Cast Update: Who's In? Who's Out?

Posted Monday, December 05, 2005 1:32:11 AM
Cast Update: Who's In? Who's Out?

In the wake of Bobby Steggert's (Sam Grey) firing last month, rumors continue to swirl that more All My Children stars will soon be on the way out. It would appear almost a certainty that some of the show's performers might receive pink slips in the near future. In a time of shrinking budgets and receding ratings -- All My Children has dropped more in the ratings over the past year than any other soap -- All My Children has been bringing more performers to its cast rather than trimming its roster.

Julia Barr (Brooke English) will not be leaving the show any time soon. Click here for complete details in extended news coverage of her contract situation.

Setside sources say that Ian Buchanan (Greg Madden) has extended his stay with the show. Buchanan, who joined the AMC cast back in May 2005, was only slated to stick around Pine Valley on a short-term basis. Insiders tell Soap Central, that that initial stay was pegged at about six months. Now that the show seems poised to explore a possible past between Greg and Erica, execs reportedly needed Buchanan to stick around.

Meanwhile, fans of James Scott (Ethan Cambias) are fearful that the actor might be let go in the near future. Scott has seen little in the way of airtime since the resolution of his vendetta against his missing-in-action father, Zach Slater. In a recent interview, Scott hedged on whether or not his character would see more on-screen time in the future. However, Scott hinted that an influx of fan mail to the studio was making the network execs take note.

Another actor rumored to be on the chopping block is newcomer Chrishell Stause (Amanda Dillon). The actress joined the cast in May 2005, but has failed to make much of an impression on fans. Chatter that Amanda might go the way of her wacky mom, Janet, is already making its way around the 'net.

Elsewhere, Opal and Palmer may soon be getting more airtime. Their son, Petey, will be returning to the canvas as a potential love interest for Lily Montgomery. Petey was last played by Mitchel Federan. The character will be aged slightly to somewhere around 16-years-old. For those of you tracking these things, Petey was born in 1991.

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