Hope tells Phoebe that Steffy will always be her mom
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Friday, May 24, 2019
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Friday, May 24, 2019

Steffy was surprised to see that Liam had not left. "I guess I felt like there was more to say," Liam replied. He then went back and forth between whether he really did have more to say or if he was talked out. Finally, Liam settled on a definitive response: he just needed to be around his daughters. Steffy reminded Liam that he was welcome in her home day or night. She asked Liam if he wanted her to speak to Hope on his behalf. Liam told Steffy that there was no need for her to get involved. Liam briefed Steffy on Thomas' plan to "attack" his marriage to Hope. Steffy told Liam that she planned to have a conversation with her brother.

"Breaking up your marriage isn't taking care of the kids," Brooke exclaimed to Hope. Hope argued that it was better for Phoebe and Kelly for Liam to be with them full-time. Hope also noted that it would be better for Douglas because it meant she would be "more available" for Douglas. An exasperated Brooke noted that Hope would then be in a "loveless relationship" with Thomas -- and that would be anything but good for Douglas.

Brooke firmly stated that Liam was the man that Hope was meant to be with. Hope argued that the situation was not about Thomas or even the way that she felt. "It should be about you," Brooke snapped. "This is your life." Frustrated with the situation, Hope grabbed her keys and purse and told her mother that she needed to leave because there was someone else that she should be talking to.

Ridge stunned Thomas by agreeing that "feelings evolve." Though the idea first seemed ridiculous to him, Ridge ceded that he understood what Thomas was trying to accomplish. Hope, Ridge noted, was not happy, and she would continue to be unhappy if Hope felt that she was keeping Liam from his family. Thomas said that he wanted Liam and Steffy to be happy and that he wanted Hope to be a mother to his son.

In his office, Thomas daydreamed about Hope. As he stared off into space with a smile on his face, Liam entered and asked Thomas what had put a smile on his face. Thomas claimed that he was just happy that Steffy was back in town. Liam blasted Thomas for getting in Hope's head and "preying on her sense of loss" and vulnerability. Liam claimed Thomas had no scruples. Thomas said that it was for Hope to decide what was best for her.

"Congratulations -- you win," Liam snapped, adding, "All of Hope's grief over Beth has finally pushed her over the edge." Thomas claimed he had no idea what Liam was talking about. Liam explained that Hope had "thrown in the towel" on their marriage. Thomas said he was proud of Hope for "seeing the light" and ending her marriage to Liam. Thomas told Liam that he had a great opportunity to see the light himself -- and told Liam that he should seize the moment to reunite his family.

Ridge returned home and learned from Brooke that Hope had decided to end her marriage. "I don't think she would be considering it if it weren't for your son," Brooke said somewhat angrily. Ridge countered that he didn't feel that Thomas could be blamed for something that Hope had decided to do. Brooke worried that Hope would regret ending a marriage that she had fought so hard to have. She added that if Thomas cared for Hope, then Thomas should help Hope to realize that she needed to stay married to Liam.

Brooke acknowledged that she felt for Thomas and his pain, but she claimed that he could not turn Hope into an "instant mom." She urged Ridge to talk to Thomas and to convince Thomas to tell Hope to stay married to Liam. "This is tragic for everybody," Ridge replied. He asked Brooke to consider that Hope might feel like she was drowning in her marriage -- and that her marriage could be the very thing that was making Hope so miserable. "Maybe leaving this chapter behind her [is] exactly what she needs," he said.

Hope arrived at Steffy's home, wanting to talk. Hope somewhat awkwardly asked about Steffy's trip. Steffy cut short the small talk, instead telling Hope that Liam "can be with the girls as much as he wants and still be your husband." Hope seemed taken aback that Steffy knew about her decision to end her marriage. Steffy reckoned that Hope might have shown up on her doorstep because Hope knew that Steffy would try to talk some sense into her.

Steffy said that she appreciated Hope's intention but reminded Hope that she'd made a commitment to Liam. Hope explained that Douglas made her feel like she had a purpose and that being a mother to Douglas brought her peace. She stated that she wanted to find the "best possible solution" for Kelly, Phoebe, and Douglas.

Still, Steffy noted that Hope ending her marriage did not automatically mean that Steffy and Liam would get back together. Steffy left the room briefly and returned with Phoebe. Hope's face lit up, and she asked if she could hold the baby. Steffy smiled broadly, saying that she understood why Hope had felt such a connection to the baby -- Hope's cousin was the child's mother.

"From the first moment I met her, I felt like she was supposed to be in my life," Hope said. "Stephanie Forrester raising a Logan," Hope said with a chuckle. Hope told the baby that she was so lucky to have Steffy as her mom. "She is and always will be your mother," Hope cooed.

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