OLTL Recaps: The week of March 7, 2005 on One Life to Live
Natalie took Marcie's old job at the police department. After offering a reward, Asa received a tip on a missing Blair and placed her in the hospital. Nora believed that Jen was innocent. R.J. tricked Carlotta. Viki and Dorian were at odds over Todd. Michael and Marcie grew closer.
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OLTL Recaps: The week of March 7, 2005 on One Life to Live
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Monday, March 7, 2005

John and Evangeline are in bed basking in the afterglow - until his beeper goes off. She guesses its Natalie. John hangs up the phone and explains that it was the police department - he has to go to the station. When she tells him she respects his honesty and trusts him, he remembers keeping Cristian's secret. "Later, we need to talk about Cris," he tells her. "Is there something you're not telling me?" John vaguely answers that their professions don't always allow for full disclosure.

Rex tries to talk Natalie into taking the job at the Llanview PD. Nat sees through him and accuses her brother of having ulterior motives - wanting help to clear Jen of Paul Cramer's murder. Rex admits it would be handy for her to work there, but insists it's not all about him - he's been worried about her and thinks that keeping busy will help. Nat says it would be hard to see John all day, especially with his girlfriend. Prove to everyone that you're starting a new life, Rex urges, and she admits that he's right. If I get the job, no favors, she warns him. Nat stops by the PD and tells Bo she'll accept the job. Before rushing out to follow up on a new lead on Blair, he tells her who to see to finalize the paper work.

Dorian is relieved that there's a new lead, and is annoyed that David feels sorry for Todd. She vows repeatedly to get revenge on both Todd and Viki.

Daniel regretfully explains to Jennifer that he has to take her printer in for evidence, which infuriates Riley. Jen is willing to turn over the printer, but Riley urges her not to do that or to talk any more without an attorney. Jen tells Nora she doesn't understand how or why the incriminating paper was in her printer. Father and son step outside and argue. Daniel tells his son he wants to see him in a loving relationship, but can't ignore the incriminating evidence against her. In the meantime, Nora is moved when Jen points out that her father was killed with a bullet and she would never do that to anyone.

Daniel leaves, but not before informing Jen he'll be back with a warrant. After Nora and Daniel are gone Riley tries to destroy the printer, but Jen stops him. She believes that her boyfriend is "turning into someone like Rex" from being around her. She informs Riley she's going to leave him in order to protect him.

Viki catches Starr trying to sneak out to be with her dad, but Viki reminds her that Margaret is still a threat. When Jack begs his big sister not to leave she relents and goes to bed.

At the PD, Todd argues with Bo about the police department's efforts to rescue Blair and offers to help. Dorian blames Todd and mocks him when he volunteers to go looking for Blair. Todd promises to cooperate with Bo if the Commissioner will let him help. When Bo urges him to go home, he heads over to the penthouse and updates Viki with the news that Blair wasn't in the crushed car. She is relieved, but desperately tries to talk him out of leaving again to continue the search. You have to tell Starr there's a chance her mother is alive, she points out. Starr wakes up and is ecstatic when she learns the news. As soon as she goes back to bed, Todd leaves. When he gets home, he finds Starr with the family portrait. She explains that her mom slashed the painting after he disappeared, but that had soon realized he would never leave them.

An unconscious Blair is tied up by a homeless junkie named Eddie, who is ecstatic over his discovery. He puts her in a grocery cart and wheels her away to another area of the junkyard. He steals her jewelry and is tempted to do even worse, but when he realizes she's ill he's afraid he'll get into big trouble. Eventually he decides her ring will bring in enough money for him to "get straight again" and decides to leave her.

Rex brings Nat an office plant as she starts her new job and when she steps away for a moment, lifts a set of keys off her desk and sneaks into Bo's office. As soon as he finds the Kramer file on the Commissioner's desk, though, John knocks on the door and he dives under Bo's desk. Natalie, unaware of what Rex is up to, stops John and tells him about her new job. As the two chat, Nat spies Rex in Bo's office and offers to deliver the file that McBain has brought Bo. After John leaves, she reads Rex the riot act.

Nora and Riley arrive back at the station and she tells her fiancée she believes Jen is innocent. Daniel tells Bo what he found about the incriminating paper he found in Jen's printer, and that he needs a warrant to search his own son's apartment.

John returns home to Evangeline, but neglects to tell her that Natalie is working at the station.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Matthew comes home early when his soccer practice is cancelled and discovers Nora and Daniel fooling around post-sex. An embarrassed Daniel leaves, and Nora has a serious discussion with Matthew. He tells her he is not upset about Nora marrying Daniel, but that he will never accept Daniel as his father. Nora apologizes to Matthew for getting engaged without consulting him, then tells him how lucky she was to be blessed with a son like him.

At the station, Bo and Natalie bond on her first day of work. Natalie forbids her uncle to mention John, and Bo likewise prohibits any discussion of Nora. Daniel arrives at the station, and he and Bo exchange heated remarks about work, as well as Nora. They are interrupted when Bo receives a phone call from Matthew, asking him to come over immediately. On his way out the station house door, Bo confronts Daniel about the Paul Cramer bank accounts; Nora walks in in time to overhear every word.

Michael stops by John's room with a birthday cupcake and a gift. John is reluctant to acknowledge that it's his birthday, but eventually opens Michael's present: a picture of the boys taken by their father just before his death. John confesses that he doesn't understand the point of celebrating another passing year in a messed up life, but as the brothers go their separate ways, he thanks Michael for the kind gesture.

While meeting Marcie for lunch, Jessica runs into R.J. and Jamie. She picks the little girl up to cuddle, but R.J. demands that she hand her over to him. R.J. warns Jessica that if she stands in the way of his custody battle with Antonio, she's going to get "smacked." Lindsay appears on the scene and tells Jessica this custody battle is not hers to fight. Jessica warns R.J. to enjoy his time with Jamie while she is young, because once she is old enough to think for herself, she will resent him for taking her away from her father. Evangeline shows up after having met with her client Antonio, and she tells R.J. he doesn't stand a chance in this custody suit. R.J. asks Evangeline if she really cares about Antonio winning custody, or if she is taking the case just to spite R.J. for "rejecting her." Evangeline leaves in a huff after taking further verbal abuse from R.J.

Back in her office, Evangeline calls the station to speak to John. When she realizes it's Natalie on the other end of the line, she hangs up abruptly. She then heads to the station, where she discovers Natalie and John talking. Natalie had discovered it was John's birthday when she logged onto the station's computerized list of staff birthdays, and she exclaims "happy birthday" to John while giving him a big hug as Evangeline watches, unseen.

Michael joins Marcie and Jessica for lunch. Jessica leaves the table with a headache, and Marcie and Michael concur that they both enjoy being with each other, even if the terms of the relationship are unclear. A smiling Jessica runs into Antonio and asks him if he's busy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Evangeline flips when she overhears Natalie wishing John a happy birthday at the station and immediately wants to know why she didn't know. It really throws her for a loop when she learns that Nat found out via the computer system, since she's now employed there. Paige advises Bo that she's a victim of a robbery; his company since he's been working for 3 straight days. She manages to convince him to take a break at home.

Dining at the Palace, Michael and Marcie discuss John's birthday and are overheard by Roxy which puts her in high gear. She arranges a surprise party, spreads the word and includes the fact that it was all Nat's idea. She lets Nat know via phone message. Michael is pretty sure that John will "go ballistic" when he learns of the party and doesn't want to be anywhere near him. Nat freaks when she gets the message and assures Roxy she will not be there. Dorian is snippy towards Jess and Antonio who inquire about Blair and towards Roxy who offers her services free to both Dorian and Kelly. When she mentions having heard Blair's last known words in the garage, Dorian perks up. John and Evangeline arrive to carry on their conversation in private but are interrupted by shouts of surprise and singing. Reacting surprisingly gracious, John is quite shocked to learn that it was all Natalie's idea. After the party John and Evangeline get to talk finally and he explains how he usually ignores birthdays, especially with no one to share with. She makes a card on a napkin and hands it to him. I Love You, it says; he kisses it and tucks it in his pocket. Marcie and Michael have a good time but are not sure what the new rules are regarding their relationship. They seem to be on their way back to being an item, as do Jess and Antonio who leave together.

Adriana shows up at the Buchanan mansion having been summoned by Nigel on Asa's behalf. He wants to offer his apologies on how he spoke about Blair previously, but when it turns out that he's doing it for himself, because his family members are not speaking to him, she rejects his offer. Dejected, Asa promises to bring Blair back alive.

As Todd puts the finishing touches on the latest edition of the Sun which offers a reward on any info on Blair, Kevin arrives to offer his help. He also wants to know what to do with what he learned upon rescuing Todd, that he slept with Margaret. Todd quickly denies it though Kevin doesn't believe him for a minute. He tries to pry the details from Todd, baiting him with the fact that Blair will find out when she returns anyway. Hearing the tail end of the conversation as they show up, Dorian and Kelly immediately want to know what secret is being discussed. Kevin orders them to back off as Dorian exclaims that they are only there to have the paper print a reward offer. Seeing it's already being done, they are distracted by Asa appearing on the television. He offers a one million dollar reward for Blair's return. Dorian, Kelly and Kevin head for Asa's followed by Todd, who is suspicious of the old man's appeal.

Nat assures Roxy she will not be at the party. Later, when Roxy shows up to try to collect the money that Asa has offered, Nat demands to know party details.

Bo and Paige finally get some alone time but are halted in their tracks when Bo receives a phone call to put on the television. Enraged, he calls Asa at his 800 number (1-800-654-2192) to express his dissatisfaction. He also arranges to have a policeman at the house to scrutinize all calls. The couple is then able to get back to "business."

Eddie, the homeless man, seeks help for Blair in the clinic where he is known (mostly for stealing drugs). While waiting, he catches a glimpse of Asa making his plea on the television and memorizing the number, rushes to the nearest phone. He manages to get hold of Asa.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Cramers and Buchanans frantically work together on the Blair Cramer hotline that Asa has set up in the living room of the mansion. They receive many phone calls, but no real leads. Adriana is upset when she takes a call from some teenagers who tell her Blair is dead. Meanwhile, Todd and Dorian continue to question Asa's motivations in helping locate Blair; Duke and Kevin assert that as long as he's helping, nothing else matters.

When Eddie Two Bags catches Asa's televised ad for the reward money, he makes a phone call to the Buchanan mansion. Nigel hands the phone over to Asa, who debates whether or not to share Eddie's information with everybody else. As he struggles with this decision, he has a hilarious daydream in which he appears as a grand cowboy hero to the Cramers and Buchanans. In this dream segment, Dorian, Kelly, and Duke all speak in exaggerated Southern accents, Todd plays a bumbling fool, and Dorian ends up on her knees thanking Asa.

Meanwhile, Eddie Two Bags scares off some teenagers who are trying to rob Blair's person, and waits for Asa to arrive with the reward money. Asa arrives and gives a briefcase to Eddie. Then he kneels over Blair, sputtering that he should just leave the she-devil to die.

R.J. and Lindsay show up at the diner, and Carlotta immediately orders them out. Lindsay reminds Carlotta what a great customer she's been all these years, and Carlotta says she can stay; but R.J. must leave. R.J. verbally harasses Carlotta and goads her into admitting that Antonio did leave Jamie in his care for several months. Carlotta is aghast to discover that R.J. has tape recorded her words; his whole appearance at the diner was nothing more than a setup!

Jessica and Antonio share a brief kiss in the front hallway at Llanfair, but Viki interrupts them. Antonio leaves, and Viki teases Jessica about the kiss. Jessica says she is going up to bed, but emerges a few minutes later in a slinky black dress, ready for another secret night on the town. Viki nearly catches her, but Jessica stalls and manages to escape out the door. She heads for the same nightclub she has been frequenting, where she is spotted by R.J. and Lindsay. R.J. opts not to confront her, but instead to hold onto the information that she is "whoring around on Antonio" until it can serve a purpose in his custody battle.

Michael and Marcie share a tender moment before joining the other Love Center alumni who are preparing Hudson's memorial service. Michael and the guys go out for pizzas, while Marcie catches up with Julie. Julie pretends that she used to find Michael attractive in order to trick Marcie into getting jealous. When Marcie falls into the trap, Julie tells her it's obvious how much she still cares for Michael. When the guys return, they all reminisce about Hudson. Michael leaves, because he has to make early rounds at the hospital the next morning. He tells Marcie that he will stop by to see her before Hudson's service ... the newly published author is scarcely able to contain her joy.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Julie saw Jessica (suffering from DID) at an out of town bar. Jessica was rude to her, as she did not want to be recognized. As Antonio was trying to contact her, Jessica wanted everyone to leave her alone. Julie offered to call someone for Jessica. Jessica apologized for her behavior and asked Julie not to tell anyone about seeing her there. Julie hesitantly agreed. Charlie the bartender approached them and suggestively asked Julie if she liked to party like Jessica. As Julie left, the bartender asked Jessica what she was running away from. Jessica became extremely agitated and said her family made her unable to breathe. Jessica said she couldn't let Julie blow her cover. Jessica saw Julie and Antonio talking in the park. Antonio was called away, just as Julie was about telling Antonio about Jessica's behavior. Jessica confronted Julie.

Adriana and Duke met Antonio at Angel Square and explained the hot line at Asa's for Blair. Duke and Adriana asked about Jamie. Antonio explained how R.J. was trying to gain sole custody and use his Santi heritage against him. Adriana and Duke offered to help. Antonio (trying to reach Jessica) called Viki. Viki told him Jessica went to bed hours ago.

Dorian and Todd argued about Blair and Dorian blamed Todd for Blair's troubles. A hot line caller hung up due to their arguing. Dorian wished Todd dead. Viki arrived and defended Todd. Todd told Viki good luck with Dorian and left. Viki and Dorian continued to argue about Todd. David tried to intervene, but Viki told him to stay out of it and David left. Viki stated she was horrified at Dorian's lack of compassion. Dorian screamed at Viki about all of Todd's mistakes (selling Jack, faking DID, rape), and how Viki always defended him. Viki believed everyone had done things they regret, and Dorian should not throw stones. Dorian replied she never raped anyone. Viki said that was a crime Todd did years ago and was punished for. Dorian said she could not forget a crime like that. Viki stated Todd had suffered for his past actions and Blair forgave him. Dorian felt this behavior was always lying underneath the surface. Viki asked Dorian what happened to the woman she admired. She had lost all sense and her nerve. Dorian was stunned. Viki told Dorian she was disappointed with her and left. Dorian and David went home. Dorian witnessed Adriana and Duke kissing and was not happy. David reminded Dorian of her scheme of Viki embezzling university funds.

Bo and Paige made love. They discussed children and Matthew. Bo explained how they all believed Sam Rappaport to be Matthew's father and the truth did not materialize until after Sam's death. Bo told Paige how lucky he was to be Matthew's father. Paige told Bo how she always dreamed of being a doctor and finding someone. She found a heart surgeon, they married, and then the relationship didn't work out. Paige regretted not having a child. Bo said it is not to late. Paige said she was happy with her life as it is now. The police paged Bo with news regarding Asa. Bo and Paige went to see Asa. Upon their arrival, Asa agreed to have all the surveillance regarding Blair moved to the police station. Bo thought he agreed to quickly, but had the surveillance moved.

Todd asked Kevin if he had and information on Margaret. Kevin told Todd to calm down and they discussed how Margaret forced Todd to have sex with her. Todd asked Kevin if he was enjoying the fact he had something to hold over his head. Kevin told Todd he did not like knowing this secret. Todd sarcastically told Kevin Margaret did to him what he did to Marty Saybrooke years ago, the person who raped Marty was gone, and was this what he wanted to hear. Kelly and David entered and asked what was going on. David asked Kevin what he has on Todd. As Todd and David walked away, Kelly asked Kevin what he was hiding. Todd blamed himself for everything that happened. Todd asked Kevin to stop talking about what Margaret made him do.

Blair was still unconscious as Asa doctors worked to save her life. The doctor on Asa's payroll informed him how the next few hours were critical and he would do everything possible to save Blair's life. Asa said to call him first. The doctor told Asa there would be no time for telephone calls. If they did not handle the situation quickly, Blair could live her life in a vegetated state. Asa nastily said what a shame that would be. Asa arrived home to Kevin asking him if he had any news about Blair. Blair started to wake up. As Asa was wondering what to do about Blair, the doctor was sedating her.

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