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Monday, JUNE 26, 2000

Ben lashed out at Todd when he walked in the room and saw Viki crying. Viki introduced the two, and explained that she was marrying Sam's brother. After a laugh, Todd told Ben he knew where Jessica and company were, but he refused to lead Ben to them. Todd left, and Viki showed Ben how her hair was beginning to fall out.

When Ben and Viki watched the video of Jess that Todd had left, Ben said that if Max didn't get Asa to clear Will, he was going to reveal who he really was, once and for all. At the bar in Ohio, Jessica, Will and Cris decided that it was time to move on because they didn't know if Todd could be trusted. As they were walking out the door, they bumped right into Todd.

Max tried to convince Renee that the only reason he wanted Asa to drop the feud with the Rappaports was for the family. Renee reminded him that he wasn't really a part of the "family" and that he never did anything without ulterior motives. Asa walked in, and they tried to convince him to get Will's conviction overturned.

Meanwhile, Blair had drugged Skye with truth serum. Blair found out where Skye had hidden her signed confession and ripped it up. Skye wandered into the den where Asa, Renee, and Max were, still under the effects of the serum, and blurted out that Max wasn't Asa's son.

Sam created a very ugly scene with Bo, Lindsay, and Melanie at his place. Bo would not arrest Lindsay despite Sam's protests. Sam insisted that if Bo didn't arrest Lindsay, it proved that he didn't believe she had tampered with the DNA test. Bo believed Lindsay and pointed out that he had looked the other way when Will escaped the train wreck.

Sam decided to put it all out on the table when he revealed the affair Lindsay had had with Colin. He wanted to show Bo what kind of woman Lindsay was. After Bo and Lindsay left, Sam suspected there was something going on between Melanie and Bo. She tried to deny it but finally admitted that if there had been something going on, there wasn't anymore.

TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2000

At the Llanview Police Headquarters, Sophia paced around while John graded her exam. She thanked him for letting her retake it and proudly told him that she had studied hard this time with Antonio's help. She was shocked when John handed her back the test -- she had gotten 100. "Nice work, Vega," John said to Antonio as Roseanne approached him. She wanted to offer a reward to get Cristian, Jessica, and Will back to Llanview.

Antonio heard the offer and started yelling at Roseanne, thinking she was just out for revenge. He didn't want Cristian dragged in dead. Roseanne agreed that she didn't want that, either. John explained that Roseanne had offered a reward to anyone with information that would help put Asa away for good so Cristian could return home.

Roseanne insisted that all she wanted was for Cristian to return safely. John told her that while her offer was very generous, she should think it through a little more. He left, and Roseanne told Antonio that she just wanted it all to be over. She didn't want the two of them to keep fighting over what she had done to him. She insised she would do anything to make it right.

Later, John told Roseanne that the reward could turn out to be nothing but trouble. Roseanne explained that someone with information might be withholding it, afraid to go against Asa. She just wanted to make it worth their while. John wanted her to take the night to think it over; he would call in the morning to discuss it.

Antonio talked to Roseanne alone and offered her a serious apology. Roseanne said it was okay because she hadn't been the best sister-in-law. Antonio told her that offering a reward was a bad idea -- if Asa found out she was behind it, he would go after her. Antonio said he wouldn't wish that on anyone, even Roseanne. Roseanne decided that she would listen to him.

Sophia interrupted Antonio and Roseanne, reminding Antonio about a book he needed to get. Antonio promised Roseanne that they would get Cristian back. Roseanne talked to Sophia, commenting that she was surprised to see Sophia and Antonio getting along. Sophia explained that all the "cop talk must have kicked in." She and Antonio were going to have to be willing to lay down their lives for each other. Besides, they would be spending every waking moment together. She admitted that she was having fun with him.

Sophia decided that she should go hit the books, complaining about her cramped room without air-conditioning. Roseanne suddenly offered to be Sophia's roommate, insisting that she didn't need a lot of rent. Sophia was pleased. Her one concern was how Roseanne would live with Antonio being around all the time. Roseanne ominously said that she thought she would manage. As she and Sophia went off, Roseanne looked back at Antonio thoughtfully.

At the club Black Dawn, Todd insisted that he was not turning Jessica, Will, and Cristian in. The three were all anxious to leave. Todd was disappointed, since he had traveled all that way just to help them. Jessica listened doubtfully as Todd told them that he wanted to help them disappear. The three explained that they didn't want his help.

Todd pulled Jessica aside, trying to persuade her to listen to him. Jessica knew that Todd had hurt people. She insisted that she didn't know or believe in Todd anymore. Todd was surprised because it didn't sound like Jessica. "What happened?" he asked.

Jessica told Todd that she had been pregnant, had been run over by Dorian's car, and had lost her baby. Her grandfather was lying to her and trying to put Will in a maximum-security prison for years. Asa had betrayed her trust. Obviously, she was afraid that Todd had done the same. Will and Cristian tried to get Jessica to leave with them.

Jessica got up to go when Todd told her that he had seen Viki, and Viki was worried about Jessica. He said he would help Jessica. Jessica asked him to tell her mother that she was all right. Todd gave her the address to his hotel and an extra room key. Jessica thanked him, and he left to get something else.

Will and Cristian were getting nervous and wanted to leave. Will opened the door and found a gun pointed at him. "Party's over, Rappaport. Don't try anything funny -- I get a reward whether you're dead or alive," the man holding the gun told him. They realized that he was a bounty hunter.

Jessica offered the bounty hunter money -- anything that he needed. Will tried to get the others out of it, saying that he was the only one who was really worth anything. Todd returned and took the man down quickly, signaling for the teens to run. They did, running straight to Todd's hotel room. There, all three worried for Todd's safety. Cristian realized that they had been wrong about Todd and should have gone with him when they'd had the chance, while Jessica wondered if she would ever have the chance to tell him how sorry she was for not trusting him.

Meanwhile, Todd was back at Black Dawn talking with the gunman. He was angry that the man had pointed the gun at Jessica, but he paid him anyway. The man asked if there really was a bounty out on the kids. "If you hurt that little girl, I will kill you before you can spend the money I gave you," Todd replied.

Todd arrived at the hotel room, immediately apologizing for taking so long. He gave Viki's broken china doll to Jessica, explaining that Viki had told him Jessica would know what it meant. She realized that it was her mother's good luck charm and wondered why Viki wanted her to have it. Todd told her that it meant she would have good luck if she stuck with him. Jessica nodded thoughtfully.

In Asa's office, Blair tried desperately to get Skye to leave, but Asa wouldn't hear of it. He wanted Skye to stay. Skye told him that she faked her drunkenness the other day. Max wondered why she would admit such a thing. Suddenly, Skye announced to Asa, "Max isn't your son." She continued, saying that Max loved Asa more than his real son did.

Renee started apologizing to a confused Asa. Blair immediately insisted that it was her fault -- she had left Skye in the wine cellar, causing her to fall off the wagon, and she just hadn't gotten back on it yet. Skye insisted that she was not drunk and hadn't been that night either. It had just been an act to torture Blair with her confession note. Blair squirmed as Asa asked about the confession note.

Skye explained that Blair had tried to pass Max off as Asa's son. Max tried to get Skye to leave, claiming that she really was drunk. He managed to leave, with Blair trailing behind, fighting with Skye. "Lord knows you can't make any sense out of a drunk woman, but why would she think that Max is not our son?" Asa asked. Renee covered by saying that she barely recognized Max and Asa herself.

Renee explained that Asa was letting his granddaughter live on the street. She added that no son should let his father do the despicable things Asa had done. Asa wondered if Renee had given Max the idea about freeing Will. He insisted that while Max might have driven him further from Renee, not even Renee could drive him and Max apart. Max was his son -- he was all Asa had.

In Skye's bedroom upstairs, Max yelled at Skye angrily. Blair wanted Skye out of the house. Max just wanted Blair to stay out of it. He tried to figure out how Skye could turn on him so abruptly by doing that. Skye told him that she could never hurt him, although she wouldn't stop at hurting Blair. Max thought she really was drunk. Skye insisted she wasn't.

"Blair gave me --" Skye started. "Tea!" Blair interjected, claiming she had given Skye a cup of tea to sober her up. Skye announced that Blair had given her thiopental sodium and said it was truth serum, and that was why she had told the truth. Max went over to Blair, wanting to know what she had done. Blair insisted that Skye had just voluntarily spilled her guts. Max went over and suggested that he be the one to drink the rest of the "tea."

Blair admitted that she had given Skye the drug. She had needed to after Skye had waved the confession in front of Asa. Max said that if Skye were going to do anything about it, she would have acted on it already. He said that Blair had wrecked everything; it was over now. Blair agreed that it was over, since she had the confession note. She wanted Skye out of the house as soon as possible -- or else.

Max told Blair that Skye wasn't going anywhere -- it was all Blair's fault, and he didn't trust her. Blair wondered what it was going to take to get him to stop pushing her away and pulling Skye closer. Max asked if that was her last threat. He said if she was done, he needed to take care of Skye. Max made sure Skye was comfortable in bed. She told him that she really loved him, and Blair scared her. She informed Max that Blair was out to get him, and Blair wasn't going to stop until she did.

Meanwhile, Blair sneaked back into Asa's office. She angrily shoved computer disks into her bag.

Bo was surprised to unexpectedly bump into Melanie while buying a drink. She said that she wanted to talk to him, and they both sat down. Melanie didn't want Bo thinking badly of Lindsay for her affair with Colin, feeling that her sister had suffered enough. Bo told her that at that moment, he cared more about Melanie, who immediately insisted that she was fine. She went on to explain that she had forgiven Lindsay because Colin had cheated on her throughout their marriage -- they couldn't place all the blame on Lindsay.

Bo asked if Melanie had forgiven Lindsay for setting her up to drop the paternity question on Sam. Melanie started to say that she had, before attempting to cover by saying that she had forgiven Lindsay for letting that happen to him. Bo smiled, knowing that Lindsay had never told Melanie to keep it a secret from Sam. Bo just wanted to see his way through everything clearly so that no one else got hurt. Melanie explained that Lindsay had done everything for Bo. She was very much in love with him, and when Lindsay loved someone, she wanted to give them what they wanted. She would do anything to make Bo happy, too.

Bo said that he knew Lindsay loved him. He thought something was pushing Lindsay to rush the issue of Matthew's paternity. Asa walked in then. "Just when I was starting to get used to that Lindsay, you take up with that cheap imitation and blow it all sky-high," he said to Bo. Bo defended Melanie as Asa continued trying to persuade Bo to "have Sam's kid." Bo told Asa that he had already gotten his wish -- Will was gone. "Go out and get what's your, Bo," Asa said before leaving. Melanie asked Bo if he was okay, saying that she should go.

Bo apologized for his father, trying to figure out Asa's attitude -- Asa had always hated Lindsay, but he had seemed almost fond of her that day. Melanie suggested that Asa might have realized how much Lindsay loved Bo. Bo doubted that. Melanie told him that she had gotten the impression Asa was talking about Matthew instead of Will. Will said that Asa couldn't know about Matthew, but he got the same feeling. Melanie left, taking a rain check on the dance they had planned.


Rae put the finishing touches on her newspaper column, letting the public know that she had "found" her daughter. She facetiously thanked her husband, Daniel. Kelly was going to pretend that she was the daughter, but Joey stopped by the desk and told his wife he refused to let her do it.

When John, Rae, and Kevin admitted that they wanted Daniel caught and wanted to get back at him, that only made Joey refuse even more strongly, since he was afraid Kelly would get hurt. Kelly was furious and told her husband that he could not run her life, and she was still a journalist, after all. She stalked off, and Rae followed her and told her that Rae really didn't want to cause a problem between the couple. Kelly said she herself was the problem and asked the columnist if she could talk to her.

Joey and Kelly apologized to each other and promised to talk later. John promised to keep an eye on Kelly. Joey thought Kelly had a secret and went to Kevin but then got angry that Kevin seemed to know Kelly better. He still wanted to stop Kelly, but his brother talked him out of it. Kevin said she had issues, always thinking that she would be left behind, so she felt she had to act tough. The brothers apologized to each other for arguing.

Colin was on his way out to handle his divorce papers, and Nora agreed not to try to leave the bed again. He reiterated that Sam being Melanie's lawyer was only a coincidence. Nora wanted to give Colin some advice that would tie the divorce up for months. She told him to object to the divorce by mentioning a previous case, Broadmoor Realty versus Hal's. When he was suspicious, she told him she would rather be working alongside Sam on Melanie's side, anyway, and after reciting some technical jargon, Colin fell for the advice.

At the same time, Sam was reading a condolence note from Hal's, a former client in Chicago, while he was waiting for Bo, regarding R.J.'s civil suit. Bo didn't think Sam should represent him because of their personal matter over Matthew's paternity, but Sam said it was only business. He was totally up to speed on the matter, and Nora would want him to, so Bo agreed. Sam did say that he knew he was the father, and he believed that Lindsay was making the whole thing up, though Bo said that he and Melanie thought otherwise.

R.J. reminded Roseanne to tell the truth, especially since a jury wouldn't buy Antonio's story anyway. She tried to talk him out of it by telling him that revenge was a bad thing that would only leave him being alone, as she glanced over at Antonio. R.J. thought that Antonio had tampered with his witness.

Once inside the hearing, Roseanne admited that she had seen Bo attack R.J. She didn't think that R.J. had verbally assaulted Bo; they were only words that didn't do real damage. Sam asked her if blackmail and forcing someone into a relationship that they didn't want caused damage. Once she was done, Antonio walked in, and Bo reminded him to tell the truth. He stated that R.J. had provoked the physical attack by personally attacking Bo.

Outside the hearing, Roseanne thought that R.J. was up to something and wondered who the man was at her place; the man was Jeff Barnes. She told R.J. to keep his business away from her apartment. Suddenly, R.J. burst into the room -- he was dropping the suit. He threatened future action against the commissioner. R.J. told Rosie he had other plans.

Bo and Hank wondered what was going on, though Hank thought his brother had dropped the suit because he had known he couldn't win. The two discussed the paternity test, and Bo decided to go see someone about it.

Colin went to see Melanie at Sam's house and tried to talk about their past together. She didn't want to hear it and told him it was too late. He presented her with a pair of tickets to Paris and requested some time alone with her to get her to change her mind. When she refused, he mentioned that Melanie had to have something going with Bo, but she was quick to let him know that Lindsay was involved with him.

While alone, Nora searched through the bedside tables. She missed the tape of Asa's confession, but came across some love letters from Colin to Melanie. Nora wondered about the doctor but said she knew what he had done.

Kelly and Rae had lunch, and Kelly admitted that she had no one to talk to. She told Rae about her life, starting from her birth in Illinois, and Rae didn't really hear much after that because her daughter had been born there. Kelly admitted to never feeling connected to her mother and said she had never known her father. Kelly suddenly started to believe that maybe she was Rae's real daughter. Rae assured her that she couldn't be the one. There was a man observing them from behind a newspaper; it turned out to be John, who got a phone call and had to leave.

Sam arrived home and ordered Colin to stay away from Melanie. He also suggested that Colin get his own lawyer, but the doctor refused. They sat down to talk about the case, and Sam said that with multiple counts of adultery, the divorce would go through in 90 days. Colin announced that he was contesting the divorce and brought up the case of Broadmoor versus Hal's. Sam was stunned at first, asked him to repeat it, and then demanded to know where Nora was. He would make Colin tell if he didn't give the information voluntarily.

Jeff Barnes met up with R.J. in the park. Antonio watched from behind a tree.


Asa began his morning by reading "the latest pack of lies" in the Sun and lamented that Blair had sold her interest in the paper to Kelly. When he asked Max where Max's wife was, Max answered that he hadn't seen Blair "since last night." Max said he was on Asa's side, hating what Kevin and Kelly were "doing" to Asa. He said, "It's the facts, but not the truth," and that he wanted to give Asa "the son you can be proud of."

Asa was surprised and angry when he took "a gander" at the Banner's headline: "Asa Buchanan's Last Blow: Long Lost Son Max Holden Revealed to be a Fraud." Max observed that "Kevin" was trying to ruin him and hurt Asa with the "anonymous" source's claim. Max offered to "handle" it, but Asa thought that gave him the ammunition he needed to sue the Banner and win, so he wanted to confront Kevin himself. Asa blew out the door with Max close at his heels, cursing Blair under his breath.

At the Banner, Kevin was in charge and told Asa and Max he backed up everything printed in his newspaper. He would not reveal his sources but offered to show Asa the documents to back up the issue's headline. Max held his breath while Kevin hunted for the documentation and was relieved when Kevin revealed that the true headline dealt with Buchanan Enterprises' battle with the EPA regarding repeat environmental violations.

Kevin and Asa traded insults about "family," which culminated with Kevin telling his grandfather, "I'm Clint's son, but I'm no relation to you." Max realized that Asa was "the only one with a counterfeit copy" of the Banner and the "target of an elaborate practical joke." Asa wondered if it was Skye who had pulled the "stunt," but Max said it wasn't and promised to "take care of it."

Back at the mansion, Max told Blair her trick hadn't worked because Asa hadn't believed the story. Blair informed Max that she hadn't been trying to trick Asa, but "did it to warn you,and from the looks of it, it succeeded. How did it feel?" When Max admitted he felt betrayed, panicked, and sick to his stomach, Blair commiserated because that was how she had felt when he had taken Skye's side and refused to "kick her out."

When Blair asked if the "tramp is gone," Max answered, "No, and Skye didn't leave either." That was the last straw for Blair. She threatened Max, "If Skye stays, I go -- permanently. You may not like this little cold war we've got going right now, but if I go, things will heat up. I promise you that. You don't get it both ways. It's either Skye or me."

At the hospital, Bo's first attempt to see Matthew's test results was rebuffed, so he pulled out his "police commissioner" identification and immediately got better treatment, even though it was not official police business. When he saw that "Jeffrey Barnes" had signed off on the results, Bo hassled the woman in charge about lack of supervision and the possibility that "false information" could have been entered. Bo was disappointed to find out that blood samples were only kept six months, so a new test without Sam's knowledge would be impossible.

Rae and Kelly entered the lab to have Kelly's blood typed because Kelly claimed she "can't think of anything else" until she knew if it was possible she was Rae's daughter. Bo explained he was "doing an investigation," and Rae hoped "you nail him." While Kelly was out of the room, Rae explained to Bo that the questions John had asked him earlier about illegal adoptions had been for her and her daughter, who had been "taken at birth."

Bo was surprised but told her he knew "how hard that can be." They had more parallel conversation regarding children -- Rae talked about her daughter growing up without her, and Bo thought of the possibility of that with Matthew. Rae offered that she sometimes thought of giving up her search but that since she knew part of the truth, she had to know the rest; she felt she owed it to her daughter as well as herself. When she asked Bo what he would do in her place, he only admitted it was "something to think about."

Kelly was disappointed to find that she had type O blood while Rae had AB, making it impossible for them to be related. They agreed it "would have been nice." Rae apologized for her "madness" and offered to let Kelly off the Daniel outing hook. However, Kelly thought they "make a pretty good team" and wanted to continue to play "the part" of Rae's daughter. Rae agreed and thanked Kelly. When the women left the lab, Daniel watched them as they entered the elevator.

At home in his office, Sam was convinced that Colin had seen Nora. "I can see the wheels turning in your head. Honesty doesn't take that much work. Where have you seen Nora?" While Colin tried to explain his citation of the Broadmoor Realty versus Hal's case as something he had seen while doing research at the university law library, Sam didn't buy it. He knew that that case was "very obscure" and personal to him and Nora. "The only way you could possibly know about that case is if you've heard it from Nora. You've seen her and talked to her. Is Nora still alive? Tell me right now."

Sam grabbed Colin by the collar and lost it. "I'll let you go out the closest window -- preferably, a closed window," Sam threatened. Melanie interceded and stood up for Colin. "She's dead, Sam. There's no way Colin could have seen or heard from Nora," Melanie said Colin called it just a "bizarre coincidence" and told Sam he was "sorry for your loss." Sam was skeptical that Melanie would believe anything Colin said, but she felt that the evidence of Nora's death in the train crash outweighed one legal reference by Colin.

Colin again apologized and told Sam he didn't blame Sam "for grasping at straws." He assured him he didn't "go out of his way to hurt people." Sam didn't believe that, but he let it go and instead advised Colin to get adequate legal representation. He suggested that Colin simply "make it easy and agree to a divorce." Colin wouldn't agree because he intended to file a countersuit claiming Melanie had also committed adultery.

Sam considered Colin's words a "threat" and threw him out. Sam told Melanie that he didn't care personally, but, as her lawyer, he needed to know if what Colin had said was true. When Melanie confirmed the deed, Sam guessed the man was Bo because he "sensed something between" them. Melanie claimed "the one isolated incident" was not "to get back at Colin" but was for "comfort" between two people who needed it.

Melanie said she and Bo hadn't known each other then, but since Melanie knew that Bo was "the man my sister's in love with," she proclaimed, "That's the end of that." She seemed unsure about going through with the divorce if Colin filed a countersuit because she was afraid if Lindsay found out, "it would kill her." Sam termed Lindsay "one of the most resilient victims I ever met" and seemed to encourage Melanie to go after Bo.

Later, Sam discussed with Melanie his "crazy idea" that Nora was still alive. He told her of his "wild fantasies" that Nora had escaped the wreck, was in trouble, and needed his help. Melanie assured him that his initial refusal to believe in Nora's death was a "normal response" but wondered what he really believed. Sam thought he had "accepted it" but confided that Colin's reference had sent him "into fantasy land again. I can't let go. I loved her, but it's more -- we're connected." Melanie suggested the connection was Matthew, and Sam didn't disagree. "Matthew is my son -- and Nora's. Bo is gonna have to accept that, just like I have to accept that Nora's dead." Abruptly, Sam said, "There's something I have to do," and he left the house.

Nora heard a noise outside the door to Colin's bedroom and quickly put away the papers and notes she had been reading; she also hid the knife under the covers. A housekeeper entered, looking for "Dr. Colin." Nora said she needed to make a phone call, but since there was no phone in the room, she asked the woman to call Bo Buchanan at the Llanview Police Department for her. Nora gave her the number twice and asked her if she could remember it. The woman said, "Yes. Okay," and gave Nora the thumbs-up sign as she left the room. Nora breathed a sigh of relief saying, "At last."

Later, waiting for the housekeeper to return, Nora was surprised when Colin entered the room instead. He was angry as he informed her that when he had cited the case to Sam, it had been "very effective" -- it had had the effect of "wrapping Sam's fingers around my neck. He was raging on about you still being alive. I told him I cited it by mistake. I talked him out of it. Sorry you got your hopes up. I admire your ingenuity."

Nora was down, but not out, as she informed Colin, "I always have a backup plan." She quizzed him about his housekeeper, who he thought was "out of town," but Nora confided that she'd "had a nice little chat" with the woman and she was confident that "she's telling the police right now. I may be home for teatime."

When the housekeeper entered the room, Nora asked if she had called the police. The woman responded, "Yes." Colin asked if Nora minded if he asked the housekeeper a question, and he got the same affirmative responses when he asked if the housekeeper had also called President Clinton and Jennifer Lopez. Apparently, "yes" was "50 percent of her English," and Nora guessed, "okay" was the other half.

A bemused Colin advised Nora to "stop setting yourself up for disappointment," but Nora assured Colin she wouldn't be disappointed when "Sam will bury you in the courts. The police will bury you in prison. I'll bury you in the cold, cold ground...for what you've done to me." Colin again promised to send Nora home "soon" and asked her to "trust" him because he needed "a little time to think this thing out." Nora advised him to "think about how to save your butt from going to prison" because "this is much more than kidnapping now. It's unlawful imprisonment, unlawful restraint, torture, cruelty. You're just like a walking 10 Most Wanted List."

Nora observed that as a lawyer, she could get him off, but in this case, she was "the star witness for the prosecution" and guessed that he would "have to get rid of me and put us both out of our misery." Colin claimed, "I would never hurt you" but could not answer when Nora asked, "What are you doing now, Colin?" He left the room.

In the park, Bo silently read the newly placed memorial plaque: "NORA BUCHANAN. In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities." Then he had a one-sided conversation with Nora: "Well, Nora, what do you think of the news? Matthew might be mine -- ours -- and I don't know what to do about it. Sam's as close to that little boy as a father could be, but if it turns out that Matthew's mine, I just can't help it. I want to raise him. But, you're his mother, and if you were here, what would you want me to do? What would you say? I could really use some advice right now. I know you'd have an opinion about it, and probably even have a joke, too. I can use some help. What should I do?"

Later, Sam stopped by to see Nora's plaque and found it "simple and classy, just like she was." He explained to Bo that he "had to see it. I just had to remind myself that she really is gone." Bo decided "there's not gonna be a good time" and told Sam he had "to pursue this. I'm gonna petition the courts to order a new paternity test for Matthew."

Friday, JUNE 30, 2000

Sam threatened to force Bo to send Lindsay to prison for bribery if he continued his quest to learn the truth about Matthew's paternity. Blair left Max for good after he refused to choose between her and Skye. Asa got into an argument with Max and then with Renee, which prompted Renee to walk out on him.

Viki lamented to Melanie that she felt extremely self-conscious about her new wig. Later, Viki persuaded Blair not to tell Sam the truth about Ben's paternity by offering her money to further her plan to destroy Asa. Meanwhile, Ben approached an emotional Renee just as she said she wanted to find her real son.

Todd upset Jessica when he told her that Viki was losing her hair from her chemotherapy. Todd later asked Will about Ben's offer to get him out of the country. Cristian and Jessica shared a tender kiss after he tried to comfort her about Viki's illness.

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