Brittany Allen, Adam Mayfield out at All My Children

Posted Thursday, September 16, 2010 12:50:29 PM
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Brittany Allen, Adam Mayfield out at AMC

Newcomers Brittany Allen and Adam Mayfield have been let go by All My Children. According to a publish report, the ABC soap wants to take their alter egos -- Marissa Tasker and Scott Chandler -- in a new direction. Replacements for the two actors have not yet been named.

All My Children is preparing to takes its Chandler quadrangle in a "new direction." As a result, the ABC soap has released two actors involved into the heavily featured storyline. According to a published report, Adam Mayfield (Scott Chandler) and Brittany Allen (Marissa Tasker) have been let go.

Soap Opera Digest reports that both Mayfield and Allen are out because the show wants to take their characters in a new direction. The magazine does not report if the two roles have already been recast.

Both Mayfield and Allen are relative newcomers to Pine Valley. Mayfield made his AMC debut in early April 2009, with Allen joining the cast just a few weeks later.

In a strange twist of events, May field almost didn't find out that he'd landed the role of Scott Chandler. When the actor visited Soap Central Live in February, he revealed that his agents couldn't reach him to tell him the news because he and his girlfriend he'd gone camping.

"They tested me on a Friday and I was on a plane by that afternoon, back to Los Angeles. I just had a good feeling about it. And I had a feeling I was gonna be in New York [where AMC filmed at the time] in a relatively short period of time. And my girlfriend at the time and I, we loved to go camping, you know I said, 'This may be our last show of backpacking in the mountains for a while, so what say we just head for the hills for the weekend?' And there's no cell reception up there, and we came back down on a Monday, 'cause I didn't have anything going on that day. And once we got back into the city, there were God only knows how many messages on my cell phone and they were all the same thing -- from agents and managers going, 'Call me right away, call me right away.' And there was a very stern tone in their voice. So, immediately I felt like I was at the principal's office and I did something wrong. I thought 'Oh hell, what - what happened now?' I can't remember who I called first, but they immediately said [gruff voice] 'Hang on.' What they were doing was getting everybody on a conference call, the other agents and the managers, to tell me that I booked the role. I had to pull over -- and oh I was laughing and very emotional and my girlfriend was psyched.'

Meanwhile, Allen also marked her one-year anniversary with All My Children earlier this year. Allen joined AMC in April 2009 as the previously unknown twin sister of Babe Carey.

Final airdates for the two actors have not been revealed. A show source tells Soap Central that an As the World Turns performer has been hired to take over the role of Scott. That has led to speculation that Daniel Cosgrove may reprise the role he'd played from 1996 to 1998.

An All My Children spokesperson did not return requests for a statement by post time.

Video: Dan J Kroll/Soap Central

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