OLTL Recaps: The week of December 15, 1997 on One Life to Live
Téa threatened to leave Todd. Blair refused to go along with Kelly and Cassie in investigating their family's past. Kelly rebuked Joey again and advised him that she and Ian would be traveling to California. Dorothy wanted Joey for herself.
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Monday, December 15, 1997

Téa, extremely upset at the living situation with Todd at his Penthouse and finally tells him that she's leaving and packs her bags. She tries to get Todd to admit that he really needs her and would like her to hang around and would behave more human, but Todd stubbornly refuses. Claims he didn't get any of that warm mushy stuff when he was growing up, but Starr gets a lot of love. He further tells him that none of this is in their agreement. She tells him the situation is not good for Starr and he is not setting a good example by being cold all the time even with Starr around.

In the meantime, at Logan's department store, Kevin and Joey shop for Xmas presents. Joey does not know what to get for Kelly. Kevin goes off to finish his shopping and Dorothy comes in and sees Joey. He asks for her help in selecting something for Kelly. Joey finally see a one-man band type of guitar that someone played outside their apartment in Paris when they had visited together the previous year. He remembered this had made Kelly laugh so hard and so he wants to get it for her to make her laugh again. Unfortunately, Dorothy got the same thing for Joey for Xmas and gives it to him. Oops! Dorothy tells him there's no need to apologize. Kevin returns and asks Joey to take all his shopping home for him. A lot of shopping, that is.

At Dorian's mansion, Dorian prepares to leave on a visit for Rome with Mel. She is very excited and as she leaves, Blair stops her and almost spills the beans about the recent findings by Mel, Cassie and Kelly. The girls manage to stop her and Dorian leaves on her trip. Blair makes it a point to let her cousins know that she didn't tell because she wants Dorian to have a good trip, not because she is on board with anyone - especially Kelly. They start arguing with Blair being her usual vicious self-centered self starts calling the other cousins names. She reminds Cassie of walking out on her son to have an affair and Kelly of destroying her chances of ever having a child and Starr is her only child now and all their digging is not going to help her custody battle. Cassie tries to make her see the benefits of digging up the truth of what happened in Canton to their grandparents and parents so that they can prevent the same thing happening in their generation. Blair disagrees and gets in violent rage with Kelly. Cassie manages to stop them. Kelly leaves and Blair shortly after, but not without a parting shot at Cassie that her manipulations and control are worse than Dorian's.

When they return to the Carriage House, Joey amuses Dorothy with the one-man band as Kelly comes peeking through the glass front door about to come in. She explains that she's there to spend the night with Cassie's permission to avoid being alone with Blair in the mansion. Dorothy excuses herself and Joey starts on the course of making Kelly laugh and succeeds with a John Travolta comic recreation and the one-man band instrument.

Back at the Penthouse, as Téa prepares to leave with suitcase in hand, the doorbell rings and Blair pushes her way in. Her delight is immeasurable at seeing Téa obviously moving out. As she gloats that her chances of regaining custody will increase the minute Téa walks out the door and she WILL pass the psychiatric evaluation. Todd exercises damage control by telling her that she has it all wrong and Téa is not moving out. Téa backs him up also by telling a disappointed Blair that she has just returned from a business trip in New York. Blair asks to hold Starr and Todd refuses on account of the court order. A fuming Blair leaves vowing revenge as usual.

Téa, yet again, prepares to leave. Todd stalls her by asking her to stay and say good-bye to Starr. She obliges and he brings Starr downstairs. Todd lays the emotional guilt trip on Téa regarding Starr and she sees through him and asks him not to use the child in such a way. As she goes to the door again, Todd stops her and finally asks her to stay for him and the kid. Téa stays. Now what??? Stay tuned to SOC for more.

Tuesday, December 16, 1997

Written by: Marcia Bryant

The carriage house:

Ian enters and tells Kelly the elaborate plans he has made for their whale watching trip: a flight to California, a submarine, the opportunity to hear whale songs up close. Kelly is stunned and delighted that he would go to such trouble. Ian tells Kelly that he thinks she's adorable and then tops it off by offering to take Kelly to see Melinda. Kelly apologizes to Ian for not telling him about the Melinda situation but, she says, when she is with him, she doesn't want to spoil the mood. The conversation turns to Blair. Ian apologizes to Kelly for not discouraging Blair and leaves to give her her walking papers that very day. While Kelly is looking over travel brochures, Joey stops by with a Christmas present: a pair of roller blades. He says that it is his way of trying to bring a little fun in her life and offers to give her a lesson that weekend. Kelly declines his invitation and explains that she and Ian are going to the coast for a little whale watching. Joey throws a tantrum and screams at Kelly for not forgiving him. He says that no matter what he does, he can't get Kelly to trust him, but she has all this blind faith in Ian. Kelly, once again, tells Joey that it is over. She can never trust him again and all his promises to never hurt her again are impossible to keep. The people that care the most are the ones that can hurt you the most, but Ian would never hurt her. Joey says that he is sick of apologizing and storms out.

Logan's department store:

Viki bumps into Joey and remarks on the gift he bought for Dorothy: a Tuscany cuisine cookbook. Viki is surprised that Dorothy and Joey are exchanging gifts. Even more so when Joey tells how he has been crying on Dorothy's shoulder about Kelly. Viki mentions to her youngest (and apparently densest) son that maybe Dorothy is interested in HIM, not his problems his problems with Kelly. Joey denies that Dorothy could have those feelings for him. Viki gently tries to clue her son into Dorothy's feelings, reminding him that therapists are trained to hide their emotions. However, Joey continues to wax poetic about their platonic relationship and great "friendship."

The women's department at Logan's:

Nora and Georgie are shopping for a dress for the Policemen's Benevolent Association Dinner Dance. They are engaged in the usual Nora complaining about shopping and Georgie fawning all over her complimenting her sense of style. Georgie finally convinces Nora to try on dresses by promising to find a killer dress and have Nora out of there in an hour. While shopping, the two women discuss their various feelings about the holidays. Nora tells about celebrating Christmas when Rachel was young and Georgie lets on a little more about her alcoholic upbringing. Nora find the perfect dress for the dinner, commenting that it looks just like the dress Barbara Stanwyck wore in the movie "Double Indemnity." Georgie says that she's never seen the movie. While Nora tries on the dress, Georgie fawns even more: "I love how you always know what you want and how to get it." and "It takes a certain kind of confidence to wear a dress like that." Nora finally shuts her up and goes to pay for the dress, so they can go get their sundae. At the ice cream parlor, Georgie says that she's embarrassed by the fact she mentioned her past and she doesn't want Nora's pity or anyone else's. Her alcoholic upbringing has made her stronger and able to take what life dishes out. After Nora leaves, Georgie goes back to Logan's and picks up a dress exactly like the one Nora bought. She tells the sales clerk that it is just like the dress that Barbara Stanwyck wore in "Double Indemnity" and wants to buy it. The clerk mentions that maybe another color might be more flattering. But Georgie insist on buying that exact dress.

The Cramer house:

Ian pays Blair a visit tell her to leave him alone. She offers a rather lame apology "from the bottom of her heart" for her behavior on the yacht. But Ian tells her that her apology won't cut it because her heart isn't deep enough. He tells her in no uncertain terms that he want Blair to stop tormenting Kelly and to stop throwing herself at him. Blair slinks on to the couch and says that she wasn't acting alone, and he obviously enjoyed her attentions. Ian admits to being intrigued and amused by her, but the bottom line is that he wants Kelly, not Blair. Why, Blair wants to know, why Kelly when he could have any woman he wants. Because Kelly is sweet, kind and real he says. Ian admits that he know longer wants shallow liaisons to pass the time. Now he wants the real thing and Kelly is it. Blair says that Ian is deluding himself if he thinks that adorable, little Kelly could make him happy and proceeds to wrap herself around him again. This time Ian physically extricates himself and walks out on her, but as he shuts the door Blair comments to her self that she won't give up on Ian now...or ever.

Dorothy's office:

Joey comes to Dorothy's office bearing a Christmas gift and gives her three chance to guess what it is. When Dorothy doesn't guess, Joey says that she will have to wait until Christmas. Then he plops himself down on the proverbial couch and whines to Dorothy about how he blew it with Kelly "big time." He resents Ian and wonders why Kelly doesn't see the millionaire for what he is. This time, however, we get to hear Dorothy's inner thoughts as she counsels Joey. Despite appearing to be the perfect therapist and uttering phrases like "How does that make you feel?" "Can you be more specific?" and "Why do you think that is?" the audience gets to hear her true feelings. She wishes that Joey would forget about Kelly and silently cheers on Ian. In the end Dorothy wishes that Joey would stop looking at Kelly and finally look at her.

Wednesday, December 17, 1997

The ghost of Christmas and childhood past haunts the memories of several offspring of disfunctional families in Llanview. Cassie, Kelly, Téa, Todd and Blair all think about how the past is affecting their present and their futures.

The Mall

Kelly finds her cousin Blair at the Mall restaurant. Blair is dressed very conservatively, with her hair up in a french twist. Kelly attempts some small talk and remarks that since there are no more tables free, she would like to join her. Then she mentions the psychological evaluation Blair has scheduled. Kelly says that Blair is behaving so badly that someone might take away Starr unless she begins to understand what and why she behaves as she does. They need to know about the family madness so it does not claim the next generation. So if Blair loves Starr, she needs to find out the causes. Blair says that whatever happened to their mothers has nothing to do with her daughter. Their mothers are in institutions and Dorian is heading for a breakdown, all this is affecting the second generation of Cramers, why not Starr too, Kelly replies. She pressures Blair to speak to Addie. Blair tells her that Addie was sent away before the death of their grandparents so she would have no knowledge of what took their lives. Kelly says Addie could know a lot of helpful details of what happened before she was sent to the institution. Blair is upset and unwilling to push her mother to the dark side. Kelly comments that it was not easy to watch her mother, Melinda, disintegrate before her eyes, but it is more scary to face the fear of the unknown. Blair understands what Kelly means and she is beginning to connect with her cousin when she notices the literature Blair has on Whaling. Kelly admits that she is going away with Ian the next day. Blair's attitude reverts back and she tells Kelly she is out of there and Kelly can pay the bill.

Logan's Toy Department- Téa and Andrew

Andrew is shopping for the church's needy children when he runs into Téa, who is having a hard time deciding what to buy for Starr. He advises she gets both gifts, never enough toys for kids at Christmas. He tells her she looks great but tired. Téa says that planning Christmas for a child is an amazing thing. Andrew admits that after the last fiasco when Todd overheard them making fun of him, he regretted making her life difficult and that the fallout may make it more difficult to be friends. Téa says that there have been a number of changes in the past few days and it looks like there is a lot more hope for Todd and her. Todd has asked her to stay. Andrew mentions having counseled battered women and that Téa is maintaining a false hope for Todd changing. She says it is not like that between her and Todd. Andrew replies that emotional abuse is just as bad. She explains that Todd is not abusing her. Andrew says he will give Todd the benefit of the doubt that he is trying to change, but the question is can Todd do it. She may be setting herself up for a lot of hell. Téa replies that she has to give Todd a chance. Andrew wants to know how many times does he have to let her down before she stops giving Todd chances.

Carriage House-Kevin, Cassie, Andrew

Cassie still has packages to wrap for River. Kevin, being his mother's child, is finished already. Cassie tells him that Christmas Eve is special because she found River abandoned in the creche that evening. Maybe Andrew would be willing to share the little boy with her on the 24th. Kevin urges her to ask her ex. He has some errands to run and is more than happy to allow them the privacy they need when Andrew comes to pick up the packages.

When Andrew arrives, he surprises Cassie by saying that Cassie can have him on Christmas Eve and he will pick him up after church services. Cassie tells him that this is her first Christmas without her son and it reminds her of all the Christmases without Dorian. She does not want River to think about her like she did Dorian. Andrew understands her fear, but says that she is not Dorian and River is not her. Their son knows they both love him and whatever else went wrong, River was not a part of it. Cassie says that Melinda loved Kelly and Addie loved Blair but they still were institutionalized. Cassie herself already had one breakdown. Andrew tells her that she got through that because she was strong and focused. She has Kevin and Kelly. Cassie replies that Andrew certainly saw her at her worst. "And your best", he reminds her, "And so has River. That boy loves you so much. The mother child thing is different" than what he has with Andrew. Cassie replies that is why she needs to know about Dorian and what is underneath her armor, so she can understand herself. Andrew says that she is brave and that he admires that she refuses to live with a lie. He hopes she passes this on to their son. After she goes through this journey, she will be a lot more comfortable with herself. She stacks the presents in his hands and thanks him for his generosity in sharing River. Andrew says that after all, it is a holiday about a mother and a child.

Kevin returns and Cassie tells him she is still worried about her mother. Kevin says that she has to resolve this before it makes her crazy. When Cassie gets defensive about his turn of phrase, he says it is just a figure of speech. She worries aloud that the trouble is genetic and beyond her control. When Kevin says she is sane, she takes this to mean that he believes her thoughts are irrational and what does that say about her sanity. Kevin says her fears are real, but unwarranted. He tells her to take a look in the mirror. She is fine. Cassie says that the fears affect Kelly, Blair, Dorian, herself and their children.

The Penthouse- Briggs,Todd and Téa

Briggs is telling funny stories about Christmas, when Todd interrupts to ask him questions about his home life, wife and children. Briggs says Todd knows that he has a wife named Helen and that his daughter worked at the Banner while she was in High School and now is in college. Well, how long has Briggs been married? 27 years, he replies. Todd asks what Mr. and Mrs. Briggs do at night. Briggs does not think that is an appropriate question, but Todd tells him to get his mind out of the gutter. He just wants to know what he and the wife do when he gets home form work. Todd pulls out a notebook and Briggs accommodates him. He says that they have one drink before dinner. While they eat, they discuss household problems like getting the dishwasher fixed. Then they watch TV or rent a video, preferably a musical. Sometimes they do jigsaw puzzles like Monet's Water Lily or one of the new 3d puzzles. Right now they are working on the Kremlin. Then they go to bed- to sleep. Todd says he knows all about that. Briggs is curious why he wants to know about that. Todd replies he is just interested and folds up his notes into his pocket.

When Téa arrives home, Todd has the fire going and a bottle of liquor on ice. He offers Téa a glass and asks her "How was your day, dear?." He takes her coat and hands her the drink. Téa is beginning to wonder if she is in a parallel world as Todd rambles on about TV, puzzles, dinner, broken dishwashers, etc. She asks him how much he drank before she got there. She asks him why all the sudden interest in discussing what kind of day they both had. He replies that he is trying to give her a normal quiet evening at home. Téa explains that this is all a little too forced like Todd is following a script. He pushes his notes more deeply into his pocket. Téa says that intimacy happens slowly. Todd comments that he wouldn't know. His parents always fought and then his father would hit his mother and then him. Téa agrees that neither one of them had the idea role model of a marriage to follow. But they are sharing a lot of positive things with Starr and now they must build something between them that is not about her, so she has a better model to follow for her life. Todd says that Shorty will have a perfect life. Téa replies that is a tall order. What they need is to learn to be more comfortable with each other. Todd wants specifics. Téa says they should go away together-just the two of them. Todd stammers, "for the kid." "And for us", Téa adds. Todd asks where she wants to go, but Téa replies that the decision is up to him. She reminds him that there are no right or wrong choices. She goes upstairs and Todd mutters that there is always a right and wrong choice. He picks up a phone book and makes a call. He requests a big suite with 2 bedrooms for him and, he pauses, his wife. He wants the traditional package starting tomorrow. He ends the conversation with "Seasons Greetings to you, too."

Doctor Rosen's Office - Blair and the Shrink

Blair is surprised to see the psychiatrist in charge of her evaluation is a woman. Dr. Rosen tells her that she has been asked to make a recommendation about whether Blair can have supervised visits with Starr. She understands that Blair might be anxious, but it would be better if Blair relaxes and lets her get to know her. Blair recaps the last few years, her pregnancy, Todd's death, his return after she started her relationship with Patrick, Starr's sickness and then the accident caused by Kelly and the lost of her unborn child. Through her recovery, it was Starr who was her incentive to get well. Dr. Rosen asks if Blair receive therapy to deal with her emotional injuries. Blair fibs a little and says that her minister (Andrew) was of great help. Blair admits there was a time when she would not have been a good parent, but she loves her daughter very much. Dr. Rosen replies that she does not doubt that Blair is highly motivated. However, the therapist recaps Blair's violent outbursts, pushing Téa through the window and slapping Kelly after the custody hearing. Blair tries to explain how Téa provoked her, but that it was an accident and no one was more horrified than her when Téa crashed through the window. Through everything it was Starr who keep her going. The accident was something that happened under extreme duress. Blair promises that she would never lose her temper in front of Starr. Dr. Rose brings up Melinda and Addie and how anger in part caused them to behave in certain ways. Blair tries to say that there is no connection between her relatives and herself. She did not know any of them until she was an adult. Dr. Rosen said she knew them by their absence. She continues to say that Blair has never had therapy and she suggests that therapy and an exploration of her family's behavior and how it impacted on her might help her gain insight. Blair wants to know exactly what Dr. Rosen thinks of her current emotional state. The doctor says she is not allowed to discuss that with her and that the court will inform Blair about the results of the evaluation. Blair smiles weakly and wishes Dr. Rosen a happy holiday. She leaves and collapses against the other side of the door, the smile gone. "Great Blair", she says. "You just ruined your chances of seeing Starr at all. Deck the Halls!"

Thursday, December 18, 1997

Téa was shocked that Todd had booked the Holiday package at the Bayberry Inn for the weekend. Todd panicked and tried to get out of going, but Téa would have none of it. Téa explained to Rachel that her and Todd's getaway was not about sex, it was about closeness. Téa, however, decided to throw a sexy nightgown into her bag - just in case. Clint and Viki happily decorated their Christmas tree as Joey and Jessica hung mistletoe above the door. Viki and Clint laughed and shared a kiss when they realized that the kids had set them up. Todd stopped by to ask Viki to watch Starr and Moose while he and Téa were away. Todd tried to change his mind again, but Viki urged him to not be afraid of the feelings he may have for Téa. Later, Viki, Clint, Joey and Jessica surveyed the tree and when Jessica and Joey slipped out, Viki and Clint shared another kiss. When Todd returned home, he got a call from Briggs saying there was a problem at The Sun. Todd surprised Téa when he gave Briggs some orders and told him to take care of it. Todd and Téa shared a close moment when he gave her a cashmere scarf as a gift. Georgie noticed the accord between Bo and Nora and wondered if they had made up. Nora explained that she and Bo had decided to avoid talking about the kidnapping for now. Later, Nora tripped over some law books that Georgie had stacked on the floor and sprained her ankle again. Nora couldn't go to the PBA Ball with Bo so she asked Georgie to go in her place. Flabbergasted, Georgie accepted saying she had the perfect dress to wear!

Friday, December 19, 1997

Joey, Jessica, Viki, Cassie, Kevin, Blair, Starr and Moose

Jessica is trying to get Moose to say Merry Christmas, but when Kevin and Cassie come into the room, all he'll say is "Bah, Humbug." Kevin thinks the parrot has been hanging around Todd much too long. Viki comes into the room with Starr. When Cassie sees Starr, she asks if that means that Todd is around too. No, Viki explains, Todd and Téa went away for a few days and they are watching Moose and Starr. Cassie excuses herself and goes out into the foyer and calls Blair to come over and see Starr. Blair's thrilled and says she'll be right there.

Jessica takes Moose upstairs and Kevin and Joey go outside to get some more firewood. Viki invites Cassie to come over and sit and talk with her. Cassie would like to ask Viki's opinion about Dorian. Has Viki ever gotten the sense that Dorian has some trauma from the past bottled up inside her? Yes, she has, especially because of the way Dorian sometimes lashes out at her for no real reason, Viki answers. Cassie wishes that they could find out what it was, not just for Dorian's sake, but for the next generation as well. Viki suggests that she reach out to her cousins whenever she can, keep the channels open. Cassie admits she's already done that, she called Blair and told her that Starr was here. Viki doesn't seem to mind at all. The doorbell rings, it's Blair. She's so excited to see Starr she can barely get her coat off fast enough before she runs over to see Starr, who is standing in the library. Blair thanks Cassie for calling her, this is the only way she gets to see Starr now, stealing moments like a thief. And with the way things are going, she's not sure she'll ever get Starr back.

Blair hasn't heard anything at all since she had her psychological evaluation. Cassie tries to reassure her that it's not necessarily a bad thing. Blair doesn't agree, she's sure that with the family history of mental problems, they will assume she's crazy too. Blair apologizes for giving Cassie such a hard time about looking into the past. Jessica interrupts to tell Cassie that Kevin needs her in the kitchen. After Cassie leaves, Viki comments to Blair that things between the cousins look rocky. Viki thinks that is a shame, Blair needs their support right now. Her cousins are always needing her to do things, like talk to Addie. Blair doesn't think that it's fair, she wants to concentrate right now on getting Starr back. Blair feels like she's getting sucked back into the Cramer past and Starr along with her. She has to fight it, otherwise it will destroy her life and Starr's as well, Viki advises.

Being crazy is in her blood, it's her family's history, Blair insists. That's nonsense, Viki tells her, you don't know that that is true. I pushed Téa out a window, didn't I, Blair responds. I snapped and I lost it for a moment, now everyone thinks I'm an unfit mother. If I thought for a second you were an unfit mother, you wouldn't be here now with Starr, Viki says. Blair doesn't see how digging up the past will do any good. It will do some good, Viki tells her. I've been where you are now and I faced my past and got my life back, she continues, deal with your past and you will free not only yourself, but Starr as well. Viki lets Blair take Starr upstairs and put her down for her nap.

When Blair comes back downstairs, she finds the Buchanans singing the Twelve Days of Christmas. It quickly dissolves into a friendly argument as to how many lord a leaping and ladies dancing there are, apparently an argument they have every year. Cassie goes to join Blair in the doorway. Blair wishes that Starr could have the same happy, loving family that the Buchanans have, she doesn't ever think the Cramers can be like that. The Buchanans have had their share of troubles, but they know who they are and where they come from, says Cassie. Blair tells Cassie that during the evaluation the doctor suggested that Blair look into her family history, it might give her insight into the things that she does. If it will help River and Starr grow up happy and free, she thinks she should do it. Blair agrees to talk to Addie about the past, she's going to go do it right now. Blair doesn't know what scares her more, that Addie won't be able to her anything, or that she will.

At St. Anne's, Addie is in a happy mood because they are having a Christmas party. Blair sits her down and asks Addie about telling Cassie that she used to hurt Dorian. I told Dorrie that, not Cassie, Addie insists. Blair apologizes, she must be confused, she tells Addie. Why did you hurt Dorian, Blair asks. Everyone knows that, silly, Addie replies. Blair asks Addie to remind her. "I hurt Dorrie because Momma made me.", Addie reveals.

Bo, Georgie, Carlotta and Hank

Georgie reluctantly declines Bo's offer for a ride on his motorcycle. Knowing how much Nora hates Bo's bike, Georgie thinks Nora would hate it even more if she saw the two of them riding on it together. Georgie recalls that her first real love had a motorcycle, that's when she first started to like them. The only problem was, her boyfriend loved the motorcycle more than her. Bo thinks that may at least partially be why Nora hates the bike so much, she sees it as a rival, something that's trying to take Bo away from her. Georgie agrees that could be the case, she always felt left out. But what she did was she learned everything she possibly could about motorcycles. Georgie promises to try to get Nora to do the same thing. In fact, she makes a bet that she'll having Bo and Nora riding together on his bike by New Year's Day. Carlotta and Hank come over to say hello. Bo explains that Nora sprained her ankle and introduces Georgie to them.

Hank asks Bo if they can talk alone for a moment. Bo updates him on the case, they're currently combing through the phone records of the kidnappers(Do they even know who the other kidnapper is? I thought they only found one body.) If Hank's hoping to hear that Bo doesn't consider R.J. a suspect anymore then he's going to be disappointed, Bo says. Meanwhile, Carlotta and Georgie are chatting about Nora. Georgie is full of praise for Nora, as usual. The thing she likes most about Nora is that she always knows where she stands with her, she's so up front and honest about things. Carlotta agrees that that is a refreshing quality. Hank and Bo come back to the table and Hank and Carlotta go back inside to the dance(Bo and Georgie are sitting at a table in the bar). Bo wants to go back inside too, but Georgie has a question for him first. Isn't it strange for him to be best friends with his wife's ex-husband, Georgie doesn't quite understand it. Bo jokes that Georgie has to do something about her "crippling inability to speak her mind." Georgie replies that that's just the way she is, everything has to be up front with her (just like she described Nora to Carlotta..hmmm;-)

Bo tells her a little about Nora and Hank's past, about how their marriage didn't work out, but years later they became good friends. Georgie is surprised that Bo isn't a little threatened by Nora and Hank's relationship. Bo isn't worried, he and Nora have a good thing together. Bo asks Georgie to dance. Georgie tries to protest that she can't dance, but Bo insists that's only because she hasn't danced with the master, him. He holds out his hand to her.

Georgie is a complete failure at dancing, not only does she step on his toes, she practically steps on his ankles too. Bo tries to encourage her, she just needs more practice. The moment is broken by Hank and Carlotta's return. When Carlotta starts commenting on what a good dancer Nora is, Georgie suddenly decides to leave and practically runs out of the room, refusing Bo's offer to give her a ride. On her way out, she picks up the picture taken of herself and Bo earlier in the evening and takes it with her.

At home, Bo crawls into bed with Nora. He'd much rather be there than at the party that night. He did learn one thing though, as good as Georgie is at many things, she can't dance at all. There's no one in the world that dances as well as you, Bo says, there's only one Nora.

At Georgie's apartment, she is staring at the picture of herself and Bo. She imagines being back at the party and dancing wonderfully with Bo. Hank and Carlotta are watching and saying how wonderful she's dancing, as good as Nora. Even better, Bo tells her in her daydream. Back to reality, she turns on the radio and tries to dance, but is horrible and quickly gives up. She remembers Bo telling her that if she gives it a little time, she'll get better at it, so she turns on the radio and tries again.

Todd, Téa and the innkeeper

The innkeeper, wearing a santa hat, lets Todd and Téa into their room, the Blitzen suite, he names all of the rooms for the holidays. He should have named it hell, Todd says quietly to Téa. She gives him a look to shut him up and tells the innkeeper it's very... festive. The innkeeper shows them the list of available activities and invites them down to the lobby for a drink and carols when they're ready. The innkeeper shows them the santa hats with their names stitched on them that his wife made. He hands Téa hers and puts Todd's on his head, with the white pom-pom hanging down in Todd's face (the look on Todd's face is hysterical) Todd tells Téa he's not wearing this stupid Santa hat, he's going home. Téa tells him not to be a grinch. Todd just glares at her with the white pom-pom from the hat swinging in front of his face.

Téa agrees that the Christmas charm is laid on a bit thick.(Todd tries twice to blow the pom-pom out of his face, then reaches up and moves it to the back)It's more like a holiday kick in the teeth, Todd complains grumpily. The rooms already paid for and they did agree to spend some time together, Téa reminds him. Todd reluctantly agrees to stay, but he's not going to be happy about it, and no Christmas carols, they give him hives. Christmas at the Manning house was far from wonderful, despite the carols talking of "comfort and joy." The music made the whole thing worse. Téa agrees, Christmas carols used to play 24 hours a day in the lobby in the building where she lived. They would filter down to their apartment and she would lie in bed counting how many times they came to the "mother and child" part, reminding her that her mother was no longer there. They both agree no carols, and no wearing the hats either. So what do we do instead, Todd asks. They both glance over toward the bed and look uncomfortably at each other.

Téa starts unpacking and quickly shoves the negligee under her pillow. Todd checks out the lists of activities, such as making wreaths from household items. He's especially disgusted by the continuous showings of "It's a Wonderful Life" in the Donner Lounge. The only part he likes is when Mr. Potter laughs, he grumbles. How about the sleigh ride in a one horse open sleigh. Nope, it's too cold and it sounds too much like a song. Téa suggests ordering room service and watching TV. There's a knock at the door, it's a group of carolers. "Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa-la-la-la-la, la, la, la, la" is all they manage to sing before Todd slams the door in their faces. Maybe a sleigh ride isn't such a bad idea after all, he decides. Todd and Téa rush out the door past the carollers, who are still singing.

Todd and Téa are standing out in the woods freezing their...ears off. One of the sleigh runners is broken and they are stranded out in the woods with an annoying couple and the innkeeper. The repair should take about an half and hour, but the innkeeper knows what they can do to pass the time, sing carols. As they start singing "Deck the Halls", Todd decides it must be a conspiracy and he and Téa practically run in their haste to get away.

Todd and Téa are wandering around in the woods, lost. Téa's sorry she stopped and had that drink in the lobby before she left. Todd told her it would make her sick. That's not the problem. Thanks for sharing, Todd says when he realizes what she means. Don't joke, I'm in serious need here, Téa tells him. Todd suggests that she go in the woods. Téa doesn't think much of the idea, it's too cold and disgusting. Todd pretends to point something out, making her move under a snow covered branch, and then hits the branch to make snow fall on her. Todd actually laughs out loud and Téa pushes him and they both fall down onto the snow, laughing. They throw snow at each other for a minute, but when they come face to face, Todd gets uncomfortable and gets up and walks away, leaving Téa to follow behind him.

Téa, thrilled to be back in their room, races for the bathroom. Todd calls roomservice and tells them to bring anything hot. He turns the animated snowman decoration in their room upside down and throws it in the trash, "That's enough out of you, fat boy", he tells it. The only problem is that this makes it start playing Frosty, the Snowman. "Oh my god, it gets worse", Todd says, yanks the cord and puts the whole thing, garbage can and all out into the hallway. Téa comes out of the bathroom. She feels much better, but her hands are numb. Todd grabs her hands and starts rubbing them to warm them up. "How's this?", he asks. "Um, I think I'm starting to feel something", Téa manages to reply. They stand there, staring at each other, holding each other's hands. For once, Todd doesn't pull away....or will he? Tune in Monday and find out!

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