Lily headed back to Pine Valley
Posted Thursday, May 27, 2004 3:27:08 PM
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Lily headed back to Pine Valley

Soap opera newcomer Leven Rambin has landed the contract role of Lily Montgomery, Jack's adopted daughter.

Lily was first introduced in 1993 as the autistic daughter of Laurel Banning and her husband Denny Benton. Laurel eventually met and married Jackson Montgomery and Jack adopted Lily as his daughter.

Rambin, a newcomer to television, becomes the third actress to portray Lily. She follows in the footsteps of Michelle Trachtenberg, who held the role from 1993 through 1996, and Shayna Levine, who was seen only briefly as Lily in 2002.

The role of Lily is a contract part. It is said that the writers have lessened the severity of Lily's autism as well has "aged" her. Rambin makes her on-screen debut on June 1st.

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