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Carter Walton
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Actor History
Lawrence Saint-Victor
January 31, 2013 to January 18, 2016 [contract];

September 22, 2016 to March 16, 2020 [recurring];

July 20, 2020 to present [contract]


Attorney and Chief Operating Officer of Forrester Creations

Starred in the web series Room 8 with Maya Avant

Worked in child custody law in Chula Vista, CA

Licensed to perform marriages


A loft in Venice, CA

Formerly a bachelor apartment in Los Angeles, CA

Formerly Chula Vista, CA

Formerly Texas

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


Jerry Walton (father)

Marcus Walton Forrester (adoptive brother)

Ambrosia "Rosie" Forrester (adoptive niece)


None known

Flings & Affairs

Maya Avant (broken engagement)

Zoe Buckingham (broken engagement)

Quinn Fuller

Paris Buckingham (broken engagement)

Katie Logan

Crimes Committed

Kissed Maya Avant, who was in a relationship with Rick Forrester [2013]

Had an affair with the married Quinn Fuller [2021]

Health and Vitals

No issues known

Brief Character History

Carter Walton came to Los Angeles to visit his adopted brother, Marcus Walton, who had also been adopted by Forrester family patriarch Eric Forrester. Carter met Marcus' wife, Dayzee Leigh, who had long ago helped Maya Avant, wrongly jailed for a crime, give up her baby for adoption. As an attorney, Carter studied the papers and informed Dayzee that the recently freed Maya had a right to know who adopted her baby. Carter, Marcus, and Dayzee soon found out that both Maya's daughter and the adoptive family had died in a car crash.

Carter's legal expertise was in patents and counterfeits, so Marcus' cousin Rick Forrester, who was tackling problems in that area, hired Carter at Forrester Creations. Carter asked Maya out and brought her to the Forrester mansion for a dinner party, noticing that Maya was uncomfortable seeing Rick with his girlfriend, Caroline Spencer. Carter learned from Caroline that Rick and Maya had been interested in each other, and was wary when Caroline asked Carter to pursue Maya so she would forget about Rick.

Carter was also licensed to perform marriages, so he officiated over the nuptials of Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester, where Carter met Marcus' biological father, Justin Barber. Carter then agreed to model sleepwear in a fundraiser for Caroline's cancer foundation.

An aspiring actor to boot, Carter thrilled to be cast as the lead of web series Room 8; Maya was cast as his leading lady. Carter kept his feelings for Maya in check as his "Lance" innocently romanced Maya's "Scarlett," but Carter was unnerved when the footage was edited to make the interaction seem much steamier. Though he chafed at delivering the increasingly corny dialogue, the new eroticism in the scripts inspired Carter to ask Maya to sleep with him, despite her budding relationship with Rick. Carter was floored when it was revealed that Caroline knew Room 8's producer and had manipulated the show's content in an attempt to get Rick to dump Maya. Carter and Maya eventually reshot the series the way it had originally been written.

Carter and Maya kissed when Rick was a no-show at Room 8's premiere, but went no further; Carter slept on Maya's couch. But when Rick retaliated by sleeping with Caroline, and Maya responded by dumping him, Carter came to Maya with an idea for a Room 8 script: they read it as Lance and Scarlett, but it was really Carter's unique way of proposing to Maya. Carter and Maya made love to celebrate their engagement, though Carter seemed blissfully unaware that Maya was dragging her heels about getting married. In the meantime, Carter officiated at the wedding of Rick and Caroline, and at the aborted wedding of Ridge Forrester and Katie Logan.

When Maya came to Carter with a recording of Oliver Jones, who admitted only dating young Aly Forrester because of her position in the family, Carter reminded Maya that recording someone without consent was illegal and couldn't understand why Maya was so preoccupied with Oliver. But Carter had bigger problems when he learned that Maya had come on to Rick in the Forrester steam room -- Carter broke off his engagement to Maya and was barely civil to her when they ran into each other. Carter felt like he hadn't been enough when Maya went on about how Rick could give her the good life.

Carter tried to stop Maya from telling Rick that she had seen Caroline kissing Ridge, which led to Rick divorcing Caroline and taking Forrester's CEO chair from Ridge. Though Carter was disgusted with Maya, he also tried to be her conscience when she came to him for advice. After an unusually frantic Maya wanted Carter to run a background check on her visiting sister Nicole Avant, Carter learned that Nicole had lied about attending the University of California. Carter overheard Maya and Nicole arguing and found out that Maya was a transgender woman; though Carter felt betrayed that Maya had never disclosed her gender identity the entire time they were together, he realized it wasn't his place to tell Rick about it.

Having become friends with Ridge, Carter told Ridge about Maya to keep Ridge from quitting Forrester. Carter sympathized with Rick when Maya's story was leaked to the public; Carter admitted he'd needed time to process Maya's transition as well. When Maya and Rick fought and broke up, Carter convinced Maya to stay with an apologetic Rick. Meanwhile, Carter was on hand to officiate at the weddings of myriad Los Angeles couples.

Carter counseled young Zende Forrester Dominguez, who felt slighted when his girlfriend, Nicole Avant, became a surrogate for Maya and Rick. Later, when Eric wanted to marry Quinn Fuller, a woman with a criminal past his family objected to, Carter drew up a prenup at Eric's request and a power of attorney at Ridge's. After Eric collapsed from a brain hemorrhage, Carter discovered that Eric hadn't signed his marriage license but gave Quinn power of attorney over Ridge. Carter uncomfortably agreed when Ridge and Steffy asked him to keep quiet about Quinn's appointment so Ridge could exercise power of attorney during Eric's hospitalization. Carter officiated when Zende and Nicole finally patched things up and got married.

When young Sally Spectra, the namesake of rival design house Spectra Fashions, revived the company and stole Forrester designs, Carter represented Forrester at Sally's preliminary hearing following her arrest for grand larceny and industrial espionage, where Sally faced a prison term of up to 15 years. However, after Forrester designer Thomas Forrester, who had been dating Sally, spoke to the judge on Sally's behalf, Carter conferred with Eric and relayed that Forrester would only be seeking financial damages, not legal ramifications.

Carter reluctantly let Rick and Maya know there'd been a clerical error regarding the custody of baby Lizzy Forrester, whom Nicole had carried for them as a surrogate; Carter drew up corrected papers but was surprised to hear that Nicole, who had just learned she may be infertile, hesitated signing the documents and considered keeping Lizzy to raise herself. With that issue resolved, Carter modeled for a calendar featuring Forrester swimwear alongside Maya, Nicole, and Rick. Carter later prepared divorce papers for Eric which left Quinn with nothing and found himself impressed when Quinn signed them; Carter was shocked when Eric tore up the documents and admitted he'd only been testing his estranged wife.

Carter was called upon again when Liam wanted to renew his vows with Steffy. Later, Carter shocked Maya by admitting he still had feelings for her; Carter let her know he'd be there for her if things didn't work out with Rick. Carter found himself performing Ridge's latest remarriage to Brooke Logan and danced with Brooke's sister, Donna Logan, at the reception.

Carter showed a broader range of legal expertise when Ridge was arrested for shooting hated publishing magnate Bill Spencer in the back. After Bill recanted his accusation -- in part because Carter insisted Bill couldn't have seen Ridge pull the trigger with his back turned -- Carter officiated at Liam's wedding to on-again-off-again love Hope Logan, which ground to a halt when Liam received news about Steffy that caused Hope to reschedule the ceremony. Later, Carter counseled Ridge's brother, Thorne Forrester, when Thorne thought new wife Katie Logan should file for sole custody of Will Spencer, Katie's son with Bill, because Bill had been neglecting Will. Carter went up against Bill's lawyer, Justin, during the hearing, and won custody for Katie, not knowing that Ridge had influenced the judge on Katie's behalf. Carter further used his expertise in family law to oversee an adoption instigated by Steffy.

Carter presided over Hope's wedding to Steffy's brother, Thomas Forrester, and found it curious when Steffy's adopted baby, Phoebe, crawled up to Hope and called out "mama." Carter later found out that "Phoebe" was really Hope's daughter, Beth, who had been kidnapped and sold by Dr. Reese Buckingham, who had delivered her; Carter was on hand to facilitate Hope's annulment from Thomas, who knew Beth was Phoebe, and to reverse Beth's unwitting adoption by Steffy.

Later, Carter ran across Reese's daughter, Forrester model Zoe Buckingham, who had become involved with Thomas. Carter relayed how complicated Thomas was and advised caution, complimenting Zoe's beauty while he was at it. Officiating at Thomas and Zoe's wedding, Carter received a shock when Hope arrived wearing a wedding dress Thomas had designed for her. Carter watched as Thomas threw Zoe over for Hope, then as Hope exposed Thomas' continuing obsession with her in front of Thomas' family. Afterwards, Carter comforted Zoe and assured her life would go on, hinting at his interest; eventually, Carter and Zoe began dating. Having received a promotion to Chief Operating Officer at Forrester, Carter bought Ridge's Venice loft and asked Zoe to move in with him, understanding when she said she wasn't ready to take that step yet. A few weeks later, Carter decided life was too short and asked Zoe to marry him instead; he was thrilled when Zoe accepted his ring.

Carter unintentionally ruffled Zoe's feathers when he recommended Zoe's sister, Paris Buckingham, for a position at the Forrester Foundation. Carter also seemed unconcerned with Zoe repeatedly stalling on setting a wedding date. But Carter fumed when Ridge came to him and reported that Zoe had been checking to see if Carter's friend, Zende Forrester-Dominguez, might be a romantic option as well; Carter blasted both Zoe and Zende and called off the engagement. Carter rejected Zoe's apologies and attempts at reconciliation, even when Zoe came to him in a sexy dress.

Carter fielded intercessions by Paris, as well as Forrester jeweler Quinn Fuller, but couldn't be budged where Zoe was concerned. Carter found himself bonding with Quinn as she confided her own marriage troubles with Eric, which included refusing lovemaking. Carter was drawn to Quinn and ended up in a passionate embrace with her, which led to a full-blown affair. When it came out that Carter was having a fling, Carter reluctantly went along as Quinn's best friend, Shauna Fulton, claimed she was his bed partner in an effort to cover for Quinn. Shocked by his own behavior, Carter took Zoe back and renewed their engagement, though he couldn't stop thinking about Quinn. Carter forced himself to officiate at Quinn and Eric's vow renewal ceremony, where Brooke exposed Carter's involvement with Quinn. Carter was dumped by the departing Zoe off-screen.

Carter agreed to represent Eric in his divorce in return for not being fired from Forrester Creations, but Carter continued to see Quinn on the sly. Just as Quinn's divorce was about to become final, Carter asked Quinn to move in with him and exchanged "I love you"s with her, only to learn that Eric wanted Quinn to return to him. Carter brought Quinn's discarded portrait back to Eric's house at Eric's request and said a camouflaged goodbye to Quinn. Later, Carter got a shock when Eric admitted he had erectile dysfunction and wanted Carter to fulfill Quinn's sexual needs. Carter refused at first but eventually went along, having to explain when Eric's disapproving family found out that Eric had opened up his marriage. Carter wanted to run away with Quinn, instead hearing from her that she was recommitting to Eric, who wanted to be exclusive with Quinn again. Carter found solace in commiserating with Katie and began becoming close to her, but when Katie stood him up for family time with Will and Bill, Carter wondered why he was always attracted to unavailable women.

Carter's insight was short-lived as he developed an interest in Paris, who was dating Zende. Learning that Zende was planning to propose to Paris, Carter warned her, and when Paris made her relationship with Zende non-exclusive instead of committing, Carter found himself sharing a kiss with Paris. Carter had mixed feelings about pursuing Paris despite Paris' lack of commitment with Zende, but ran into bigger problems when Paris' mother, Grace Buckingham, arrived in town and told Carter to let Paris and Zende be together. After Carter unsuccessfully tried to break things off with Paris, Carter and Paris professed their love to one another; as they basked in the afterglow, they were interrupted by Grace, who demanded that Paris accept a proposal from Zende, should he make one.

Carter officially ended his affair with Paris and lamented that he had again fallen for a woman who was already involved. Carter confided in Quinn about his Paris situation and told Quinn that he missed her, admitting that he had only dated Paris to forget Quinn. And even after Paris broke things off with Zende completely, Carter continued to put Paris off. But when Paris picked up on his lingering feelings for Quinn, Carter proposed to Paris to throw her off the scent and try to move on. When Quinn interrupted his wedding and declared she was divorcing Eric, Carter left Paris at the altar and returned to Quinn, excited to finally have a relationship with her out in the open.

A couple of months later, Carter confessed to Katie that Quinn had moved out on him over Carter wanting a family and Quinn having already raised a son. Carter was surprised when Katie impulsively kissed him, but he kissed her back. Carter became enraged when he overheard Katie's ex-husband, Bill, trying to reconcile with her in one breath and moving on to Katie's sister, Brooke, in the next. Carter ignored Bill's warning to "stay away from 'my' Katie"; indeed, Carter supported Katie, a heart recipient, when she had a yearly checkup, and when Katie ran afoul of a family enemy, the psychotic Sheila Carter, who had become involved with Bill.

After it turned out that Bill had only been romancing Sheila to goad her into confessing to a long-ago murder, Carter balked when Bill resumed his pursuit of Katie. Yet Carter had reason to feel more confident in his growing relationship with Katie once they made love.

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