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Sarah Glendening named AMC's new Marissa
Posted Thursday, October 28, 2010 3:57:34 PM
All My Children has opted to recast the role of Marissa Tasker. The ABC soap released the role's creator, Brittany Allen, last month, and published reports hinted that Marissa would simply leave town. Former As the World Turns player Sarah Glendening will take over the role in December.

As expected, All My Children has announced that Marissa will stick around Pine Valley after the role's originator, Brittany Allen, exits the role later this year. The ABC soap has hired a former As the World Turns star to take over the part.

Sarah Glendening (ex-Lucy Montgomery, As the World Turns) will succeed Allen as Marissa. Though this is the actress' first All My Children role, Glendening does have a bit of history with the show. Glendening previously auditioned for the role of Madison North. That role, of course, was awarded to Stephanie Gatschet.

Last month, Allen was released from All My Children. There were initial published reports that the show would write the character off the canvas rather than recasting. However, a show source insisted to that Marissa would continue on, but that the show wanted to take the character "in a new direction."

Though a new actress is coming aboard, fans shouldn't expect the type of jarring, albeit creative, recast that took place when Marissa's twin sister, Babe Carey, was recast. This time around, there will be a full weekend between the two versions of Marissa.

Glendening's run on As the World Turns lasted just a short time. She debuted on December 24, 2008, but exited the canvas just a week later. The actress returned on two other occasions, both of which were also short-term stays.

In addition to her soap work, Glendening has also made several guest appearances in primetime.

Allen will last air on Tuesday, December 21. Glendening, meanwhile, will first air on Wednesday, December 22.

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