Hope tells Brooke that she ended her marriage
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Thursday, May 23, 2019
by Pam

At Brooke's, Hope walked in and greeted her mother, who was mailing out cards. Hope asked if they were hosting something, but Brooke answered that she had been helping Thomas answer all the mail from people who had sent condolences after Caroline had died.

Brooke said that Ridge had said Steffy was returning with the girls. Hope announced that Liam had missed them, and she had, too. She felt that Liam should be with the girls. Brooke wondered what was wrong, and Hope admitted that she felt Liam belonged with Steffy and the girls. She had decided to end her marriage. Brooke looked unhappy and reminded Hope that Liam still loved her.

Hope said she was making a decision based on what was best for everyone. Brooke disagreed and said it wasn't what Liam wanted. Hope agreed, but she said it was the right decision. She noted that everyone had tried to talk her out of letting Liam go, but it felt right to her. She felt she was keeping him from his family, and she could no longer do it. It didn't make her happy. She was tired of everyone suffering because of her. Brooke argued, but Hope said her dream was never going to happen because there was no magic.

"Liam still loves you, and his dream is to be with you," Brooke reminded Hope. Brooke wondered if Hope had an unreasonable fear that she wouldn't be enough for Liam, and Brooke insisted that Hope was taking Liam's dream away from him. Hope agreed, but she knew that Liam could be with his daughters, and that was what she wanted for him. Hope said she wouldn't have children, but Brooke argued that Hope was young and could have more children. Hope felt she couldn't do it again after losing Beth.

At Forrester, Thomas and Ridge discussed that Steffy and the girls were home. Ridge knew that Thomas had ulterior motives and wanted Hope to leave Liam to be with him and Douglas. Ridge told Thomas that it wasn't up to Thomas to influence Hope or Liam. Ridge understood that Thomas wanted a better life for Steffy, but Thomas had to stop trying to influence them.

"Hope loves her husband," Ridge said. Ridge tried to persuade Thomas to let go of the idea that he could be with Hope because "being a mother to someone else's kid is not the answer." Ridge wanted Thomas to stop interfering in Hope and Liam's lives.

At Steffy's place, Liam greeted Steffy, Kelly, and Phoebe. He was glad the girls were home. He admitted he had missed them all. Steffy said that the girls loved being with Liam. He asked how they had managed the flight, and Steffy said Phoebe had been too excited to nap much, but she felt the girls would nap once they finished eating.

Liam offered to stick around and help out. Steffy appreciated it, but she told Liam he didn't have to help out. "It's fine. I've got a system," she said.

Liam held Phoebe and kissed her while Kelly was asleep in the other room. He noted that it was "nice being here with you and the girls." Liam explained that Hope had decided to end their marriage. Steffy was confident that Hope would change her mind, but Liam was not. He said she had repeatedly wanted to see him with the girls.

Liam also explained that Thomas had pressured Hope to be a mother to Douglas. Liam and Steffy agreed that Hope and Douglas had hit it off, and it gave "her maternal instinct a place to go." Liam worried that Thomas had an agenda to make a family with Hope in it. Steffy said that Thomas could be persuasive, but Hope could turn away from him. Steffy added that Hope had loved Liam for so long that she couldn't believe Hope would leave him.

Liam was tired of arguing with Hope and said it felt good to be there with the girls.

Steffy said Liam was welcome to be with the girls anytime. "Nothing melts my heart more than seeing you with the girls," she said. She added that her home was his home any time he wanted to be there.

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