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Zoe Buckingham
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Actor History
July 9, 2018 to present

Model at Forrester Creations

Former model for Forrester Creations' Intimates line


Resides At

Los Angeles, CA

Formerly London, England

Marital Status

Engaged to Thomas Forrester as of February 21, 2020

Past Marriages

None known


Reese Buckingham (father)

unknown British woman (mother)


None known

Flings & Affairs

Alexander "Xander" Avant

Thomas Forrester

Crimes Committed

Sent threatening messages to Emma Barber via the Hope for the Future web site [2018]

Complicit in Reese Buckingham's baby switch [2019]

Health and Vitals

None known

Brief Character History

Zoe Buckingham is an artist from London who shared a romantic past with Alexander "Xander" Avant. Zoe exhibited obsessive behavior, causing Xander to leave her and their cat, Harry; Zoe packed up Harry and tracked Xander to Los Angeles, where he had taken on an internship at Forrester Creations, a design house at which Xander's cousin, Maya Avant, was a lead model. Zoe was commissioned to paint a mural at the house of Wyatt Spencer; while there, Zoe used the laptop of Wyatt's girlfriend, Sally Spectra, to post threats on a Forrester Creations web site, knowing it would be traced back to Sally. Zoe then snuck into Forrester and spied on Xander kissing his new girlfriend, Emma Barber.

Zoe got caught by Xander and admitted she was only trying to scare Emma. Instead of returning to England per Xander's orders, Zoe stepped in for an injured model during a showing for Forrester's Hope for the Future line and made such a splash she was hired on permanently. Wanting Xander back, Zoe teased Xander and taunted Emma, whom Zoe considered a child. When Harry died, Zoe turned to Xander for comfort and was surprised when he kissed her. Zoe grudgingly agreed to coexist with Emma at Forrester when Xander asked the girls to get along, but got a chance to get closer to Xander when they both were selected to model for Steffy Forrester's sexy Intimates line; Zoe and Xander kissed several times. Zoe continued to let her ex know she was available, and, when Emma ended things with Xander, Zoe got a chance to try again with him, agreeing to take things slow.

Zoe wasn't happy when her OB/GYN father, Reese Buckingham, came to L.A. from England on a doctor exchange program; Zoe told Xander about Reese's womanizing ways and worried when Reese took an interest in Steffy's mother, Taylor Hayes. But Zoe was far more concerned after a haunted Reese was mysterious about delivering Hope Logan's stillborn child. Zoe continued to feel something deeper was behind Reese's erratic behavior, especially after he suddenly decided to return to London; having gotten custody of belongings Reese left behind at the hospital, Zoe used his key to let herself into his apartment and was stunned to find adoption papers signed by Steffy and Florence Fulton, whom Zoe learned was living at the apartment in Reese's absence.

Not believing the in-shape Flo had just delivered a baby and allowed Steffy to adopt it, Zoe pushed until she got Flo to admit Reese had played a part in events. Zoe confronted a visiting Reese and learned that she had been in danger thanks to Reese taking money from loan sharks to settle gambling debts; Zoe was horrified when Reese admitted he had delivered Hope Logan's baby but switched it with a stillborn infant from another patient in order to make enough money from Steffy adopting Hope's child to pay off the thugs. Zoe went straight to Steffy, but when she saw how happy Steffy was with the baby, and not wanting Reese to go to jail, Zoe agreed to keep quiet. Later, Zoe found Flo working at a local bar and advised her to get out of town before they all went to prison.

Zoe was aghast upon learning Flo had befriended Hope, and that it turned out Flo was Hope's cousin. When the close proximity to Hope had Flo wanting to confess, Zoe accidentally knocked Flo unconscious while struggling over Flo's phone and found a stun gun being pointed at her by Flo's mother, Shauna Fulton. After the situation diffused, Zoe agreed with Shauna that Flo should continue keeping quiet, but disagreed with Shauna that Flo should accept Hope's job offer at Forrester Creations. Zoe made a pact with Shauna and Flo that they would never breathe a word about Hope's baby being alive, then evaded Xander's concerned questions about her declining demeanor; Zoe would only admit that her problem had something to do with Reese. Zoe was finally forced to explain herself when Xander overheard her and Flo arguing about the secret; Zoe begged Xander not to go to Hope with the truth.

Zoe's troubles doubled after Steffy's brother, Thomas Forrester, got wind of the baby switch secret and menacingly threatened Zoe, Flo, and Xander into keeping quiet. When Emma walked in on her and Xander's vehement disagreement about the situation, Zoe called Thomas to prevent Emma from telling Hope the truth; Zoe couldn't believe it when Emma ended up dead in a car crash hours later. Zoe refused to believe Xander and Flo's claim that Thomas had something to do with Emma's death and repeatedly rationalized her secret-keeping to Xander, even after Xander had gotten into Thomas' GPS and learned Thomas had stopped on the road at Emma's crash site. Zoe ended up alone when Xander dumped her and went back to England.

Despite Thomas' bullying, Zoe continuously pressured Flo to keep quiet about Hope's baby being alive. But when the truth came out anyway, Zoe had to face the wrath of Hope's mother, Brooke Logan, and Brooke's husband, Ridge Forrester; Zoe was sad to learn Reese had been apprehended, but surprised when Xander came back to L.A. to face the music with her. Breathing a sigh of relief because Hope's family decided not to press charges, Zoe still found herself out of a job when the Forresters fired her on the spot.

Zoe fell on hard times and found it difficult to keep a roof over her head. She ran into Thomas, who had been ostracized from his family and was staying with his friend Vinny; Zoe was surprised when Thomas suggested she move in with them. Despite Thomas' previous menacing behavior and newfound vendetta against the Logan family, Zoe allowed herself to kiss him. She also attended Reese's sentencing hearing off-screen and was likewise there when he was imprisoned.

Zoe was surprised when Steffy hired her back at Forrester, asking her to spy on Thomas because Steffy wanted to make sure Thomas was over Hope. Instead, Zoe started seeing Thomas despite resistance from Thomas' little boy, Douglas Forrester. Zoe ignored repeated warnings about Thomas' true motives, but when Thomas proposed to her at a dinner party in front of his family, Zoe hesitated, saying Thomas had not yet told Zoe he loved her. Finally hearing those three little words, Zoe accepted Thomas' proposal, although her reverie was dulled somewhat by Brooke advising her to run and listening to Thomas admit he loved both her and Hope.

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Who's Who in Los Angeles

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