Ridge and Brooke patch things up
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
by Pam

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke discussed that they didn't see eye to eye regarding Thomas, and they had disagreed before. Brooke noted that they had to be more sensitive to one another. She didn't want to argue. Ridge agreed but noted that they were not on the same page. Brooke said she loved Ridge "more than anything," and she wanted them to work together to figure it out. Ridge said he loved that about her. "You made this about us," he said.

Ridge apologized that he'd left the previous night, and he was sorry he had worried Brooke. Brooke was happy that he'd run into people who cared about him -- Carter and Danny the bartender. She wanted to thank them both, but Ridge wanted to forget about it and move on. Brooke was glad that Ridge had not tried to drive -- and she was grateful Danny had helped him upstairs. Ridge looked away and sighed.

Later, Brooke and Ridge agreed they needed a date night, and Brooke promised to schedule it all and make it a big surprise for Ridge. They kissed. Ridge said he'd wanted to be honest with Brooke. He admitted that he'd dug in his heels whenever it came to Thomas. Ridge confessed that he didn't know what to do for Thomas.

Ridge added that Thomas had made a lot of bad choices ever since Caroline had died. Ridge worried that he had missed seeing Thomas' downward spiral. He was apologetic for everything that Thomas had done. Brooke agreed that Ridge had been put in a terrible position with everything that had happened. She added that Thomas needed professional help. Ridge agreed, but he felt the family needed to help Thomas, as well.

Brooke agreed but said, "Thomas is a danger." She didn't want him staying at the house. Ridge understood, and he didn't want to argue again. They agreed to work together to deal with Thomas. Brooke added that Thomas was not alone in hurting Hope. Brooke blamed Reese, Shauna, Flo, and others who had all been aware of what Reese had done.

Brooke said that Shauna had tried to persuade Flo not to tell the truth. Brooke was disgusted by Flo and Shauna and said it made her "blood boil" to think that Shauna had the nerve to ask Brooke to forgive Flo. Brooke never wanted to see "Flo or Shauna ever again." Ridge looked sick. Brooke asked if Ridge wanted breakfast, but he declined and said he'd had breakfast. Brooke said that Ridge should never have left home. They kissed.

Brooke and Ridge agreed they wanted to put the past behind them and concentrate on good energy and "the well-being of our family." They hugged, and Ridge looked guilty.

At Flo's apartment, Shauna and Flo discussed that Shauna had spent the night with Ridge. Flo was disgusted and wanted a detailed explanation. Shauna relished the memory of her time with Ridge but finally admitted that nothing had happened. Ridge had passed out drunk, and she and the bartender had taken him to the room upstairs. Shauna admitted she had taken off Ridge's shoes and pants and had planned to leave, but Ridge had asked her to stay. Shauna said she had stayed because she'd worried that Ridge might wake up, not know where he was, and try to drive home.

Shauna proudly said she had stared at Ridge while she'd slept, and she praised what a good-looking man he was. She said she had kissed him and then crawled into bed next to him. Shauna was excited that she had been with Ridge all night long. Flo was shocked and said that Shauna had given the Logans more reason to hate them.

Shauna laughed, but Flo found nothing funny. Shauna explained that she had tried to visit Brooke and explain that Flo needed forgiveness and was family, but Brooke had thrown her out of the house. Shauna said she'd needed a drink, so she had stopped at the Bikini Bar. That was where she'd encountered Ridge, and he'd been wasted. That was where it had all started.

Shauna fantasized about what it would be like to be married to Ridge. Flo said it was all making her nervous. Shauna said it was her little secret, and no one would ever know. However, Shauna returned to how much she'd loved being with Ridge. Flo wanted her to stop talking. Flo shook her head again.

Shauna continued to praise Ridge and said she felt something for Ridge, and she imagined being his wife and waking up with him every day. Flo advised her mother to stop and gave her a reality check.

At the Bikini Bar, Danny was working, and Carter showed up and said he had left his credit card there the previous night. Carter and Danny discussed that it had been "some night." Danny flashed back to how Ridge had been. Danny and Carter agreed that Ridge had been out of control. Carter said he'd never seen Ridge that drunk, and he was worried about him. He claimed Ridge was a good guy who was always in control.

Danny agreed that Ridge seemed like a good guy, and Carter said that Ridge had been a good friend. Danny said that Ridge had been in good hands. Later, Danny brought towels to the room upstairs and flashed back to the night before when he and Shauna had taken Ridge to the room.

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