Quinn derides Brooke for losing Ridge
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

At the mansion, Ridge didn't feel like getting into it with Quinn. He needed time to wrap his head around what had just happened. Quinn warned that he didn't have time; Shauna was moving back to Las Vegas, and he needed to stop her.

Ridge asked why Shauna had recorded the video. Sensing his anger, Quinn told him that he was losing sight of who the bad guy was. She said that Shauna wasn't responsible for Brooke's behavior. She urged him to go to Shauna before it was too late.

Ridge wanted to understand why Shauna had taken the video. Repeating that Shauna wasn't the bad guy, Quinn said Shauna hadn't wanted to expose the kiss because she'd shared kisses with Ridge. Ridge thought that made him a hypocrite, but Quinn insisted that there was a major difference. While Ridge had kissed a single, available woman, Brooke had kissed a man Ridge hated and a man supposedly committed to her sister.

Quinn asserted that someone had to stand up and say that Brooke's history with men was disgusting. It was what Quinn had done that day. Quinn urged him to let Brooke go and go to Shauna.

Ridge figured that it wasn't his place to stop Shauna if she wanted to return to Las Vegas. Quinn claimed that Shauna was leaving due to Ridge. Quinn portrayed Shauna as a good woman who hadn't wanted to see Ridge hurt, which was why Shauna had decided to delete the video and leave town. Quinn urged Ridge to go to Shauna and tell her about seeing the video. Quinn bet it would make Shauna stay.

Ridge's phone rang. It was Brooke calling. Quinn told him not to answer it and not to give Brooke another chance to plead for forgiveness. Quinn said Brooke wasn't Stephanie's successor or the Forrester matriarch. Quinn dubbed Brooke the Forrester tramp and said Ridge had to let her go.

Ridge said that Bill was the one who'd done it. Quinn agreed, saying Bill had initiated the kiss. It had been because Bill had known that he could. Quinn said Brooke had let Bill do it and would let him do it again. Shauna, however, would never do it. Quinn reminded Ridge that he'd said Shauna made him smile and laugh, everything that Brooke didn't do. Quinn urged him to go to Shauna and finally have a woman he could count on.

At Flo's apartment, Flo urged Shauna to stay, but Shauna didn't want to stand in the way of Ridge having his dream life with Brooke for as long as he could have it. Flo asked if Shauna regretted moving there. Shauna didn't. She'd enjoyed her time with Flo and was glad she had gotten to meet Ridge.

Flo begged Shauna to stay one more night. Shauna didn't want to for fear of second-guessing her choice. Flo thought that sounded like a good idea. Hugging Flo, Shauna said she'd call when she got settled. Shauna asked her daughter not to be mad.

Flo wasn't mad. She didn't like it, but she wasn't mad. Flo didn't get that her mother was running away and choosing to be alone. Shauna didn't think she was doing that. She'd never met a man before who'd made her feel that it could be forever until Ridge. Shauna had been blessed to have him as a friend. Shauna asked for one more hug before going to the door with her bag.

When Shauna opened the door, Ridge was on the other side, preparing to knock. He asked to talk to Shauna alone. Flo decided to go to the store and asked her mother not to leave until Flo got back.

Alone with Ridge, Shauna asked why he was there. He said he'd seen it. She asked what he'd seen. Ridge said that instead of having a day of love and celebration, he'd experienced betrayal. He stated that he'd seen Shauna's video. Shauna stared back in confusion.

Ridge asked why Shauna had recorded people kissing. Shauna didn't know why she'd taken the video. She'd done it in shock. She hadn't planned to do anything with it or show it to anyone. Ridge replied that she'd shown Quinn, who had, in turn, shown it to everyone else.

Shauna was shocked and asked how it had happened. Ridge said Quinn had gotten it off Shauna's phone somehow and had uploaded it to a frame on display at Brooke's. Shauna figured that Ridge was angry with her, but he said he wasn't. He stated that she hadn't betrayed him or her sister. Shauna asked why he was there.

Ridge had heard that Shauna was leaving town. He said that Quinn had told him that Shauna didn't want to complicate his life or marriage anymore. Shauna didn't want to get in the way of Ridge finally getting what he wanted. Ridge told Shauna that she made his life easier. She'd given him friendship and had made him laugh when there had been nothing to laugh about.

"And now they pulled the rug out from under me, and you want to leave me? Come on. Don't do that," Ridge said. Shauna told him that she had to go. Ridge decided that he'd go, too. He wanted to go to Vegas, and if she wanted to go so badly, they'd go together.

At Brooke's house, the guests had left, and it was just Brooke, Bill, and Katie. Brooke and Bill tried to apologize to Katie. Bill didn't even know how to explain what had gone on in the cabin. Their explanations were failing miserably in Katie's eyes. Bill asked Katie not to do it.

Katie asked if she shouldn't stand up for herself. Katie stated that there were lines that weren't meant to be crossed, but it might be time for her to accept that Brooke and Bill would always cross them. Bill knew it was a lot, but he asked Katie to forgive him and Brooke for the momentary lapse in judgment and an isolated incident. He implored Katie to accept that.

Brooke said Bill loved Katie and hadn't meant to hurt her. Katie didn't doubt that, and she believed that it hadn't happened on purpose. It didn't change anything, though. She'd thought she could finally breathe without having to worry about Brooke and Bill. Katie couldn't go back to that. Bill said Katie wasn't going back to anything and urged her to believe in his commitment to her. Bill wanted to strangle Quinn for what she'd done, for opening those old wounds.

Katie was confident that Quinn had done it for the wrong reasons, but Katie was glad that Quinn had uploaded the video. She didn't want to go through life with blinders on, and her eyes were wide open. Picking up her purse, Katie said she was leaving.

Brooke asked Katie to stay and work through it. Katie replied that they couldn't. Bill asked what Katie was saying. Katie needed time to think. She didn't know what the future held for any of them. The only thing she knew was that she wanted to go home and hold her son.

Katie left, and Brooke urged Bill to follow Katie and get her to forgive him. Bill strode out of the house, leaving Brooke alone and sobbing.

Brooke sent Ridge several text messages, telling him that she loved him, asking him to answer the phone, and requesting that he return home. Her eyes narrowed on the digital frame on the floor. She picked it up and slammed it on the floor.

"Oh, is that any way to treat a gift?" Quinn asked, entering the house. Brooke ordered Quinn to get out, but Quinn wouldn't leave without saying what she wanted to say. Quinn said Brooke was all alone, and it was her own fault. Brooke stated that Quinn had uploaded the video, but Quinn replied that Brooke was the one who'd given in to her raging libido.

Quinn said she'd told Brooke not to go to war with her. Brooke replied that Quinn didn't care what the kiss had been about. If Quinn had, she would have talked to Brooke about it instead of uploading it. Brooke called Quinn disgusting and despicable. Quinn claimed that Brooke had been getting away with her disgusting behavior for years.

Brooke asserted that it wouldn't break her and Ridge up. Quinn guessed it was where "destiny" entered the picture. Quinn said Ridge was seeing things differently, and if "destiny" was a lying slut from the valley, it was okay to kick it to the curb.

Quinn recalled how badly Brooke had wanted to get Eric to throw Quinn out and remove her portrait. Quinn asked who the unworthy person was; it was Brooke. Quinn asked who the loyal, committed wife was; it was Quinn.

Brooke reasoned that Quinn had proven how malicious she was, and Eric had seen it. Quinn figured that he'd be disappointed by the way she'd exposed Brooke, but it wouldn't last long amid all the disappointment aimed at Brooke. Brooke knew that Quinn wanted to push her out so that Shauna could take Brooke's place with Ridge.

Brooke believed that she'd be forgiven, and Ridge wouldn't leave her. She ordered Quinn to get out of the house, but lingering, Quinn said Brooke had done it on her own. Quinn stated that Brooke had shown Ridge who she was, and things had changed. Ridge no longer believed that he had to make destiny work, and he deserved to find love with a good woman like Shauna.

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