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Monday, November 12

Due to news coveraage of the crash of American Airlines flight 587, Port Charles was not shown. The episode scheduled for today will air in its entirety tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 13
by Jill RC Moore

A frightened Livvie returns to Caleb and finally confesses that she was unable to kill Jack as he ordered. Surprisingly, Caleb remains calm but then announces he's changed her target and orders her to work her wiles to break up Alison and Jamal. Though Jack is upset by Rafe's intrusion, he's grateful when he discovers that his spilled drink was laced with a deadly poison. Later, Jack confronts Livvie on the bridge about the death threat. Hoping to convince Frank that she's not back on drugs, Karen pushes Frank to confront Chris abut the vampire serum. Frank does so but Chris denies injecting Karen with anything. Frank hears Gabrielle talking about the after effects of being a vampire and compares her feelings to those of Karen's. He begins to suspect that Karen was telling him the truth. He tries to find Karen and let her know but can't find her, unaware that Chris has taken her away with the idea of doing more testing and also to appease his attraction to her. Caleb overhears Chris talking about his experiment with Karen and the vampire blood and considers a solution to Livvie's refusal to kill as ordered.

Wednesday, November 14

Ian is at the bar talking with Victor when Lucy comes in. He told her he is planning to visit Danny at the lighthouse. Lucy doesn't think it is a good idea, but she doesn't stop him. After Ian leaves, Lucy overhears a social worker talking on the phone. The social worker is telling someone she is planning a surprise visit to check on Daniel's living conditions. Lucy frantically asks Victor to distract the social worker so she will have time to run to Kevin's house to warn him.

Kevin and Eve are caring for baby Danny at the lighthouse when Ian arrives. He feels he should also have access to his son. Eve reluctantly agrees. Lucy comes running in with a warning. A few moments later there is a knock at the door. Lucy hurriedly ushers Eve and Ian into the closet. The social worker enters. Kevin introduces Lucy as his fiancÚ. Lucy cradles the baby saying how quiet and good he is while Kevin tries to show the social worker to the door.

Unfortunately, the social worker will not be deterred. She insists on staying and observing. Lucy and Kevin pretend to be a normal, happy couple until Danny begins to cry. Inside the closet, Eve is anxious to go out and comfort her son, but Ian holds her back. Lucy attempts to calm the baby, but she doesn't have a clue how to go about it. As Kevin extols Lucy's virtues as a mother, Danny continues to wail. Finally, as the social worker is about to jot down her observations, Lucy succeeds and Danny falls asleep. The social worker leaves, and Ian and Eve rush from the closet to check on their son's well being. Eve is concerned that the visit did not go well, and that Danny may be put into another home. Ian believes he has a plan.

Jamal is working on a bike when Alison comes in. He still can't believe how she snuck around behind his back. An exasperated Jamal claims he wishes he had never found out the truth about Hope because now he is stuck in a difficult situation. If he gets involved with Hope, he will ruin the life she has with her adoptive parents. However, if he doesn't show an interest in her, he is no better than his own father who walked out on his family when Jamal was young.

Alison tries to explain to Jamal that no matter what he does, he is nothing like his father. Jack comes in and asks Jamal not to place all the blame on Alison. He takes responsibility for his own role in the situation. Jamal feels betrayed. He can't understand why the two people in the world who mean the most to him would go behind his back.

Jack finds Livvie at the bridge in the park. He accuses her of trying to kill him. They argue: Jack blaming, Livvie denying. Finally, Livvie decides that they are better off apart. Jack leaves and Rafe appears. He tries to reason with Livvie, telling her that Caleb is using her. He lets Livvie know he saw her poisoning Jack's drink. Livvie doesn't try to find excuses, she claims it was her own choice to kill Jack. She says she'll do anything to prove herself worthy of Caleb's love. Rafe pleads with her to change sides and fight Caleb. When Livvie refuses, Rafe asks what she will do when Caleb asks her to hurt her father. Rafe leaves, and Livvie, talking to herself, admits she already has plans for Kevin.

Thursday, November 15

Karen and Chris are chatting about Karen's feelings after spending time in the catacombs. She doesn't like what is happening to her and is angry with Chris. Frank walks in and Karen told Chris she needs to speak with him. Frank admits to Karen that he talked with Gabriela and realizes that Karen is having the same symptoms as Gaby did when she was bitten. Karen stops him, telling him that it isn't the serum but that she is back on drugs. Upset by the news Frank told her he will stand by her and help. Karen responds by telling him to back off, that she must do this on her own. Karen breaks off their engagement and says she will be taking a leave of absence and going into rehab. Frank lets her know that he will be waiting for her. Chris returns only to have Karen lay into him about everything that is going wrong in her life. He offers her a place to stay while she is gone from work. Chris, feeling a presence in the room, turns to exclaim "It can't be you, you're dead".

Eve and Ian anxiously await the court appointed counselor and agreed that they should put up a good front so that they can get Danny back. When the counselor arrives they try to be friendly and play nice. She can see that the tension is still thick in the air. She told them both that they need to be together for at least a week before the court can consider putting Danny back into the house. After she leaves, Ian and Eve agree that they must do what they can to bring back Danny. They will live together in the apartment but apart. Ian moves back in but both are extremely hateful towards each other.

Lucy comes over to talk with Kevin. Livvie leaves the room only to listen in on the staircase. Lucy asks Kevin why he won't help her with Christina. He told her that the situation is different and that Christina is gone. She must face up to that. Lucy wonders if they stand a chance for a future together. Kevin told her he won't give her up without a fight, that their love should be able to help them through this time of difficulty. Lucy proclaims her love for Doc and Doc told her that he will help her in any way he can with Christina. Livvie "talks" to Caleb asking for help in keeping Lucy and Kevin apart. Lucy at home talks to herself and Christina. As she went to lock the door, she realizes the porch light is still on and opens the door to find Christina at her front step.

The P.I. that Kevin hired shows up with pictures of Ian and Lucy locked in a lover's embrace. Kevin cannot believe his eyes.

Friday, November 16

Chris is shocked to see Caleb, who wants him to give him the vampire serum. When Chris says that it and his notes were destroyed, Caleb offers his blood. Chris, seeing that Caleb really wants this, tries negotiating. Caleb makes a deal with Chris---he makes the serum and his life is spared.

Lucy brought Christina to the couch. She takes a picture of her to prove she is real. When she leaves the room, Christina turns into Livvie. Livvie went outside and returned in. When Lucy tries to show her Christina, Livvie feigns disbelief. Lucy is upset when the picture she took shows nothing. Livvie leaves, but Lucy follows and is shocked to see her and Caleb!

Kevin gets drunk because he found out about Lucy and Ian. He went to see Eve. Ian, who has decided to tell Eve about his and Lucy's night together, enters just as Kevin kisses her.

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