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Monday, June 6, 2005

Viki finds Jessica's papers on DID; however instead of coming clean about her problem, she explains it as research for a column. Jessica does get some helpful information from her mom regarding her experience with DID. Viki informs her that strength is a major key in suppressing the alters and in order to over come the disease she must come to terms and face not only her alters, but also the cause for her alters.

John scolds Natalie for her reckless behavior and nearly getting herself killed, and Natalie relishes in the fact that John said that he couldn't lose another person he loves. Michael however brings her down from cloud nine by pointing out his avid support for John and Evangeline's coupling and that John would have said the same thing to Evangeline had it been her in Natalie's place, and after tracing the serial numbers on the arrow shot at Natalie, John learns the crossbow was purchased by Hayes Barber, which is at the Palace with Natalie having dinner. Also enjoying a dinner at the palace is Kevin and Kelly who meet Adriana. While talking about Duke's mysterious disappearance Adriana receives a call from Duke who is being held in Argentina by Asa after following Renee'.

David catches a glimpse of Spencer, and after prodding Kelly and Kevin for info he learns that Spencer is staying at the palace and breaks into his room to snoop. Dr. Truman bumps into Evangaline when she bumps into him with some hot coffee. After a bit of conversation he turns on the charm; however she mentions her boyfriend, John, and takes her leave.

John meanwhile, acquires a search warrant for Hayes' home and makes his way to the Palace to arrest him. After searching his car, the police fine some very incriminating evidence including a gas can, a saw, and bullets the same caliber as those used to shoot Julie's tire, and arrows. Hayes explains it all as items he uses to help promote the book. Before John gets the chance to further question him, Hayes' lawyer shows up and he's released into his lawyer's custody.

After the cops clear out of the Palace, Marcie expresses a bit of jealousy over the concern Michael showed for Natalie and her injury. Michael calms Marcie's jealousy but also mentions how he could not stand it if anything actually would have happened to her. Evangeline returns to the station to talk with John and walks in on John once again telling Natalie that he does not want her to pull another stunt like the one she just pulled.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Asa continues to hold Duke against his will in Argentina. When Duke realizes he's not getting out anytime soon, he tells his grandfather they should work together in lieu of butting heads. Asa feels that Duke is only acting nice in order to find out about his secret business deal. Meanwhile, Adriana has hopped on a plane to Argentina, where she promptly sneaks into Asa's fancy dwelling. She and Duke happily reunite, while Asa welcomes a mysterious visitor into his quarters. "Well, compadre," he says, "I bet you didn't think you'd ever see me again."

Back in Llanview, Jessica stares into the mirror and engages in a verbal spar with Tess. Jessica says that she finally knows a little something about Tess. When her alter taunts her, Jessica responds by saying "I know you're a whore." She asks Tess how she could hurt Antonio by sleeping with all those strange men. She also informs her alter that she has locked her in the bedroom. At that moment, Lois the maid arrives and Tess asks her to unlock the door. Tess thinks she's got one up on Jessica, but Jessica fights to come out and takes off for Antonio's.

Antonio has just met wit Rex, who confirmed his suspicions that R.J. is short on cash. After Rex leaves, Jessica arrives and falls into Antonio's arms. Antonio brings up his conversation with Todd, during which Manning said that Jessica blames Antonio for her emotional problems. Jessica is confused, but realizes Tess must have been in control at the time. She refutes Todd's words, then offers to help Antonio in his quest to bring down R.J. She calls the bank to use her status as the former Mrs. Tico Santi to get information on some dealings between R.J. and Tico. Antonio is impressed that Jessica wants to help him, and he presents her with the engagement ring that's been hidden in his book shelf since they broke up. He puts it around her neck, as Tess appears inside Jessica's head to taunt the quality of the stone.

Marcie takes out her frustrations over the Killing Club murders by yelling at Bo. They make up and he drives her to the coffee shop, where Rex has just made a strong first impression on Ginger. When he caught Llanview's newcomer reading the tacky headlines about Jen in "The Sun," he called her and the other spectators on their thirst for gossip and stormed out. Now he has returned to apologize to Ginger, but instead runs into Marcie. He breaks down, telling Marcie that he is unable to take Jen's number off his speed dial, even though Lindsay has closed Jen's cell phone account.

Spencer returns to his hotel room to find a drunk David asleep in a chair. The two of them are not too excited to see each other, particularly David, who reminds Spencer that he is supposed to stay away from Llanview. Spencer in turn reminds David of the time David spent in a "Moroccan prison camp" and suggests that Vickers do what he's told if he knows what's good for him. David pushes Spencer up against the wall, but his threats are making no impression. Spencer asks him to leave and gets ready for his lecture at the hospital. At the hospital, Michael is star struck by Dr. Truman, but Paige shoots down his enthusiasm. Spencer lays it on thick in front of Paige, who obviously shares a past connection with the good doctor.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Evangeline wants details on Nat's almost murder from John; he thanks her for finding the marked pages in the book that led to Nat's whereabouts. John requests a warrant on Hayes. Evangeline heads to the hospital for a deposition.

Marcie fills Ron in on Hayes being a suspect in the Killing Club murders. After he leaves to find her yearbook, Hayes shows up and creeps Marcie out. He can't believe that he made her into something and she thinks he's the murderer. He insists that he only had props in his car, not the real weapons. John arrives to question Hayes but he refuses to talk without his lawyer present. By the time he storms out, Marcie has decided that he's not the killer after all. He's too obvious and something he said about her past being the road map has convinced her that it's someone else, most likely from the past. Ron brings her yearbook out so that she can begin to get pictures and information for John. He thinks a reunion of the old club is due.

Michael looks at Nat's gash and she refuses to heed his advice. She still plans on going after John, even if Michael thinks his brother will break her heart. Besides, he likes John and Evangeline together because she's good for him. Natalie tries to pry John's secret out of Michael to no avail. She insists that John said he loves her though Michael tries to point out the difference between what she thinks he means and his loving someone like his brother or chocolate ice cream. Evangeline hears Natalie talk about John's loving her.

Adriana arrives in Argentina much to Duke's chagrin. He reveals that Asa is involved in some kind of big deal that he needs to find out about so he's followed him. He warns her that she's not safe. In the meantime, Asa meets with his old foe, Carlo Hesser! Carlo has been following Llanview happenings, he says, and especially misses Renee. This irks Asa but he continues on with his proposition. He's willing to forget about the 30 million dollars of his money that Carlo has if he will kill Blair! An eavesdropping Adriana and Duke make a noise as Carlo states that he'll consider the offer. By the time the men check, there's a guard on the floor, punched by Duke. The young pair has made a getaway but Carlo wants them found.

Kelly wants to back Dr. Truman. She and Kevin worry about where Duke could be. They almost have a moment but Bo, concerned, interrupts them to report that Renee is missing too. They realize that their missing loved ones are probably with Asa.

Riley has some meager belongings packed and is ready to sneak out but is caught by Nora. She persuades him not to go on the run with drug charges hanging over his head but instead, to enter a rehab. They both need to look towards the future and they both need to help Matthew get over the events of the recent past. He is Matthew's hero and she wants him to stay that way. She gives him a tape that includes shots of Jen. Nora calls Bo and asks him to bring Matthew home.

Back at the station, Nat asks John out to shoot some pool. He rudely tells her no. An angry Evangeline arrives to talk to John. He wants to wait but she's not about to. He can't tell her he loves her but he told Natalie?

Michael finds Marcie at Ron's place. Looking at the yearbook, he wonders if it's an old club member who is the murderer. Meanwhile, the black gloved killer circles her picture in a copy of the very same yearbook.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

While having dinner at the Palace David warns Spencer that he wants him to leave town, but Dr. Truman informs him that he intends to stay in Llanview for an extended period of time. After a brief encounter with Todd in which David denies knowing Spencer other than just running into him, David returns upstairs to witness Blair thanking him again for saving her son's life. Spencer is again not very happy to see him and insists again that he will not be leaving Llanview any time soon. Todd then runs into Antonio after his meeting with an old business contact of R.J.'s and gives him an ultimatum. He can either help him ruin R.J. or Antonio will pull some strings to get him busted for his shady business deals. Todd and Antonio once again have a heated exchange. Antonio threatens Todd to stop writing about him in his paper, and Todd informs Antonio that he thinks he's bad for Jessica and wants him to stay away from her. Antonio refuses and leaves Todd at the Palace.

Bo and Nora are having a talk of their own with Matthew. Nora explains to Matthew why he had to stay at his aunt Viki's explaining that the media were swarming the house and she was in no condition to take care of him let alone herself. Nora still blames Bo for all of the chaos surrounding Daniel's arrest. After their talk Bo returns to the station to find Paige in his office waiting for him after she's had a confrontation with Spencer. She's tells Bo how much she loves him and that she thinks he is the one for her yet omits any information about Spencer.

Evangeline confronts John about their relationship, while a curious Natalie tries to figure out why Evangeline had to have a private discussion with John. Evangeline is upset over what he said to Natalie in the woods, and has come to the realization that he is not to the point in the relationship that she wants or needs him to be. John tells her he really does not want the relationship to end but a frustrated Evangeline insists that she can no longer tell herself that John really does love her but just can't bring himself to say it, and that she knows that he can not lover her the way she wants to be loved. John reassures Evangeline that he does not love Natalie, but she still wants to end it. John comes to the realization that no matter how hard he tired he could not bring himself to fall in love again and that he has lost Evangeline. As she leaves John informs Natalie that he's not taking any more calls for the day giving Natalie some insight into what happened between him and Evangeline.

Jessica asks her doctor to hypnotize her in order to bring out Tess, in an attempt to find out what caused her personalities to "split." Her doctor initially declines to hypnotize her, pointing out the dangers involved with such a drastic measure. She insists that she has done her homework DID and that hypnotism worked for her mother so she believes it will help her. After some convincing, her doctor agrees to hypnotize her and gets to meet Tess. He then begins asking her questions including what caused her to come out.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Hard at work at B.E., Kelly and Kevin stop for a moment to reminisce about their time in Texas. As they draw close out of laughter and fond memories, Spencer shows up for his "date" with Kelly. Kevin, who didn't realize the doctor and Kelly were going to discuss business over dinner, attempts to hide his sudden jealousy.

After Kelly's departure, Viki shows up to check on Kevin. She notes Kevin's sarcasm when he says that Kelly went to dinner with "Super Doc" and asks her son if he's jealous. He admits that he might be a little jealous, and Viki says that she knows Kevin and Kelly are falling in love again. He reminds her of Kelly's crimes, but Viki insists he was not blameless in their breakup, having cheated on Kelly with Blair. Kevin tells Viki he's not in the mood for a lecture on being a noble person. She leaves, but not before reminding him that she thinks he and Kelly make a cute couple.

At the Palace, Blair and Todd reflect on the magical night they just shared. The talk turns more serious when Blair notices the negative headline about Antonio that Todd has printed in "The Sun." Viki shows up just in time to hear Todd blame Antonio for "the mess" Jessica is in. Viki demands to know what her brother means, and Todd stonewalls in order to prevent her any undue stress. Viki reveals that she is feeling better but still isn't topnotch, then leaves to check on Kevin at the office. Todd proposes that he and Blair stay in their suite one more night, if Ginger will continue to watch the kids. Blair is giddy with pleasure. As Todd steps out of the dining room to phone Ginger, David races in and asks Blair what she means by hugging Spencer Truman. Blair is annoyed that David is seemingly following her, but explains that she was merely grateful that the doctor saved Jack's life. She wants to know how David even knows Spencer, but before he can answer, Spencer and Kelly show up for dinner. Kelly introduces Spencer to David, but Blair makes it clear that David and Spencer know each other. The Cramer cousins want to know what the connection is, but the men are evasive.

Todd gets Ginger on the phone, and she apologetically says that she just made plans to meet her friend Tess at Xanadu. Todd tells Blair there's an emergency at the paper and races out of the Palace. Blair decides to stop by and check on Viki. When Kelly leaves Spencer alone at the table for a moment, David takes her seat and demands to know why Truman was hugging Blair in her bathrobe. Spencer maintains that his actions are none of David's business. "Is that any way to treat your baby brother?" David asks ...

Dr. Jamison is stunned by the strength of Tess's personality, especially when she tries to seduce him. He rejects her and asks how long she has lived inside Jessica. Tess says that she's been around long enough to be sick of Jessica's whining. When the doctor asks if there was a trauma that caused Tess to emerge, Tess says "You bet your ass there was." She decides to leave the office, but Dr. Jamison reminds her that Jessica is under hypnosis and Tess doesn't have control; he says that as soon as he claps his hands, Jessica will reemerge. When he claps, Tess pretends to be Jessica and acts concerned about her condition. The doctor sends her home to get some rest, but Tess skips off to Xanadu, where Todd is waiting for her. Tess connects with Ginger, who steps outside to take a phone call; in her absence Todd slides up next to Tess and says "Who are you, and what have done to my niece?"

A pregnant Margaret Cochran is shown relaxing in her rocking chair with a glass of milk and a baby book. She coos to her unborn child, telling him that he will look just like his daddy. She says that his daddy is very strong ... "but mommy is stronger." With a deadly look on her face, Margaret gets out of her rocker to place a phone call.

Evangeline is in the park, crying over her breakup with John, when Michael stumbles upon her while out for a jog. He comforts her and confirms that John is an idiot. Evangeline insists that Natalie wasn't the cause of the breakup, but merely a symptom. Michael doesn't want to leave Van alone in the park, but she demands that he do so. She reflects on her ex-boyfriend as a musical montage of John and Evangeline appears on the screen.

Back at the station, John is dismissive with Natalie. He sits alone in his office, also reflecting on the breakup with Van, when Michael barges in and demands to know what his brother's problem is. Michael calls John on his ridiculous treatment of Van, and reminds his brother that when a woman you've been sleeping with for a year asks you if you love her, "the answer is always yes." John raises his voice in frustration, sick of Michael's meddling.

Back at Roxanne's hotel, Natalie tells Roxy that John and Van have broken up. Roxy gives Nat a key to John's room and tells her to wait for him beneath the sheets! As John enters the lobby, Roxy scurries off. A somber John asks Natalie if she has a minute. "Of course," she says. When he asks if they can have this discussion in his room, a look of eager anticipation crosses Natalie's face.

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