B&B opts not to renew Jack Wagner's option

Posted Friday, February 03, 2012 01:55:16 AM
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B&B opts not to renew Jack Wagner's option

The Bold and the Beautiful has decided not to pick up an option in Jack Wagner's newly signed contract with the show, according to the actor's official web site. Fans are now wondering if the actor might rejoin General Hospital. Wagner joined B&B in 2003.

Jack Wagner (Nick Marone) has been taken off contract at The Bold and the Beautiful, according to a statement on his official web site.

"We have just learned that Jack Wagner's option on his two-year contract has not been picked up with The Bold and the Beautiful," a statement on the WagnerWorld.com web site announced. "We do not know if he will be leaving the show or staying on recurring basis, but with his lack of storyline in recent years, we highly doubt we will be seeing much more of Nick Marone."

Wagner had just signed a new contract with B&B in September. Sources say B&B execs had asked Wagner to accept a substantial pay cut in order to remain with the show on a recurring basis, and agree to not pursue work on other soaps.

Wagner is the latest high-profile star to be cut from the roster in recent weeks. The actor's on-screen mom, Lesley-Anne Down (Jacqueline Payne), was let go last month. Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight) confirmed he's been off contract for several months. Though unconfirmed by the show, Zack Conroy (Oliver Jones) has also been dropped to recurring.

Fans have already begun buzzing that Wagner might return to a former soap role: General Hospital's Frisco Jones. Over the past month, General Hospital has announced that many of its big-name stars from the 1980s will be resurfacing on the show. Wagner last appeared on General Hospital in 1995.

Either way, the B&B contract situation is just the latest twist in what has been a rollercoaster ride in Wagner's personal life over the past few months. In August, Wagner and long-time girlfriend, Heather Locklear, were engaged, but just a few months later the pair called off their wedding. In November, Wagner was reunited with the daughter he'd never before met.

Wagner joined the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful in March 2003.

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