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Monday, February 11, 2008

At the apartment, Shane tells John he hid in the closet because he felt something bad was about to happen. On the roof, Rex throws Gigi to the ground when he discovers the laser pointed at her. Simultaneously, Todd begins battling Ramsey for the rifle in the empty office building across the street. As Todd and Ramsey wrestle, the rifle fires, and the bullet strikes John's apartment window. Ramsey gains the upper hand, and points the rifle at Todd. John pushes Shane to the floor and shields the child with his body. Both watch as the bullet is lodged into John's slot machine. Upon hearing the gunfire, Gigi pushes Rex away, and runs downstairs to find Shane. Before following Gigi, Rex observes Todd and Ramsey in the office building. Once downstairs, Gigi is reunited with Shane and John. As John orders everyone to hide in the bathroom, Rex questions both John and Gigi about what has just taken place, but receives no answers. Rex directs John to the office building, where he observed the two unidentified men. As John heads across the street, Rex demands answers from Gigi. Gigi tells Rex about the kidnapping and reveals that Todd and Ramsey want her and Shane dead. Rex admits Todd is a terrible person, but doesn't believe he is capable of killing a woman and her child. Meanwhile, Todd pushes Ramsey against a wall, and the two struggle over the gun again. When Ramsey hears footsteps, he falls to the ground, and allows Todd to take control of the gun. As Todd points the weapon at Ramsey, John enters the room. Ramsey tells John that Todd just tried to kill Gigi and Shane, but he prevented it.

After their date, Cris and Sarah arrive at her apartment. The two discuss their wonderful evening together, and share a passionate kiss. Both agree that it was rather exciting how their relationship evolved, and how they continue to enjoy each other's company. While Sarah and Cris share a romantic moment, Layla enters the room and interrupts the couple. Once Layla leaves the room, Sarah invites Cris to the Go Red Ball. Cris accepts Sarah's invitation and gives her a loving kiss goodbye. After Cris leaves, Sarah is elated. When Layla asks Sarah if she is falling for Cris, Sarah happily announces that she already has.

Upon entering the Lord Mausoleum, Allison is excited to be in the presence of the late Victor Lord, and perches herself on top of his crypt. When Allison tells Jessica and Natalie that it is possible Victor's heart may still be beating, the sisters demand that Allison quit playing games and reveal her secret. Allison tells them, "People think their secrets die with them if they remain unspoken, but it's not true." Allison then sprawls her body over Victor's crypt and smiles. Fed up with her antics, Jessica threatens to take Allison back to St. Ann's immediately, if she refuses to cooperate. Natalie pulls her sister to the side and suggests that she gives up her quest for answers from Allison. Natalie doesn't believe Allison knows anything about the family, and is simply playing a sick game. Jessica tells Natalie that Victor was her father and she needs to learn the truth. When Natalie asks Jessica to return Allison to the mental institution, Jessica states that is not an option at this time. Jessica threatens Allison one last time; Jessica tells Allison that Tess is very much a part of her. After Allison continues to speak highly of Mitch and make awful statements about Viki, Jessica becomes frustrated. Jessica gives Natalie a signal and the two lock Allison in the crypt. Jessica tells Natalie that perhaps Allison will decide to talk in the morning, after spending the night with corpses. Natalie is doubtful, and tells Jessica that Allison has had worse things happen to her. As Jessica and Natalie walk away, Allison screams hysterically and pleads with the girls to let her out. Jessica smiles to herself, but Natalie appears worried.

At the jail, Bo allows Michael to spend some time alone with Marcie before her arraignment in the morning. While Bo tells Michael that he and Marcie have serious issues to discuss, he receives an important call and excuses himself. Michael tells Marcie he wants her to change her mind and plead not guilty, but she is determined to enter a guilty plea. Marcie appears distraught and tells Michael that everyone witnessed her behavior on national television, and no one will ever believe she is innocent. Michael begs Marcie to reconsider and tells her that a guilty plea will leave her with no options. Michael tells Marcie he doesn't want to lose her. As Marcie and Michael continue to disagree, Marcie has memories of Tommy.

Back at the office building, John tells Todd to give him the weapon, but he refuses. Todd tells John that Ramsey is the one who attempted to shoot Gigi and Shane and continues to point the gun at Ramsey. As Todd orders Ramsey to be still, Ramsey disregards Todd's statements and denies his claims. Moments later, Bo and several police officers enter the office and order Todd to put down the gun. Immediately, Todd relinquishes the weapon and puts his hands in the air. Todd tells Bo that he stopped Ramsey from killing Gigi and Shane, and explains that the gun accidentally went off. Todd expresses concern when John informs him the bullet went through his window. Ramsey continues to accuse Todd of attempted murder. Todd asks Bo if he realizes what Ramsey is actually capable of and insists that he prevented a murder. When John accuses Ramsey of hitting him with the rifle, Bo feels he will get answers, since traces of John's blood would be on the weapon. Ramsey states that along with John's blood, Todd's fingerprints would also be on the gun. After listening to Ramsey's accusations, Todd asks Bo if he realizes Ramsey is lying, and Bo states he does. Bo orders his men to handcuff both Todd and Ramsey, and states the matter will be handled at the station. As Todd and Ramsey are escorted out of the building, Bo gives John a knowing look.

As Rex continues to press Gigi for more answers, Gigi blurts out that she blames Rex for what happened. When Rex questions her statement, Gigi apologizes for being so harsh, and states that if she had not gone to the roof with him, she would have been with Shane at the time of the shooting. Shane tells his mother he is fine and not to worry. As Rex inquires about Gigi's involvement with Todd, Shane appears suspicious and asks his mother, exactly who Rex is. Rex tells Gigi to tell Shane who he is; Gigi is speechless. Gigi tells Shane that Rex is an old friend. When Shane questions her reaction to Rex, Gigi attempts to change the subject, and receives help from Rex. Rex begins complimenting Shane on his bravery and Shane appears to bond with him. Rex tells Shane his father would be proud of him, if he were there. Sadly, Shane admits he never met his father, but hopes he would be proud. As she listens to their conversation, Gigi is heartbroken. John returns to the apartment and tells Gigi and Shane they are safe. John tells Gigi about Todd's claims, and reveals that he believes Todd did prevent Ramsey from shooting her and Shane. John promises Shane that he will not allow anyone to hurt him or his mother. When Rex asks John if Todd is in jail, John tells Rex he is, and will now be forced to help Marcie.

As Michael continues to persuade Marcie to fight for her freedom, Todd and Ramsey enter the holding room. When he sees Marcie, Todd laughs. Bo orders his officers to take Todd and Ramsey to separate holding rooms. Upon seeing Todd in jail, Marcie becomes excited and suggests to Michael that Todd may lose Tommy if he has committed a terrible crime. Michael quickly tells his wife that Todd's crimes will not bring Tommy back to them. He gives her one last warning to plead not guilty.

Gigi apologizes to Rex and tells him Shane is not his son. Rex doesn't appear to believe her and leaves. Out in the hall, Rex tells John he saved Shane's life. John says Shane is a special little boy and he would never want to see anything happen to him. Rex sadly states he wouldn't either and walks away. John appears to have something on his mind as he watches Rex leave.

Left alone in the mausoleum, Allison appears quite calm. She begins talking to Victor. She says that it's too bad Jess and Nat left because she had something to show them. Allison stands against a wall and begins knocking on a particular section of the wall. Suddenly, a stone pops open and Allison removes a gun from the opening. She states, "Mitch, you've thought of everything." She then removes a plastic bag, containing a box, and says, "Hello, gorgeous." She looks intently at the package.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In Llanview, Charlie and Viki sit down to a breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes. Charlie regretfully announces that he won't be able to make the Red Ball. He feels that he'll be "out of his element" and doesn't want to cramp her style. He feels that all eyes will be on them because of the events in Texas, and the ball is meant to be a function for charity. Viki will not hear of it, informing him that the tickets have already been paid for so they won't lose any money, she can get him a tux, and the people can just wonder about them since they'd gossip anyway. Meanwhile, Nat and Jess are frantic when they find that Allison has disappeared from the family crypt and make their way to the house where Charlie and Viki are eating. They cover up the real reason for being there and instead offer their services to Viki for the ball. As they give each other signals, Jess leaves on the pretext of hunting for their ball tickets as she searches the house for Allison. There's no sign of her. They are introduced to Charlie and learn that he is Rex's father. Nat is quite perplexed and notes that he doesn't look familiar to her at all. Charlie tells her that his encounter with Roxy was quite brief. The sisters hastily excuse themselves, citing errands to be run, and decide to separate and continue their hunt for Allison. Charlie presents Viki with a gift of a replica of the Eiffel Tower with a cowboy hat on top. She loves it and cites their recent past of when things were simple. She tells him how glad she is that they're open and honest with each other.

Michael stops by to see Marcie as she awaits her arraignment. He gives her a small heart for Valentine's Day and she is amazed that she had no idea of the date. He says that the heart is to remind her that he'll be there forever. He whispers, "Remember, not guilty." John and Bo arrange to have Todd sprung from jail as he paces his cell and murmurs that he's not guilty. John snaps pictures of both Todd and Lee. When John lays it all out for Todd, Todd agrees not to testify against Marcie, though he doesn't think anyone will believe what he has to say. John admits that he personally believes Todd regarding the attempted shooting of Gigi and Shane, but assumes that Lee will attempt to implicate Todd. Lindsay runs into Nora before the trial and advises her that she won't win the case, and that she's on the wrong side. Bo interrupts them as they begin to have their usual words with each other. Lindsay jokingly states that she was talking about the trial because Nora couldn't. The judge arrives and the arraignment begins. Marcie pleads not guilty and the judge sets bail at one million dollars. John tells Todd that he will tell Gigi what to say depending on what Todd decides to do.

Roxy visits the diner, orders breakfast, and attempts to give Markko tips on how to provide service. Her goal is to dig her previously written secret out of the secrets box. Her attempt is cut short when Jared walks through the door and spots her. She hurriedly assures him that she is only removing her secret, not her monetary contribution.

He tells her the secrets get burned but she still wants hers back. She asks the guys if they have secrets. Markko figures his life is an open book and Jared says it's not his thing. As Roxy grills him on his feelings for Nat, Jared eyes the box and gives in. He's had a dream about Natalie that propelled him to the diner and the box in the first place. He writes his note out, "Nat, I made it all up. I'm not your uncle." Allison is there, in disguise, and spots Roxy as "her ticket to ride." As Roxy tries to get her secret out of the box, Allison quietly says to herself, "Some secrets don't die in the fire, do they Rox?" She surprises her old friend and states that they "have some catching up to do." Roxy does her best to get away from Allison but the mental patient wants to talk about old times. She thinks that they have old business to finish and pulls Roxy out of the diner. As Jared finishes writing up his secret, Natalie walks in.

Cole has flowers for Starr for Valentine's Day and he has a slap bracelet for Langston, who is really touched. Her mom used to give her those bracelets long ago. Starr watches silently as they hug. Cole has to study and Markko has to work so the girls are planning to spend the day together. A less-than-enthused Starr grabs the baby monitor as she makes an excuse to quickly leave the room. She listens to their conversation while she's gone. Unfortunately, the words are static-filled and cutting out but she hears them talk of hiding something from her and how it wouldn't be cool if she were to find out. When Markko arrives with flowers for Langston, Starr points out that Langston received a Valentine's gift from Cole as well. Markko jokingly asks if he should be worried and the guys laugh as Cole pulls some change out of his pocket and hands it to Markko as his "gift." Starr is obviously feeling down.

When the bail is announced for Marcie, Todd strolls into the courtroom and announces that he's posting bail. Everyone is shocked and confused, and Nora protests. Todd tells the court that he's been thinking that he would have done the same thing if the tables had been turned, but his son is at home, safe now. He thinks that Marcie has learned her lesson and that she's most likely suffering. Nora thinks it's some kind of stunt. Todd wants his own charges from the shooting dropped, and Bo informs him that he never intended to press charges in the first place. "Go in peace," the commissioner tells him. As Todd phones in his headline for the Sun, the McBains quietly leave the courtroom. Marcie doesn't believe him when he tells her it was the right thing to do. He asks her if she thinks her home will be homey without her son and says that he hopes it feels like a prison. He also orders them not to come within one mile of any of his family members or he will kill them. Downstairs, Lee is released into the custody of FBI agents from Washington. John calls an unknown person to report it.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Michael brings Marcie back home after the arraignment. She asks where Tommy's things are. She's very upset, looking through everything. Michael tells her he gave everything away to charity so she wouldn't be reminded of Tommy, because he thought it might help. Marcie cries that she wanted to see his crib and high chair. Marcie thinks Michael wants her to pretend Tommy never happened. Michael just wants her to start letting go. Marcie doesn't know how to do that. Michael says maybe he can get some of Tommy's things back from Roxy. Next, Michael and Marcie go through the box of Tommy's things, piece by piece, remembering their son.

Blair reads Sam a story as Todd watches. She asks Todd where he's been. He tells her he was at Marcie's arraignment, and further relates that he paid Marcie's bail. Todd tells Blair that John blackmailed him into. Blair makes him tell the entire story. Todd says that after she hears the story, she might not want to have their marriage continue. Todd tells her he and Lee held Gigi and Shane hostage in Texas, and John found out, which gave John the leverage he needed to make Todd support Marcie's release. Todd also tells Blair that Lee wants him to kill Gigi and Shane. Todd assures her he wasn't going to go through with it, but then Lee threatened Blair and the kids. Todd says he tried to stop Lee just in time to save Gigi. He tells Blair he was arrested, but now John is protecting Todd since he helped Marcie. Todd tells Blair he let her and the kids down. Blair says the old Todd would have lied and covered up what he'd done. She says she's not happy about what he did, but she's glad he didn't cover it up. Blair says their marriage is not over, because he was honest with her. They hug, then kiss.

Bo tells Talia and Antonio that they need to be clear about the LPD fraternization policy. Lindsay arrives and interrupts the meeting, bringing Bo his dry cleaning and asking if they're still on for the Go Red Ball that night. Bo nods, uncomfortably. Antonio and Talia leave so Bo and Lindsay can discuss their date. Lindsay insists it's not a date, they're just going to the ball together. Antonio and Talia leave. Lindsay tells Bo she wants to do something nice for him. Nora, listening outside the door, makes a face and pretends to stick her finger down her throat. Then she coughs so they'll know she is outside. Nora wants to talk to Lindsay about Todd posting bail for Marcie. As she starts, May or Lowell arrives and says he's stunned that Marcie got bail. He's upset because he promised the community that Marcie would be prosecuted. He says that when the case goes to trial, there very well may be a new DA prosecuting. Nora looks shocked but Lindsay gives a small smile. Bo leaps to Nora's defense. The mayor is unimpressed and brings up Daniel Colson, another of Nora's mistakes. Nora asks if they can have this conversation outside Lindsay's presence. Lindsay says she'll wait outside. The mayor tells Nora he'll get rid of her if she doesn't get Marcie's conviction. Nora tells the mayor she doesn't work for him, she works for the Commonwealth. She leaves in a huff. Bo asks the mayor if he was maybe a little hard on Nora, and the mayor says Bo's not in a position to judge. Then the mayor goes off on Bo about being Lindsay's guardian. Bo tells the mayor he's out of line; the mayor growls that Bo needs to clean up his mess. And further, unlike Nora, the mayor can fire Bo. Lindsay hears the entire exchange. She offers to move in with R.J. Bo refuses her offer. He says they shouldn't worry about what the mayor says. He says he'll meet her at the ball. Lindsay thanks him.

Jared sits at the bar at the diner and writes his secret on one of the cards: "Natalie, I made it all up. I'm not your uncle!" Then he puts the card into the clear box as Natalie watches. Jessica arrives. Neither Buchanan girl has found Allison yet. They know she hasn't shown up at Llanfair. Adriana and Rex arrive at the diner. Rex explains that saving Gigi's life was no big deal-he was just in the right place at the right time. Rex says he thinks Gigi is telling the truth about Shane not being his son. Adriana says now he can concentrate on his own father, Charlie.

Rex comes over and says he needs to talk to Natalie. Natalie guesses it's about the news that Charlie is Rex's real dad. Jared overhears this part of the conversation. Jessica and Natalie leave, in a hurry to find Allison. Jared confronts Rex, asking if he'd just heard correctly that Charlie is Rex's father. "What's it to you?" asks Rex.

Jessica suggests they look for Allison at Lion's Heart and other places Mitch used to hang out. Natalie suggests getting Bo involved. Jessica insists they shouldn't tell Bo, because if they do, they'll never learn Allison's secret. Adriana asks if Jared knows Charlie. Jared plays it off, saying he thought Natalie's was upset in reaction to the news about Rex's real father.

Nash arrives. He spots Jessica and says he's been looking all over for her. He wants to know what she's been doing. She tries to kiss him and run off, but he stops her, wanting to know what she and Natalie have been up to. Jared gets a call from the person he and Nash were to meet-they need to reschedule. Jared invites Jessica, Natalie, and Nash to lunch. Natalie and Jessica decline, saying they have to get dresses for the ball. Nash says it was going to be a surprise, but he's already bought the red dress Jessica had her eye on. Nash wants to go home with Jessica. Adriana says it's a coincidence that both Jared and Rex recently found out who their real fathers were. Adriana and Rex leave. Nash and Jessica leave, and Natalie finds herself alone with Jared. Jared tells her about the box and asks if she has any secrets she wants to share. Natalie stalks off.

Roxy and Allison arrive at the Hair Haven, arguing. Roxy wants her to leave town. Allison grabs a pair of scissors and holds it to Roxy's throat, and says she's not going anywhere. There's a knock at the door. Allison tells Roxy to get rid of whoever it is. It's Nash, carrying Bree, and he wonders why the salon is closed. Roxy makes some excuse about being alone and Nash disagrees. He saw her come inside with another woman. Nash needs Roxy to watch Bree for a while. She tries to get out of it, but Nash won't take no for an answer. He has a meeting with Jared at the diner. Allison comes out from behind the wall and takes the baby from Roxy. Allison says she looks like a Buchanan, then contradicts herself, saying that Bree can't look like a Buchanan since Jessica isn't one. Allison says it makes all the difference in the world who someone's father is. Roxy grabs the scissors like a weapon and Allison puts Bree between them. Roxy tells Allison not to hurt Bree, and she says she would never hurt Mitch's granddaughter. They trade barbs. Michael arrives and introduces himself to Allison. Allison introduces herself as Laura Mitchell, Roxy's new trainee. Michael asks for Tommy's things back. Roxy has the items and gives Michael the key to the storage area. Jessica and Nash arrive at Roxy's to pick up Bree. Allison hides with Bree on the other side of the wall.

Charlie has something he needs to tell Viki, but Lois interrupts and says there are visitors. Gigi and Shane arrive, getting big hugs from both Viki and Charlie. They make jokes about Viki's mansion. Gigi asks how they hooked back up since they didn't even know each other's last names, and Viki proudly tells Gigi that they know each other's last names now. Viki announces, "This is Charlie Balsom." Gigi looks shocked and asks if he's related to Rex, and Viki tells Gigi that Charlie is Rex's father. Gigi laughs and says that's impossible. They ask how it's impossible. She tells them she went to high school with Rex in Michigan. Charlie explains how he never knew about Rex and he just found out he had a son. They ask what she's doing in Llanview. Gigi explains she's in town to help Marcie. Viki and Gigi have differing opinions on Todd's character. Viki says Todd is a wonderful father. Gigi tells Viki that Todd paid Marcie's bail. Charlie asks how long she's going to stay; Gigi doesn't know. Viki invites her to the Go Red Ball. Viki arranges to have Shane stay with Matthew and Nigel.

Bo arrives at Llanfair. Viki introduces Charlie to Bo and confirms that Charlie is Rex's father. Bo says Rex is a great kid and maybe he and Charlie can talk sometime. Bo needs to talk to Viki. Charlie offers to take Shane to Asa's mansion, and Gigi leaves with Lois to find a gown.

Bo tells Viki that Allison escaped from St. Ann's.

Talia and Antonio meet at the end of their respective shifts. They look at their watches and see that they're off duty. Talia grabs him and they kiss passionately.

Lindsay arrives at the diner and writes her secret on a card: "I faked insanity to be cleared of murder charges" then puts the card into the heart box.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's going to be a big night in Llanview as almost everyone pitches in to get ready for the Go Red Ball. A sullen Starr helps Dorian pack gift bags for the attendees while some of the guys do some heavy lifting. Starr confesses that she's having a problem trusting some of her friends but Dorian believes they should be given the benefit of the doubt because they are nice people. Starr is tired of hearing that; she thinks Langston and Cole are seeing each other behind her back. Nora eyes the secrets boxes, remembering Lindsay filling in a slip of paper and depositing her own secret at the diner. Nora wants to know which box is from the diner and when she's directed to that box, she attempts to get into it. She's startled when Clint and Lindsay approach and she backs away quickly. For Lindsay's sake, Nora points out that the scribbled secrets won't heal people's guilty consciences and that they should make amends instead. Nora learns that the secrets from all of the boxes will eventually be dumped into one large box and burned.

While many of the adults are getting ready for the Ball, Langston and Cole are at Ultra Violet, putting the finishing touches on Starr's surprise sweet 16 party. They are stunned to learn that Rex has arranged to have Mary J. Blige perform. Markko arrives and jokingly warns Cole that he has lipstick on his collar which Langston unsuccessfully tries to remove.

Addie walks in on Blair and Todd as they are being affectionate and she begins to cry. She confesses that she never realized before how much of life she was missing, like being in love and married. Todd tells her to look on the bright side of this; by not being married, she won't have a divorce. This lightens the moment and Blair invites Addie to the Ball. She has extra tickets because Craze bought several. Addie accepts and quickly makes a phone call to ask someone to accompany her. When Dorian and Starr arrive home, Dorian is unhappy to learn that her sister is going to her Ball. Addie explains that Blair invited her and Dorian immediately apologizes. She feels badly for not asking her sister to attend herself. A bubbly Langston gets home too and convinces a quite opposite Starr to attend some teen event at Ultra Violet. Langston leaves the room but forgets her cell phone. When a phone call comes in, Starr picks it up when she sees it's from Cole. She hears him say that he has Langston's earring and he thanks her for a wonderful Valentine's Day. Later, Todd can see that Starr is feeling down. She tells him that she's misjudged some people and can no longer trust them. He tells her that she should confront them and then she'll know if she's right or not. He adds that if she's right, to let them have it.

At Llanfair, Viki learns from Bo that Allison has escaped from St. Anne's. Her immediate thought is to not attend the Ball but he and Nat convince her that everyone will be there and it would be better than staying home alone. They point out that Allison, not having a ticket, would not be able to attend the Ball. Bo learns that two novice nuns, now missing, were the ones who probably helped her escape. They surmise that they were disciples of Mitch Lawrence. Nat begs off from the Ball, telling her mom that she's coming down with something. Bo has arranged for police to watch the house so she feels she'll be safe.

At the hair salon, Jess and Nash are ready to take Bree home but have a difficult time with Roxy. She informs them that their daughter is in the back with the new girl she hired, getting ready for a special surprise. Jess is momentarily interrupted by a phone call from Nat, who reports that the police are looking for the two nuns and there's no news on Allison's whereabouts. Jess tells Nat to go to the Ball but she herself will stay home. She can't leave Bree alone with a sitter. Allison reacts to the announcement by knocking supplies over in the back but Roxy runs to get the little girl. Jess offers her Ball tickets to Roxy. Bree is finally ready to leave with new, cute little pigtails. When they're alone, Allison orders Roxy to help her find a dress because she's going to take her to the Ball.

Talia, Layla, Adriana, and Sarah all get ready for the Ball together. Their dates show up early and are made to wait outside. The men are speechless when the glamorous women are finally finished. Adriana tells Layla that Rex is not the father of Gigi's son.

Charlie drops Shane off at the Buchanan mansion to hang out with Matthew. On his way out he runs into Jared. "Why are you here?" Jared wants to know. He tells his father that he already heard about Rex being Charlie's son. "Better him than me," Jared tells him. He doesn't want to hear Charlie's story and points out that his father is pretending so that he can have an advantage, just like him. Jared is introduced to Shane who mentions that his own dad is dead. Jared responds that his dad is dead too. The two boys play some video games and eat ice-cream. Shane confides that he'd like to stay in Llanview, maybe forever, because he likes it there.

At Ultra Violet, everyone awaits Starr's arrival. When she and Langston arrive a little too early, Langston goes off to chat with Cole. Starr can hear them and she immediately begins to yell. She tells them how sneaky they've been behind her back, spies the lipstick on Cole's collar and proceeds to tell them off even more. They head into the main room where people are hiding amid all of the decorations. "Surprise," they all scream.

Nash can see how worried Jess is about Allison being on the loose. She quietly tells him that it's her fault. He tries to clarify what she means, thinking that maybe Allison got provoked by seeing Jess at St. Anne's and it pushed her to break out. Jess has to tell him that she was literal when she said it was her fault. She confesses to breaking Allison out, with the help of Natalie.

As the Ball begins, Nora is still eyeing the secrets boxes. Dorian and Viki realize that they are once again co-hosting an event together. Viki hopes for no surprises. Bo tells Lindsay how proud he is of her and the whole "get if off your chest" campaign. He tells her she's a strong and brave woman. Todd and Blair pretend to have fun. Addie calls Miles and tells him to hurry. "You can't have a date with Miles," she hears from Blair. Adriana and Rex are relieved that they probably won't see Gigi again; until she walks in. She asks Todd if he's held anyone hostage lately. Jared admires Natalie who introduces him to Charlie and then stalks off. "How's your new son?" he asks his dad. "Working out for you...screwed him over yet?" he continues. Charlie wants to say something to him, Dorian overhears and wonders what it is, and Viki tells her he has no secrets from her. Roxy and Allison arrive, with Allison carrying her gun in a tote bag. "This is gonna be a blast," she exclaims.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Outside Ultra Violet, Starr angrily tells Cole and Langston how she feels about the two of them sneaking around. Marrko hears the commotion and quickly alerts the guests to Starr's presence. Upset with Cole and Langston, Starr abruptly enters the club and is surprised by her friends, as everyone shouts, "Surprise!" After realizing Cole and Langston's true intentions, Starr feels guilty, and begs their forgiveness. Cole and Langston accept Starr's apology, and the party begins. Starr's happiness continues as Mary J. Blige performs for the crowd. Starr is having the time of her life.

At the vineyard, Jessica admits to Nash her part in Allison's escape from St. Ann's. Nash is upset and cannot believe his wife would become involved in such a caper. As Jessica expresses her need to protect her family, Nash remains skeptical. Nash believes Allison is conning Jessica. Jessica tells Nash about the hidden compartment at the mausoleum; Jessica is convinced that Allison retrieved something of vital importance. Nash convinces Jessica to tell Bo the truth about Allison. Jessica agrees to go to the ball and reveal the truth to Bo, but asks Nash to stay with Bree and guard her with his life.

At the Go Red Ball, everyone's evening appears to be off to a rough start. Gigi angrily confronts Todd about his role in the shooting. When Rex notices Gigi's conversation with Todd, he becomes alarmed and feels the need to assist her. At first, Adriana appears hesitant, but agrees Rex should aid Gigi. As Rex looks on, Gigi warns Todd to stay away from her and Shane. Across the room, Jared suggests Charlie should spend some quality time with his son, Rex. Angrily, Charlie threatens to expose Jared's secret, unless his son agrees to calmly speak with him. Nearby, Viki is dreading her conversation with Dorian and her date, May or Lowell. When Dorian observes Charlie speaking with Jared, she quickly points out to Viki, how close the two have become. Meanwhile, Bo informs Lindsay, Nora, and Clint of Allison's escape from St. Ann's. Upon hearing the news, Nora suggests Lindsay offer her expertise on the matter. Before an argument ensues, Clint and Bo quickly separate the two women. Unnoticed in the background, Allison observes the guests and plans her next move.

Alone at the bar, Charlie tells Jared he noticed Jared's reaction to Natalie. Charlie warns Jared not to cause Natalie any pain. Charlie tells Jared to give up being a Buchanan, if he truly loves Natalie; Charlie threatens to reveal the truth if he ever witnesses Jared looking seductively at Natalie again. Jared warns his father that his relationship with Viki will be over if Jared were to reveal his true identity to the Buchanans. Charlie is willing to make the sacrifice. The argument quickly turns to the past. When Charlie demands to know why Jared feels the need to be a Buchanan, Jared admits he is angry at Charlie for leaving his mother. Jared reveals his mother met another man, who physically hurt them both. He tells how Pamela Stewart was the sister of this man, and often came over and made the abuse stop temporarily. Pamela would often speak of her wonderful relationship with Asa Buchanan and how he loved his sons. Jared admits that he fantasized about having Asa as his father, and jumped at the first opportunity that came along. Charlie apologizes to his son, but admits he cannot change the past.

As Allison spies on the guests, Roxy attempts to convince her to leave. Roxy warns Allison that she will be carted off to St. Ann's once someone notices her. Allison refuses to leave-until she has had her fun. Roxy continues to beg Allison to leave. Allison tells Roxy she didn't break out of St. Ann's to hide behind a curtain-she wants to have fun. When Roxy takes her eyes off Allison for a second, she discovers Allison has disappeared. Roxy finally locates Allison and questions what exactly she is up to. Allison tells Roxy she intends to make them all pay. Jessica enters the ballroom looking for Bo, but notices Allison peering from behind a curtain. Realizing she has been spotted, Allison pushes Roxy away and takes off, with Jessica hot on her trail.

Natalie approaches Viki to speak with her about Allison. When Natalie wonders if Viki is waiting for Charlie, Viki informs Natalie that Charlie and her Uncle Jared have gone off together somewhere. Viki and Natalie intend to have their discussion at the bar, but are surprised to witness Jared and Charlie involved in an intense conversation. Jared asks Natalie if he may have a private conversation with her. At first, Natalie is unwilling, but grudgingly agrees. Jared informs Natalie he would like to discuss their relationship. When Natalie informs Jared they are family and need to realize that fact, she is startled by Jared's response, "What if we weren't?"

Bo, Lindsay, Clint, and Nora meet up again. Nora asks Lindsay when the burning of the secrets begins. While waiting on Lindsay's response, Nora has a memory of witnessing Lindsay place her secret at the diner. Jokingly, Clint wonders what an unburned secret is called. Nora replies with a smug smile, "evidence." Dorian approaches with the mayor and introduces him to Lindsay. Mayor Lowell exclaims, "How could I ever forget her?" When a photographer takes a picture of the mayor standing near Lindsay, May or Lowell appears bothered. The mayor asks Bo to speak with him privately, and presents Bo with a letter of resignation. As Lindsay and Nora watch from a short distance away, May or Lowell tells Bo to either evict Lindsay from his home, or resign as police commissioner. Bo refuses to resign and informs the mayor if he wants to force Bo out, the mayor will have to fire him. Mayor Lowell tells Bo to consider it done and demands his badge. Lindsay approaches Bo and questions if everything is all right. Bo smiles nervously, but doesn't reveal what has taken place.

Gigi thanks Rex for defending her. As Rex informs Gigi he will always be on her side, Adriana interrupts their conversation. Gigi and Rex stare uncomfortably at each other.

While Dorian and Viki call everyone's attention to the podium, Nora excuses herself from Clint. Lindsay notices Nora leaving the ballroom; she quickly follows her. When Nora begins to tamper with the secrets box, it falls over and breaks-exposing all the secrets. Lindsay enters the room and finds Nora sprawled out on the floor, reading the secrets. Lindsay tells Nora she is a jealous shrew, who cannot stand to see anyone else happy. Nora is embarrassed.

Meanwhile, May or Lowell approaches the podium and informs the room full of shocked guests that Bo is no longer the Police Commissioner. The Mayor announces he would like to introduce everyone to Llanview's new Police Commissioner, a highly decorated former FBI agent. Everyone gasps as Ramsey approaches the podium with a big grin.

Jessica locates Allison standing on the terrace. Screaming at Allison, who has her back to her, Jessica states, "It's over, right now!" Removing a gun from her purse, Allison turns to face Jessica. Smiling, Allison points the gun at Jessica and responds, "It sure is Jessica."

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