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Rebecca "Becky" Moore
Actor History
April 14, 1999 to June 23, 2000; November 8, 2000


Died June 23, 2000

Other Names

Went by "Becky"


Worked as an office assistant at Forrester International in Paris


A Los Angeles apartment with Amber Moore at the time of her death

Formerly Paris, France

Formerly a trailer in Furnace Creek, California

Marital Status

Married to Clarke "C.J." Garrison, Jr. at the time of her death

Past Marriages

Clarke "C.J." Garrison, Jr.

[Married: 2000; dissolved by her death: 2000]


Joe Moore (father)

Tilly Moore (mother)

Dale Moore (brother)

Tawny Moore (aunt)

Amber Moore (cousin)

April Knight (cousin)

Ambrosia "Rosie" Forrester (first cousin, once removed)


Eric Sharpe (son; with Deacon; 1999)

Flings & Affairs

Deacon Sharpe

C.J. Garrison

Crimes Committed

Faked a sprained ankle to stay on at the Forrester mansion [1999]

Health and Vitals

Had a difficult labor giving birth to her son, Eric Sharpe [1999]

Suffered a fainting spell [1999]

Was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer [2000]

Brief Character History

Rebecca "Becky" Moore was a teenager from the desert town of Furnace Creek, California who had gotten pregnant by a deadbeat boyfriend that deserted her. As Becky reached her due date, she was surprised by a visit from her cousin, Amber Moore, who was also pregnant; Amber had moved to Los Angeles and married into the Forrester fashion dynasty via the barely-legal Rick Forrester. Becky endured a difficult delivery and refused to even feed her baby boy, demanding he be taken away for adoption. Becky handed her child to her midwife and tried to close the book on her ordeal.

As time passed, Becky began to regret giving up her son and wondered what his fate had been. Feeling down about things, Becky decided to take the advice of her father, Joe Moore, and visit Amber in L.A., thinking it would cheer her up to help out with her cousin's baby. Becky couldn't understand why Amber's mother, Tawny Moore, kept demanding Becky not make the trip, or why Amber was so resistant to her presence. Becky made ready to leave but pretended to sprain her ankle so Rick's father, Eric Forrester, would take pity on her and invite her to stay. The ruse worked, and Becky couldn't believe she was out of Furnace Creek and surrounded by luxury. But when Amber caught on and threatened to bust Becky if she didn't go home, Becky headed back to the desert.

Watching a Forrester fashion event on TV and realizing she'd never have any kind of life in Furnace Creek, Becky showed up on Rick's doorstep. Becky fed Amber's son, "Little Eric", which enraged Amber, who demanded that Becky leave. Becky thought Amber was afraid she'd hit on Rick and promised she wouldn't; Becky also admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about the whereabouts of her own baby. Becky declared she was going to contact the adoption agency to make sure her son was all right as soon as she got back to Furnace Creek. But when Amber changed her mind and offered to help Becky start a new life in L.A., Becky was intrigued by the possibilities.

Becky let Amber set her up on a blind date with her friend C.J. Garrison. Things were awkward between Becky and C.J. at first but they warmed up to each other as the night went on. Becky, who wanted to stay in L.A., was confused when Amber suddenly said she could get Becky a job as an office assistant at Forrester International in Paris. Becky blew her first interview with Eric chewing gum while dressed like a hayseed, but Becky let Amber give her a makeover with the help of her friends make-up artist Gladys Pope and fashionista Lauren Fenmore. After Lauren coached Becky on how to carry herself, Becky made a better impression on Eric during her second interview and was hired.

Becky excitedly readied for her overseas trip and was thrilled when Eric's wife, Stephanie Forrester, let her sit with Little Eric, since Amber would barely let Becky near the baby. But Becky paled when she saw that Little Eric had the same birthmark her baby did and realized Amber was raising her child. Becky took off to a motel with Little Eric and had to call 911 when the infant started choking on a bottle cap while she went out for food. When Amber tracked Becky to her motel room, Becky swore she would make Amber pay for taking her baby but softened after Amber cried she'd lost Rick's baby and reminded Becky that Little Eric was much better off with Amber. Becky sadly put her baby in Amber's arms and boarded her plane for France.

In Paris, Becky called Amber and sent her cryptic postcards, asking for pictures of Little Eric and refusing to be ignored. At Forrester International, Becky met R&B superstar Raymond Usher; Becky told Raymond where she was from and was surprised to learn he knew someone from Furnace Creek: Amber! Becky became concerned when Raymond told her about Rick's serious involvement with Kimberly Fairchild, which ended when Amber got pregnant. Worried about the stability of Little Eric's home life, Becky called Kimberly pretending to be a French reporter and asked all kinds of leading questions about Rick, but Becky got a dial tone when Kimberly saw through her act and hung up.

Becky held her own when Tawny confronted Becky in Paris and demanded that Becky stop trying to get pictures of Little Eric. Becky said the pictures were part of her deal with Amber and that she wasn't going to be pushed around anymore. To Becky's further surprise, she also received a visit from Kimberly, who was sure Amber was hiding something and felt Becky knew what it was. Becky was about to tell Kimberly the truth about Little Eric when Amber called, informing Becky she had finally e-mailed the pictures Becky wanted. Becky then declined to admit anything to Kimberly and asked her to leave. Becky was touched when Amber called at Christmas and let her listen in on the Forrester family Christmas carols.

Becky became so distressed about her baby that she fainted at work; she ended up telling her story to a co-worker, Suzanne, who encouraged Becky to go see Little Eric while the Forresters were in Venice, Italy. Becky took a train from France and was on her way to see Amber and Rick when Tawny spotted Becky and chased her up a bell tower. Becky ignored Tawny's threats and surprised Amber, who agreed to let Becky see Little Eric while Rick was out of their hotel room. Becky realized she couldn't leave her baby again and gently convinced Amber to tell Rick that his own baby died. Becky supported Amber when Rick threw her out and stood by Amber's side when she confessed Little Eric's identity to the Forresters. Becky was insistent about taking Little Eric back to Paris when Rick declared he wouldn't allow it; Becky couldn't believe it when Eric had her transferred to Forrester's home office in L.A. so everyone could have access to the child.

Becky began seeing C.J. again but ran afoul of C.J.'s mother, Sally Spectra, who had heard about Becky's involvement in Amber's baby switch and didn't want Becky near her son. Becky soon won over both C.J.'s mother and his father, Clarke Garrison, then worked with C.J. to help Amber reconnect with Rick.

Becky fell in love with C.J. but began feeling overly tired, so she had a doctor run some tests. Becky felt relieved when Amber told her the doctor had called and said she was fine, but Becky had increasing bouts of pain in her abdomen. Becky was overjoyed when the Forresters threw Little Eric a big party for his first birthday and when C.J. took her on a surprise trip to Santa Barbara, though Becky found herself feeling ill more often. Becky tried to keep her suffering from C.J., but when she doubled over, she kept C.J. from calling an ambulance and accepted his impromptu marriage proposal.

Becky was hurt when her parents, Joe and Tilly Moore, refused to let Becky get married, but didn't ask questions when they suddenly changed their minds. On her wedding day, the pale Becky told Amber she knew she was dying because she had finally connected with her doctor; Becky also knew Amber had taken a call from the doctor and withheld the fact that Becky had Stage IV pancreatic cancer. Becky let Amber know she understood why her cousin had kept quiet. Becky was about to exchange vows with C.J. when she announced to the Forrester, Spectra, and Moore families that she was aware they were trying to protect her from her terminal diagnosis. Becky offered to let C.J. off the hook but happily married him when he insisted they become man and wife. Before they could even share a first dance, Becky collapsed.

After Becky was released from the hospital, she asked Rick if there was a chance he might reunite with Amber so they could raise Little Eric together. When that didn't seem possible, Becky suggested to C.J. that he might move on with Amber himself after she died. Becky spent a lovely evening at the Café Russe with her husband, but passed out again. Becky woke up at home, where C.J. had brought her to be with Little Eric; Becky told C.J. and Amber how much they meant to her, then died quietly with them at her side.

Becky left behind a videotape that reiterated her desire for Amber and C.J. to raise her son. A few months later, Becky was seen in a flashback experienced by Little Eric's ne'er-do-well father, Deacon Sharpe, who recalled talking Becky into sleeping with him by promising to marry her when he came back from a job in Las Vegas. In 2002, C.J. had a flashback of Becky, and three weeks after that, Becky was shown on a tribute video made for C.J. by his new girlfriend, Bridget Forrester. Becky was last seen, once again in flashback, in 2003.

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Who's Who in Los Angeles

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