Hope reveals to Ridge that Thomas is dead
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, November 18, 2019
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Monday, November 18, 2019

At Forrester, Ridge conducted fittings for models who wore Thomas' designs. Steffy asked if Thomas should be the one doing the work. Ridge replied that her brother would be there soon enough. Noting that the designs were HFTF gowns, Steffy said HFTF was where Thomas' mind was at -- on the line and on Hope. Steffy wondered where her brother could be.

Liam arrived. He'd finished up in H.R. and guessed that he just had to clean out his desk. Steffy and Ridge joked that they could still hold Liam to his contract. Ridge decided that he didn't want to do it if it meant Bill would rush over there and fill the place up with his musk and hair product.

Steffy mentioned that she and her father were waiting on Thomas, whom they hadn't heard from yet that day. Liam said he might know why that was, and he revealed that Thomas had signed the custody papers the previous night. Ridge and Steffy couldn't believe it, and Liam affirmed that he'd seen the papers himself when he'd been with Brooke and Hope.

Ridge figured it was true because it had been what Hope and Brooke had wanted all along. He stated that they'd succeeded in taking a little boy from his father. Liam corrected Ridge, saying that Thomas was still Douglas' legal father and still had custody. In Liam's view, Hope was just doing what she thought was best for the child.

Steffy replied that it wasn't up to Hope or Brooke, who weren't the child's family. Ridge said he'd taken Douglas to Eric's house so that they could work on the family, and Thomas was getting better. He remarked that Douglas had begun to trust Thomas again, but within twenty-four hours, Liam's "wife" had destroyed it.

Liam reminded Steffy and Ridge that Hope had been Douglas' mother since Caroline had died. Steffy stated that they'd been grateful for it, but everyone -- except Hope and Brooke -- had known that it hadn't been a permanent solution. Steffy referred to Hope's plan as a ploy. Liam disagreed, but Ridge insisted that it was true.

Steffy stated that Thomas would have seen the ploy as a chance to get access to Hope. Ridge called it a manipulation. Liam asked Steffy and Ridge to pause, but Ridge asserted that it couldn't sit right with Liam that Hope, who'd thought she could love Douglas better, had stolen Douglas from Thomas.

Liam said no one had stolen anything. Liam, however, agreed that there were probably better options for Hope to parent Douglas than the custody agreement. The worst part of it in Liam's view was that it put Ridge's boy in Hope's life forever.

Ridge figured that nothing Thomas ever did would be enough to prove that he was trying to apologize. Ridge said that Hope had used Thomas' feelings to her advantage. Liam disagreed and asked Ridge not to attack Hope. Steffy chimed in, saying that her father was questioning things, not attacking Hope.

Agreeing, Ridge said he was questioning why Brooke and Hope hadn't let it go when their first attempt to grab Douglas hadn't worked. Ridge stated that Hope and Brooke couldn't drop it despite how everyone else had felt about it. He accused them of destroying Thomas' relationship with Douglas forever.

Grabbing his keys and pointing at Liam, Ridge decided to go and get some answers because "this one right here" didn't have any. Liam didn't think it was a good idea for Ridge to go to Brooke's house. Determined to stand up for his wronged son, Ridge left.

Steffy received a phone alert. It was for a meeting, but she'd been hoping it would be a message from Thomas. Liam was sure that Thomas was just fine. She asked how sure he was. Liam spat out a few percentage points. Smiling, Steffy said that she was sure the place wouldn't be the same without Liam. She wondered if she couldn't get him to stay.

Chuckling, Liam replied that he'd thought Steffy would be happy to see him leave and mend fences with Bill. Steffy was sad that he was leaving but happy that he'd go back to Spencer. Liam recommitted to what he'd said about spending more time with her, Kelly, and Beth. He just wanted to get beyond the drama and concentrate on creating a happy future for everyone. Steffy said it sounded like a plan.

At Brooke's house, Brooke tried to keep Hope from calling herself a murderer. Hope insisted that she'd pushed Thomas, but Brooke contended that it was self-defense against the unhinged Thomas. Hope didn't think Thomas' bargaining for sex with her was a reason for him to die.

Brooke faulted Thomas for cornering Hope on the catwalk. Hope whimpered that she hadn't known where Douglas had been. Brooke replied that Thomas had used that to manipulate Hope for his vile agenda. Hope didn't think his parents would see it that way. She said they'd blame and vilify her, and they would be right to do so because, as twisted as Thomas had been, his blood was on her hands.

Brooke said that everyone knew that Hope hated violence. Hope agreed but cried that she'd cost Douglas the only parent he'd had left. Brooke insisted that it was Thomas' fault for being obsessed with Hope, and Hope had had to fight back.

Hope couldn't get the thought out of her mind of Thomas falling into the acid. She thought she'd be sick to her stomach. She said no one deserved to die that way, and she needed to tell Ridge and Steffy that she was responsible for Thomas' death.

Brooke wished she'd gone to the office that night as she'd told herself to do, and she'd never forgive herself for not going. Hope felt that Brooke had nothing to forgive herself for. Hope stated that she'd been the one who'd lost control. Brooke replied that Thomas had lost control, and Hope had had to fight back.

Hope wondered if that were really true. She wasn't certain of anything anymore. She began sobbing, wondering what could have happened if she'd made a different choice. Brooke tried to snap her daughter out of it and reminded Hope that it had happened because of Thomas' obsession. To Brooke, it had been as if there had been an uncontrollable demon in Thomas.

Hope sobbed, afraid that Douglas was going to hate her. Hope felt as if she'd ruined everything. Her life was over. Brooke asked Hope not to say that, but Hope insisted that she'd be arrested and taken from Beth. Hope cried, scared that her children would lose her. She decided that she had to tell Liam before the police took her away.

Brooke refused to let Thomas ruin Hope's life again. Gripping Hope's face, Brooke stated that they had to be careful about what they said and how they reacted. Brooke didn't want them to make any rash decisions. Hope asked if Brooke was saying that Hope should keep it to herself and not tell the truth. "That I killed Thomas," Hope added.

Brooke felt that Hope needed to take some time, but Hope replied that time wouldn't bring Thomas back. In Brooke's view, Thomas had been willing to exchange his son for sex. He'd chased Hope all over the building, grabbing her, trying to kiss her, and cornering her on the catwalk. Hope asserted that she'd pushed him.

Brooke repeated that Hope had been trying to protect herself and that Thomas was responsible for all of it. In Brooke's view, Thomas had already taken so much from Hope. Brooke held Hope and said she didn't want Hope to lose her life with Liam and Beth. Brooke refused to let Thomas take it from Hope all over again.

Hope couldn't put it out of her head as if it had never happened or hide the secret. Brooke wasn't asking that. She just wanted Hope to take time and not make rash decisions with so much at stake. Hope loved her mother for trying to protect her, but Hope couldn't live with it.

Hope was sure that, if she and Brooke did keep the secret, someone would find out. She also thought it was a terrible weight on Brooke's marriage to Ridge. For Hope, the only option was to tell Ridge that she'd killed his son.

Just then, Ridge stormed into the house. He told Hope that he'd just been at the office, and he knew what she'd done. He asked how she could have done it to a little kid. He questioned whether she knew the implications it would have for Douglas and if she'd really had to punish Thomas that way. He accused Hope of separating a father and a son and destroying their relationship forever.

Brooke told Ridge to stop it. She wouldn't let him talk to her daughter that way. Hope stated that Ridge was right, and Douglas had lost his father due to her. She hadn't meant for it to happen that way. She stated that she'd give anything not to have to say it to Ridge, but Thomas was dead. "Your son is dead," Hope stated.

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