OLTL Recaps: The week of June 27, 2011 on One Life to Live
David was certain that someone was framing him. Vimal was stunned and Cris was disgusted to hear that Rama wasn't really pregnant. Rex offered Gigi's heart to Clint in exchange for Clint's fortune. Rex wanted the fortune to destroy Todd because Jack had been taken off the hook. Vimal learned the truth about Liam's paternity and thought that John should know. Brody heard Marty's confession on tape.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Joey entered the nursery as Jessica put Ryder down for a nap. Jessica told Joey that she was going to the hospital to see Clint. Brody entered, and Jessica reminded him that he didn't live at Llanfair anymore. He was only there to get Liam for an appointment at the doctor. Angry that he was there, Jessica stormed out.

Brody told Joey to "give me hell" sometime when Liam wasn't around. Joey related that Jessica didn't need any help giving hell to anyone. Joey advised Brody that he couldn't love both Natalie and Jessica, so Brody had to choose, and let one go. Brody replied that things hadn't gone very well for Joey. Recognizing that Brody was right, Joey warned Brody to make the right decision, or he would end up alone like Joey.

At the police station, Rex wondered why Jack wasn't in a jail cell. Todd maintained his son's innocence. John admitted that there had been a new development in the case, but that he was looking into it. Rex knew that Todd had done something to make Brad confess. He lunged at Todd and slammed him on a desk. John pulled the two apart, and Rex told John to do his job.

Rex sarcastically spat that he could teach Shane about how he only needed lots of money in order to get away with murder. Rex vowed to make Todd and Jack pay for their crimes, and left. Todd wanted Rex arrested for assault, but John claimed not to have seen anything. John said that it was Todd's last chance to share any information about Marty's whereabouts. Todd remembered finding out about Liam's true paternity. "If you won't help me, I won't help you," Todd said, and walked out with Jack and Téa.

Clint instructed Viki and Natalie to gather the family. Natalie refused to give up on Clint, but Clint knew that Rex wouldn't change his mind about Gigi's heart. Viki thought that Clint knew what was best for himself, so she urged Natalie to listen to him. Natalie left, upset.

Clint was glad for some alone time with Viki, because he had something to tell her. He told her that he was no longer the man she had married. He related that people were supposed to "get better" with age, like Viki had. He felt that he would have gotten better, if he'd found his way back to Viki. He'd always acted better around her, and said that he would "die owing you for that."

Jessica arrived at the hospital and found Natalie outside of Clint's room. She wondered if the transplant had begun. Natalie revealed that the transplant had been cancelled, because Gigi had given Rex the power to make medical decisions for her. Jessica urged Natalie to say whatever Rex needed to hear in order to get him to change his mind. "You're good at that. It should be easy for you," Jessica spat, as Viki walked out of Clint's room.

Viki was horrified at Jessica's statements, and wondered if her daughters would want Clint to hear the confrontation. Viki told Jessica and Natalie to visit with their father, so they did. Joey entered and found Viki upset. Viki filled Joey in on Rex's decision, and related that there was no hope.

Clint told Jessica and Natalie how lucky he was to have them. Clint wanted them to promise to remember that they were lucky to be twins. He pleaded with them to find a way to forgive one another. The girls exited the room, crying. Joey went into the room, because Clint wanted to talk to his son. Clint was glad that Joey was there to take care of Viki, Jessica, and Natalie, but wondered who would take care of Joey. He made Joey promise not to let Kelly get away.

David, clad in black, hung black drapes around the house. Kelly wondered why he and Dorian were in mourning. David answered that they were mourning because Clint was getting a heart transplant. A horrified Kelly reasoned that Clint was Zane's grandfather, and that Joey would be devastated if he had to lose his father.

Dorian thought that, if it weren't for John, Kelly and Joey would be perfect together. Kelly revealed that she and John had decided to be friends. Dorian urged her to get back together with Joey, but Kelly thought it was "too late for Joey and me." David couldn't believe that Joey had rejected Kelly again, but Kelly confessed that she'd rejected Joey. She hadn't wanted to be a rebound. A shocked Dorian related that it had been the "stupidest thing you've ever done in your life."

Dorian picked up the phone to call Joey for Kelly. Viki answered the phone because Joey was with Clint. Dorian wondered why Clint wasn't in surgery, so Viki filled her in. Dorian expressed her sorrow for Viki, and hung up the phone. She announced the news to Kelly and David. Kelly hurriedly grabbed her things and ran towards the door. Kelly left to see Joey, and David got up to take the black curtains down.

Dorian wanted to lie down for a while, which prompted David to wonder why. Dorian confessed that she'd wanted Clint "stopped" and "destroyed," but not dead. She confided that, if Clint died, his blood would be on her hands. She explained the situation to David, but he reasoned that she had been a "Good Samaritan." Dorian thanked him for the kind words. The doorbell rang, and David left to answer it. He opened the door and said, "What the hell are you doing here?"

In Gigi's room, Shane apologized to his mother. He thought that it should have been him in the basement instead of her. He vowed to make Jack pay, and assured Gigi that Rex would make sure that Jack would go to jail. There was a knock on the door, and Brody entered with Liam. Brody expressed his sorrow for Shane, and assured him that there was an airtight case against Jack. Brody said that he considered Shane family, so he would always have Shane's back.

A short while later, Rex returned to Gigi's room. Rex regrettably updated Shane on what had happened at the police station. He assured Shane that John knew Jack had something to do with the accident. Rex promised that Jack and Todd would pay. A short while later, Shane was gone. Rex assured Gigi that Jack and Todd wouldn't get away with their actions. He said that there was "only one way to make that happen." He begged for forgiveness for "what I'm about to do." He was doing it for Shane. He promised that he would always love Gigi.

Brody saw Natalie in the hallway, and wondered why she was crying. As he gave her a comforting hug, Jessica turned the corner and saw. She angrily walked away. Natalie told Brody about Clint's condition. He said that facing the truth was sometimes the only thing to do. Natalie asked Brody to take Liam home, because she had "something to take care of." She promised to call soon, and he left. Natalie entered Gigi's room, calling for Rex, but she only found Gigi.

Viki filled Kelly in on Clint's condition as Joey exited his father's room. Kelly hugged Joey, and told him that she "couldn't stay away." Viki, Joey, and Kelly held hands and began to pray for Clint as Rex walked up. He wondered if Clint had died, but Viki informed him that Clint had little time left. He disclosed that he had business to discuss with Clint. Joey tried to stop Rex, but Viki told Joey to allow Rex in the room. Rex entered the room, as Joey told Viki that Rex didn't deserve a minute with Clint. Viki reminded Joey that Rex was Clint's son.

Clint wondered if Rex had arrived to go "one more round." Rex revealed that he was there to save Clint's life. He'd changed his mind about giving Gigi's heart to Clint. "On one condition," he added.

Brody stopped at the police station to pick up his paycheck. He ran into John, who asked for a favor. He wanted Brody to put the bags of Gigi's things from the scene into evidence. He handed Brody the bags, one of which contained the recorder.

The man with Todd's original face arrived in front of Todd's house. He drew his gun, and cautiously entered the house. The man made himself at home, putting his feet up in the living room. He caught sight of Todd and Téa's wedding photo, and remembered when he had married Téa.

The man drew his gun and scrambled to hide outside as Todd, Téa, and Jack loudly entered the house. Todd yelled that Jack had "dodged twenty to life" without so much as a thank you to Todd or Téa. Téa wanted to talk to Todd, so she sent Jack up to his room. The two went into the living room and closed the doors as the man watched through the window.

Todd and Téa argued about Todd's actions. Téa classified them as fraud, while Todd rationalized that he had done it for his son. "I would do it again in a heartbeat!" he added. She thought that he was teaching his son that actions had no consequences. Téa thought that Jack was dangerous. Todd knew that his son hadn't set out to kill anyone, but Téa remembered how little remorse Jack had when he'd found out about Gigi's condition. Jack only thought about himself.

As Jack listened at the door, Téa disgustedly told Todd that Jack was turning into Todd. Todd yelled that, had Dani been in the same situation, Téa would have "pulled every trick in the book." Todd wanted to deal with Jack in his own way, but Téa knew that it would make things worse. She didn't want to witness it, and was uncomfortable that someone else was taking the blame for Jack's actions.

Todd said that, since Téa was Jack's lawyer, she couldn't tell anyone what Jack had done. He revealed that he was a father before anything else. Téa opened the door and found an eavesdropping Jack. Todd looked disgusted with his son. Téa walked through the house, and walked out the door. The man followed Téa.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Damn you, Todd," Téa said though sobs as she stood alone at the docks. The man with Todd's original face had followed her, and he watched Téa as he remained out of sight. Suddenly, he silently made his way over to her and stood behind her. He looked as though he wanted to comfort her, but he ran off when Sean suddenly appeared and called out to Téa.

Shaun couldn't believe that Téa had been unaware that a man had creeped up behind her, but Téa had been oblivious. "As long as it wasn't Todd Manning," she said to Shaun. She didn't want to discuss the latest problem, but it involved Todd. "He's a hard man to love," Téa admitted. She thought that she and Todd spent equal amounts of time both hating and loving each other.

Shaun pointed out that the couple had something real if they kept on marrying each other. Téa disclosed that she'd married Todd for money the first time around, but had fallen in love for the second wedding. The man lurked in the background and remembered all that Téa spoke about.

Shaun felt that Téa didn't hate Todd, only his actions. Téa pointed out that Todd had never changed, and he refused to learn from his mistakes. Shaun put his arm around Téa, and accompanied her away from the docks. The man stepped out from the shadows.

At the Manning residence, Jack admitted that he'd been eavesdropping on Todd and Téa because he had felt bad about their arguing. "I did what I did to save your sorry ass," Todd yelled at his son. Jack wondered if Todd had paid off Brad's father. Todd advised his son that someone had to pay for what had happened to Gigi, and Jack should have been happy that it hadn't been him.

Todd stated that he'd protected Jack, though Jack disclosed that he felt sorry for Brad. Todd lost his temper. Jack had committed a stupid prank and had almost ruined his life over it. "Thanks?" Jack said sarcastically. "Shut up and listen," Todd yelled at his son. He announced that he wanted Jack to be involved in running the newspaper when he was older, and Jack reminded him that it wouldn't be for a very long time.

Todd insisted that they would discuss it, because he'd gone to a lot of trouble for Jack. He intended to have Jack spend every day with him at the office over the summer, and there would be no friends on the weekends. He wanted Jack to grow up and not ruin his life the way that Todd had. Todd and Jack shook hands. "I'll be with you every step of the way," Todd promised.

At Llanview Hospital, Echo spoke to someone on the phone and advised the party that she wanted fireworks and a full report. Viki spotted her nemesis and glared at her. Viki wondered what Echo was up to and assumed that Echo was hiding something. Viki assured Echo that she didn't care who Echo was talking to. Echo suggested that it might be Charlie, but Viki knew better. She was certain that Charlie would never talk to Echo again after the way Echo had lied to him.

Echo wanted a truce, because she and Viki were both at the hospital due to family issues. Viki stated that Clint receiving Gigi's heart was up to Rex, and Echo admitted that she was upset about Gigi. Echo couldn't help but add that Clint's deteriorating condition was Dorian's fault.

Viki was confused, so Echo explained. Echo wondered how Viki thought the discovery of Echo's statements about Clint being Rex's father had been divulged in the first place. It was due to Dorian, who'd had possession of the recorder. Dorian had refused to give any aid to Clint until he'd given her the recorder.

There would have been no other way for Dorian to have gotten her hands on the recording, Echo clarified. Dorian had used it against Clint. It was possible that Clint might have been helped sooner, and then he wouldn't have found himself at "death's door." Echo thought it was important, and that Viki should know about it. Viki wondered why Echo was just telling her the truth after so much time had elapsed.

Rex visited with Clint and advised him that there was a condition for receiving Gigi's heart. Clint pointed out that he knew there had to be "an angle." Rex noted that Clint had always presumed that Rex was a "good-for-nothing" and had kept him out of the family. Suddenly, Rex held the power in his "grubby gold-digging hands," and he didn't want to disappoint Clint.

Clint thought that perhaps Rex wanted an apology or wanted Clint to admit that he'd been a terrible father, but Rex confided that he wanted to live up to Clint's expectations of him. Rex wanted all of Clint's money. Clint figured it would all boil down to "cold hard cash," but Rex insisted that it wasn't that simple. He had to sacrifice the heart of the person he loved most in the world. "I want everything," Rex declared.

Rex proceeded to list every possible asset that Clint might have. The list included cash, stocks, Buchanan Enterprises, and Clint's house and cars. Rex proclaimed that he even wanted the "dust under the rugs." He wanted Clint to be broke, broken, and homeless. Clint reminded Rex that it wasn't that easy, because he had a multi-billion dollar enterprise. He couldn't liquidate that quickly, and he wondered if Rex had considered his siblings.

Clint added that Rex couldn't have the house either, because that belonged to Cutter, the results of another deal. Rex advised Clint that there would be no deal unless he received everything that he wanted. Rex added, "If there's a hell, you'll go straight there." Rex explained that he wanted the power and money for his own reasons, though Clint figured it was to humiliate Clint. Rex called that part a bonus.

Clint informed Rex that Rex was more ruthless than Clint thought. "Guess I'm a Buchanan after all," Rex affirmed. He thought it was too bad that Clint didn't have the time that he claimed he needed to get everything together.

"I missed you so much," Ionia shrieked as she ran into David's arms at La Boulaie. "Get your hands off my man, bitch," Dorian yelled as she strode into the foyer to witness Ionia all over David. Ionia whined that she'd thought that she and David would be alone, and she advised Dorian that she and David were in love. David repeatedly insisted that there was nothing going on with the actress, who was crazy. The woman was obviously obsessed with him, David advised his wife.

Dorian asked about the photographs of David and Ionia that she'd seen. Ionia swore that she and David were having an affair, and because she'd played Dorian in their movie, she knew all about Dorian's behavior. Ionia advised Dorian that Dorian should give up, because Dorian certainly knew the time was right to let David go. David proclaimed that he was happily married, and that there had never been anything between him and Ionia. He pushed the actress away as she stuffed her Palace room key into his pocket.

"I didn't like that," Dorian declared once they'd gotten rid of Ionia. David hoped that Dorian believed him, even as he looked at the key, which was from the Penthouse Suite. He was certain that the whole thing had been a setup. Dorian looked at the photographs again. She wanted to believe her husband. David suggested that Clint might be behind the photos, but Dorian didn't think that was possible. David declared that he and Dorian had to trust each other.

Echo and Ionia met up at Capricorn, and Ionia revealed that everything had gone well and according to plan. She was certain that Dorian was starting to doubt David. Echo praised the woman and vowed to destroy Dorian. "She won't know what hit her," Echo said.

At the Buchanan mansion, Rama attempted to console Nigel, who was distraught over Clint's condition. When the doorbell rang, Cutter ordered Nigel to answer it, but ended up opening the door himself after Nigel rebelled. It was Aubrey, and she announced that she was moving back in. "Did hell freeze over?" Cutter asked her. Aubrey explained that she'd been kicked out of Llanfair after Jessica had returned for Ryder, and she had nowhere else to go.

Cutter assured Aubrey that her problem wasn't his, and no amount of begging on Aubrey's part would move him. Aubrey continued to plead her case. "You betrayed me," Cutter reminded her. "You owe me," Aubrey reminded Cutter back.

Vimal had an herbal remedy that he tried to get Rama to drink in order to help her pregnancy. It was awful tasting, and Rama refused. She stated that she had morning sickness, but Vimal didn't believe that was possible given that she was past the first trimester. Vimal believed that Rama was trying to protect him, and she was really sick over Cristian's kiss. Vimal vowed to protect his wife and baby always.

The conversation between Cutter and Aubrey grew into a loud argument, as each accused the other of making certain choices over the years. Vimal was annoyed, and ordered them to quiet down, because the "negative energy" was bad for the baby. "Wake up," Aubrey proclaimed, adding, "Rama is not pregnant." Vimal accused Aubrey of lying. Nigel received a phone call and left the group.

Rama asked to speak to Vimal alone, but Aubrey continued. Aubrey stated that Rama had gotten Vimal to "take the fall" for Clint, and had convinced Vimal to go to jail because she'd told him she was pregnant. Rama had held something over Aubrey's head, and she also had something on Cutter. Rama looked sick as her husband looked at her questioningly. Rama admitted that Aubrey was telling the truth, and she insisted that she'd planned on telling Vimal herself. Rama pleaded with Vimal to understand, and she said she loved him.

Vimal repeated that Rama had lied to him, and he couldn't believe that she had made him go to jail for money. He ordered his wife to go away. "Nice. You just ruined his marriage," Cutter informed Aubrey, who disagreed. Vimal would have found out anyway, Aubrey stated, though she apologized. She reached out to Vimal. "Don't touch me," Vimal shouted. He couldn't believe what had happened, all because of the Buchanan money.

Aubrey was sorry, because she knew what it was like to lose someone she loved. Cutter demanded that both Aubrey and Vimal leave the house. The pair tried to figure out what they could do, but Vimal wanted nothing to do with Aubrey.

Nigel finished with his phone call and informed Cutter that the house no longer belonged to Cutter. He took great pleasure in explaining that Cutter had obviously not read the small print in his contract with Clint. It stated that Clint could take the house back at his discretion. Cutter quickly thumbed through the pages. Just then, a honking horn sounded from outside. Nigel advised Cutter to hurry and pack his things, because the movers were waiting.

Cristian looked at a drawing on a piece of paper while he was tending bar at Capricorn. He was surprised to see a distraught Rama. She proclaimed that her marriage was over. Cristian was sorry. He explained that the drawing he held was one that Gigi had done. It had never been completed, just like Gigi's life. Maybe things would turn out for the better, Cristian thought. Life was short, but he and Rama could be together.

Rama couldn't think of that, and she admitted that she'd lied to Cristian about things too. She'd persuaded Vimal to take the blame for Clint, because she had wanted to get rich. She would understand if Cristian wouldn't talk to her again. Cristian declared that he wouldn't, and he walked away.

Joey, Kelly, and Viki arrived at Clint's room, and Clint announced that he would be receiving Gigi's heart. He gave his family the details, and Viki urged the others not to blame Rex. The young man was grieving, she told them. Nigel arrived with a large box filled with documents, and Rex walked in shortly after.

"So what's up? Do we have a deal?" Rex asked. Clint revealed that he'd had emergency plans drawn up after he had believed that he would be going to jail. He had intended to transfer everything to his sons, and regrettably, Rex fit that designation. As Clint signed the form, Rex pointed out that Clint had also lied about how fast he'd be able to make the arrangements. Viki agreed to be a witness to the signature.

Rex asked again about the house, and Clint tossed him the house keys. Nigel expressed how happy he was that Clint had a chance at life. Rex wondered what else was in the box, and he looked inside. It contained some stock certificates, papers, and the combination to the safe. Rex also found a ring that had belonged to Clint's mother. He picked up the box and its contents and left the room.

Clint asked Viki to find the doctors, because he was ready for the transplant. He had given everything away, but he would soon have a new heart and a chance to live.

Rex returned to Gigi's room with the box. He was sorry, but he'd had to do it, he explained. He had the money and power that would enable him to destroy Todd and Jack. He promised that the Mannings would pay. "But how do I let you go?" Rex wondered.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baz took Blair up on her offer to use the music equipment at Capricorn, and he acted as deejay for the graduation party that was held at the club. James was not happy to see that Baz was staying in Llanview.

Dani looked on suspiciously from across the room as Deanna and Nate appeared engrossed with each other. Deanna revealed that she had received countless text messages from Rick, imploring her to star in his porn film or he'd have to tell the police how Matthew had been injured. Nate was sorry for having involved Deanna, but Deanna brushed his apology aside. Nate had given her a place to live after all, she said.

Just then, Deanna received another text from Rick, and Nate wondered whether it might be "prison or porn" for him. He noted that it wouldn't be like they were really having sex, and it wouldn't mean anything. Dani had taken that moment to walk over and heard part of what Nate had said. "You had sex with Deanna?" she exclaimed. Nate assured her that it was only a joke, while Deanna stated that they had been playing a game. The two different answers infuriated Dani, and she walked away.

At the hospital, Destiny sat by Matthew's side and explained to the sleeping teen that they hadn't used protection when they'd had sex. "I might be pregnant," she said as she played with the test kit. Bo arrived to check on his son, and he wondered how Destiny was holding up. He asked the girl if she minded staying with Matthew, because he wanted to look in on Clint.

Destiny agreed without hesitation. "Do you know how lucky we are to have you?" the police commissioner asked. Destiny breathed a sigh of relief when Bo left, realizing that he hadn't heard what she'd said to Matthew. After awhile, Destiny kissed Matthew goodbye. She had promised Dani that she would go to the graduation party. She added that Nate had received his diploma, and she knew that Nate felt bad about Matthew's injury.

Near Clint's room, Viki informed Natalie and Jessica that Rex had changed his mind about Gigi's heart going to Clint. Unfortunately, Rex had demanded all of Clint's money and belongings. The girls bickered over Rex's behavior, and Viki had to break them apart. Jessica pointed out that Clint had been right about Rex all along, and she wondered if Rex might be auctioning off additional body parts. Natalie tried to defend Rex's behavior.

The girls ripped into each other again, and Viki had to step in once more. Jessica accused Natalie of only caring about herself. Jessica stormed off, and Natalie ran into Bo's arms for comforting. Viki found Jessica, who confessed that she hated Brody and Natalie. Viki understood how horrible it must have been for Jessica to walk in on Natalie and Brody having sex, but Viki wanted Jessica to try to understand.

Viki explained that others had suffered as well, not just Jessica. Viki would understand it the most out of everyone, and Viki was aware of what other people went through when their loved one was taken over by another personality. Brody had stood by Jessica for a long time and during numerous incidents, Viki continued.

"That was big of him," Jessica said sarcastically. "Actually it was," Viki replied. Brody had his own pain to go through in addition to that with Jessica. No one had meant to hurt Jessica, Viki concluded. Jessica confessed that Brody had accused her of hiding behind Tess and of intentionally allowing Tess to emerge. Viki informed Jessica that Brody didn't really understand the way it all worked, and that Jessica really had no control.

Jessica insisted that she'd returned for Brody, but it was all over between them. She couldn't forgive him for sleeping with Natalie a second time. Viki made it clear that Jessica had been gone, and everyone had assumed that Jessica had been gone forever. She believed that Jessica should not give up, and she should try to forgive Brody.

Natalie updated Bo on Rex's demands of Clint, and Bo was surprised. He didn't think it sounded like Rex at all, and he offered to talk to Rex about it.

Later, Natalie sat alone and watched as a doctor stopped to speak into a recorder. An alarm went off in her head, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She saw Viki and told her how worried she was about everyone. It seemed as though her world was falling apart around her. Natalie also explained that she'd been having weird dreams about being on the roof with Marty. She'd had flashes of the event, but she hadn't remembered much. Natalie knew that she and Marty had been arguing about the recorder.

Viki noted that Natalie and Brody really seemed to care about each other. Natalie clarified that while they were friends and parents, there had been an attraction. They cared about each other, but she wasn't certain that there was more to it than that. She and Brody hadn't been able to find the time to talk, Natalie explained. They had probably been avoiding it. Viki suggested that Natalie make time in order to get things out in the open and save her relationship with her sister either way.

Rex advised Shane that he had decided to allow Clint to receive Gigi's heart. Shane asked why his mother had to die while Clint got to live. "It's complicated," Rex said. He attempted to explain to his son that Gigi had been an organ donor. Rex added that they didn't have much time left, and they had to say goodbye to Gigi. The pair went into Gigi's room.

Shane grabbed his mother's hand and told her what a great mom she'd been. He assured her that he'd never forget how she'd always told him how perfect he was. He noted that the house was empty without her, and he would miss her. He hooked his pinkie around hers and promised to continue writing and drawing. He planned on being an artist. "And a good man," he added, before continuing, "I love you so much, mom." He kissed her goodbye and turned to cry in Rex's arms.

Rex comforted his son outside of Gigi's room, and Bo found them standing there together. Rex asked to speak to Bo alone, and Shane walked over to the waiting area. Bo admitted that he'd heard about Rex's actions, but he wasn't there about that. "How you doing, Balsom?" Bo asked. Rex declared that he should have been married and watching his son grow up. He had to say goodbye instead.

Bo offered to stay with Shane while Rex visited with Gigi. Rex suggested that Shane use his inhaler, and when Shane dug into his things, he found the ring that Rex had obtained from Clint. Shane handed it to his father. Rex entered the room and wondered how to say goodbye. He advised Gigi that he had Clint's mother's ring, though he regretted that he hadn't bought Gigi a beautiful ring himself plus lots more.

Rex noted that people had always thought that he was funny, but he'd only wanted to hear Gigi's laughs. He slid the ring onto Gigi's finger. "Better late than never," he muttered. "About time, she says," Rex imagined Gigi might say. "I, Rex Balsom, take you, Gigi Morasco, to have and to hold from this day forward," he began. Rex stated his marriage vows in full. He pictured Gigi saying her vows back as she placed a ring on his finger. They were happy, and they shared a kiss.

Back to reality, and Rex kissed Gigi's hand. He told her that she was his wife, and it sounded really mature. He mentioned that he owed her a honeymoon, and he asked her to wait for him. He also wanted her to save a dance for him. In his mind, he saw himself slow dancing with Gigi. He promised to take care of Shane, and Gigi told him to take care of himself too. She wouldn't be there to watch over him, so she wanted him to talk to the people who surrounded him.

"Remember me. No tears," Gigi said. She loved Rex, and he and Shane were her life. Rex was her first, last, and true love. They hugged, and suddenly Bo was placing his hand on Rex's shoulder. "It's time," Bo said softly. Rex declared his love for Gigi. "Goodbye, Mrs. Balsom," he said solemnly and tearfully. He kissed her gently.

At the police station, Brody sat at a desk covered with bags of evidence that included all of Gigi's belongings found at the vacant house. He was determined to find something that might point to Jack. He picked up the bagged tape recorder and wondered why Gigi might have had that in her possession. Before he could listen to it, Ford walked in.

Ford wanted Brody's help with Tess and his son, but Brody assured him that he would never provide it. Jessica had been gone because of Ford, Brody retorted. Ford tried to reason with Brody, explaining that he had wanted to be a father and look after his son. Ryder needed him, Ford pleaded. Brody revealed that Jessica wouldn't talk to Brody.

Ford was happy and under the impression that Tess had returned, but Brody corrected him. Jessica had found Brody and Natalie in bed together, and she'd been hurt and angry. Ford accused Brody of giving up on Jessica, but Brody assured him that things weren't that simple. Jessica had made a vow to never let anyone take anything away from her again. Brody was certain that Tess would never reappear.

Ford was excited, though, because he believed that Tess would show herself again after seeing her Brody and Natalie in bed. Brody ordered Ford to leave Jessica alone in order for her to get better. He urged Ford to walk away. "Now get out of here," Brody shouted. He went back to the table to play the recorder. He was interrupted again when the phone rang. He was surprised to hear Jessica on the other end.

Jessica filled Brody in on Clint's condition and the latest with the heart transplant. "I just thought that you might want to know," Jessica maintained. Brody apologized for hurting Jessica, and he had realized that Jessica had no control over Tess. Jessica thought that maybe she really did, and she needed to take responsibility. Jessica had comprehended that things hadn't been easy for Brody, and while they'd both suffered from mental illness, he had gotten better.

Jessica wondered if Brody were sorry that he'd slept with Natalie again, but the deafening silence gave Jessica her answer. "Oh, my God. You actually have feelings for her," she uttered. Jessica had nothing further to say.

Ford showed up at Capricorn and found James. Ford proclaimed that everything between Brody and Jessica appeared to be over, but he probably couldn't request that Tess return. Ford didn't want to hurt Jessica, especially because she had two children. James reminded his brother that one of the kids was Ford's, and he thought that Ford shouldn't take any advice that Brody might have given him.

It was a competition, and James thought that Ford should fight for what he wanted. Ford was worried about Ryder's custody, but James pointed out that Ford already didn't have his son so there was nothing to lose. He thought that Ford should do whatever it took.

Dani rushed over to Starr and told her about the conversation she'd heard between Deanna and Nate. Dani was certain that the couple had slept together, especially because Dani had kept Nate waiting for sex. Dani could tell that things had been different ever since Deanna had moved into Nate's apartment, and the couple always seemed to be sharing things between them. She wondered if it were a "friends with benefits" situation.

Starr was sure that Nate loved Dani, and just as certain that Deanna still loved James. Dani agreed that Nate and Deanna had most likely not slept together, but something was going on.

Destiny arrived and found Nate and Deanna. She exclaimed that she'd just left Mathew at the hospital. He'd opened his eyes and he'd talked, though he'd had difficulty with words. Matthew had remembered what had happened to him, and he'd mentioned Eddie. Matthew had grown frustrated, and he'd been sedated, but Destiny was sure he would talk soon enough. Then his father would be able to arrest whoever had caused the injury.

Destiny walked away, and Nate realized that he would no longer have to worry about the porn movie, because Matthew would talk.

James had a song dedicated to Starr, and the couple took to the dance floor. Nate followed with Dani, though he continued to exchange glances with Deanna. Destiny pulled the test kit from her purse and looked at it.

Bo returned to Matthew's room and looked at a get-well card that had been signed with Rex's, Gigi's, and Shane's names.

Dressed in scrubs, Ford grabbed Jessica from behind, and placed a cloth over her mouth.

Natalie showed up at the police station to see Brody.

Rex and Shane watched as Gigi was wheeled away.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dani and Baz arrived in front of Dani's house, but Baz didn't want to go in. Dani knew that he didn't want to deal with Tomas. Baz didn't even want to talk about Tomas; he wanted to talk about Starr. He wondered why she'd left Capricorn so early. Dani explained that Starr probably had to get back to her daughter, Hope.

A surprised Baz had thought that Starr and James hadn't yet slept together. Dani said that James wasn't the father, and wondered how Baz knew the information. He admitted to eavesdropping on a phone conversation of Starr's. Dani warned Baz not to "get any ideas," because Starr was with James.

Téa paced around the living room. She picked up her and Todd's wedding picture and threw it across the room, shattering the frame. Tomas entered the room, startled by the noise. He asked if she was angry about Baz, but she didn't know who that was. She was angry at "Todd. Who else?" She explained that they'd had a disagreement about parenting, and admitted that it had been about Jack. He remembered that Blair had been concerned about Jack, but Téa couldn't discuss it because of confidentiality.

Tomas knew that Téa was a great mother, and mentioned that she'd make a great aunt as well. Tomas explained to his sister about Baz. She was surprised, but advised her brother to give Baz time. It had taken Dani time, but she loved Todd. He related that Baz had agreed to live in Llanview in order to work on his music, but he was stubborn, and "a handful."

Tomas hoped it would be all right for Baz to stay with them. Téa insisted that it was, because Baz was family. Tomas thought that Todd might object, but Téa refused to let him. She reasoned that Todd only objected to guys that were seen as "threats" to his daughters. Dani and Baz entered, so Tomas introduced Baz to Téa. He recognized his aunt as "the sister you abandoned," and hadn't cared about for years. Téa explained that they were working through things. Téa was looking forward to getting to know her nephew. Baz rudely excused himself, and Dani followed.

Tomas wondered if he should go after Baz, but Téa urged Tomas to give Baz time to settle. Tomas made sure that his sister would be all right. She wished Todd would return home so they could "have it out." She related that, when he got angry, his misplaced anger had to go somewhere. She feared the trouble that Todd might get into.

Todd arrived at Capricorn and demanded to see Blair. The bartender informed Todd that Blair wasn't there, so he ordered a drink. He recognized Vimal sitting at the bar, so Todd sat down right next to him. The two men caught up, and Vimal told Todd about all of Rama's lies. Todd knew that people would do all kinds of things for money, including him, but Téa didn't agree with it.

Vimal related that Rama had dashed all of his hopes and dreams. He wished for a son, but Todd warned Vimal to be careful what he wished for. "Sons don't stay innocent forever," he advised. He continued that he was at Capricorn to tell Jack's mother that Jack was all right. Vimal had ended up at Capricorn to look for Cristian. He'd wanted to confront Cristian about how he'd tried to seduce Rama, but Vimal wondered if the attraction had ever been one-sided at all.

Todd warned Vimal not to trust Rama with Cristian. Vimal stated that Cristian could have Rama, because Cristian would only leave Rama for another man's wife anyway. Todd thought that Vimal and Rama would make up and get back together, but Vimal refused. He hoped that Rama got "reincarnated as a mosquito on the hide of a buffalo."

Vimal wondered if Todd and Téa would work things out. Todd was confident that Téa would eventually cool down, and see that he was right. Todd was convinced that he'd done what any good father would have done. The two toasted "to not worrying." However, Vimal was distressed about what he would tell his parents, who were on their way to meet their grandchild. He related that Rama made him angry, and he attempted to crush a shot glass. Todd stopped him, and advised him, "Don't get mad. Get even."

Vimal asked if Todd was going to take revenge on Téa. Todd clarified that he was going to get revenge on John. Todd explained that John had been after him for years, but had crossed the line by going after Jack. Todd confided that John had a son that he knew nothing about.

Rama entered the steam room at the gym to find Cristian. She wanted to explain the reasoning behind all of her lies. As a skeptical Cristian listened, she apologized for lying. She continued that his support had meant a lot to her, and that she'd never meant to hurt him. She hadn't wanted to admit the entire story to him, because she hadn't wanted him to see her as a "selfish, horrible, greedy person," and especially because she had feelings for him. She knew that their kiss had meant something.

Cristian told Rama that he'd gone to the steam room to be alone. Taking the hint, she got up. She sincerely hoped that he could accept her apology, because she valued his friendship. "Maybe in another life," she suggested, and left.

Natalie entered the evidence room at the police station as Brody was going through the evidence from Gigi's accident. She'd been going crazy at the hospital and had needed to get out. Brody said that Jessica had called him about Clint's transplant. He told her that Jessica had asked him if he was sorry that he'd slept with Natalie. Natalie was happy that Brody and Jessica were going to get back together. However, Brody admitted that he hadn't said he was sorry about it, because he wasn't.

Brody continued that Natalie meant something to him, so things couldn't just go back to normal. He thought that too many things were different, including the way he felt about Natalie. Natalie thought that they couldn't be in a relationship. Brody wondered why they should worry about hurting the people who'd hurt them so much. Brody wanted to try being a family with her and Liam. If she didn't want to, he would understand, and would promise not to mention it again. Suddenly, Natalie kissed him.

Brody wondered what the kiss meant. Natalie explained that something was happening between the two of them, and she didn't want to run from it. Brody added that Liam deserved a family, with parents who cared about each other. He warned that many people would judge them. "This isn't my first rodeo," she reminded him. She added that Jessica already hated her, and John had no right to object.

Brody knew things could get awkward since he and Natalie worked with John, and would also see Jessica around. Natalie decided that she needed to tell John face-to-face about her and Brody. They agreed that they were doing the right thing, and she left. Brody picked up the recorder, and hit play. "Natalie didn't have another man's baby. She had John's," Brody was shocked to hear Marty's recording say.

Blair entered Rodi's and found John drinking alone. She wanted to know why he'd arrested Jack and hadn't called her. He reasoned that Todd and Téa had been there. Blair said that Téa had called, and told her that no charges had been filed. She was grateful that Jack hadn't done anything wrong. "Except kill Gigi Morasco," John added.

John updated Blair on everything from the MyFace messages, up to Brad taking all the blame for the crime. Blair felt sorry for Shane, but was relieved that Jack had had nothing to do with it. John chuckled, and said that he knew Brad had lied. He thought that Todd had made Brad's dad "an offer he couldn't refuse." Blair was surprised that John thought Todd had paid off Brad's dad. John related that, "For the time being, Jack got away with murder."

Jack sat with his legs in the pool, as the man with Todd's original face looked on. Starr entered and wondered why Jack was there alone, with tears on his face. Starr urged her brother to talk to her. Jack sadly informed Starr of what had happened to Gigi. Starr wondered why he was taking it so hard. He confessed that John had arrested him for kidnapping and murder, but had let him go. Starr related that Gigi had been so young, and that she couldn't imagine how hard things were on Rex and Shane. "Don't you think I know that?" Jack yelled at his sister.

Starr knew all about the conflict between Jack and Shane, but she didn't think her brother would ever set out to intentionally hurt someone. Jack's phone rang, and he saw that it was Blair. He didn't want to answer it, so Starr did. Starr assured her mother that she was with Jack, and they were talking. She asked for some time with him, and hung up. Starr urged Jack to talk to her, because she was his sister. When Starr said that, the man remembered that he had a son named Jack.

Jack told Starr that everyone had always said that he was just like Todd. When he finally acted like Todd, "everyone freaks out." Starr assured her brother that everyone messed up sometimes, but people needed to learn from their mistakes. She called her life "Growing up Manning." Jack thought it was a curse, but Starr told him it was a blessing. The Mannings had seen the ugly side of life, but it made them stronger than most people. Jack slipped that Todd had gotten him out of trouble, but insisted that he hadn't meant to hurt anyone. Starr hugged her brother.

Starr's phone went off, and Jack thought she should check it. She saw that she had a text message from Baz. "Looking 4ward 2 working on that music w/u 2moro @ Capricorn," he said. Starr told her brother that the text wasn't important. "Nothing is as important as family," she said, and walked away with her brother.

Blair didn't know what to do about Jack, so John gave her a drink on the house. She couldn't believe that Gigi was gone, and regretted that she'd defended Jack the last time she'd talked to Gigi. John regretted that one of the last times he'd talked to Gigi was to fire her for being a good friend to Natalie. They toasted to Gigi. Blair vowed that, if John were right, she wouldn't let Todd and Jack cover up the crime. John took her word for it.

Blair wondered why John wasn't with Kelly, so he admitted that they were done. Blair suggested that he was back with Natalie, because she could tell that he was thinking about her. John told Blair about when he had run into Natalie at the hospital. They'd talked, and he'd felt close to her. However, "something snapped," and he'd remembered her lies. Blair told him that he was "a damn fool" if he let a chance for happiness get away. She thought that John and Natalie worked well together, and advised him to get over himself if he wanted a future with someone.

Blair had to go home to Jack. She couldn't believe she'd been out of town when he'd gotten in trouble. She confessed that she'd been in New York with Tomas. She knew that Tomas had a lot of secrets, and that John didn't trust him, but she promised to be cautious. She had to try to be with Tomas, because she knew that she'd regret it if she didn't try. John thanked her for her advice, and she left.

Natalie arrived at Rodi's. "I have something to tell you," Natalie said. John replied that he had something to tell her as well.

A short while later, Blair entered the pool area at La Boulaie, as the man with Todd's original face looked on.

Friday, July 1, 2011

In the hospital, as Kelly and Joey waited during Clint's surgery, Joey maintained that he wanted Kelly, but Kelly noted that a lot had happened. Joey remarked that he would have to face the fact that there would be no chance for them. Joey then regretted that because he had stayed with Aubrey, he had lost Kelly. When Kelly questioned if she should leave, Joey stopped her.

Joey reminded Kelly that he was the king of bad ideas, such as Reverend Joey and his idea to marry Aubrey. Joey realized that he was in love, but that he was not in love with Aubrey. When Kelly reminded Joey that he had been in love with Aubrey when he had first returned to Llanview, Joey informed her that he had been drifting around in search of a new relationship. Joey claimed that he had then found Aubrey, and that he had welcomed her to his home.

Joey believed that everyone thought of him as Joey the flake, Joey the dreamer, or Joey the guy that never knows what he wants, so he had planned to prove them wrong by showing he was in a secure relationship with Aubrey. Joey said, "You know, but every time...every time I saw you, I couldn't get rid of this...this little voice in the back of my mind that was telling me that all I really wanted, all I ever wanted was you."

When Kelly recognized that they all made mistakes, Joey stated that he had only punched John because the thought of John and Kelly together had driven him crazy. Kelly laughed and said that she had been with John because she had been jealous of Joey and Aubrey together. Joey remarked that it was no wonder that a relationship between them was not in the cards and asked if they could be friends.

Kelly claimed that she and Joey were already friends, and Joey opened a soda for them to toast themselves. The soda squirted all over the both of them, and Kelly mentioned that Joey had shaken the can. Kelly insisted that it had all been her fault, but Joey stated that nothing had been Kelly's fault. Joey and Kelly kissed.

In a Minute Man hotel room, Ford told a gagged Jessica, who was tied to a chair, that it was not how he had wanted it. Bobby insisted that the choice had been Jessica's, not his. When Ford asked Jessica if Tess could hear him, Jessica shook her head no. Ford yelled that Jessica did not think of Tess as a person and then announced that they would not leave the room until Tess returned.

Bobby explained that the room was where he and Tess had made love, but then he had made a mistake and had left her alone. Ford realized that was when Jessica had returned. Ford insisted that he needed Tess, and that he did not want to live without her. When Jessica pretended to be Tess, Ford removed the gag. Jessica screamed at the top of her lungs.

Rama ran into Aubrey's Minute Man hotel room and announced that Vimal had left her. Rama cried, "He's gone God knows where with God knows whom to do God knows what." Rama informed Aubrey that Cutter had lost the house, that the locks had been changed, and that they had been thrown out along with the trash. Rama stated that she would be staying with Aubrey.

Rama whined that all Vimal had ever done was to love her, and that all she had ever done was to lie to him and to hurt him. Rama howled that Vimal deserved better than her. Aubrey and Rama hugged. As Aubrey tried to untangle Rama's hair, Rama noted that both her hair and her whole life needed professional help. Aubrey realized that she did not want to hurt a sweet, loving guy like Vimal...and like Joey.

Aubrey then wondered how Joey could ever be with her again, after all of her lies. Aubrey remarked that she had lost her last hope with Joey, once Jessica had returned. Then Rama and Aubrey both heard a scream from another room.

Ford told Jessica to get comfortable in her chair, but then he heard Aubrey bang on the door. Bobby quickly hid Jessica in the bathroom and answered the door, while he zipped up his pants. Ford explained to Aubrey and Rama that his friend was pretty vocal, and that he had that effect on women. Aubrey told the cops on her cell phone that it had been a false alarm.

After Aubrey and Rama left, Ford returned to Jessica, who lay on the floor in the bathroom. Ford wondered what on earth he was doing, and how he had ever thought he would get Tess back that way. Bobby apologized to Jessica and claimed that all he wanted to be was a father to Ryder and a hero to Tess. Ford wished that Jessica could forgive him. Once Bobby removed the gag, he told Jessica that she could scream. However, Jessica revealed that she would not call anyone for help and then apologized to Bobby.

At the police station, Brody listened to the tape recorder and heard Marty say that the father of Natalie's baby was John. On the tape, Marty told Dr. Buhari that she had found the test results, had printed them out, and had discovered that Liam was John's baby. Marty claimed that she had opened up the computer, and before she knew it, she had deleted out John's name and had replaced it with Brody's. Brody realized that Liam was John's son, not his.

At Capricorn, Todd informed Vimal that John McBain had been after Todd for years, but that John would never get to have his son, the one that John knew nothing about, which was Liam, Natalie's child. Vimal insisted that Todd had been misinformed, because Liam was Brody's son. Vimal revealed that he had seen Natalie's test results, and that they had shown that Brody was Liam's father. Vimal explained that he had only changed the test results for Jessica's son, Ryder.

When Todd revealed that Vimal had not been the only person to change test results in the lab that night, Vimal insisted that he had been alone, until Dr. Saybrooke had walked in. Vimal then realized that Marty had changed the results and had substituted John's name with Brody's. When Vimal asked Todd how he had found out, Todd explained that Marty had told him.

Vimal wondered why Marty had confided in Todd, but Todd refused to say. Todd maintained that he would never tell John that he had a son and then threatened that no one else would either. Vimal recognized that Todd could reunite a father and son, and that John seemed like a decent man. However, Todd stated that John was a punk with a badge and a leather jacket. Todd added that John had bolted and had left Todd's niece once he had discovered that Liam was not his child.

Todd swore to Vimal that it was to be their little secret, and that John would never know the truth. Vimal agreed that he would not tell John, because he did not want to get involved in anyone's affairs. Vimal exclaimed, "Yeah, I have my own problems to worry about. I just lost my wife. I just lost my imaginary baby. And we don't have a place to sleep."

As Vimal got up to leave, he weaved and asked Todd to call him a cab. Todd handed Vimal $100 and announced that the drinks were on him. Todd then declared that Vimal was his best friend. After Vimal asked Todd for the name of a hotel, Todd mentioned the Minute Man but told Vimal not to check in there, because it had almost been condemned. Vimal noted that Rama would not be there and left.

At the police station, Natalie wanted to tell John what she had to say first and then announced that something had changed between her and Brody. When Natalie simply stated, "Brody and I are together," John thanked her for telling him. Natalie insisted that she had decided to wait and to fight for John, but that she and John had talked. Natalie explained that John had finally gotten through to her that they did not have a future.

When John asked Natalie how Jessica felt about the relationship, Natalie declared that Jessica and Brody were finished, and that Brody believed that Jessica had allowed Tess out to take over and to push him away. Natalie did not know if Jessica would ever be able to adjust, or if she and Jessica would ever really be sisters again. Natalie realized that she had to put Liam first, and that Liam, Brody, and Natalie should be a family.

Natalie asked John if they could build on the progress in their relationship and at least, be able to co-exist. John was uncertain what she meant and expressed that Liam deserved a family, so he wished them the best. Brody, who had been listening to their conversation, realized that he would be unable to tell them the truth, and left.

Natalie then asked John what he had wanted to tell her, but John only said that it had been nothing. John asked how Rex was, and Natalie explained that Rex was hurting. John indicated that he had once suffered from the same kind of hurt and told Natalie to tell Rex that he could call John anytime. Natalie said that she would tell Rex and then thanked John for listening.

In Liam's room at Llanfair, Brody held Liam in his arms and maintained that he was still Liam's father, and that he, Natalie, and Liam would be a family. Brody was unsure of how he could give up Natalie and Liam as his family and pondered how he would ever be able to tell Natalie the truth. Natalie walked in.

Aubrey and Rama spotted Vimal outside of Aubrey's room at the Minute Man, and Aubrey revealed that Rama was staying with her. Vimal called the two of them liars and reminded them that they had hurt him, Joey, and John. Vimal cried that nobody deserved to be abused that way, and that they kept telling lie after lie. Vimal refused to do that and then declared that he would tell the truth and stormed off.

Aubrey claimed that Vimal still loved Rama and would return. Aubrey then told Rama to take a shower. Aubrey indicated that she would do Rama's hair, and that then they could watch a movie. Aubrey and Rama wondered what was going on in Ford's room.

The bartender at Capricorn said, "Boy, your friend can really put them away, can't he?" Todd replied, "Pardon me, friend?" The bartender continued, "That big mouth that was going on about DNA? Well, he can barely stand up. Then he asked me what time Rodi's closes. I guess he's going to bend someone else's ears." The bartender walked away, and Todd looked on and wondered.

At Rodi's, John took a sip of his drink, as Vimal slipped in. John announced, "We're closed," and Vimal replied, "I didn't come here to drink. I came here to talk...to you." John glanced at Vimal and turned back to his drink.

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