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Monday, June 17, 2002

As Rafe 'confesses' to Livvie and the minister that he can NOT get married because he is already married, Livvie convinces Rafe that what he is remembering is a time when Rafe pledged his love to Livvie in that very Barn. Livvie acts elated that Rafe IS beginning to get his memory back, but Rafe told Livvie that he only gets minor flashes from time to time and Rafe wonders how Livvie is able to put up with all of it. When Livvie told Rafe that it is because she loves him, Rafe decides to go ahead with the ceremony.

At the Recovery Room, Alison can NOT believe that Kate has told her that Kevin's remains have been found - because Alison insists she is positive that Kevin IS alive. Kate told Alison that the police found Kevin's remains on the grounds of the Barrington Estate in a makeshift grave - and the DNA tests were conclusive that the remains WERE those of Kevin Collins.

Ian and Lucy return to the Light House and Lucy notices right away that Rebecca's portrait is finally restored - just like new. Lucy takes this as a sign that the curse has been broken and Kevin WILL be back soon.

Meanwhile, in the Mystical Forest of Nowhere, as Rebecca slowly fades from view, Rebecca told Kevin that someone in Port Charles who truly believes HAS to light the candle - and Rebecca's last words to Kevin are: "Remember in the power of belief!'

A devastated Kevin tries to console himself with the thought that, if Rebecca was able to escape Nowhere, then Kevin should be able to do the same thing. But Kevin remembers that it took Rebecca 120 years to find a way out -- and, by that time, everyone he knows will be gone!

At the Light House, Lucy runs around in a tizzy, eager to get ready for Kevin's Homecoming. When there is a knock at the door, Lucy rushes to answer, expecting Kevin. But Lucy opens the door to Victor, who brought the bad news that Kevin is confirmed dead - the police found Kevin's ashes in a makeshift grave at the Barrington Estate.

At the Recovery Room, Kate warns Alison that Ali's trial starts Friday and they will need to change her plea from Not Guilty to Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity. Alison briefly wonders if Rebecca DID kill Kevin in order to prove a point. But Alison continues to insist that Kevin IS alive and Alison runs out. After Alison leaves, Kate notices Rafe's Medallion on the floor and picks it up.

Meanwhile, back at the Barn, Rafe hesitantly went through with the marriage ceremony to Livvie, they are pronounced husband and wife and kiss.

Back in Nowhere, as Kevin tries to think of a way out of Nowhere, Kevin concentrates on ways to tell Lucy that she MUST find Rebecca's candle and light it, so Kevin CAN return.

And, at the Light House, Lucy desperately begs Ian to tell Victor that they HAVE talked to Kevin. But Ian told Lucy they can NOT be sure if they spoke to Kevin - or to Kevin's SPIRIT! Lucy refuses to listen to what they are telling her and Lucy runs out.

Alison arrives at the Candle Shop/Barn and all of the wedding floral arrangements have mysteriously vanished, but the Kevin candle is still there - in a corner.

Alison has a gas can. Alison told Rebecca that Alison now believes that Livvie WAS right and that Alison would have been a LOT better off if Alison had banished Rebecca from her life long ago. Alison begs her ancestor to tell Alison if Rebecca killed Kevin to prove a point, but there is only silence.

Meanwhile, Rafe and Livvie return to Their Cabin in the Woods and Rafe needs to be reminded to carry Livvie over the threshold! Livvie rushes off to the next room to get Rafe's wedding gift as Rafe starts a fire in the fireplace and told himself that Livvie DESERVES for this to be a memorable night for her. Livvie returns in a slinky blue night gown. And they begin to kiss.

As Kevin tries to think of ways out of Nowhere, he suddenly remembers Rebecca teaching him to get whatever he wants by clapping his hands and believing. And when Kevin claps his hands, a tablet and pencil suddenly appear and Kevin begins to write.

As Alison douses the Candle Shop with gas, she apologizes to Rafe for destroying their sanctuary. But, as Alison prepares to drop the lighted match into the gas soaked room - Lucy arrives and demands that Alison stop.

At the Cabin, Rafe and Livvie begin to kiss passionately.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Frank and Karen run into each other at the door of the Light House as they both arrive to extend sympathy and support to Lucy. But they find that no one is home. Frank asks Karen to tell him if their relationship is over for good. Frank told Karen that he loves her and does NOT want to end their relationship. But Karen confesses to Frank that she slept with Ricky Garza.

At the Pizza Shack, Ricky told Jamal that he is now an item with Dr. Karen Wexler.

At Their Cabin In The Woods, as Rafe and Livvie bask in the afterglow of their wedding night, Livvie accidentally told Rafe: 'The first time is always amazing, isn't it?'

RAFE: "First time?'

LIVVIE: "Yeah. You know.'

RAFE: "No. I don't know! This is NOT the first time. At least - according to you!'

At the Candle Shop/Barn, Lucy told Alison that Lucy believes now that Livvie WAS right all along and that Alison is some kind of witch who got everyone to believe Alison's lies. As Alison tries to tell Lucy it was Rebecca and the candle from the portrait that made Kevin disappear, Lucy heaps accusations upon Alison. Lucy told Alison that Lucy no longer believes in anything! As they argue, the candle that Rafe found in the woods falls to the floor and rolls under a table.

At Their Cabin, Livvie covers by telling Rafe: "I don't know what to say! Our first time as husband and wife was special for me. I don't know. Obviously - not for you.'

RAFE: "No. I didn't say that!'

LIVVIE: 'Then - what is your problem, Rafe? What's wrong? Why can't you enjoy this? Enjoy us!'

RAFE: "I don't know. I just keep getting this feeling - I don't know where it is coming from - that something is missing. Like - there is somewhere I should be - or something I should be doing. And it has nothing to do with you - because you have been terrific - amazing - wonderful - Everything!'

LIVVIE: "But I can't unlock your past. And it's torturing you.'

RAFE: "I guess. I don't know.'

Livvie told Rafe that SHE would LOVE to not have so many painful memories. Everyone she ever trusted or loved has left her and Port Charles has too many painful memories of her father for Livvie to be able to stay in Port Charles any longer.

Livvie asks Rafe if his past means more to him than their future, and Rafe agrees that it is wiser to look ahead than it is to dwell on the past.

At the Pizza Shack, Jamal told Ricky that Ricky should leave Frank and Karen alone and let them work their problems out FIRST - BEFORE Ricky butts in! Jamal told Ricky that it is NOT cool for some other guy to slip in and boost a guy's girlfriend while they are trying to work things out. But Ricky told Jamal that it was NOT Ricky's fault that Frank went Postal on Karen and Ricky plans to go for it with Karen.

Meanwhile, back at the Light House, Karen tries to explain to Frank about her feelings for Ricky. Frank asks Karen if she could ever love Frank again - the way she did before all of these strange things took over their lives.

In the meantime, Back at Their Cabin, Rafe told Livvie that he can NOT stop thinking about his missing years and Livvie suggests that maybe, if Rafe let go of the past - it would come back to him. Rafe agrees that Livvie might be right and they begin kissing.

At the Candle Shop, Lucy told Alison NOT to even SAY the word 'believe' to Lucy. As Alison begs Lucy NOT to give up on her, Doree arrives to arrest Alison. Doree told Alison that Alison's bail has been revoked because of the new evidence.

J and Shannon come by the Pizza Shack and Ricky introduces them to Jamal as members of the band Ricky has been playing with. J. and Shannon invite Ricky to play with them on the following night and Ricky invites Jamal to come listen to Ricky play in the band. Jamal agrees. After Jamal leaves, Ricky announces his plan to invite Karen to be there as well.

At the Light House, Frank reminds Karen that Frank traveled through time for Karen and that gives their love a timeless magic that no one else could ever hope to duplicate. Frank told Karen that he is going to be at the High School bleachers the following night - which was their special place when they were time traveling - and, if Karen will meet Frank there, it will be a chance for a new beginning for them. But, after Karen leaves, Frank has a sudden, overwhelming vision of Karen and Ricky in bed together.

Back at Their Cabin, as Rafe holds a sleeping Livvie in his arms, he has a sudden vision of looking down at his wife - and seeing Alison!

RAFE: "WHO is this girl I keep remembering? WHY do I get the feeling she needs me?'

At the same time, the police take Alison away.

Alone in the Candle Shop, Lucy told Kevin that she wishes there really WAS a magic candle that WOULD bring Kevin back. As Lucy leaves, the candle that Rebecca gave to Alison is still under the table where it fell during Lucy and Alison's argument.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Ricky finds Karen at the Hospital and excitedly invites Karen to watch him play drums with a band. But when Karen realizes that Ricky's big moment will be that evening, Karen told Ricky that she can NOT make it. Ricky immediately questions WHY Karen would NOT be able to make it to his big night.

At the Light House, Lucy is trying to focus on a memorial for Kevin and Ian tries to keep her from falling apart.

Meanwhile, in the Mystical Forest of Nowhere, Kevin has sketched Lucy's picture and then he hangs it in a nearby tree, where there are other pictures already hanging.

Frank arrives at the High School Bleachers to wait for Karen and remembers asking Karen to meet him there tonight.

At the Hospital, Ricky tries to convince Karen that her relationship with Frank is toxic to HER.

At the Light House, Lucy told Ian that, even now, she STILL does NOT believe that Kevin is dead. As Ian takes Lucy in his arms to comfort her, a deliveryman comes to the door with a package. Lucy says she is NOT interested in any kind of package just now, but Ian told Lucy that the package is from Kevin!

On the High School Bleachers, Frank remembers naming Karen prom queen when he went Time Traveling to rescue her. But, Frank suddenly has more flashbacks of Karen in harlot-red, just as Karen arrives to keep their date.

In Nowhere, Kevin told Lucy that she would LOVE the kind of universe he has found - where you can have anything you want just by believing. Kevin suddenly remembers it is Lucy's birthday and wonders if she got the gift he ordered for her.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Lucy tears open the package and finds that Kevin had a star named after her.

Ricky returns to the Hospital, ready for his big night, expecting to find Karen. However, one of the nurses gives Ricky an envelope from Karen and, when Ricky opens the envelope, he realizes that Karen has returned his ticket to the front row seat Ricky reserved for her.

Meanwhile, on the bleachers, Karen told Frank that she remembers he traveled in time to rescue her and, if Frank really is better, Karen would be willing to give their relationship another chance, but she does NOT want to rush it! They hug.

Back in Nowhere, Kevin told Lucy that,for him to return to Port Charles, SHE must believe! As Kevin calls to Lucy to believe, Lucy went out on to the Porch to look for her star.

Wondering if sketches of Lucy will be all that Kevin will have for the next hundred years or so, Kevin drops the sketch he just made - and panics when he realizes he can NOT find the sketch again in the mist.

Meanwhile, in Port Charles, on the Light House porch, Lucy asks for a sign from Kevin - then she went back inside. However, as Lucy leaves the porch, Kevin's sketch of Lucy floats down to the porch.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

At Rafe and Livvie's Cabin In The Woods, Livvie watches Rafe sleep and she quietly told him that she DOES love him - more than she ever thought possible. Livvie gets a cell phone call from Victor, who told his granddaughter that they found Kevin's remains. Victor is shocked when Livvie told her grandfather that she needs some time alone to deal with the latest developments in her father's murder. But Livvie promises that she WILL return in time to testify against Alison.

After Victor speaks to Livvie, Jack and Jamal find Victor at the Light House Bridge and they tell Victor they were sorry to hear that Kevin's death had been confirmed by the discovery of Kevin's remains on the Barrington Estate. Victor shares with Jack and Jamal his surprise that Livvie did NOT rush to return home to be with the rest of Kevin's grieving family.

As Jack and Jamal discuss Alison's case, they realize that they both do NOT believe that Alison murdered Kevin OR hid Kevin's ashes on the Barrington property.

Victor shares with Jack and Jamal his grief that there is nothing left of EITHER of Victor's twin sons except their ashes!

After hearing from Victor that Kevin's remains HAVE been discovered by the police, Livvie gloats that planting the ashes will guarantee that Alison WILL be executed just like her crazy grandmother and Livvie will be free to live happily ever after with Rafe. Rafe wakes up just then and asks Livvie what she just said.

Meanwhile, in jail, Kate told Alison that the Judge will let them change Alison's plea to Not Guilty By Reason of Diminished Capacity. Kate informs Alison that Kate plans to put Alison on the stand and allow Alison to tell EVERYthing Alison knows about Kevin's disappearance - from the very beginning! Kate told Alison that such a tactic would mean that, instead of the death penalty, Alison would be in a psychiatric institution and be out by the time she is 30 or 35 and would still have time left to live a fairly normal life.

Back on the Light House Bridge, Jack and Jamal are surprised to learn that Kevin's twin brother - Ryan - burned to death in a fire - and they ask Victor for more details about Kevin's twin brother - Ryan. Jack especially quizzes Victor about where Ryan's ashes might be. Jack is surprised when Victor told Jack and Jamal that Victor has kept Ryan's ashes and has them at the house with him. After Victor leaves, Jack reminds Jamal that identical twins would have the SAME DNA. Jack suggests that Livvie COULD have lifted RYAN'S ashes from Victor, then buried Livvie's Uncle Ryan's ashes on the Barrington property, presuming that the Police would leap to the conclusion that the ashes belong to Kevin, so that Livvie would make sure Alison was convicted for murdering Kevin. Jamal agrees that Jack may have unraveled much of the mystery.

Back at Their Cabin, Rafe asks Livvie to tell him why she was crying and Livvie told her new husband that she has just been informed that her father's remains were discovered in a makeshift grave on the Barrington Estate. Rafe suggests that Livvie might want to go home to be with her family - but Livvie told Rafe that what she REALLY wants to do is 'leave this whole horrible nightmare of a town behind me.'

As Rafe and Livvie talk about leaving all the bad memories behind, Rafe describes seeing flashes of a girl who is haunting him. Rafe describes this girl as someone like that Alison who came to visit - only sweet. When Rafe asks if he or Livvie know anyone like that, Livvie reminds Rafe that he is missing ten years of his life and Livvie has only known him recently - so the girl that Rafe remembers could have been anybody that Rafe met anywhere long before Rafe met Livvie.

At the Jail, Kate and Alison discuss Alison's case and Alison finally agrees with Kate that Alison WILL change her plea - and accept whatever happens to her.

Back at the Bridge, as Jack and Jamal compare Alison's case to Rebecca's case, they remember that, in Rebecca's case - the Mayor hid evidence that proved Rebecca was innocent and that Rev. Lodge was alive. In Alison's case, it is Livvie, planting evidence to make Alison look guilty.

Jack decides that he will try to get Livvie to admit - on tape - that Livvie hid Livvie's Uncle Ryan's ashes on the Barrington Estate to make sure that Alison was convicted of murder.

Jack told Jamal that one thing that drives Livvie crazy is the fear that Livvie might end up going crazy like her real mother - Grace. Or her aunt Rachel. Or her Uncle Ryan, the serial killer. So Jack plans to use that fear to get Livvie to confess to planting the evidence.

At Their Cabin, as Livvie explains to Rafe that she know NOTHING about MOST of his missing years, Livvie issues Rafe an ultimatum. If Rafe truly WANTS to leave and live his life in the past, she can NOT stop him. In fact, she would not even WANT to stop him. Livvie opens the door and told Rafe that she is offering him a choice - if he wants out, then he should just go at that very moment and leave her alone!

Jack returns to the Light House Bridge and reports to Jamal that a friend of Jack's at the phone company helped Jack get a fix on the location where Victor spoke to Livvie and Jack makes plans to head out to confront Livvie.

Meanwhile, back at Their Cabin, when Livvie told Rafe that she will NOT try to stop him, Rafe grabs his gear and heads for the door. But he returned and told Livvie that he does NOT want out of anything. They hug and Rafe told Livvie that he IS ready to put the past IN the past - where it belongs. And Rafe promises Livvie that NOTHING will get in their way from here on out.

In the meantime, Alison and Kate have arrived at Court and Kate announces to the Judge that Alison wants to change her plea. As the Judge waits for Alison's statement, Alison remembers all the people who have told her that she is guilty - including even Lucy - and Alison changes her plea to Guilty As Charged.

Friday, June 21, 2002

In the Mystical Forest of Nowhere, Kevin desperately seeks the sketch of Lucy that he dropped in the mist - but Kevin is devastated when he is unsuccessful in his quest.

In the meantime, Lucy and Ian arrive at the Court House to listen to Alison's plea. When Jamal arrives, Lucy suddenly asks Jamal if he knows whether or not Livvie will be there. Jamal told Lucy that NO ONE knows what Livvie will do these days.

At Their Cabin In The Woods, Livvie told Rafe that she is ready to leave Port Charles far, far behind - AND right away! But Rafe told Livvie that they need to get their car checked out before they leave on a long trip because the car has been sounding funny. Livvie and Rafe agree that Rafe will swing the car past the station to get it checked out while Livvie stays behind to pack.

After Rafe leaves, Livvie decides she will create some memories of her own to support her version of her 'love affair' with Rafe.

In Court, everyone is stunned when Alison changes her plea to Guilty. When Kate tries to convince Alison to change her mind, Alison told her attorney: "If Rebecca killed Kevin, then I am just as guilty as she is.'

KATE: "What?'

ALISON: "Kate, I unleashed her into the world. I listened to her. I did everything that she told me to do. And now I need to pay for what I did.'

KATE: "With your life?'

Alone in Their Cabin, Livvie fabricates a 'diary', which supposedly documents the 'romantic past' that Livvie has been creating all along for Rafe, supporting Livvie's story that Alison and Jack had jealous meltdowns when they discovered that Rafe and Livvie were in love with each other.

At the same time, in Court, Jamal tries to convince Alison to take Kate's advice. Jamal told Alison that Jack is following up on a lead that might change everything. But Alison told Jamal and Kate that she is just tired of fighting. Alison went on to observe: "You know - the truth is - Livvie was right! She said: "Alison, you do NOT know what you are getting into! You do NOT know what you are doing with all of this stuff!' She was exactly right. Jamal - look at what I have caused!'

Alison refuses to enter any other plea besides Guilty and the Judge orders Alison to tell what happened to Dr. Collins under oath and from the stand. Alison takes the stand and begins by telling Lucy that she is sorry for the grief Lucy has suffered from and Alison told Jamal how much she appreciates his friendship. But Dara objects that it looks more like Alison is trying to drum up sympathy rather than telling what happened to Dr. Collins. Alison finally begins to explain about Rebecca's candles and the way Alison tried to follow in her ancestor's footsteps by opening her own Candle Shop . And Alison truly believed that she was only helping people. But people suddenly began to claim the candles were wicked and evil and Kevin came to the Candle Shop to close it down. As Alison is suddenly haunted by the voices of all the people who have blamed Alison for Kevin's disappearance, Alison told the Court that she Stabbed Kevin With A Knife In The Candle Shop on the night that Kevin came to shut down her Shop.

As Jamal jumps to his feet and shouts out that it is a lie - Lucy suddenly runs out of the Court Room.

In Nowhere, Kevin decides the sketch of Lucy must be gone for good - so Kevin begins a new sketch and the new sketch is intended to tell Lucy WHERE he is.

As Kevin begins the new sketch, Lucy arrives back at the Light House and runs out to the porch, where she discovers the sketch that Kevin lost in the Mists of Nowhere.

Back at Their Cabin, as Livvie finishes her fake diary and is packing it up in a suitcase, the door opens and Livvie believes it is Rafe - but Livvie is shocked to find herself suddenly standing face to face with Jack.

Meanwhile, Rafe has stopped off at the barn again and notices for the first time that the Carved Heart in the beam in the Barn has been sanded away. As Rafe touches the place where the heart was, he has a Flashback of being in the Barn with Alison. But Rafe decides he will just have to live with the fact that he may NEVER learn who the girl in his Flashbacks really is and, somehow, begin to get on with the rest of his life.

As Rafe bids a last farewell to the Barn and the Key it might hold to unlocking his memory of the past, Rafe notices that the Candle he found in the Woods has rolled under a table. So Rafe picks the candle up and decides to take the candle along with him.

As Rafe picks up the candle in the Barn, At the Same Time, in the Court Room, Kate's brief case tips over and Rafe's Lost Medallion spills out of the bag. Alison sees the Medallion and clutches it to her heart, then puts it around her neck. As Alison lowers Rafe's Lost Medallion around her neck, she suddenly collapses.

Ian dashes forward to render first aid to Alison.

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