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Laurel Banning Dillon
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Actor History
Kristen Jensen
December 1992 to January 1993
January 1993 to February 9, 1996
Other Names

Carla Delaney (birth name)

Carla Benton (former married name)

Laurel Montgomery (former married name)


Shot and killed on the set of "The Cutting Edge"


Former fundraiser for the Mason Foundation

Former accountant/office assistant to cover for her embezzling

Resides At

Formerly at the Dillon home

Formerly with Jackson at The Valley Inn and at their penthouse

Marital Status

Married (Trevor Dillon)

Past Marriages

Denny Benton (deceased)

Jackson Montgomery (divorced)


Michael Delaney (brother)


Lily Montgomery (daughter; with Denny; adopted by Jackson)

Flings & Affairs

Jackson Montgomery

Crimes Committed

Stole money from the Mason Foundation to pay her daughter's high tuition at a private boarding school for autistic children

Killed her ex-husband Denny in self-defense and, with Jack's help, hid the body in the Marick mineshaft; arrested and charged, but found not guilty

Embezzled money from various places where she worked to use for her autistic daughter's schooling

Brief Character History

When Laurel first appeared in Pine Valley on New Year's Eve 1992, she was seen as only a brief blur in the headlights of Jackson Montgomery's car. Though he only saw her for a brief instant -- and nearly killed her -- Jack became transfixed on this mysterious blonde beauty and sought her out all over town. Later a brunette, Laurel became fast friends with Natalie Dillon, who was managing the Mason Foundation. When Laurel took off with a hefty donation from Adam Chandler, Nat realized that she had been conned. She and Adam went after Laurel, but they had a horrible car accident, that left Natalie brain dead and Adam paralyzed. Unable to see his doll like that, Trevor decided to take her off life support.

Meanwhile, Laurel had managed to leave town, but Jack eventually caught up with her. The two returned to Pine Valley, where Laurel had to face Adam and Trevor's wrath. On top of that, her ex-husband Denny came back to torment her. She killed him in self-defense, and Jack helped her hide the body. They married when they were on the run. They were soon caught by the authorities and were eventually found innocent of Denny's murder since it was self-defense. However, Jack's license to practice law was suspended for a few months and Laurel felt really guilty. Jack then had an affair with his past love, Erica Kane. Laurel was also the first one to discover that Jane Cox was really Janet Green. She almost lost her life trying to warn Trevor about his fiancée when Janet cut the brakes on Laurel's car. She was in a coma for a very long time, but managed to tell Jack the truth before Trevor and the "Planeteer" became husband and wife. Laurel and Jack amicably divorced, paving the way for Laurel to marry the man she truly loved... Trevor.

Laurel's life came to an unexpected end as she was killed on the set of The Cutting Edge. A drunken Jason Sheffield, Kevin's older brother, aimed a gun at Laurel's brother Michael and attempted to kill him. Jason believed that Michael had "made" Kevin gay. Sadly, when Jason's gun discharged it took a life, the life of Michael's sister, Laurel Dillon.

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