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Monday, May 19, 2003

Eyes of the Night
It's almost as the "Voice of the Night" can see into the Diner on Angel Square, as the sound of his voice forebodes the terror to come in the diner. As Nora and Flash bond over Matthew's fascination of Rock, Cole takes over the diner and begins robbing the customers.

Carlotta tries to use her cell phone to call Antonio for help, but Cole disconnects the call. Antonio calls his mother back, but she tells him that everything is okay - she only lost the signal, as Cole listens in with a gun pointing to her. Antonio sensing that something is not right, alerts the police to check out the Diner.

As Cole continues ordering the customers around Carlotta becomes increasing agitated. Natalie tries to calm the other customers down, including a hyperventilating Marcie and an extremely tense Flash. Cole decides to take Carlotta as a hostage, but just as he tries to leave he spots a policeman on foot patrol.

Mommie Dearest
As Antonio gets more worried, his mother begins to show signs of having a heart attack. Natalie tries to give her comfort, as she orders Cole to leave. Antonio calls and Cole tells him that he has his mother along with a room filled with women customers and if Antonio does not meet his demands, he will kill them all.

Bo talks with Matthew about receiving an A on his project. As Bo tells him how proud he is of him, Matthew asks him if his father would have been proud, as Bo wishes he could tell him that he is really his father. After they hang up, Bo receives a call regarding the diner holdup.

Natalie manages to send Cristian a text message about the situation in the diner. As Hank, Bo and Antonio try to handle the situation from the station, the atmosphere grows tenser in the diner. Natalie manages to knock out Cole with a napkin holder from the diner. He comes to and regains control over the hostages. Carlotta collapses, as the beginnings of a heart attack overcome her. They manage to convince Cole to allow a doctor attend her. (In walks Dr. Troy).

Dr. Troy attends Carlotta, and manages to convince Cole to take some "knock-out-medicine" telling him that it is aspirin. The police put Cole's mother on the phone but he refuses to talk with her, and he continues to eat the "aspirin." Carlotta grows worse.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Mitch regains consciousness again. He tells a man he can only see fuzzily through his newly restored vision that people tried to kill him. This man saw the fall, rescued him, and asks him for names. Breathlessly Mitch responds, "Lindsay and Blair. And Dorian, my wife."

Despite the fact that Llanfair may very well revert to Jessica or Viki, the widow Laurence sees no hindrance to a few changes in the décor. The familiar portrait of Dorian Lord now hangs over the fireplace, much to Victoria's dismay. Dorian further unveils the impaled painting of Viki and her father, suggesting, "I'm sure an art restorer can do a great job on that and won't it cozy up that sweet little cottage you're living in!" Their bickering reveals Dorian's confident strategy to contest Mitch's will: he was suffering from post-traumatic stress when he revised it. Threatening criminal charges if so much as "a door handle" is missing from the estate's vast collections, Viki leaves in a huff and receives a call from Bo about Natalie's perilous detainment at the diner. Dorian receives another visitor at the door. He announces himself as Walker Laurence. He claims that his father lied to his brother about his death and that they'd been in contact recently. Dorian gives her best grieving spouse performance yet describing her husband's sudden demise. "The money's not important to me," she laments. "I'd give it all away if I could just have my husband back."

Angel Square has become an outdoor squad room overrun with emergency workers, police, and concerned family members. Floodlights shine on the exterior of the diner. Bo and Cristian are focused on its entrance while Antonio scrutinizes the blue prints of the building for a way to infiltrate. Inside, Troy pleads, "This woman has had a heart attack. We need to get her to a hospital soon." Cole Avery spins around erratically, shouting, "Nobody leaves!" As the tranquilizers Troy substituted for aspirin begin to take hold, Nora prevails as the voice of reason. Cole allows Troy to leave with Carlotta for the hospital. Through further telephone negotiations, Bo demands to talk to a hostage and is able to secretly tell Nora, "Avery's mother---she's his Achilles' heel." Realizing the good doctor slipped him a mickey, Cole insists on some storytelling to help him stay awake. Nora begins and is able to steer all the ladies stories towards the topic of motherhood. Flash reveals she lost a boyfriend when he discovered she quietly aborted his baby. Marcie feels responsible for her mother's death due to complications from childbirth. Of course, Natalie has no shortage of grim fairy tales about life with Roxy. The theme of the conversation and the potency of the drugs cause their captor to unravel further. Attempting to spiral back, he demands coffee from Marcie. She's so frightened she drops and shatters the smoldering glass pot. On Marcie's behalf, Nora appeals to him, "You have absolutely no use for a hysterical woman," and convinces him to trade her for a last visit with his mother. Viki is on the scene and volunteers to escort Mrs. Avery to the door. She seizes the opportunity to rush to Natalie's side. When Cole orders Viki to escort his mother back out, Viki refuses and offers to take Natalie's place as a hostage. Natalie is visibly awed by her mother's gesture. In the kitchen, Antonio drops from an overhead vent silently with the agility of Spider Man. Marcie has joined Al at the radio station and the Voice of The Night uses his unique position to send them a message of support over the airwaves. Antonio liquidly slips into position next to the counter. Natalie spies his presence and stops Nora from her selfless suggestion as a lone hostage in place of Cole's first choice, Flash. She wisely urges the other women out. Outside, Bo discreetly speaks into his police microphone, "Disregard this." Then the commissioner bellows into the megaphone, "Stand down!" Antonio now has his cue. Cole hangs onto Flash for cover as he yells out to the police from the diner door. Antonio surprises the recidivist criminal at gunpoint, giving Flash the opportunity to run away. The two former Statesville inmates put their firearms aside to recreate a fight they had in the prison yard. But Cole doesn't fight fair and reaches for his gun again. Antonio hurls his entire body forward in mid-air like Greg Louganis off a high dive and apprehends his aggressor. Pushing Cole's face down onto the counter, Antonio advises, "You have the right to remain silent..."

Joey and Andrew shoot some hoops at the community center and bond over Joey's reluctance to open his heart to new love, their shared profession, and his problem with Jennifer as it has mirrored Andrew's experience with Marty. Jen has a somewhat productive session with Rae Cummings. She suffers a Freudian slip substituting Flash's name for Natalie's in reference to her troubles with Cristian. She meets with Joey "as [her legal] supervisor" on the indoor b-ball court and tells him she needs "a friend." They engage in a one-on-one pick up game, their blond hair whipping around as fast as the basketball. Jen gets a bit rough as they play, causing Joey to have more concern for her. Jen seizes this opening and kisses him. He kisses her back and they passionately fall together onto a gymnast's mat.

In the aftermath of their dramatic abduction, the female hostages seek solace. Marcie and Al get word from the radio station's newsroom that the hostage crisis is over. In jubilation, the couple excitedly embrace and kiss deeply. Nora realizes that if a tragic event claimed her life, Matthew wouldn't have prior knowledge that Bo is his father. Flash calls Joey, but gets no answer. He is quite preoccupied with Jennifer. In her hospital bed, Carlotta apologizes for her previous disapproval of Natalie and tells her future daughter-in-law, in front of her boys and Viki, that she is a "beautiful, strong young woman." She beams her gratitude in mellifluous Spanish.

Stroking the church pew that Dorian donated in Mitch's memory, the man called Walker Laurence promises aloud to himself, "Don't worry brother, I found out what happened. And I'll get the truth about Lindsay, Blair, and Dorian." Hank pays a visit to Llanfair to question the mourning Mrs. Laurence about her fingerprints at the site of Mitch's demise. She explains that "in her grief" she went there after his death. Hank is openly skeptical. He presents her with Mitch's death certificate. As the district attorney leaves, her sadly drawn face turns up into a smile and she giggles. The phone rings, so she gains her respectful composure again to answer it. From his rustic bed, Mitch oozes into the receiver, "Hello, darling."

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Just as Joey and Jen are about to make love, he puts a stop to it. They have a professional relationship and that can't be changed, he tells her. She just has a need to be close because of her situation in life at the present time, but he doesn't think they should ever be alone again, he continues. He doesn't deny that he's attracted to her. After she leaves, he prays for guidance.

Nora and Bo talk after the hostage situation is over. She's concerned over what would happen to Matthew if she dies. Bo declares that he would certainly take over the guardianship of his son which prompts Nora to happily say that she will arrange to add that to her will. She goes to sit with a forlorn Flash who mentions that she needs to be alone. She is touched when Nora insists that she have her house keys and hang out there. She can hardly believe that Nora would trust her with them and she runs out. Shortly after, Jen arrives but dashes back outside quickly when she sees Bo and Nora. Nora takes off after her and gets her to confide her feelings about Joey and her dilemma. Nora relays the similar incident from years ago between Andrew Carpenter and Marty Saybrooke which resulted in lots of people being hurt and false accusations being made. She wouldn't want to see the same thing happen here, she explains. Jen's feelings are just too raw right now. Jen doesn't think it's the same situation for a minute. Nora guarantees that she'll find the right guy eventually. Back at the diner, Nora and Bo realize that they're famished and decide that Carlotta won't mind if they help themselves and leave some money behind.

Dorian receives a call from someone claiming to be Mitch; she slams the phone down abruptly, shaken. When the call comes through a second time she does the same again.

Jess has a Mitch nightmare and awakens to a concerned Natalie and Viki checking to see if she's alright. They relay the details of their evening at the diner. Nat tries to get details on what happened with Mitch after Viki goes out but Jess is mute. An accusing Dorian stops by, demanding to know what Jess wants from her since she's having someone call her. Jess believes that it's truly Mitch. Once Nat returns from making tea and Dorian is gone, Jess discloses that she was lured by Dorian and threatened harm unless she was to help with the plan. She knew that Dorian would never really harm her but she went along and now it's her fault that Mitch is dead. He was trying to protect her and she thinks maybe she should tell Bo. Nat discourages her from going that route, explaining that thanks to Mitch's confession the family can get their life back. She promises not to tell anyone what Jess has told her.

Walker explains to Mitch how he pulled him from the river. He identifies their location as their childhood lake house and himself as Mitch's brother. A disbelieving Mitch thinks that Dorian could be behind this but Walker finally manages to convince him after revealing several childhood memories. He tends to his brother's wounds, as Mitch's vision becomes clearer. He was able to find Mitch through all of the newspaper articles around and followed him. He rescued him when he fell into the water, happy to be there for him much as Mitch was around for him when he was a child. He and Jess are the only two people he ever loved, Mitch swears. They discuss the possibility of Jess being in on Dorian's plan but Mitch can't buy that, even when Walker says that he saw the women all leaving together. Mitch wants Jess found and brought to him.

Stopping by the church to give thanks for everyone being safe after the hostage situation, Viki notices her son. Joey confides that he is full of doubt on his chosen profession though Viki makes him realize that he has helped several kids already. Joey confesses some of his problem with Jen without revealing her identity but decides he's said too much. He can figure it out for himself. Viki relays the diner incident and mentions how strong and brave Natalie was. Flash was also there, she recounts. A shaken Joey needs to find her immediately.

Flash looks for Joey but finds Riley instead. She informs him that she was one of the hostages and he comforts her. Joey locates them shortly after and Riley departs. Insisting that she's ok, Flash tells him that she realizes that she's been given a second chance. A newly arrived Jen overhears and sees them grasping hands. She turns and leaves, sight unseen. She doesn't hear Flash say that she's thinking of visiting C.J. Later, she sits with Andrew and divulges that Joey has not acted properly towards her. Andrew wants to know that she's positive about the serious charges she's making. She is.

A drunken Dorian makes toasts to Mitch and the Cramers. She rips the phone cord from the wall.

Mitch wonders if Jess has been true to him.

Nat excuses herself, saying that she needs to call Cris. She advises Jess that everything will be ok. On the phone, she calls an unknown person for help. As Jess tries to sleep, Walker peers through the window.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Natalie finally meets her father, when Clint flies in from London at her request. Her fears are put to rest when he expresses his happiness to see her.

At the Capricorn, Rex convinces Jenn to continuing lying about what really happened between her and Joey. At a table, R.J. continues to try to balance his budget to get enough money to open Ultraviolet. When Evangeline shows up, and again offers him a deal, Hank warns her to stay away from his brother.

After Andrew questions Joey and warns him to stay away from Jenn, Joe confronts her. When she calls Andrew to the gallery, vowing to tell the truth, she continues with her lies.

At Llanfair, Blair accuses Dorian of stealing the diamond from her, not knowing that Mitch has it in his possession. When Mitch demands to see his daughter, Walker goes in search of Jessica, then questions her about the last time she saw her father. When she lies to him, Walker tells Mitch that Jessica betrayed him. Mitch vows to teach his daughter a lesson.

Friday, May 23, 2003

After Clint's tries to convince Jessica that she isn't responsible for Mitch's death, they head to the Country Club for Clint's welcome home party. While Clint catches up with his family, Jessica tries to find out what is bothering Joey and is stunned when he snaps at her, then later confides in his father that he shouldn't have become a priest. When Antonio shows up and confronts Jessica with the jacket and tells her he found the missing button, he tells her to get rid of it and assures her that Mitch's case has been closed.

Viki become suspicious when she overhears Natalie warning Jessica to stay away from Blair and Natalie. When Asa pushes Cristian too far, Cris quits his job.

Back at St. Ann's the storm frightens Addie who asks to sleep in Lindsay's room and is nearly killed when Mitch puts a pillow over her face, thinking it is Lindsay. When Lindsay finds the body and screams, the nuns rush in and call the police, who attempt arrest Lindsay, but she escapes.

Walker goes to visit Lindsay at St. Ann's to gain her trust, then later finds Dorian and Blair at the Country Club where Blair tries to convince Dorian that he isn't a threat. She quickly changes her mind when Walker questions her about Mitch. Blair and Dorian's concerns grow when the get to Llanfair and notice a door half open and get a call about Addie. When Walker gets back to the lake house, Mitch tells him he killed Lindsay. Walker tries to stop him from leaving again, but Mitch hits him and takes off.

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