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Vincent Jones
Actor History
Resides At
Unknown Previously in Llanview, Pennsylvania
Formerly Atlantic City, New Jersey
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Vincent Jones (father; deceased)
Flings & Affairs
Layla Williamson (dated)
Natalie Buchanan (kissed)
Crimes Committed
  • Involved in Cristian Vega's boxing loss [2006]
Brief Character History

Vincent was an old school chum of Hugh Hughes that Natalie Buchanan met up with in Atlantic City while she was looking for information regarding Thomas McBain's death years earlier. She had actually been looking for his father (also named Vincent), but he had died a few months earlier. He soon came to Llanview where he was pleased to discover his old friend, Hugh, now working as the temporary district attorney. He bought out Cristian Vega's boxing contract, and arranged for Cristian to take a fall in an upcoming fight. He confessed his role in things, and spent a great deal of time sitting with Hugh after Hugh was involved in a multiple vehicle accident. He was shocked to realize that the man in the bed was really John McBain, and his good friend Hugh was dead.

Vincent helped Natalie prove that John was really the man lying in the hospital bed and decided to turn his life around and become a better man. Although he had already lost Layla, Vincent did everything he could to get in her good graces. Unable to get out of trouble, Vincent was accused of setting fire to his own warehouse and killing a man inside. Wanting to defend himself, Vincent hired a lawyer and made public announcements that he would never have torched his own building because it was not yet insured and he couldn't make any money off of it and his friend Ted was the man who was killed in the fire. The city eventually believed Vincent when there was another fire and it became news that an arsonist was in Llanview. Realizing later that the arsonist was also a racist, Vincent wanted to protect Layla from the possibility of becoming a target. His concern for her brought the two of them together and they eventually got back together once Tate Harmon, the arsonist, trapped them on the roof of the Palace with Adriana and Rex and threatened to kill them all.

Vincent and Layla's relationship came to an abrupt end in August 2008, when Layla learned Vincent was cheating on her with another woman. Vincent blamed Layla for not spending enough time with him. Layla told him they were through, and Vincent left Llanview for parts unknown.

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