Colin MacIver
Actor History
Died on March 14, 2001; his body was found on March 30, 2001
Cause of Death
Died after being pushed down the stairs
Former Occupation
Doctor at Cherryvale Clinic
Former Residence
270 Pond Crossing, Cherryvale, PA, 19180
Marital Status at Death
Past Marriages
Joanna MacIver (Deceased)
Melanie Farrell (divorced)
Carol MacIver (sister)
Troy MacIver (twin brother)
Flings & Affairs
Roseanne Delgado
Lindsay Farrell
Many others; he often cheated on Melanie
Crimes Committed
  • Kidnapped Nora Buchanan
  • Drugged Nora Buchanan
  • Blackmailed numerous people, including Melanie, Lindsay, Roseanne, and R.J. Gannon
Brief Character History

Colin MacIver started out as a fairly respectable doctor, with womanizing being his only vice. However, once he assisted Lindsay in harboring Nora and nursing her back to health after the train wreck, he became obsessed with Nora. He became desperate for money due to his ruined career, and blackmailed several people. He attempted to abduct Nora a second time by drugging her. He planned to rape her and then take her out of the country with him. But before he could carry out his plan, Colin died from falling down a flight of stairs. Sam Rappaport was put on trial for Colin's murder, but it was later revealed that Nora had pushed Colin to his death. With Colin's death, out of the shadows came Troy, Colin's twin brother, on a search to find the answers behind his brother's murder. It was revealed that Colin was the troublemaker, and Troy was always the good brother. Colin had often played the look-alike game and got Troy in trouble when they were children. Troy finally wanted to get away from Colin, and he did so by getting his medical degree, also, and going to Sub-Saharan Africa to treat AIDS patients.

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