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Brooke Logan, what are you doing? And why are you acting that way? The triangle seems to be over, with Liam and Steffy getting baby-ready, but is it ever really over? Meanwhile, can someone turn a fire hose on Eric Forrester? So many questions, and we have some answers in this week's Two Scoops.

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Brooke Logan has always been a character of many facets and just as many flaws, the kind of woman who's engendered great love and great hate from others, not to mention the viewers. This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke had me completely baffled. There were more than a few scenes that had her behave in a way that made me want to wallop her. Of course, since I'm a nonviolent person, I'll just have to beat her up with my words.

After the faux Italian wedding went bust, why on earth did Brooke endure the double-barrel assault by Taylor and Steffy on her character? Honestly, would you have stayed in a room with two people saying that your 20-year relationship with Ridge was a fraud and you're a home wrecker? I would have turned on my heels and walked out the door. It's not like Brooke is unaware of Taylor's point of view, as well as Steffy's desire to win Liam at all costs. For her to stand there and be disrespected in that way was beyond belief to me.

Then we had the incredulous scene of Brooke walking into Eric's house. Really, what was Brooke thinking? Was she thinking at all? First of all, how come she has keys to her ex-husband's house? Second, is there a reason she didn't use the doorbell? I've complained when Taylor did the same thing a month or so back, when she walked in on Brooke and Bill having a heart-to-heart talk. It wasn't Taylor's home, but she marched in as thought it was. Seeing Brooke do the very same thing at Eric's place was shocking. The bottom line is that it's rude. These L.A. folks have got to learn some boundaries!

But that was just part one of Brooke's bungle. She saw the table in the living room had been set for dinner. It clearly showed that romance was afoot. There were flowers, candles, wineglasses, and two dinner places. What did Brooke think she was looking at? There were no signs of a Pam casserole, so Brooke had to know Eric was with another lady. Even if Brooke suspected that her sister Donna was the woman spending the evening with Eric, why did she proceed to go upstairs to Eric's room to check it out? What compelled her to be so nosy?

By the time Eric had put on his bathrobe and sided with Taylor, choosing his future wife over his former wife (and believe me, Eric's ready to put a diamond ring on Taylor's finger!), Brooke was in tears and emotionally shattered. She tried to keep it together, but just like earlier in the week when it was Taylor and Steffy going after her, the combination of Eric and Taylor rendered Brooke a broken blonde.

She couldn't take it. Why wouldn't Brooke just take herself out of the confrontation before it reached the breaking point? This was masochism at the highest level! It's time for Brooke to accept that Eric and Taylor are going to happen, just like Liam and Steffy are bound to remarry because of the baby. Brooke, Hope, and all the Logans need to prepare for the seismic shifts that are on the way. Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas are formidable adversaries.

So it was a hell of a happy week for Taylor's clan. Taylor and Steffy reveled in the joy of victory. Steffy completely accepted that Liam was committed to her and the baby. It would be surprising if they were not in blissful ecstasy for quite a while. Bill showering them with love, support, and gifts also was a nice touch. Liam doesn't do well defying Bill, so if he sticks to Steffy and the baby, he should be in a good place. He might still be yearning for Hope with sidelong glances, but he won't do anything about it.

As for Taylor, she's feeling her power. She's wielding her sexual wiles and has gotten a big-time advocate and lover in Eric. I don't think she's necessarily a predator, but how can she gaze at Eric and not think, "Hmm, how will Eric compare to Ridge? Will he kiss like Thorne? Does he have the sexual prowess of Rick?" It's really an incestuous mess, as bad as anything Brooke's ever done. Don't tell me that Brooke was worse because she was breaking up marriages, or however you choose to parse it. The bottom line is that a bunch of Taylor's -- and Brooke's -- men have been related. It's oooky. (Forgive my use of a technical term.)

It was kind of mind-blowing to hear Eric decree that Taylor is the new Forrester matriarch. Does he really think he has the power to bestow that crown on her? Is he royalty now? How do you think Thorne, Kristen, Felicia, and Ridge will react when they learn Stephanie's been replaced by Dr. Hayes? There's no way this can go down without ruffled feathers. Now, more than ever, I want Ridge back.

I also suspect that we haven't seen the last of Brooke's reaction to what she saw and what is happening. In typical Brooke fashion, she'll stupidly turn to Bill for support. God forbid she talk with Katie or Rick about what to do. No, Brooke will need a male shoulder (not her son's) to cry on. In a short time, Brooke will marshal her resources and fight Taylor tooth and nail. You can count on Bill helping her to orchestrate a takeover of Forrester.

Maybe Brad Bell should steal an idea from The Young and the Restless. On that show, the spirit of John Abbott appears every now and then when Jack or Billy require a kick in the butt or the voice of reason to set them straight. Actor Jerry Douglas does an occasional turn, and it works really well. So, here's my thought: convince Susan Flannery to do the same for B&B. Have Stephanie's spirit -- not just her photo portrait -- appear to "counsel" Eric, Taylor, or Brooke.

Wouldn't you love to hear Stephanie give it to Taylor for jumping into bed with Eric? What do you think Stephanie would say to Brooke about letting that happen? Stephanie might want to give Eric a piece of her mind about the way he's honored her memory.

It didn't take long for Rick to become smitten with Maya, although as Mike pointed out in his Two Scoops last week, wasn't it a bit bizarre that Maya chose to hang out in Dayzee's, considering the emotional turmoil attached to the place? Maybe her grieving is different because she hadn't really known her daughter. She hadn't raised the child because she'd given her up as a baby. Perhaps Maya felt the loss years before and didn't need weeks and weeks of mourning?

Rick's fixation with Maya was helped because Caroline suddenly turned into a cold-hearted witch who objected to doing volunteer work at Dayzee's. Granted, she wasn't dressed for the occasion, but I guess it never occurred to Caroline that she could have gone into the locker room and changed into some work clothes. It seems like most of the staff at Dayzee's would be more than helpful if she'd just asked. Instead, Caroline turned into a selfish diva, and Rick is probably going to lose interest in her.

Still, overall, I have to tip my cap to Brad Bell for the way Rick and Maya got to know each other. It was very rom-com movie and far more entertaining than the way Rick drooled over Caroline the first time he saw her. Rick and Caroline have never had a drop of chemistry, but Maya and Rick were immediately adorable. Yes, Rick was doing some drooling because Maya's singing had knocked him out, but all the business about peeling a hard-boiled egg, of all things, was very original and entertaining. I liked them together, even the fact that she over-tipped him.

As for the other happy romance, Liam and Steffy had all the signs of being perfect together. I'd like to tell you all unequivocally that Liam came to the decision that Steffy was for him, but it really didn't happen that way. He didn't choose Steffy over Hope. It's more like the decision was made for him once he learned about the baby.

Liam simply did what he always does -- he went along with the situation. It was the morally right thing to do, especially for him. This is perfect because he never really wanted to choose in the first place. The baby gave him a legitimate way out of the dilemma. Circumstances thrust a decision upon Liam, and he let Steffy think it was his sincere choice. But there was that moment when he hugged Steffy where his eyes gave him away. He's not so sure.

I've been thinking about this and wondering if the eternal triangle is really as resolved as it seems. You know the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for..." Projecting a few months down the road, what if Steffy and Liam are together and planning for the birth of their child, while Hope has moved on with another man?

Will Liam be really happy with the Steffy situation under those circumstances? Will Steffy be happy knowing that Liam has lingering feelings for Hope that might never go away? Winning the battle for Liam may initially please Steffy, but what about the future?

Am I the only one who liked the beard on Thomas? It was a little scruffy, but a welcome change of pace from his usual Ken doll look. It was also refreshing that when he met with Steffy to talk about her pregnancy, he was the voice of reason. When she suggested that they spy on Taylor and Eric, Thomas told her to leave them alone. Maybe the beard has made him wiser than his years?

Oliver was very sweet to Hope, but he's not going to make any headway in resurrecting their relationship, if you ask me. He made her smile, he showed her the tattoo...it was nice. But if Hope is going to move on with another man, I doubt it'll be Oliver. It likely won't be Thomas either. Would it really be so hard for Brad Bell to give Hope a new man? How about Carter? How about someone new? It's time for Hope to meet some new fellow, and Liam will be out of his mind with jealousy. That's probably the direction the show should take.

What's my pet peeve of the week? It's about Pam. Why do they write the character of Pam like the "Little Old Lady from Pasadena"? Her note to Eric about his dinner being kept warm in the oven included a line that she was going to a knitting class. Knitting? Was the macramé class full? Why not let Pam reflect that she's living in L.A. and working at one of the top couture houses in the country?

Pam's not the sheltered woman she was when she lived with her mom. Couldn't she be in Pilates or volunteering at the soup kitchen or part of a book group? Instead, the note suggests that Eric wouldn't be interested in an old-fashioned woman like Pam. That's telling the readers about her character rather than showing; it would be better writing to characterize the differences between Eric and Pam with action.

So, that's a wrap. I hope you'll write and share your thoughts with me about what's going to happen in the weeks ahead, whether you agree with my assessment or not! Let's just keep the conversation going! I welcome your comments at Soap Central, so keep 'em coming. Mike is back next week, and I'll return to share more B&B thoughts in two weeks.

Meanwhile, here are some letters from the readers!

    • I have a strong feeling that the baby Steffy is carrying is not Liam's. She was out partying up at the clubs quite a bit. She was getting so drunk, I don't think she would remember. The women on the plane will play a big part in this, it's so cut and dry. And that shrink of a mother, Taylor, needs a life and not with her ex-father-in-law. How gross these people are! They should be mingling with someone outside of their realm. Steffy would not even have looked at Liam before he was found to be a Spencer, but Hope did. Steffy has not changed -- Laura H.

    • I love this soap. I am a Brooke and Hope fan. I hate the way the producers have sabotaged them. Taylor does not need to be in the spotlight any longer. Come on Eric? What are you thinking? Steffy has pushed Hope around forever. She couldn't even take her birth control. I feel really sorry for this baby. Liam belongs with Hope. Stop being so unfair to Hope and give Brooke back her edge. She would never have put up with Taylor's rudeness. -- BC

    • Hi! I been watching The Bold & Beautiful for years and I am getting a little tired of Brooke and her story line. They need more "men" on the show so Brooke can find her own instead of stealing someone else's! It's getting very sickening for the same story line over and over again! -- Nancy O.

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