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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

At Jabot, Summer noted that Kyle hadn't said anything about his conversation with Jack regarding their engagement. Kyle requested a minute to read an email from his attorney, and he reported that the divorce papers had been signed and sealed. She squealed that she'd never thought that day would arrive, and she inquired whether it was too early for Champagne. Kyle looked forlorn, and Summer reminded him that it was what he'd been waiting for. She wondered why he wasn't dancing on tables, and he pointed out that there was one more person in the equation who might be taking the news differently.

Summer envisioned Lola serving up food on the house at Society to celebrate her freedom. Kyle doubted it, but Summer argued that Lola was more resilient than he was giving her credit for -- unless he wanted an ego boost by thinking she was an emotional wreck because no woman could possibly get over him. Kyle sympathized that Lola had never been through anything like that before, and he imagined it hurt. Summer pointed out that she knew how it felt, but Kyle countered that Lola wasn't like them because she was still innocent in many ways.

Summer gave Kyle 30 seconds to get over his guilty conscience. She lectured that he wouldn't want his fiancée thinking he was more concerned about his ex than his future wife. Kyle recognized what he'd put Summer through when they'd split up, and he swore that didn't want to do that to anyone else. He insisted that she was the only one he wanted in his life and that the divorce had been the right thing to do, but it didn't mean it didn't hurt. He pointed out that he had her, whereas Lola was alone.

Summer figured that Lola wouldn't be alone forever, and they'd all learned from the experience and moved on. Summer cooed that the lesson in it was that she and Kyle were made for one another. She revealed that she had a bottle of Champagne she'd been saving for that day, and he agreed that they should celebrate. She mentioned that she had a meeting to tend to first, and he offered to meet her after he attended an off-site meeting of his own. He headed out, and she looked suspicious.

At Society, Theo called Lola his favorite chef and announced that he had a special request. She barely looked up from her phone and told him to ask the waiter. Theo sensed that something was wrong, and Lola testily inquired whether he'd forgotten about their breakup. He recalled that he'd been her guinea pig for new recipes before they'd gotten involved, and she had been his best and only friend when Kyle had done everything he could to undermine Theo. Lola snapped that it was the worst day she'd had in forever, and she could use a friend to listen to her without judgment and put her first, but it was too bad it wasn't him.

Theo thought he and Lola could still be friends, but she spat that he didn't have friends -- just rivals and pawns. She accused him of having a calculator where his heart should be, doing the math of how a person could add value to his life. Theo contended that a friend knew when someone was having a bad day and acting out of anger and frustration, and he told her to lay it on him. Lola shared that she'd just found out her divorce was final, and she didn't know how to feel or act. She barked that he'd gotten what he'd wanted, and she told him to go. He stalked off.

Kyle arrived at Society and looked around. Theo watched as Kyle headed into the kitchen. Lola and Kyle awkwardly greeted one another, and he mentioned the email he'd received from his lawyer. She claimed that she'd been so busy that she hadn't had time to think about it, but she noted they were officially exes. Kyle explained that he'd just wanted to see how she was doing.

Kyle recognized that he and Lola had been through a lot together, and he offered an ear if she wanted to talk. Lola replied that she had to prep the kitchen for that night, and Kyle said he was glad she was doing okay. He started to head out, but she stopped him. She acknowledged that they'd both wanted the divorce, and she wondered if it was insane to say it still really sucked. Kyle admitted that he felt the same way.

Summer entered the restaurant, and Theo called to her. She sourly asked if he had a job, but he said he always made time to help the people he cared about, including her. He guessed she was there to look for Kyle, and he pointed her to the kitchen. Summer peered through the window of the kitchen door and saw Kyle and Lola talking.

Summer returned to the dining room and hissed that Theo was a special kind of troll, since he'd known exactly what she'd see when she looked into the kitchen. Theo taunted that the heart wanted what it wanted, and she asked if it was payback for his firing, Kyle leaving him in the dust, or Lola dumping him. Theo flippantly inquired why it couldn't be for all three, and Summer assumed he was always alone because people couldn't run away fast enough once they got a peek at the real him. She added that it wasn't worth the time to pity him, and she walked away. Theo saw Kyle and Lola exit the kitchen together.

Later, Theo cornered Lola in the kitchen and apologized for pushing her to tell him what was wrong. He pledged to give her space if that was what she wanted, but he also wanted to make sure everything was all right after he'd seen Kyle there earlier. Lola informed him that Kyle had just been there to check in on her, which she considered to be a nice gesture. Theo grumbled that Kyle could be very nice when he wanted to be, and she asked what he was trying to say. Theo advised her not to let the opportunity pass by to take Kyle away from Summer, since they both knew Lola still wanted Kyle.

Lola asked if Theo was out of his mind to think she'd go through a gut-wrenching divorce for fun. She resented the "hell" out of him for twisting things around, but he insisted that he'd been trying to help. She ranted that she wasn't interested in his help or in him at all, and she regretted letting him walk into her restaurant. She growled that she'd had enough, and she ordered him to go and stay gone. He left.

In the park, Kyle commended Summer for suggesting they meet there, since they could grab a snack at a nearby food truck. Summer snapped that if he wanted to rekindle his memories of Lola, he could go back to Society. Summer revealed that she'd seen him at the restaurant earlier, since she'd figured out that had been his sudden off-site meeting. Summer recalled the days when Kyle had run away every chance he could to see Lola, and she'd seen the way he still looked at his ex.

Kyle reiterated that Summer was the only one for him. Summer whimpered that she knew in her heart that he was hers, but it had still really hurt. Kyle apologetically explained that he'd only gone to see if Lola was okay, but Summer chided him for not telling her about his plans. Kyle swore that he hadn't wanted to hurt her, but she called it a major fail. He urged her to trust that he loved her with all his heart, but she admitted that she was scared something would send them off track. He gave his word that nothing would keep them from having the life they deserved.

Kyle admitted that he should have told Summer where he'd been going, and she surmised that he'd thought she'd go haywire. Kyle swore that he'd wanted to smooth things over proactively, since they had enough roadblocks. He shared that Jack also had reservations about their engagement, but he refused to let backseat drivers tell them what to do. Kyle adamantly proclaimed that the wedding would happen, and everyone could either join in on the festivities or get out of the way.

Phyllis entered Crimson Lights, and Billy declared that it was perfect timing because he was just leaving. She teased him for rushing off, and he asked if she'd forgotten that he had a job. She contemplated whether he would topple Jack off the throne of being the most successful Abbott man ever. Billy asserted that it wasn't a competition, and Phyllis agreed because he was working for his mommy. She advised him to pay attention to his company and not get distracted, and he compared it to when she'd slept with Nick when she and Billy had been together. They continued to exchange barbs, and she suggested that they talk for real.

Phyllis recounted that Billy had once used Restless Style to get back at every enemy he'd had. She claimed that she didn't want to see him crash and burn after he'd worked so hard for everything. He swore that he was using his power as a media mogul for good those days, but she saw the gleam in his eye and pressed to know who he was thinking of roasting. He readily divulged that it was Adam, although he also considered it perfectly fine if Victor ended up being collateral damage in the process. Phyllis recognized that it could put Billy's company on top, but she advised him to kill the story before it saw the light of day.

Billy surmised that Phyllis was scared that Nick would be pulled back into the Newman fold. Phyllis expected Victor to destroy Billy's company, but Billy questioned why she wanted him to pull back in spite of her unshakeable hatred for Victor. Phyllis confirmed that she hated Victor more than anyone, but she became choked up when she confessed that she was finally happy. She confided that she no longer desired to destroy someone else's life to feel good, and she felt optimistic about the future. She worried that Billy's plan might make it all go up in smoke, but he figured that it was her modus operandi to find a guy and have it all fall apart. Billy urged her to be realistic about how long it would really last with Nick.

Nick found Nikki deep in thought in Chancellor Park. He asked if everything was okay, since she looked serious. She mentioned that Victoria had said something about Adam that had left Nikki with more questions than answers. Nick grumbled that he didn't care about anything involving Adam. Nikki wasn't sure what Adam would do or when, but she was afraid it would devastate Victor -- and whatever happened to Victor happened to all of them.

Nick asked what Nikki wanted him to do, but she didn't believe he wanted to help. He insisted that he would do anything for her, and she wondered if he felt the same way about his father. Nick remained quiet, and she questioned how long it would take for him to say yes. She realized that she was wasting her breath, and he wished things were different. She advised him not to offer to help if his heart wasn't in it, and she walked away.

Victoria arrived at the Newman ranch and called out for her parents. She spotted a folder on the table, and Victor greeted her and asked if she'd taken a look at it. He explained that the file was about Adam's childhood friend whose father Adam had accidentally killed, and the woman had become a journalist who was on a dangerous beat. Victoria asked who it would be dangerous for, and Victor replied that it would be for everyone, which was why he was having Alyssa followed to find out who she was working with.

Victor informed Victoria that his investigator had confirmed that Alyssa was working with Billy, which meant Billy was a threat. Victor inquired whether Billy had said anything to Victoria in passing, since the investigator had seen her walk into Chancellor Communications. Victoria reasoned that she and Billy were co-parents who sometimes needed to discuss their kids, but she didn't know everything about Billy's professional life. Victor worried that the ramifications could affect all of them, as well as Newman Enterprises.

Victoria muttered that Adam was always a threat, but she was sure Victor would rescue him before he did anything dangerous or deadly. Victor recognized that Billy wanted nothing more than to destroy Victor and his company, but Victoria scoffed at the idea of her dad giving Billy that much credit. Victor contended that Billy had serious ammunition in his hands, and he implied that it would be a pity if someone could stop it all from unraveling but instead stood by and watched it all go up in flames.

Victor understood that he had to deal with the repercussions of a choice he'd made years earlier to save his son. He questioned what parent wouldn't understand that, but Victoria huffed that Victor had made decisions time and time again, leaving the rest of them to deal with the fallout. Victor vowed to do everything in his power to stop things from snowballing into disaster, and he asked Victoria to find out what Billy knew and what he intended to do with that knowledge. Victor added that what happened to their entire family from then on was in her hands. Victoria promised that she would pass along anything she learned that might be damaging to people who didn't deserve it.

After Victoria left, Nick stopped by the ranch and told Victor that he didn't have a lot of time because he had to get home to Christian. Victor mentioned that he'd talked with Victoria earlier, and Nick guessed that it had been about Adam. Victor described the situation as rather dire, and he expected it to affect everyone at Newman Enterprises if it became worse. Nick referred to the company as Victor's favorite child, but Victor pointed out that it had afforded them a "hell of a lifestyle" for decades.

Victor explained that he'd called Nick there because the company stood to be destroyed if things kept unraveling. Nick warned that leading with gloomy predictions for Newman was the least persuasive way to get him to help, but he didn't want Christian or Nikki to be caught in the crossfire. Victor accepted that he and Nick had had their battles, but he'd always known that Nick would have his back. Nick mentioned that he'd seen his mom earlier, and the weight of it was killing her. Victor insisted that it was why he was doing everything in his power to stop it from happening. Nick agreed with Victor's priority to always put family first, and he proclaimed that if Victor wanted his help, he had it.

Phyllis returned to her hotel suite and found Nick there. She said she'd been trying to reach him all day, and he informed her that he'd been with his dad. He swore that he wouldn't have responded to Victor's summons if he hadn't run into his mom, but there was something going on with Adam that was really getting to Nikki. Phyllis relayed that Billy was about to publish something explosive about Adam. Phyllis begged Nick not to get sucked into it, but Nick argued that it was his family. She doubted that it would break his heart if something completely annihilated Adam. Nick envisioned Adam having to pay the consequences for what he'd done, and he thought that he could get behind it.

Nikki returned to the ranch and noted that Victor seemed to be in a better mood. He informed her that he'd discussed current events with Nick and Victoria, and they'd agreed to help. Victor knew that Victoria was the closest source to Chancellor Communications that they had, but he wondered if she knew more than she'd let on. Nikki asked how Victoria had reacted when Victor had told her what Billy planned to do. Victor confirmed that Victoria had been surprised, and Nikki warned that she didn't think Victoria had been honest with him.

Nikki recounted that Victoria had been vague about what she knew, but it had been clear that Victoria knew something big was about to happen with Adam. Nikki continued that she'd heard Victoria on the phone with Billy, and Lily couldn't have been more evasive when Nikki had approached her about it. Victor realized that Victoria had been putting on an act, but she'd really been teaming up with Billy to go after their family by exposing all of Adam's past misdeeds. Victor recited a line from Shakespeare about it being sharper than a serpent's tooth to have a thankless daughter, but Nikki thought Victoria was just upset and hurt. Victor expected that Victoria's liaison with Billy could possibly destroy the company and their family.

Victoria was glad to find Billy at Crimson Lights. She divulged that her dad had someone tailing Alyssa and that Victor thought the reporter needed to be stopped for the sake of the company and their family. Victoria also reported that Victor had been trying to figure out if she was involved -- and she'd lied. Billy crowed that it was too late for Victor to stop the story, and Victoria wondered how much could blow back on Victor and the rest of her family. Billy reminded her that she'd said she didn't care about what happened to Victor, and she questioned why she would. Billy departed, leaving Victoria looking like she might be having second thoughts.

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