Brooke gets frank with Ridge about the future

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Brooke gets frank with Ridge about the future | B&B Recap (Thursday, December 1, 2022)
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Thursday, December 1, 2022

At Il Giardino, Paul served Bill at the bar and noted that he'd become a regular there. "I need a double, Paul, not a shrink," Bill methodically replied. Bill uttered, "They want you to grow and change. And then you get kicked in the teeth. What are you left with?" Paul asked if it was why Bill was spending so much time there. Bill replied that there was nothing to go home to.

Deacon arrived and asked if Bill was alone. Bill asked what the convict wanted. Deacon claimed he was being nice to the regulars, which Bill had been lately, eating and drinking alone. Deacon was surprised Bill had the time and wasn't gobbling up companies and putting people out of work.

When Bill didn't respond, Deacon assumed Bill had more on his mind than exchanging jabs with a convict. Deacon decided that Bill had struck out in the romance department, and Brooke had shut Bill down. Deacon reasoned that there was always Katie, but Deacon doubted Katie would sign on to be burned again. Deacon held out his hand and welcomed Bill to the Lonely Hearts Club. With a snarl on his face, Bill sipped his drink.

At Eric's house, Thomas and Steffy bickered with each other because Steffy refused to take the blame for how the day had gone. Thomas questioned her loyalty, but she raged at him for the awful thing he'd done, "not to mention what you did to your son!"

Thomas replied that Douglas was fine. "No thanks to you," Steffy quipped. She yelled at Thomas, asking what kind of parent he was to put Douglas in the position of keeping a terrible secret. Thomas said he'd make it up to his son. Taylor yelled at her children to stop, saying she couldn't handle it. Thomas replied that Taylor shouldn't be handling it; instead, she'd be married if it hadn't been for Steffy. "This is your fault!" Steffy yelled.

Taylor stated that one never knew -- Ridge might return for a wedding after making things right with Brooke. Steffy asked if Thomas saw what he'd put his mother through with his dishonest actions. Steffy said he'd probably do it all again if it meant getting his way.

As Taylor peeled off her jewelry and gloves, Steffy told her brother that she'd thought he'd changed. Taylor said she had, too; however, she'd also thought telling Ridge wouldn't make a difference, but she'd been wrong. She said she should have told him, and it had been a complete lack of judgment on her part.

Finn entered the house, saying Li had taken the kids home. He added that Eric and Carter were assuming that there wouldn't be a wedding, but Steffy said they didn't know that yet. She stated that Thomas' plan had thrown off the day; however, her parents loved each other, and she was hoping they'd get married that day. Taylor tearfully shrugged.

Steffy hoped Taylor wasn't disappointed in her for telling the truth. Thomas began to disparage Steffy for it, but Finn ordered Thomas not to attack Steffy for telling the truth and trying to fix Thomas' mess. Taylor reasoned that Steffy had been in a difficult spot. Taylor claimed to be glad Steffy had said something because, "I wasn't going to. I couldn't."

Taylor shrugged, saying she'd challenged Ridge's assertion that marrying her hadn't had anything to do with what Brooke had done. Steffy insisted that Taylor had been in a tough position -- because of Thomas. Thomas glared at his sister. Taylor claimed that she'd planned to tell Ridge everything the next day, but at that point, she didn't know what to expect.

"Maybe I should go over to Brooke's," Thomas decided. In unison, Steffy and Taylor denounced the idea. Steffy said Ridge needed time to process things. Thomas asked if Ridge needed time to decide whether to kick Thomas out of the company or the family.

Taylor said Ridge was upset, but he'd never turn his back on his son; however, there would be consequences. Steffy wished Thomas had had faith in their parents. She was sure Ridge would have proposed marriage to Taylor, despite the call. Thomas replied that they'd find out if that was true or if Ridge had been lying to Taylor all along. Steffy said they didn't know what would happen, and that was all because of Thomas.

Thomas asserted that he hadn't stood around while Brooke destroyed their family. Instead, he'd exposed her desire to call CPS on him. "You could have kept your mouth shut, and they'd be married right now!" Thomas concluded. Finn told Thomas to stop talking to Steffy that way.

Thomas told Steffy that she'd manipulated the situation all along to get Ridge and Taylor together, but then, she'd suddenly grown a conscience. Taylor said it had been the right thing to do. "Even if you lose Dad forever?" Thomas asked.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was stunned to hear that Thomas had imitated her voice with an app on Douglas' phone. Ridge insisted that it had sounded exactly like her, and Thomas had gotten what he'd wanted; Ridge had walked away from "our life" and had turned to Taylor.

Ridge asked Brooke if she remembered when he'd kept asking her to just say it in Aspen. Brooke asked why Ridge hadn't told her so that they could have gotten to the bottom of it. "Why didn't you just believe in me?" she asked, and she requested that he tell her everything.

Pouring himself a drink, Ridge said he didn't know if he understood it himself. He explained that "Child Services" had shown up right after Brooke had threatened to call them if there was anything going on with Douglas. Brooke said she'd just been upset and wouldn't really handle things that way. She stated that Thomas was Ridge's son, and she would have gone to Ridge first. Ridge replied that he knew it -- or one would think he did. He said there were a lot of things one would think he'd know.

On the verge of tears, Ridge indicated that things had been going on right under his nose. He'd seen Douglas' demeanor and had assumed that Douglas had been having trouble with kids at school. Ridge said he'd had no idea that "he was being abused by my son in my father's house."

Brooke stated that she'd never thought Thomas would do anything like that, and even though she knew Ridge didn't want to hear it, she believed that Thomas needed serious professional help. "And I'm not talking about Taylor," Brooke said, and Ridge agreed. Ridge explained that Douglas had played some recordings he'd found on his phone for Steffy, and after confronting Thomas, Steffy had told Ridge, thereby stopping the wedding. Brooke asked about Taylor.

"Taylor knew," Ridge responded. Aghast that Taylor hadn't told Ridge the truth, Brooke asked how long Taylor had known. He indicated that Taylor had learned that day, just like he had. Brooke gleaned that it had been before he'd known, and Taylor had been willing to marry him without revealing the truth about that call.

Ridge said he knew how it sounded, but Brooke asserted that Taylor had deceived him. Ridge replied that Taylor had sworn she'd tell him. Wondering when that would have been, Brooke guessed after Taylor had become his wife. Ridge said the point was that the truth was out, and they'd been played. He stated that he was there to apologize. He was sorry he'd hurt her.

Brooke said that Ridge had been over there, living with Taylor and sharing her bed, while Brooke had been alone and heartbroken, trying to figure out what had gone wrong so she could fix it. "Why couldn't you just talk to me? Why couldn't you give me that decency?" Brooke demanded to know. "Damn it, Ridge, please. Show me some respect!" she insisted.

Ridge replied that Brooke was right, and he was sorrier than he could say. Brooke, who'd prayed for him to open up and figure it out with her, said, "Today was your wedding day, and I'm still trying to grapple with that!" Brooke couldn't grasp the fact that he'd wanted to marry Taylor and throw away everything that he and Brooke had built together.

Brooke said Steffy, Thomas, and Taylor still wanted Ridge over there in their lives. "You know what? I can't do this. I can't just open my heart to you. I'm not putting you on the spot. It's just this back-and-forth -- it has to stop. And you're the one who has to do it," Brooke decided.

Brooke asked what it was Ridge wanted with his life. Brooke asked if he wanted to marry Taylor or if he wanted a life with Brooke. Brooke stated that whatever it was, she'd always love him. Ridge replied that he'd always love her. He decided that she was right, and he needed time.

Brooke told Ridge that he was her everything, but her self-respect was more important. She acknowledged that it had taken a beating because she'd been willing to do anything to get what she'd wanted. She said she wasn't like that anymore, and she liked the woman she saw in the mirror. She admired and respected herself, and she refused to take less than she deserved. "And now it's your turn to figure it out," Brooke told him.

Brooke said Ridge needed to figure out what he admired about himself and what he wanted out of his life. She couldn't do it for him. Brooke stepped aside to allow him room to go to the door. As he passed her, she turned him around, and they hugged. Ridge walked out of the house, and Brooke twisted the ring on her finger.

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