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Monday, March 24, 2003

An excited Roxy shows Natalie the space she's selected for her new beauty salon. Joey offers Jen his sympathies on the loss of her father. Nigel has trouble hiding his disdain when Asa waxes poetic on the subject of Roxy. In need of some quick cash, Flash hesitantly agrees to accompany a stranger back to his motel room. A tearful Jen confides to Joey how badly she disappointed Sam in recent years. Cris gently suggests to Viki that she give Natalie some space instead of working too hard to reconnect the girl to her family too soon. Flash gets cold feet and tells her disgruntled "john" she can't go through with their arrangement. Mitch assures his skeptical attorney that the judge is sure to see things their way. Bo questions Lindsay about Sam's final days. Searching for an investor to help her achieve her life's dream, Roxy is thrilled when Asa steps forward with an offer. Mitch threatens to expose Judge Grafton's dirty little secret unless he plays ball. A spectral Sam continues to dog Lindsay's steps. Joey hurries to rescue his friend after receiving a frantic call from Flash. Jen tells Bo about spotting her mother with a gun.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Jessica offers Will her condolences as he returns to Llanview to bury his father. Standing by Sam's casket, Lindsay is again overwhelmed with guilt. Inside the church, Andrew is amused by Joey's jitters as he prepares to officiate at his first funeral service. Roxy assembles a work crew to begin building her first "Hair Haven." Troy reassures a frightened Matthew that his dad is watching over him from heaven. Mitch advises Viki to start packing her things because she'll soon have to vacate both Llanfair and the Banner. Asa is forced to play referee when Nigel and Roxy fire verbal barrages at one another. Though Viki gently insists that her brother would never have hurt Sam, Will vows to see Todd pay for his sins. Blair sneaks into Mitch's house to search for incriminating evidence. Lindsay shakes to see Sam's ghost materialize in the middle of the memorial service. Roxy barges in on Natalie and her lover to ask Cristian if he'll contribute a mural to her new business endeavor. Blair trails Mitch and his henchman to the mausoleum, where she overhears them discussing how they stuffed Todd into Victor's casket.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Certain Todd is suffocating inside the sarcophagus, a frantic Blair tries to rescue him but is unable to pry off the heavy concrete lid. Lindsay rises at Sam's funeral service to inform the astonished mourners that Troy is the one who should have died. As he begins working on Roxy's mural, Cris thanks Natalie for inspiring him to begin painting again. Responding to a call about a possible burglary in Angel Square, an edgy Antonio bursts into the Hair Haven with gun drawn but realizes just in the nick of time that he's aiming at his own brother. Blair calls the police for help but they refuse to believe her wild tale. A starry-eyed Marcie daydreams about walking down the aisle with Joey. Questioned again by Bo, Lindsay claims the gun Jen saw was only a toy. Cris invites Antonio to the dinner Natalie is planning for Carlotta. Meanwhile, at the diner, Jessica encourages Carlotta to give Natalie a chance. After Jen cruelly insults Marcie, Joey tries to make the unhappy girl feel better. Mistaking the curate's kindness for a come-on, Marcie suddenly plants a kiss on a startled Joey. Blair is shocked when the sarcophagus proves to contain only the body of Victor Lord.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

With the probate hearing looming near, Viki shudders to think that Mitch could be on the verge of robbing her and her family of everything they own. On the heels of Blair's arrest, Bo quietly explains to Nora that the move may smoke out Sam's real killer. Will and Jen are troubled by their mother's increasingly erratic behavior as Sam's ghost continues to whisper in Lindsay's ear. Joey encourages Flash to open up about the incident at the sleazy motel. Freed on bail, Blair accuses Nora of letting Sam's true murderer get off scot free. Enraged when his valet's cigarette ruins his favorite hat, Asa declares that the salon project is off unless Nigel kicks the habit. Viki and Jessica are devastated when the judge rules that Mitch is legally entitled to all of Victor Lord's assets. Gabrielle shows Bo an anonymous note which was left under their door. Flash surreptitiously lifts Joey's wallet and leaves behind a note explaining that she's set off to find C.J. Mitch gloats as Viki is ordered to vacate Llanfair within 24 hours. Speculating that Troy was the actual intended victim, Bo and Nora realize that Lindsay must become their prime suspect.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Natalie nervously makes the final preparations for her dinner party. Jen apologizes for hurting Marcie's feelings, then is astonished when her mortified friend reveals how she made a fool of herself with Joey. Jessica helps her unhappy mother pack her things as the deadline for leaving Llanview draws near. Meanwhile, Mitch advises a jittery Lindsay to stop dropping hints to the police if she knows what's good for her. Furious with Cris for rejecting Jen, Will warns Natalie that her boyfriend will eventually betray her too. Bo and Nora find more evidence pointing to their prime suspect. Worried about losing his job as the campus radio station's late night DJ, Al realizes he'll have to make a more concerted effort to keep up his grades. Nora's questions rattle Lindsay, who finds it increasingly difficult to maintain any shred of composure. At the precinct house, Jen recognizes the murder weapon as the gun she saw in her mother's hand shortly before Sam died.

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