Hope questions her decision to get married
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, July 15, 2019
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Monday, July 15, 2019

At the cliff house, Steffy and Liam chuckled about it taking two hours to finally get both girls down. Steffy liked sharing the experience with him. Liam replied that it was where he was supposed to be. She said she understood if he was still thinking about Hope. He expressed worry about Hope, and Steffy told him that Thomas wasn't a bad guy.

Liam believed that Thomas was bad for Hope and manipulating her left and right. Admitting that Thomas had been pushy in the past and could be a little intense, Steffy said it had nothing to do with Hope, to whom Thomas was devoted. Liam cringed at the thought of it.

Liam just wanted Hope to be happy. Steffy advised him to let Thomas make Hope happy. It felt wrong to Liam, who wasn't convinced that Thomas was acting in his son's interests. Steffy felt that everything Thomas did was for Douglas' sake and that Thomas would do anything to keep his son happy and safe.

Steffy said the reality of it was that Hope and Thomas were getting married. Liam told Steffy to wait a minute because Hope had said she wanted time between her engagement and wedding. He was willing to wait to see if a marriage actually materialized. Steffy said that Thomas would get married the next day if it were possible.

Liam knew that and believed that Thomas was aggressively using Douglas. Steffy replied that Hope wasn't a pushover and wouldn't have taken a ring if she wasn't into it. Agreeing, Liam explained that Hope thought being there for Douglas would make her and Douglas' pain go away, but it wouldn't. Steffy thought it was reasonable that after Hope and Douglas had helped each other so much, Hope would want to officially be his stepmother.

Liam replied that Thomas was driving the whole thing and pressuring Hope to get what he wanted. Steffy said that, whatever way one looked at it, "our family" was getting closer. She suggested that Liam accept it and maybe support Hope and Thomas. Liam growled.

Steffy let Liam know that it was his turn. Liam was set to do the overnight shift, and he offered to wake up with the girls. He was trying to make up for lost time and figured he'd be even after three hundred mornings.

It meant a lot to Steffy that he was there with them. Liam stated that they were a unit, the Fab Four. Steffy felt that every child deserved it, and Hope and Thomas were giving it to Douglas.

In Brooke's room, Brooke had left her charger downstairs, but Ridge offered to let her use his. Brooke called it true love and kissed him. He asked if she wanted to talk more. She opted to go to bed. His giddy mood irked her, and she asked why he was so happy about "this."

Ridge said that the engagement made it an exciting time. Brooke insisted that it was too soon and that Hope was nowhere near over Liam. Ridge noted that Hope wouldn't have accepted Thomas' proposal if she hadn't been ready. Clarifying that Hope had accepted "Douglas'" proposal, Brooke stated that Hope didn't love Thomas but had compassion for the boy who'd lost his mother. Ridge said they'd love each other by the time they married each other.

Brooke stated that it was strange to become engaged to someone that one didn't love. She didn't think the couple was in it for the right reasons. Ridge felt that the couple was in it for the right reasons, which were family and stability. Brooke didn't think that Thomas could offer Hope that and prayed that they would have a very long engagement.

While in bed, Brooke and Ridge's conversation continued. Ridge wanted Thomas to have what Ridge and Brooke had, but she said Thomas would never have that because Hope didn't have feelings for him. Brooke asked if Ridge wanted Thomas to be with someone who had feelings for someone else. Ridge denied wanting that.

In Brooke's view, it was what was happening. Hope loved Liam and always would, and he was Hope's soul mate. Ridge wished it didn't weigh on Brooke so much. Brooke said her daughter's well-being was at stake. He replied that the well-being of his kids and grandkids was, too. He stated that Liam had tried; it hadn't worked, and Thomas might be the answer.

Brooke reasoned that Hope needed room to breathe. She didn't think that being with Thomas would fix Hope; instead, Brooke worried that it would do the opposite. Ridge said that a doctor had told him to make out with his bedmate when excessive worry occurred.

Brooke kissed Ridge and said she just wanted Hope to do what was best for Hope. Ridge contended that Hope had done that with the annulment, and whether Brooke liked it or not, that chapter of Hope's life was over. He wasn't dismissing Brooke's feelings; he just didn't want himself and Brooke to interfere in their kids' lives the way his mother had in theirs.

Brooke quipped that Stephanie had been a wise woman and that they probably should have listened to her more often. Ridge agreed about Stephanie being wise but said Stephanie had driven them crazy, and they couldn't do that to their kids. He stated that it might be that Hope and Thomas would fall madly in love. "Yeah, I just don't see it," Brooke replied.

Ridge stated that Hope wasn't with Liam, and that part of her life was done. Douglas and Thomas were with Hope, and Hope might fall in love with Thomas the way Brooke hadn't been able to help but fall in love with Ridge. Brooke laid her head on Ridge's shoulder.

In Douglas' room, Douglas was still wary of the ghost. He wanted Hope to stay with him and not leave. Hope assured him that she wasn't going anywhere. Flashing her ring, she said that she was wearing it, just as Douglas had wanted, and they'd be a family.

Hope asked Douglas to tell her and Thomas what he'd seen. Douglas explained that he'd seen a ghost near the wall across the room, but it had gone into hiding. Thomas opted to check around the room and found no ghost behind the curtains or in the closet. He ducked down beside the bed, retrieved his projector, and told Douglas there was no ghost under the bed.

Douglas insisted that it had been right there. Thomas said that it was gone and wouldn't be back. He figured that because he and Hope would get married sooner, they could protect Douglas even better, and there was no way the ghost would be back.

Hope lay with Douglas and promised him that no ghost would mess with him. She offered to stay with him as long as he needed her to. As Hope told Douglas a story about a chipmunk, Thomas gazed over Hope's legs and stared at her mouth.

In Thomas' room later, Thomas noted that Hope had known just how to calm Douglas down and imagined that it had been scary for Hope to hear Douglas' screams. Hope said she'd run up there as quickly as she could. He claimed he'd been in the shower and hadn't heard the boy's cries. He was grateful that she had.

Hope inquired about Douglas' nightmares. Thomas revealed that Douglas had been having them since his mother had died, but they'd never been that bad. Hope hoped that the child could sleep through the night. Thomas was sure Douglas would and predicted that there would be no more ghosts.

Thomas said that Hope had been great with Douglas, and he felt she was ready to be Douglas' mother and ready to be Thomas' wife. It was clearer than ever to him. He'd been surprised to hear her tell his son that the wedding would happen sooner, and in his eyes, there was no reason to wait.

Guessing that meant they had a wedding to plan, Thomas said he and Hope could have a big one or a small one. It didn't matter to him. He took her in his arms and said he couldn't wait to be her husband.

With a nervous laugh, Hope replied that she couldn't stop thinking about Douglas. She wanted to sleep in the boy's room to make sure he'd be okay. Thomas stated that there was no reason to do that. He asked her to listen. "Nothing. He's asleep. And if he wakes up, we'll hear him," Thomas reasoned.

Thomas thought that getting married was something to celebrate, and he asked her to stay there with him that night. He didn't think they had to wait anymore because they were getting married. Hope knew that but said that she couldn't take her mind off Douglas, who might have another nightmare. Though he was willing to bet that it wouldn't happen, Thomas said they'd be right there if it did. In his view, they were alone and didn't have to hide their feelings anymore.

Thomas stated that when they'd been in Cabo, they'd had their chance, but Hope hadn't been ready. "Now you are, and you are wearing my ring. There's nothing stopping us, Hope," he said and kissed her. Hope allowed the quick kiss, but when he moved in more aggressively, she tensed and put her hands up. She said she just wasn't ready.

Thomas said that Hope was about to be his wife. She knew that, but she wasn't sure when she'd be ready. Thomas got that she was a woman of principles and wanted to wait for the wedding night. She said she wasn't even sure she'd be ready then. He asked if she wanted to wait for the honeymoon. "Honestly, I don't know," she replied.

Thomas asked what that meant, and Hope replied that "this" might be a mistake. "No, no. It's okay. You're not ready. I'm sorry. We'll get there," he decided. It was hard for him to wait, but he felt that she was worth waiting for. He said that when the time arrived, it would be incredible.

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