tell Patrick. She does not know what words she will use. Andrew knows that Dorian and Drew told Kelly to lie and was surprised to read about Drew in the Sun. He hopes Bo will get his son out under Asa's influence because Drew needs help and moral guidance. Kelly says that Joey was her oral guide and now, just like River, she needs to learn right from wrong for herself. Andrew says that she does know already. Her still, small voice inside is her conscience and that brought her to tell the truth. Everyone listens to everyone else and even good people can give bad advice. It was up to Kelly to decide what to do when she had heard everyone out and she made the right decision herself. Kelly departs to confess to Patrick her responsibility in his son's death.

Back at the Banner

While Mel reads through his research on Armitage's life, Cassie is on the phone with Andrew and she is in denial of River's behavior. Andrew tells her that they must take their son in hand together. He asks her to come over tonight and the three of them will discuss the incident and figure out what to do. Cassie agrees as Dorian sashays in with a light blue sheath dress and wrap which she twirls around as if she is doing the dance of the seven veils. Cassie says hi and good bye and leaves the once and perhaps future lovers to resolve their differences. Dorian seductively positions herself, legs crossed and back arched on the desk in front of Mel and asks, "Are we going to break the ice or are you going for a permanent freeze?"

Patrick's apartment- Patrick, Marty and Kelly

Patrick and Marty are looking forward to a night alone, without interruptions. No one knows they are back from their camping trip. There will be no phone calls. Just the CD playing good music and good food on the barbecue already fired up on the balcony. They are surprised when the bell rings and Kelly says that she is glad he is home. She can see he is busy, but she will gladly wait outside his door all night until he is ready to hear what she has to say. Marty discreetly makes an excuse and leaves them alone. Kelly begins to tell her former mentor about the Dear Jane letter Joey sent her. How upset she was. Patrick is sympathetic. Kelly tries to tell him about what happened to Blair, but the subject turns to the baby and Patrick says, he must be selfish and so blind not to see that baby Brendan was her cousin and she is mourning with Blair and him. He kisses her and tells her that it means the world to him, but the doctors say that Brendan did not suffer. And it is a comfort to him that his son died hearing the sound of his parent's singing to him. This is all to much for Kelly. Patrick so understanding, so unknowing of what she did. She lifts her tear ravaged face to him and blurts it all out. She killed his baby and crippled Blair. It waas Kelly who drove them off the road. Patrick begins to toss things around in a spurt of sudden rage. It was easy when he could not put a face to the coward that did this. Now Kelly tells him it was her. He could have killed that faceless person with his bare hands. Why did she have to tell him it was her? EVERY TIME SHE GOES TO SLEEP, SHE SEES HIS DEAD BABY. SHE DOES NOT WANT TO LIVE ANYMORE, Kelly cries. "No more dying", Patrick replies in a gentle tone. "It is done. None of us will be the same." Kelly tells him that Mel and Andrew made her see that she either told the truth or nothing ever changes. A devastated Patrick says that he doesn't know if things can change. A single tear rollls down his cheek, as he continues with more meaning than Kelly can know, that it better she told the truth than to carrying around a HUGE SECRET for YEARS. Kelly says she will tell Blair about this herself and does he want to go with her. No, it would break his heart to see her grief again. Kelly accept this. But then there is something else she must do for him.

Kelly explains that Todd beleives Patrick deliberately caused the car to swerve into the tree. He wants Patrick to be responsible for what happened to Blair and the baby. He is accusing him of premeditated murder of his own unborn son. Patrick knows that Todd was jealous of the time Blair spent with him discussing their baby and his hatred feeds off this. He is worried about Kelly telling Todd the truth.

Llanview Hospital- Bo, Ian, Guy and Todd

Guy is hooked up to a ventilator, barely conscious and barely clinging to his life. Bo is determined to find out if he remembers anything, any clue of who set the explosion which blew up the yacht and injured him. Guy looks at Ian and Bo asks if Ian was there that night. The nurse asks them to step outside. Ian says he was at Club Indigo when the boat blew up. Bo says he just needs to know if Guy saw anything. Todd, who has been listening to the whole conversation, sneaks into Guy's room, looks at the ventilator keeping Guy alive, and fiddles with one of the dials on the machine, saying he is doing the elder Armitage a favor. Guy opens his eyes and looks at Tod with recogition. Todd comes out of ICU and Bo tells the nurse, he does not want to see any more reporters in Guy's room. He confronts Todd regarding the article about Drew. He wishes Todd was in the hospital for crucifying his son without checking with him first. Todd cites the first amendment and freedom of the press and stalks off. Ian and Bo return to Guy's bedside. Ian is begging his father to tell Bo he gave up the 6 billion dollar inheritance to be free of him. He wasn't on the boat and Guy knows it. Bo asks Guy point blank if Ian was there. Neither Bo nor Nora notice that Guy is looking directly at the headlines on the front page of Todd's newspaper as he weakly utters the word, "Sun." Ian believes that this is his father's bittersweet revenge for losing his paternal power over his life. Bo says he is just checking all the possibilities. Could Guy have another son, perhaps? Ian replies he doesn't or he would have pit them against each other by now. But the media mogul does have plenty of enemies. Guy struggles with the little breath he has to say "Not Ian." He tries to point to the paper with the tip of his finger. Todd looks through the glass of the ICU worriedly, the only one who knows what the man is trying to say.

The nurse asks Bo and Ian to stand back. Bo tells Ian he is cleared. The two of them do not notice as Todd stares with intensity through the window at Guy and no one sees the elder Armitage look straight back and whisper twice softly in his deathbed voice two syllables. MAN-NING! MAN-NING!

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Thursday, June 12, 1997
by Kathy Esch

The hospital- Ian, Guy, Bo, Todd

Bo and Ian try to figure out who Guy saw at the yacht. Guy mouths the word "Manning" and then goes into some sort of shock. Bo does not hear what he says and the nurse rushes them out of the room. Bo sees Kevin and tells him they still don't know. Ian comes over and tells them Guy is dead. Todd, overhearing, smiles to himself. Ian tells the nurse that Guy would like to be cremated. Kevin asks if condolences are in order. Ian says that nobody deserves to die like that. He says Guy is the closest thing he ever had to a father.

Hank's office-Téa, Hank, Alex

Alex talks to Téa about what will happen to Guy's money. Alex wishes she had been able to get her hands on his money. Hank shows up, apologizing for being late. Téa tells Hank he will be wasting money to try Alex. She says the confession Alex made was inadmissible. She also mentions that Hank's witnesses, Asa and Mortimer, are both unreliable. Asa has been proven mentally unstable, and Mortimer had his own reasons for wanting to pin the crime on Alex. She says there is reasonable doubt. She doesn't think Hank has a case. Hank says he will maybe drop the murder 1 charges, but she is still in trouble for holding Andy hostage at gunpoint. Alex waives her right to a trial by jury, and they set a court date for later this week. Téa goes to talk to a clerk, and Alex goes to talk to the judge who will be trying her. She takes her jacket off and tries her old seduction tricks on him. She also has some dirt on him; he is a patron of a brothel in town. She makes it clear that she will tell all if he does not find her innocent. He storms off, looking nervous. Bo comes out; he tells Alex there is a new development in the Guy Armitage case. They take her into the office. They show her a cap they found at the yacht and ask her to identify it. Alex tries to get a plea bargain in exchange for her help. She tells them that she saw Patrick at the scene.

The Banner- Dorian, Mel

Dorian is on Mel's desk, trying to charm her way back into his life. He asks if she has come to apologize. She says she has come to tell him what he has done wrong, betrayal, and condescension. She says she did what she had to do to save her family. He says he admires Kelly for what she has done. She expects an apology from him, and he tells her she won't get one. He wants an apology from her, but she tells him he will get one "when hell freezes over." She asks where this leaves them now. Clint and Viki overhear the conversation from the hallway, and then they leave. Mel tells her he suggests they both take a step back and call a truce. She says she is surprised he doesn't understand. He tells her she was mad and that is why she gave the story to Todd. He walks out.

Patrick's apartment- Marty, Patrick, Bo, Andy

Patrick tells Marty that Kelly was the other driver. She is shocked. She was hoping it would be someone she could hate, and she can't hate Kelly. She hopes that she will heal. Patrick hopes so, too. Patrick turns on the radio, and they hear a newsflash about Guy being dead, and the bombing. Marty says it is terrible. Patrick has a flashback about the Lord Whiting bomb. Marty asks what is wrong; he tells her he is thinking about something that happened in Ireland. She asks if it was a terrorist act, Patrick says yes. Bo and Andy show up, and tell Patrick that an eyewitness placed him at the scene of the crime.

The Palace Hotel- Mel, Dorian, Viki, Clint

Viki and Clint are at lunch. They discuss the Banner and The Sun. It seems that Todd's paper is doing better than theirs lately. Clint says it looks like Dorian and Mel are on the rocks. They enter the restaurant. Mel asks Renee for a table for one. Dorian says two. Mel says one. Dorian follows him to his table and won't leave. Mel orders some martinis. Dorian asks to see the fish so she can make sure it is fresh. They get into an argument about how silly that is. He tells her she is like a game of pinball, because he can never keep her straight when they are fighting. Clint and Viki bet on who will win the argument. Dorian once again accuses him of betraying her and her family. The waiter brings the fish over. Dorian storms out, and Mel chases her with the fish. Clint gives Viki some money because he thinks she won the bet. She says that he never chased her around with a dead fish. He says that is because she is a lady. She asks when the last time he confronted someone who hurt him-like her, for instance. He asks her if she would like to have dinner.

Todd's penthouse- Kelly, Todd

Todd goes home and tells bird that everything is over, because Guy died before telling them who it was. The doorbell rings. It is Kelly. He tells her it's a bad time. She tells him it is about Blair. She tells him she was driving the car. He can't believe Patrick was telling the truth about the other car. He accuses her of making it up. She tells him how it happened. He says it changes everything, and then orders her out. She leaves. Todd tells bird he made a mistake. Someone shows up again, it is Alex and Téa this time. She brings him a gift basket. They tell him about Patrick being named as a suspect in the murder. They also tell him about the plea bargain.

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Friday, June 13, 1997
by Susan Richmond

Todd, Téa, Alex and Asa

At Todd's penthouse, Téa and Alex have brought some champagne to celebrate the murder charge against Alex being dropped. Andy did not follow proper procedure and had no reason to draw her gun before following Alex into the abandoned beauty palor, Téa explains. Therefore, Alex's "confession" is not admissible in court. "I love the law, it's the only thing as twisted as I am", Todd comments. The rest of the charges can be handled during a bench trial, and Téa has suggested Alex plead temporary insanity. Alex and Téa propose a toast to Todd, thanking him for all he's done for them. That's great, now take a hike, Todd tells them, he's got important things to do. Todd breaks the new to Alex that Guy has gone to "that great big newstand in the sky." Alex is understandably upset, over the lost opportunity to get Guy's money, that is. Of course, there's always Ian... Alex shares the news with Todd that Ian isn't really Guy's son, "that disagreeable, disobediant, disloyal son of a..., Alex says. Despite her dislike of Ian, Alex is never one to miss an opportunity where money is concerned, and decides to go pay her respects. As the two women are leaving, there's a knock on the door, it's Asa. "What the hell is this", he grumbles upon spotting Alex and Téa.

Asa wonders what the two of the are up to, then threatens to make Bird an entree if he doesn't stop squawking. Alex thanks Asa for his(unknowing) help in getting her off the murder charge. His psychological profile made him an unreliable witness, thereby freeing Alex. Alex knows Asa didn't mean it when he said he's like to see her go to the electric chair. No, Asa agrees, he meant the gas chamber! Alex just laughs, "Well, noone will ever have what we had darling." "How lucky for them", Asa replies, making them all laugh, even Todd.(I swear, he really laughed, but I'm not sure if he was supposed too:-) Téa and Alex finally leave and Asa threatens Todd that when he's done with him, Todd won't have a paper left to print. Asa's upset about the stories in The Sun about Drew and his business plans, where did Todd get such information. "I'm a journalist, I can't tell you that I heard it from Dorian Lord", Todd replies. He's going to sue Dorian for every penny she hasn't got, Asa threatens. This draws another laugh from Todd. Asa might as well get used to being on the front page, because he's going to be there for a while.

Now alone in his penthouse, Todd tells the bird "I did not murder him, I did not murder him (that was only two times:-) see below). It was an accident, Armitage wasn't supposed to be on the boat. In fact, Todd did everything he could to get him off the boat before it blew up. And how did Guy thank him, by trying to finger Todd before he died. Also, Alex won't leave him alone because she thinks Todd's the only cash machine she's got left. "On the lam", Bird suggests. Todd doesn't need to run, he's given the police the perfect suspect, Patrick Thornhart. So what if Patrick wasn't responsible for Blair's accident, there's plenty of other things for him to hate Patrick for, like getting him shot in Ireland and sleeping with Blair. He guesses what they say is true, "Vengence is mine, sayeth the Lord."

Kelly, Nora and Hank

Finished making her statement, Kelly and Nora join Hank in his office. Nora thinks that a plea bargin would be suitable in this case, Kelly has already condemned herself to a life of guilt without parole. Hank agrees to drop the reckless driving charge, but Kelly left the scene of the accident, which was a serious offense. Since Kelly did call 911 and did eventually come forward and confess, if Kelly pleads guilty, Hank will ask for leniency. He can't guarantee she won't go to jail, but he'll ask only that her liscence be suspended and some community service, perhaps in an emergency room where she can help victims of other reckless drivers. Kelly gladly agrees, there's only one thing that she asks, she'd like to be the one to tell Blair the truth about the accident. Hank agrees to arrange it. Nora's phone rings, it's Marty. Patrick needs help, he's a suspect in Guy's murder. Nora agrees to stay at the police station and meet them there.

Patrick, Marty, Bo, Nora, Andy and Hank

Bo and Andy are at Patrick's apartment to question him about the bombing. Alex Olanov placed him at the scene of the crime. Patrick thinks they must be joking, Alex is hardly a reliable witness. Patrick identifies the cap the police found at the dock as his. Andy spots the conveniently planted pieces of wire as Patrick denies any knowledge about the incident. He was out camping with Marty, he explains, no one but a couple of furry creatures saw them. Andy also manages to find the not-so-well hidden bag of bomb making parts. Patrick denies ever seeing it before. Bo tells Andy to go get a formal search warrant and asks Patrick to come down to the police station.

Bo sets up a tape recorder and lists the people in Hank's office, Hank, Nora, Patrick, Marty and himself. Despite Nora's attempt to stop him, Patrick immediately starts talking, saying that he had nothing to do with Guy's murder. He goes on to add that every breath Guy took was a crime against humanity and Guy deserved what happened to him. Nora finally gets him to shut up, temporarily, and reminds him that this a murder investigation, not Meet the Press. Patrick explains that he and Marty were camping on the far side of Llantano Mountain and noone besides Marty can confirm that he was there. They did go to a bed and breakfast, but Marty checked in, so the desk clerk never saw him. Oh really, Hank comments with a sexist attitude, do you usually *let* the lady register both of you. Nora sarcastically points out that women are even allowed to vote now, too. Hank just thinks it's mighty convenient no one saw Patrick. Hank also brings up the confrontations that Patrick has had recently with Guy. Patrick starts badmouthing Guy again, saying he used words to put people down. Nora has to kick him to shut him up. Andy comes into the office with search warrants for both Patrick's apartment and the Mill House.

At Patrick's apartment, Patrick calmly stands on the balcony with Nora and Marty while the police search his house. He isn't worried, he knows he's innocent and things will work out alright in the end. Marty wishes she had his faith in the criminal justice system. Patrick replies he has faith in the truth. The only time Patrick gets upset about the search is when the police touch the tapestry that Siobhan made. Patrick appeals to Bo and he tells the police to leave it alone. Nora asks Bo about the evidence he has against Patrick. They've found a tweed coat in the closet which matches the description Alex gave. They're also going to match the prints from a pair of boots they found against prints left at the bomb scene. Nora asks him to send her copies of the reports as soon as he gets them. Bo leaves and Patrick asks Nora how it looks. It's not good, she tells him. All the evidence is circumstantial, but there's a lot of it. The fact that Marty was with him the whole time doesn't help. As his fiancee, it's to be expected that she would lie to protect him. Nora leaves to get to work on the case. Marty's really worried, but Patrick reassures her again that it will all work out in the end.

Max, Maggie, Ian, Alex, Asa, Drew, Antonio and Carlotta

Max and Maggie meet Ian at the Palace Hotel dining room. Ian didn't think that Guy's death would affect him at all, but it has. Despite the fact they never got along, Guy was the person he called father his entire life. On a happier note, Guy never had time to disinherit Ian, who is now the sole heir to 6 billion dollars. It worked out rather nicely, Ian got the satisfaction of telling off Guy and still inherited all his money. Ian plans to sell parts of Guy's empire and concentrate on the things that interest him. Max, ever money-hungry, wonders what it's like to be as rich as Asa Buchanan. Ian ponders the question.

At the diner, Antonio is remembering his conversation with Asa in Angel Square where he asked Asa to intervene with the bank manager on Ernesto's behalf and Asa refused. Back in the present, Andrew comes into the diner to show Carlotta and Antonio the latest headline in The Sun, Asa is planning to build a mega-mall in Angel Square. Carlotta tries to be positive, maybe it will mean more jobs for the neighbor. Asa won't hire people from the neighborhood, Antonio says, he'll bring in people from outside. The small businesses will fail and there will be less jobs for the residents of Angel Square, not more. Andrew compares it to Atlantic City, lots of glamor at the casinos, but poverty a block away. Andrew thinks that they should find someone else to buy the property, someone they can trust. Somebody like Max and Ian, Antonio doesn't like his choices.

Back at the Palace Hotel, Max is telling Ian he has to make a choice what to do with his new-found wealth. Max thinks they should go ahead with their plan to battle Asa over the waterfront. Ian likes the idea and thinks that another meeting with "the volitile Mr. Vega" is in order. Maggie warns them not to become another Asa Buchanan while carrying out their plan. Max turns and notices Alex entering. "Incoming!" he warns, quickly turning away. Alex, not to be discouraged, comes over to give Ian her condolences and apologize for the police misunderstanding what she said. She never meant to imply that Ian was responsible for Guy's death. Max can barely keep from laughing at Alex's obvious sucking up to Ian. After offering her "apology" Alex leaves to go to an appointment. "So many scams, so little time", Max comments. Alex hopes they can help each other get through this difficult time, she tells Ian. At least they can have a good time trying, Ian replies to Max's amusement and disgust. After Alex leaves, Ian bursts out laughing, "What an amusing woman!." Amusing as a date with a boa constrictor, Max adds. Maggie sort of defends Alex, it took guts for her to come and apologize to Ian. "She's a malevolent, malicious, multiple murderess", Max retorts. Ian dares him to say that fast three times. (Cut to scene with Todd, see above)

At the Palace Hotel, Drew joins Asa at a table. Asa is furious with Drew, his business plans are all over the front page. He gave one simple job to Drew, buy Dorian's warehouse from her and he completely messed it up. Now Dorian is more dangerous that ever and every reporter in Llanview is on Asa's tail, not to mention Antonio knows his plans. He just hopes Antonio trusts Max less than he trusts Asa.

At the diner, Max and Ian are trying to get Antonio to trust them to help Angel Square, but Antonio is naturally suspicious. If he supports them, how does he know that Max and Ian won't turn around and do the same thing that Asa is doing. Ian explains that he wants to do some good with the money that Guy left him. Ian wants Antonio's help and insight into the community to help them build something that will be both beneficial to Angel Square and profitable at the same time. Maggie suggests a compromise, that they get Andrew to act as a middle-man, kind of a moral conscience for them. Antonio trusts Andrew and readily agrees, Max isn't so certain, he hopes Antonio will learn to trust them in time. Andy arrives at the diner and needs to talk to Antonio alone. Sometimes she doesn't know what she's doing being a cop. She's had a hard day at work, building a murder case against a friend.

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