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Owen Knight
Actor History

Formerly an executive at Jackie M

Former model at Jackie M

Formerly Jackie Marone's assistant at Jackie M

Designed a line of surf wear for Forrester Creations

Formerly Donna Logan's assistant at Forrester Creations

Formerly a private detective

Formerly a paralegal

Formerly a restaurant worker


A New York apartment next door to Bridget Forrester

Formerly a house with Bridget Forrester

Formerly the Marone Mansion

Formerly a penthouse loft with Jackie Marone

Formerly a friend's beach house

Formerly San Diego, California

Marital Status

Single (assumed)

Past Marriages

Jackie Marone [Married: 2009; presumably divorced: year unknown]


Casper Knight (identical twin brother)

Logan Knight (son; with Bridget Forrester; 2010)

Flings & Affairs

Donna Logan (kissed; not consummated)

Bridget Forrester (one-night stand)

Crimes Committed

Arrested on suspicion of poisoning Eric Forrester [2008]

Stole a police car to rescue Donna Logan from Pam Douglas [2008]

Kissed the married Donna Logan [2008]

Cheated on Jackie Marone with the married Bridget Forrester [2010]

Health and Vitals

Punched by Nick Marone [2010]

Brief Character History

Owen Knight was a private investigator hired by Marcus Walton to find Marcus' biological mother, Donna Logan, who was about to marry Forrester Creations co-founder Eric Forrester. Owen came to Los Angeles to collect a hefty payment from Marcus, which Donna covered. Owen was tempted when Eric's daughter, Felicia Forrester, who didn't want Donna marrying Eric, offered Owen a $200,000 bribe to seduce Donna. Owen turned Felicia down, then became a suspect after Eric had a heart attack and fell into a coma after drinking from a bottle of gin Owen had given him.

Owen fell for Donna and kissed her, but she wouldn't stray from the comatose Eric. When the police found poison in Donna's bureau, Owen confessed to keep her out of jail. Bailed out by Marcus and his girlfriend, Steffy Forrester, Owen investigated and realized that Pam Douglas, Eric's ex-sister-in-law, had poisoned Eric with one of her lemon bars. Owen stole a police car and raced to the Forrester cabin in Big Bear, where Pam held Donna at gunpoint and doused her in honey to provoke a bear attack. Owen rescued Donna, and they almost made love, but stopped short.

After Eric recovered, Owen and Donna kissed, not knowing they were being watched by Eric. When Donna came to Owen in a panic saying Eric had seen video of them making love, Owen found out that Eric's son, Thorne Forrester, had hired Owen and Donna lookalikes to make Eric think Donna was cheating. After Donna and Eric reunited, Owen let Donna introduce him to Eric's daughter, Bridget Forrester, but Bridget was still getting over sailor Nick Marone. Owen designed a line of surf wear for Forrester, then got a job with rival fashion house Jackie M, which was owned by Nick's mother, Jackie Marone. Owen wanted to date Bridget, but got physical with Jackie when she threatened to fire him if he wasn't on call to take care of her needs.

Owen got more deeply involved with Jackie after Bridget was too hung up on Nick to make love; Owen insisted to Nick he wasn't using Jackie, and soon proposed. Owen, Jackie, Nick and Bridget all ended up at the same Hawaiian resort, where Nick objected to Owen and Jackie's wedding ceremony. Owen did his own objecting when PR whiz Whip Jones had Jackie modeling Jackie M's racy fashions and included Owen, who didn't like presenting Jackie as a cougar and himself as a boy toy. Owen had to save Jackie from a live cougar that had gotten away and cornered Jackie during a photo shoot.

Owen reluctantly went to his hometown of San Diego to be interviewed, but when he got to the television studio, he was told the location had been changed and ended up driven around all day in a limo. Owen didn't find out until later that his resentful twin brother, Casper Knight, had taken his place on television and dismissed "his" marriage to Jackie as a "wild ride." Owen dragged Casper to L.A. to prove his innocence; after Jackie admitted she'd kissed Whip as a result of seeing "Owen's" hurtful interview, Owen walked out. Owen smiled to see Jackie parasailing over his beach house with a banner to prove her devotion, but Owen had to rescue his wife when she was downed by a flock of seagulls.

Owen wanted children, but Jackie didn't and wondered if Owen would be better off with a younger woman. On Jackie's suggestion, Owen took Steffy sailing but had to give her mouth-to-mouth when she hit her head and fell overboard. Though Owen tried to find a surrogate mother so he could have a child with Jackie, he soon gave up on the idea, realizing he was content with Jackie the way they were. But Nick and Bridget, who had already lost a child, followed Owen's lead and hired surrogate Agnes Jones; when Agnes miscarried, Owen's comfort of Bridget turned into "grief sex," which Owen's friend Oliver Jones accidentally videotaped. Owen dodged a bullet when Oliver stopped Steffy from using the footage against Bridget's family, but Owen and Bridget were forced to confess when Jackie caught them undergoing a paternity test at the hospital.

Owen was shocked when Jackie forgave him, then convinced Bridget to lie that Nick was the baby's father. But Owen took a punch from Nick when the lovelorn Agnes ran straight to Nick after overhearing Owen and Bridget discussing the baby. Owen, Jackie, and the divorced Bridget agreed to raise the baby together; Owen delivered a son, Logan Knight, at the Forrester cabin in Big Bear, where Bridget was born. Owen found sudden competition in Bridget's brother, Rick Forrester, who was trying to seduce Jackie and clear the way for Bridget with Owen; Owen chased Rick around the Jackie M showroom for making moves on Jackie wearing the same statue makeup Owen sported for a fashion show.

Owen was surprised when Nick threw him and Jackie a vow renewal ceremony and officiated. But with Jackie M business dwindling, Owen and Jackie moved in with Nick after Jackie sold her condo to Steffy. At Jackie's behest, Owen and Bridget took Logan on an extended trip to Hawaii; Owen came home to Jackie telling him he needed to be with the mother of his child. Owen disagreed but ultimately went to build a life with Bridget. Months later, Owen insisted things couldn't work with Bridget because he still loved Jackie; since Owen and Jackie never finalized their divorce, they rededicated themselves to each other.

Owen, along with Jackie, Bridget, and Nick, disappeared from the canvas in 2012 and wasn't mentioned again until the next year, when a visiting Bridget reported that Owen and Jackie lived in the apartment next to her in New York, and that the three of them were raising little Logan. In 2016, Bridget again came home and divulged that Jackie was off traveling the world, presumably having divorced Owen, who was helping Bridget bring up the school-age Logan in a platonic relationship.

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Who's Who in Los Angeles

B&B Actor biographies
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