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Caitlin Ramírez
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Actor History
Other Names

Caitlin Ross (assumed name)


Born May 9, 1987 in New York City

Has been referred to as both 16 and 17 (in 2004)


High school student

Intern at Logan Designs

Intern at Forrester Creations

Resides At

New York City

Marital Status

Single/never married

Past Marriages



Hector Ramírez (father)

Samantha Kelly (mother)

Jimmy Ramírez (brother; via adoption)

Preston Kelly (grandfather)

Priscilla Kelly (grandmother)

Christian Ramírez (uncle)



Flings & Affairs

Thomas Forrester

Rick Forrester

Crimes Committed

Secretly dated Thomas Forrester and Rick Forrester at the same time [2004]

Brief Character History

Caitlin Ramírez was the daughter of fireman Hector Ramírez. Caitlin was haunted by the fact that her mother had died in childbirth, often suffering nightmares. Having recently moved to Los Angeles, Caitlin began working as an intern at fashion house Forrester Creations, but Hector was opposed to the wealthy Forresters and their lifestyle, so Caitlin lied to Hector about her position; Caitlin also withheld her interest in Thomas Forrester. Soon Hector discovered Caitlin's deception, so she transferred to Logan Designs and connected to her supervisor, Samantha Kelly. On her 17th birthday, Caitlin learned that Samantha was her very much alive mother; Caitlin was happy when Hector and Samantha reunited.

Caitlin hoped to be a fashion designer and got closer to Thomas, who arranged for the Forresters to take a look at her sketches. While dating Thomas, Caitlin fell for his rival, Rick Forrester, and dated them both until Thomas caught Caitlin kissing Rick. Caitlin dumped Thomas for Rick but faced vehement opposition from Hector, who disapproved of his teenaged daughter dating a twice-divorced man in his twenties. After Caitlin's fledgling relationship with Rick fell apart, Caitlin began seeing Thomas again, but Caitlin's hopes were dashed when Thomas ended up only wanting to be friends. Caitlin then disappeared from the canvas, with Hector later mentioning that Caitlin had moved to New York with Samantha.

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Who's Who in Los Angeles

B&B Actor biographies
B&B Cast and Credits

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