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Monday, September 17, 2007

Blair, Starr and Jack arrive at Todd's to show their support before the custody hearing begins. Todd tells Jack about how he's fighting to get Tommy back. Meanwhile, Rex gives Marcie, Michael and Judy a load of damaging evidence to use against Todd. Marcie feels guilty when she encounters Starr at the courthouse, but is determined to do whatever it takes to keep Tommy. Todd demands immediate custody of his son, but Judy shocks the courtroom with her claim that Todd is an unfit father who once tried to kill Tommy. Jessica can't summon the courage to tell Nash the truth about her past with Jared. Natalie wakes up in bed next to a naked Jared, and is mortified to think that she and the emocialite had sex. After making her sweat, Jared assures Natalie that nothing happened between them. Jessica is unsettled when Natalie explains what happened, and goes to confront Jared. An emotional Talia tells Bo about her trip to New York City and the memories of 9/11 that she can't escape. Antonio reaches out to Talia. Langston and Markko are clearly crazy about each other.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Todd flies into a murderous rage when Judy goes after him with both barrels, claiming he tried to kill Margaret and their unborn son. Things don't look good for Todd, who refuses to allow Starr to testify on his behalf. Although appalled by Todd's history of violence, the judge gives him the chance to tell his side of the story. Dorian and Roxy have distinctly different reactions upon learning that Adriana and Rex are moving in together. Dorian takes the group to Rodi's to try to prove that she's a changed woman. Blair attacks Rex when she realizes he gave Michael and Marcie the ammunition to use against Todd. Blair gives Adriana an ultimatum -- either she acts like a Cramer and sides with her or she's Rex's girlfriend, not both. Jessica confronts Jared about his interest in Natalie, and warns the shady emocialite to stay away from her family. Jared calls Jessica's bluff and blackmails her into making sure Natalie gives him the job at Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie and Nash put their past differences behind them. Marty visits John while he's babysitting Tommy and they end up in another kiss.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

John and Marty kiss. John wonders why Michael hasn't called yet. They talk about the custody case. Marty starts to leave, but John asks her to stay. Marty agrees, and suggests they watch TV, but John doesn't have a TV. Tommy wakes up, crying. John asks Marty what to do, and she suggests changing Tommy's diaper. Marty and John talk about Tommy. John keeps checking his watch and they talk about the hearing. Marty suggests John make her another paper airplane. He says there's no point because she doesn't know how to throw them right. He tries to teach her, but it's hopeless. They are about to kiss again when there is a knock at the door. Michael and Marcie arrive and Marty leaves, saying she hopes she and John can pick up where they left off. Michael tells John that things look pretty good.

Matthew arrives at Nora's office wearing a "Free Lindsay" tee shirt. Nora tells Matthew he can't wear the shirt. R.J. arrives, and sides with Matthew about the shirt. Matthew goes to show his dad. R.J. tries to pressure Nora about Lindsay's case. Bo likes Matthew's shirt. They talk about Lindsay's case. Nora agrees to listen to R.J. about Lindsay. R.J. asks her to take it easy on Lindsay because Lindsay's changed since Jen's death. Nora feels for Lindsay, but she still has to prosecute her. Bo says he misses Asa. Matthew misses Asa too. Bo invites Matthew to visit Asa's ranch and go camping. R.J. says Nora didn't prosecute Rachel; Nora says Rachel is her daughter and Nora wasn't a prosecutor at the time. R.J. says Nora's daughter is still alive. Bo and Matthew decide to go camping.

Bo brings Will to visit Lindsay in jail. Lindsay is emotional; she told him not to come but he wants to be there. Lindsay wants Will to go home. She says her life is over. Will is supportive and says she will beat the charges. Bo returns and says he will help, too. Will and Lindsay have a tearful goodbye. Bo tells Lindsay he will be out of town for one day. They talk about her arraignment. Will then goes to visit Nora. R.J. comes to visit Lindsay and tells her to take care.

The Cramer girls have a family meeting while Rex and Roxy watch. Blair says Adriana has to choose between the Cramers and Rex. Adriana says she doesn't want to be a Cramer in that case. Rex keeps Roxy from interfering. Adriana thinks Tommy should be with the McBains. Starr and Blair argue with her, and they really get into it. Dorian reminds Blair that Tommy is not her child and Blair has no say about what happens. Blair says Todd's a lousy husband but a wonderful father. Starr wishes they could all just get along. Adriana doesn't want to fight. Rex thanks Roxy for hanging out with him. Roxy apologizes for being an awful mother. Rex says she's glad Roxy's his mom. Blair leaves in a huff, but not before threatening Rex to Adriana's face. Roxy says having Rex was the best thing she's ever done. Adriana and Dorian talk about Tommy and the case; Adriana slips and Dorian figures out that Adriana knew about Tommy all along. Dorian counsels Rex and Adriana to keep it from Blair and Todd that they knew about Tommy.

Todd is sworn in and offers testimony to set the record straight about what happened with Margaret. Todd admits to attempting to strangle Margaret, but claims it was in self defense. Todd says Margaret was a crazy bitch who deserved what she got. The judge says it sounds like a confession. Todd says Margaret was deranged, then tells the court everything Margaret did to him: kidnapping, drugging him, tortured him and kept him away from his family for months, before finally raping him, and that was how Tommy was conceived. Todd agrees that he wanted Margaret dead, but not the unborn child. Judy says Todd wanted to kill Margaret, and he agrees, but says he did not because of the child. Judy badgers Todd into admitting that he wanted Tommy dead, too. Todd wants his son. Judy refers to Todd's criminal history, including the fact that he is a rapist. Todd mouths off to the judge, who is not pleased. The judge takes a recess to review the evidence. Todd mouths off to his lawyer, then to Judy. Then he threatens the McBains and knocks over a chair. Blair and Starr arrive at the court and ask Todd how it went. Todd is scared he might lose Tommy. Blair says he needs to have a plan.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

At Capricorn, Layla overhears the news that Adriana is moving in with Rex. She's angry that she wasn't consulted or told about it, though Adriana assures her that it was something that just developed. She'll definitely pay her share until a new roommate can be found, she informs Layla. Rex suggests that Vincent move in and Layla jumps on the idea, pointing out that they can then get their rings. A very worried Vincent is quickly assured that it's only a joke. Meanwhile, Cris has difficulty booking a band for the club and explains to Sarah that it's because he can't meet their demands. Sarah makes suggestions but they're brushed off. She can book a chart topping, name band within a week, she confidently says, and is willing to take the job over. Cris accuses her of never finishing anything she starts but one thing leads to another and they make a bet on it. Sarah happens to hear that Layla is now needing a roomie and offers to move in. Cris can't wait to get rid of her, she explains. Adriana is worried that Todd will find out about their knowing that Tommy was his son; Rex regrets nothing.

Will defends his mom to Nora but the district attorney makes it clear that Lindsay has to pay. He wants someone else assigned to the case, given their past history. Nora is vindictive and taking out her boring life on his mother, he accuses; she tries to assure him that it's not personal at all, that she's merely doing her job. She relates how she was skeptical at first but now knows Lindsay's motive and it was planned. She asks if Lindsay denied committing the murder and Will has no answer. It kills her that Will could be left alone, Nora continues as she gives him a hug. They both wish that Sam could be there. A call comes through that it's time for court. Marcie visits Lindsay and urges her to fight. She does not regret any of her actions, Lindsay tells a speechless Marcie, who hesitatingly tries to get clarification but comes to the realization herself of what Lindsay has done and why. The attorney comes by to let Lindsay know that it's almost time and to plead not guilty. I know what to do, Lindsay informs him. She pointedly tells Marcie not to let Todd take the baby, that she has to do whatever it takes to prevent that. Marcie solemnly and tearfully promises.

Michael tells John that he's optimistic, though his brother tells him not to get his hopes up. He is worried about Lindsay and John feels that Nora is pretty sure about getting a conviction. He's also worried that Marcie will find out about his knowledge of Tommy for so long. John tells a once again grateful Michael that he would do the same thing all over again. Marcie gets home and tells her husband what Lindsay said.

Todd explains to Blair how bad it's looking for him right now. He needs to prove that he changed, she advises him and they need to call Jess and Viki to be character witnesses. Todd thinks he should just make a plan for an illegal way to get his son back. Maybe Marcie should get pregnant, Todd suggests. Blair fills him in on the impossibility of that. Well then they should adopt another kid, he offers. Trying to explain how that's not so easy, Blair makes him realize that she really is on his side. He describes how he feels, always being reminded of the evil things he's done in the past, how awful it feels to be reminded of those things everyday. How can he stay in control, he asks, with those reminders. They bid each other farewell and suddenly, each has an idea.

Britney accosts Cole in the school gym regarding the Mannings but is quickly and literally dowsed when Starr arrives and pours a drink on her head. She leaves but returns when the couple plus Langston and Marco are talking about helping Todd out. She throws out her usual bitchy remarks but Starr can no longer be bothered by her. Britney has already exposed everything to everyone so it no longer matters. You have to be you, she tells the awful girl. Marco tells her to go get a life and Cole orders her to never mention his mother again.

Blair pays Lindsay a visit. She has an offer for her; she'll help Lindsay if Lindsay helps Todd.

Todd visits the McBains. How much will it cost for him to buy his kid, he asks them.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Todd offers Michael and Marcie money in exchange for his son. Todd pulls out his checkbook and tells the McBains that he is willing to give them enough money to adopt several children. An angered Michael threatens to physically harm Todd, while Marcie is willing to negotiate. Michael is shocked by Marcie's reaction and questions how she could even consider accepting Todd's bribe. As Todd looks on with checkbook in hand, Marcie explains to Michael that a large sum of money could really help the family. Marcie tells Michael they are currently in debt and should at least consider Todd's offer. Michael is obviously upset but Marcie wants to know how much Todd is willing to offer. Todd starts the opening bid at $100,000. As Michael pushes him towards the door, Todd continues shouting out offers while Marcie encourages him to raise the numbers. Todd offers 10 million dollars. Marcie accepts and tells Todd to write the check; Michael is stunned. Michael realizes that Marcie is conning Todd and goes along with Marcie's game. A clueless Todd listens on, while Marcie continues to plead her case to Michael. Marcie accepts the check, as Todd demands to take possession of his son. Marcie rips the check and tells Todd there is no deal. Michael and Marcie order Todd to leave; they state that their son is not for sale. Todd reminds them that they are turning down ten million dollars. Marcie informs Todd that now they know just how much Tommy is worth to him. Michael threatens to tell the judge that Todd was willing to buy his son. Todd wants his check back. Michael and Marcie refuse and kick Todd out of the apartment. Marcie apologizes to Michael about allowing him to believe that she would sell Tommy to Todd; Michael understands her actions. Meanwhile, Todd stands outside the McBain's apartment door and wonder how his deed may have affected the custody case.

As Jessica prepares to enter Natalie's office at BE, she receives a text message from Jared. Jared wants to know when he will start working at BE. Natalie has received an email from Viki who is in Paris. Natalie senses that something is on her sister's mind and wants to know what is bothering Jessica. Jessica attempts to convince Natalie to hire Jared. Natalie attacks Jared's character and questions Jessica's motives for wanting him to work at BE. Jessica evades Natalie's questions concerning Jared and says she was only offering advice. Natalie begins to question Jessica's thoughts concerning her abilities as an executive at BE. Natalie wishes Jessica would offer her encouragement. Jessica wants her sister to realize that she believes in her. Natalie is still convinced that Jessica is hiding something concerning Jared Banks and demands to know what it is. Jessica tells Natalie she wants to keep Jared from pestering Nash. Jessica claims that if Jared worked at BE, Nash would be allowed to run his vineyard without Jared's influence. Natalie does not want Jared employed by BE. Natalie feels if Jessica wants Jared preoccupied, she should hire him at the Sun. Jessica continues to argue her case why Jared should work for BE to an unconvinced Natalie. Natalie out right refuses. Jessica pleads with her sister to do her this one favor. Natalie informs her that if she wants her help, Jessica will have to tell her the truth. Jessica tells a shocked Natalie that Jared is blackmailing her; If Jessica does not comply- Jared will send her to prison. Natalie questions her sister about the blackmail. Jessica reveals to Natalie that she sent Jared to prison and he is threatening to do the same to her.

Jared and Nash discuss business at Capricorn; they are meeting to make their partnership official. Nash attempts to convince Jared that there is still time to back out of the deal; Jared has no intentions of doing so. As Jared signs the necessary documents, he mentions to Nash that they are very much alike – they are both self made men. Jared discusses his fascination with Asa's success and comments that Jessica can also serve as an inspiration for them both. Nash is taken aback by Jared's statement. Nash informs Jared that Jessica will not have anything to do with their partnership. Nash firmly states that Jessica has many other responsibilities and will not be involved in the vineyard. Jared claims to understand and walks away. The bartender picks Jared's phone off the bar and asks Nash if it belongs to him. Nash accepts the phone from the bartender. As Nash looks down at the phone, he observes Jessica's picture as the screensaver.

As Nora prepares for Lindsay's arraignment, Will and R.J. approach her inside the courtroom. Both men request that Nora be lenient with Lindsay. Nora tells Will and R.J. that she cares for them both but cannot drop the charges against Lindsay. Will and R.J. argue for some type of consideration when it comes to setting bail; they want Nora to ensure that Lindsay will be allowed to await trial while out on bail. Nora reminds both men of Lindsay's history and is convinced that she is a flight risk. R.J. contends that Lindsay has changed and that if she is allowed bail, they (R.J. and Will) will be responsible for her. Before Nora can respond, Roxy appears wearing her "Free Lindsay" t-shirt. Roxy flirts with Will and offers to sell him a T-shirt. Nora suggests that R.J. not encourage Will to believe that Lindsay has a chance of beating the case and reminds him of his role in Lindsay's escape from Statesville; she warns him to think twice about doing it again. R.J. is unable to convince Nora to help Lindsay and informs her that the courtroom will soon be filled with Lindsay supporters; thus making her job difficult. Nora is not moved.

Blair visits Lindsay in the jail. Blair offers to help Lindsay with her legal matters if she (Lindsay) helps Todd get custody of "Tommy". If Lindsay will convince Michael and Marcie to allow Todd to take custody of the child, Blair offers to claim that she remembers what happened the night of Spencer Truman's murder. If Lindsay cooperates, Blair will testify that Lindsay acted in self defense. Lindsay demands that Blair leave; she will not have any part of Michael and Marcie losing Tommy. Blair suggests that Lindsay cooperate, since Todd will ultimately win custody and the McBains will be left heartbroken. Lindsay does not believe Todd is guaranteed to win custody, since Blair is seeking help from her. Blair does not back down; she tells Lindsay that it would be in Michael and Marcie's best interest to face the inevitable now rather than later. Blair offers to put the case in the paper continuously and states that Nora will no longer have a case against her. Lindsay informs Blair that she does not care about what happens to her; she is only concerned that Tommy remains with the parents that really love him. Blair reminds Lindsay how she kept the truth about Matthew from Bo for so long and is now doing the same thing to Todd. Lindsay becomes enraged. Blair is not done. Blair accuses Lindsay of being the same selfish person she has always been and states that losing Jen has not made her a better person. Lindsay breaks down and insists that she has changed for the better. Blair wants her to prove it by helping Todd regain his son. Blair attempts to appeal to Lindsay's emotions. Blair reveals to Lindsay that it is a possibility that the McBains will attempt to prove Todd is an unfit father. If they succeed, Starr and Jack may lose Todd as a result. Blair begs Lindsay to reconsider. A distraught Lindsay tells Blair that Todd is getting what he deserves and she will play no part in removing Tommy from the McBain's home. The guard appears and tells Blair she will have to leave because Lindsay is due at her arraignment. Before leaving, Blair declares that Nora will prove Lindsay to be a homicidal maniac and maybe that will convince her to change her mind. Lindsay heads off to the arraignment.

While Vincent, Adriana, Rex and Cristian look on at Capricorn, Sarah tries to convince Layla to allow her to move in. Layla is unsure whether or not she actually wants another roommate and asks the others what they think of her rooming with Sarah. Vincent, Adriana and Rex tell Layla to go for it, but Layla wants Cristian's opinion since he currently resides with Sarah. Cristian hesitates but Sarah wants his honest opinion of her. Cristian gives Sarah several compliments and rushes off. Layla is obviously impressed. As Layla considers Cristian's feedback, Sarah runs after Cristian and questions him about the statements he made to Layla. Cristian has embellished Sarah's capabilities and she wants to know why. Cris says he wanted to help her out and it will now be her responsibility to prove him right. Sarah thanks him for his help. Cristian reminds her that she has one week to book a great act for Capricorn. Sarah is confident that she can deliver. Sarah continues to beg Layla to let her move in. Layla is not ready to make a decision and does not appreciate Sarah's persistence.

Sarah's pleas do not fall on deaf ears and Layla finally offers her room and board. Nash hands a stunned Jared his phone and questions why Jessica's picture is on the screen. Natalie demands to know what has happened between Jessica and Jared. Todd and Blair meet at Capricorn. Blair confesses to Todd about her failed attempt at convincing Lindsay to help them. Todd sadly confides in Blair about his visit to the McBains. Todd is convinced that his actions have cost him Tommy. Blair tries to encourage Todd that the two of them will figure out a solution. Todd knows how Blair that she can help him get his son back. Blair questions him how. Todd tells Blair that she could marry him. Blair is stunned. He Nora stares out into the faces of the many Lindsay supporters. As Lindsay is led into the courtroom, Will, R.J., Michael, Marcie, Roxy, Rex and Cristian all smile at her while wearing their "Free Lindsay" t-shirts. Lindsay's lawyer tells her to give her plea when asked and to say nothing else. A despondent Lindsay does not answer. Nora silently observes Lindsay's demeanor. The judge enters the courtroom and says she will allow the "Free Lindsay" t-shirts to be worn at the arraignment, but warns they had better not appear during the trial. The judge asks Lindsay to enter her plea. Lindsay nervously stands up and remains silent. The judge informs Lindsay's attorney that the court will enter a plea of not guilty if Lindsay is unprepared to speak for herself. Lindsay interrupts the judge and shouts that she is guilty. The entire courtroom gasps.

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