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Ambrosia "Amber" Moore
b/images/rect/frantz_adrienne.jpg" alt="Logo">
Actor History
Adrienne Frantz
July 18, 1997 to April 14, 2005 [contract, on The Bold and the Beautiful];

November 28, 2006 to May 27, 2010 [contract, on The Young and the Restless];

July 1, 2010 to February 2, 2012 [contract, on The Bold and the Beautiful];

September 3, 2013 to September 4, 2013 [guest appearance, on The Young and the Restless]


Born in 1980

Arrived on B&B in 1997 at age 17

Not yet 30 by 2007, continuing to assume real-time aging

Other Names

Goes by "Amber" rather than full given name of Ambrosia

Marina (alias)


Collaborated on designs with Rick Forrester at Forrester Creations

Former designer at Jackie M fashion house

Collaborated on a screenplay with Nina Webster

Was the model for the Restless Amber webzine character

Former receptionist at Restless Style magazine/webzine

Helped Katherine Chancellor write her memoirs

Former barista at coffee house Crimson Lights

Former sales clerk at Jabot Boutique

Occasional singer at jazz club Indigo

Former designer at Spectra Couture

Former designer at Sharpe Designs

Managed nightclub Ozzz

Former designer at Forrester Creations (most famous for the Ambrosia line)

Former occasional performer at Insomnia

Former waitress at Café Russe

Hired by Brooke Logan as a babysitter

Hired by James Warwick as a babysitter

Former waitress at a diner in Furnace Creek, California

Went to high school in Atlanta, Georgia


Presumably Los Angeles, California

Formerly at a cliffside house owned by Bill Spencer (Malibu, California)

Formerly at the trailer of Tawny Moore

Formerly he apartment of Oliver Jones

Formerly Genoa City, Wisconsin

Formerly Venice, Italy

Formerly Taylor Hayes' beach house (Malibu, California)

Formerly a houseguest of Hector Ramirez

Formerly an apartment in Los Angeles, California

Formerly the Forrester Mansion (Beverly Hills, California)

Formerly Furnace Creek, California

Formerly Atlanta, Georgia

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr. [Married: 1999; annulled: 2000]

Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr. [Married: 2001; divorced: 2003]

Ethan "Cane" Ashby ["Married": 2007; illegal/invalid: 2007]

Daniel Romalotti, Jr. [Married: 2009; divorced: 2010]


Tawny Moore (mother)

April Knight (twin sister)

Joe Moore (uncle)

Tilly Moore (aunt)

Rebecca "Becky" Moore (cousin; deceased)

Dale Moore (cousin)


Eric Forrester III (stillborn; presumably with Rick Forrester; 1999)

Unnamed daughter (stillborn; with Rick Forrester; 2002)

Ambrosia "Rosie" Forrester (with Marcus Walton Forrester; 2011)

Flings & Affairs

Eb (boyfriend as a teenager)

Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr.

Raymond Usher (drunken encounter)

Clarke "C.J." Garrison, Jr. (broken engagement)

Deacon Sharpe

Oscar Marone (kissed)

Thomas Forrester

Garrett/"Plum" [last name unknown]

Ethan "Cane" Ashby

Adrian Korbel

Daniel Romalotti, Jr.

Billy Abbott (whom Amber knew as "Liam")

Marcus Walton Forrester (lovers)

Oliver Jones (lovers)

Liam Cooper Spencer (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Stole and hocked Brooke Logan's diamond tennis bracelet [1998]

Passed off cousin Becky Moore's baby as her own to conceal miscarriage from the Forresters [1999]

Tried to strangle Kimberly Fairchild [1999]

Framed for drug possession [2000]

Bought painkillers on the street illegally [2002]

Accidentally assaulted a police officer [2002]

Attacked Macy Alexander at her wedding [2003]

Kidnapped "Little Eric" Forrester [2003]

Bit Macy Alexander [2003]

Had a restraining order filed against her to keep her away from Thomas Forrester [2004]

Trapped Ridge Forrester and Bridget Forrester in a camera-rigged mine shaft [2005]

Shoplifted on several occasions [2006]

Tricked Cane Ashby into a phony marriage [2007]

Stole money from the corpse of "Plum", then buried him without informing the police [2007]

Broke into a pawn shop to get information on a ring for Katherine Chancellor [2009]

Unwilling accomplice to Kevin Fisher in a bank robbery [2009]

Tried to dupe Liam Cooper Spencer into believing she was carrying his baby [2011]

Tried to extort money from Bill Spencer [2011]

Accidentally blew up Tawny Moore's trailer, injuring Liam [2011]

Stole designs from Forrester Creations [2011]

Photoshopped image to make Caroline Spencer think Rick Forrester was a cross-dresser [2012]

Supplied Hope Logan with potentially tainted drugs from the Internet [2012]

Health and Vitals

Choked by Sheila Carter [1997]

Donated one of her kidneys to Rick Forrester [1998]

Sustained a head injury trying to stop Sheila Carter from killing Stephanie Forrester [1998]

Suffered two miscarriages [1999, 2002]

Nearly thrown off a high rise by Carmen Arena [2001]

Suffered from an inflamed kidney while pregnant [2001]

Developed an addiction to painkillers and required rehabilitation [2002]

Drugged by Lance [2002]

Kidnapped and tormented by Sheila Carter [2002]

Injured falling from a cliff [2003]

Suffered smoke inhalation from being trapped in an apartment fire [2004]

Slapped by Brooke Logan [2005]

Trapped in her car and suffered oxygen depravation during the Clear Springs parking lot collapse [2007]

Caught in motel explosion [2009]

Nearly fell to her death from a cliff while pregnant [2011]

Brief Character History

Ambrosia Moore, "Amber" for short, was an aspiring artist living in Furnace Creek, California. The teen had a boyfriend named Eb and a waitressing job at a local diner when her life was turned upside down by the arrival of a new waitress, Sheila Carter. Amber took Sheila in after Sheila decried being forced to leave her daughter, Mary, behind in Los Angeles. Amber put aside her concern about the shrine Sheila built to Mary when Sheila said Amber could make more money babysitting Mary; Amber high-tailed it to L.A. to approach Mary's father, James Warwick, for the job.

Inept Amber let Sheila sneak in to help with Mary, unnerved when Sheila began breastfeeding the child. Amber found out from James that Sheila had a criminal and mentally unbalanced past, and agreed to spy on Sheila after James promised Amber a convertible. When Sheila regained custody of Mary, Amber worked with James' wife, Maggie Forrester, to prove that Sheila was an unfit mother. Amber was out of a job when Sheila attempted suicide, causing James to leave Maggie for Sheila.

Amber met the underage Rick Forrester and took a job babysitting him and his younger sister, Bridget Forrester. Amber hocked a diamond bracelet belonging to Rick's mother, Brooke Logan, but the infatuated Rick bought it back to keep Amber out of trouble. Amber, who also had singing ambitions, got to perform for record producer John Quincy with Rick and his friend, C.J. Garrison as her band; during a celebration, Amber dared Rick and C.J. to a drag race, but donated her kidney to Rick when he crashed his car and needed a transplant.

Amber took Rick's virginity but also had a one-night stand with high school friend Raymond Usher. Amber became pregnant and incurred the wrath of Rick's family, secretly unsure if Rick or African-American Raymond was her baby's father. Amber gained the respect of Forrester matriarch Stephanie Forrester when the unhinged Sheila, furious over James' friendship with Stephanie, shot Stephanie and took off with Mary; Amber kept Sheila from finishing Stephanie off, but was injured when Sheila slammed Amber's head into the mantelpiece. Amber worried she'd miscarry after the catfight with Sheila, but she received a clean bill of health.

Amber gained a rival for Rick's affections in the form of Kimberly Fairchild, so Amber was relieved when Rick married her to give their baby a name. Afraid she'd give birth to an African-American child, Amber went home to Furnace Creek and her mother, Tawny Moore. Amber's child was Caucasian, but stillborn; after Amber tearfully buried it in the desert, she worried that Rick would abandon her, so Amber went along with Tawny's plan to pass off cousin Becky Moore's unwanted baby as her own. Amber raised "Little Eric" with Rick despite his lingering feelings for Kimberly.

When Becky came to Los Angeles demanding her baby back, Amber had Little Eric's birthmark removed to keep Becky from identifying the boy. But Amber gained an ally in her cousin when Becky saw Amber's devotion to her son; Amber arranged for Becky to secure a plum position at Forrester International in Paris. Amber's confrontation with the suspicious Kimberly ended with Amber subdued by Kimberly's martial arts skills. Between Kimberly hovering and Becky's gentle coaxing, Amber told Rick the truth about the baby switch while in Italy for a fashion show. Amber found herself single when Rick annulled their marriage.

Picking up a phone call meant for Becky, who had returned to town and fallen in love with C.J., Amber learned that Becky was dying from cancer. Amber and C.J. kept the truth from Becky, who died on her wedding day. Amber roomed with C.J., who had gotten temporary custody of Little Eric. Amber invited a band to play at their apartment, but the lead singer's jealous girlfriend planted drugs in Amber's couch; Amber and C.J. were arrested, while Little Eric was placed with Rick. Amber and C.J. fell in love and planned to marry, but Rick, who wanted Amber back, recruited Little Eric's father, the sleazy Deacon Sharpe, to stop the wedding. Amber admitted she still loved Rick and left a heartbroken C.J. at the altar.

Amber's life was complicated by Deacon, who took custody of Little Eric then sparked a bidding war between Rick's family, the Forresters, and C.J.'s family, the Spectras. Amber ran afoul of Deacon's spiteful girlfriend Carmen Arena during her frequent visits to Little Eric; Amber saved Little Eric from Carmen, who tried to throw him off a building, but in the struggle, Amber pushed Carmen away, causing Carmen to fall from the rooftop herself. Amber was thrilled when she and Rick remarried and Deacon transferred custody of Little Eric to them; however, Amber got caught in the middle when Deacon seduced Bridget, only promising to leave the teen alone if Amber ran away with him. Amber refused but found herself fantasizing about Deacon, ultimately staying true to Rick and trying for another baby with him.

Amber got a chance to design a collection at Forrester Creations; her "Ambrosia" line was featured on The Price is Right and became a huge success. But Amber, whose remaining kidney became inflamed, suffered a second miscarriage. Inconsolable, Amber got hooked on painkillers, even buying some off the street. Amber withdrew into herself and hired Erica Lovejoy to be Little Eric's nanny. Finally checking herself into rehab, Amber gained the support of psychiatrist Taylor Hayes Forrester. Things brightened for Amber when the Ambrosia line sold out on shopping network Telesave, but she got stoned after sipping a drink and thought she had slept with another man, Lance, which shook Rick's faith in her. As Erica became closer to Rick, Amber, who sensed something was off, snooped around Erica's apartment, where Erica's window suddenly broke. Amber accidentally bopped an investigating officer and was arrested for assault. Amber maintained her innocence, but only Taylor believed her.

Staying at Taylor's, Amber clashed with Taylor's husband, Ridge Forrester. But Amber received the shock of her life when the fugitive Sheila burst in and kidnapped her at gunpoint. Amber was horrified to learn that Sheila had been framing her so that Erica -- really Sheila's daughter, Mary Warwick -- could have Rick and the life as a Forrester that Sheila once enjoyed being married to Rick's father, Eric Forrester. Amber was nearly forced to take a fatal overdose of drugs when she was rescued by Stephanie and her friend Massimo Marone; Sheila escaped but left Taylor and Brooke shot in her wake.

Amber and Rick reunited, surviving the appearance of Amber's twin sister, April Knight, who took responsibility for a sex video Amber had once privately shot with a boyfriend. Amber bonded with April and even covered a concert date for her when the singer got sick. But Amber and Rick, who had never formally adopted Little Eric, lost the boy to Deacon, who was being aided by Macy Alexander. Amber attacked Macy during Macy's wedding to Deacon, then took off with Little Eric. Chased to the edge of a cliff in Furnace Creek, Amber handed Little Eric back to Deacon before slipping and falling. After a judge revoked Rick and Amber's visitation rights, Amber found herself single again.

Amber worked at nightclub Ozzz, flirting with its owner, Oscar Marone. After Oscar was forced to close Ozzz because thugs rigged a chandelier to kill Macy, Amber got another shot at designing from Deacon, who had started fashion house Sharpe Designs. But Forrester absorbed Deacon's company, putting Amber out of work again; despondent, Amber fell asleep and knocked over a candle, setting her apartment on fire. She suffered smoke inhalation trying to save her wedding album and was rescued by fireman Hector Ramirez, who gave Amber a place to stay.

Amber moved into Taylor's old beach house and started a relationship with Ridge's barely legal son, Thomas Forrester. Amber faced opposition from Ridge and Rick and found a restraining order filed against her, but Ridge's brother, Thorne Forrester, had defected to rival fashion house Spectra Fashions and hired Amber to design for infamous fashion maven Sally Spectra. Wanting revenge against Ridge for trying to sabotage things between her and Thomas, Amber learned that Ridge had once developed quasi-incestuous feelings for Bridget after learning he wasn't related to her. Amber unsuccessfully tried to break up Ridge and Brooke by showing Brooke a misleading photo of Ridge and Bridget. Amber then had Ridge and Bridget trapped in a mine shaft rigged with cameras to capture any inappropriate moments, but when Ridge and Bridget almost froze to death, Amber saved them, though Thomas wanted nothing more to do with her.

Amber moved to Venice, Italy, where she had honeymooned with Rick. Finding Ridge there with another woman, Amber thought she finally had something on him. But Amber learned that Ridge had amnesia and that the woman was Morgan DeWitt, Ridge's psychotic ex-girlfriend who once tried to kill Taylor. Amber helped Ridge regain his memory and brought him back to Los Angeles, but it wasn't enough to change the Forresters' opinion of her, so Amber distanced herself from her former in-laws.

Via the brief CBS web series "L.A. Diaries," it was revealed that Amber had become roommates with Alison Stewart (from As The World Turns). Even though they both had jobs as waitresses in a seedy bar, Amber shoplifted to get by. Amber and Alison started a porn site where Amber would show off her body -- not her face -- via webcam. After a stalker targeted Alison, Amber and Alison parted company and left Los Angeles.

Amber turned up in Genoa City, Wisconsin, where she sang occasionally at Indigo, a jazz club owned by Neil Winters. After running into Lauren Fenmore, who she'd known in Los Angeles, Amber scored a job selling clothes at a Jabot boutique. Amber also spent a lot of time at Crimson Lights, a coffee house, where she met art professor Adrian Korbel. Amber audited Adrian's class, but it wasn't long before Amber and Adrian started sleeping together.

While delivering a Jabot gown, Amber met Katherine Chancellor, Genoa City's most prominent citizen. Katherine, a former wild child, saw a lot of herself in Amber and let her in on the fact that she had once switched the baby of her longtime nemesis, Jill Foster Abbott. Jill's "son", Phillip Chancellor II, had died nearly twenty years earlier, but Katherine started remembering details about Jill's biological child. Amber wanted to help Katherine make things right, so Amber started looking into the child's whereabouts.

Amber's search led her to Cane Ashby, who had come to Genoa City from Australia looking for his mother. When Amber figured out that Cane was Jill's missing biological son, and heir to the Chancellor millions, Amber took Cane to Las Vegas to get married under the guise of keeping him in the country. But Cane changed his mind about marrying Amber, so she drugged him and called on Alison, who dressed up as Cane for "his" wedding to Amber. Cane believed Amber's story that he was too drunk to remember the ceremony. Amber staged power outages and a robbery at their meager apartment so she and Cane would be invited to live in the sumptuous Chancellor mansion.

Amber became friends with young Daniel Romalotti, who had helped her find information about Cane's lineage. To thank Daniel, Amber showed him her nude pictures on the web site she'd made with Alison, leading to Daniel becoming addicted to porn and infuriating Daniel's wife, Lily Winters. Amber began designing again and got some her work featured on a show called Extreme Catwalk. The designs were well-received, but Lily had come backstage to confront Amber about the naked photos, not realizing Amber's mic was already live. The argument was captured on tape and leaked onto the Internet, sabotaging Amber's return to fashion and destroying Daniel and Lily's marriage.

"Plum," an ex-boyfriend of Amber's, dropped by the Jabot boutique and told Amber to get him a job at Chancellor Industries or he would expose her pornographic past to Cane. Later, when Plum turned up dead next to a satchel full of cash, Amber, Daniel, and Daniel's friend, Kevin Fisher, buried the body and hid the money, which they swore they wouldn't touch. Amber broke her promise and dipped into it to pay for a demo tape, unaware that she was being watched.

The walls closed in on Amber as Treasury agent Bonachek and Plum's friend Carson came looking for the money. In addition, Cane became suspicious of Amber, did some digging, and found out his marriage to Amber was a fraud. However, when Amber was kidnapped, Cane helped Daniel and Kevin look for her. Bonachek wasn't from the Treasury, and he imprisoned Cane along with Amber and Carson. Amber found a nail file and freed herself and Cane, but was promptly arrested upon returning home. Cane surprised Amber by bailing her out.

Plum's money wasn't where Amber had helped hide it, but Amber became convinced that Jill's boyfriend, Ji Min Kim, knew where it was. Amber went to Ji Min's hotel suite to have a look around and found herself standing over Ji Min's dead body. Later, Amber saved Jill, who had been trapped in a fire set by Ji Min's murderer, and the missing money was found in Ji Min's suite. After Amber testified against Bonachek, the charges against Amber were dropped.

When the parking lot at the Clear Springs Casino caved in, Amber was trapped in her car, but managed to break a window and escape it. Amber found Katherine and stayed with her until they were rescued, but not before they both had suffered oxygen depravation. Daniel and Amber's friendship intensified, and Daniel raised an eyebrow when he saw a supposedly broke Amber spending money she shouldn't otherwise have. Amber lobbied to win a modeling contract as the Fresh Face of Jabot by masquerading as "Marina," but ultimately Cane recognized her and ripped her wig off in public.

Freshly divorced, Amber and Daniel got drunk one night and made love, later afraid it would spoil their friendship. They were also hired at Restless Style magazine, and Amber promptly rented herself a penthouse. Daniel knew Amber didn't make enough money for that, and was shocked when he found Plum's money in her possession. Kevin forced Amber and Daniel to burn it, but Amber's fortune changed again when Katherine offered to invest in a fashion line Amber wanted to design.

Amber and Daniel fell in love and moved in together. When Daniel's rock star father, Danny Romalotti, wanted to take Daniel on the road with him, Daniel swore to Amber he'd be faithful. Amber kept herself busy helping Katherine with her memoirs and working at Restless Style. But neither Danny nor Daniel's mother, Phyllis Summers, were happy about Daniel and Amber's relationship, so Danny snapped a photo of Daniel partying with another girl, and Phyllis made sure Amber saw it. Amber was so upset that she had comfort sex with Adrian. When Daniel returned and professed his innocence, Amber confessed her dalliance with Adrian, causing Daniel to walk out on her.

Amber was jealous when Daniel took an interest in Colleen Carlton, so Amber attended one of Daniel's art gallery showings on the arm of the mysterious "Liam," who turned out to be none other than Jabot heir Billy Abbott. But after Daniel and Amber both called in to the radio show Loveline as "Herve" and "Marina" and lamented their lost love, they reunited.

Katherine died in a car wreck, and a devastated Amber received a sizeable chunk of Katherine's estate, which Amber invested in her fashion line. Amber also made sure that Katherine's autobiography, Live Until I Die, was published. The tome factored into Kevin's claim that Katherine was still alive, as years ago, Katherine had been successfully impersonated by a grifter named Marge. Amber initially suspected that Kevin had killed Katherine, but soon she came to share Kevin's conviction that it was Marge who had perished instead.

Since everyone believed that the very much alive Katherine was Marge, Amber helped Kevin break into a pawn shop to steal a ring that could help prove Katherine's identity. But Clint Radisson, who had engineered the infamous Katherine/Marge switch, arrived to get a piece of Katherine's estate for himself. Clint kidnapped Katherine and her maid, Esther Valentine, hungry for Esther's inheritance. Amber studied a note Katherine left behind and noticed that the first letters of each sentence spelled out "Clint." Later, Amber met Clint, who lied he had seen Katherine leaving Genoa City. Clint's ex-wife, Gina Roma, filled Amber in on his Katherine/Marge switch, prompting Amber and Kevin to search for Katherine.

Amber and Kevin tracked Clint to the motel where he was holding Katherine, but Clint subdued Kevin and drugged him, hoping to frame Kevin for an explosion he rigged to kill Esther and Katherine. Clint locked Kevin in the trunk of his car and took off with him, while Amber saved Katherine and Esther with the help of Kevin's mother, Gloria Fisher Abbott.

Kevin, who had a history of mental illness stemming from a traumatic childhood, reverted to that time, thinking Clint was his abusive step-father, Tom Fisher. Clint pretended to be Tom and forced Kevin to rob banks in a chipmunk disguise. Amber recognized Kevin's scarf in a surveillance tape and went after him, finding Kevin near the scene of his latest crime, where he had been shot. Amber helped Kevin get away. But Clint had died suddenly, and a delusional Kevin locked Amber in a closet with Clint's corpse, and later in the coffin Kevin was building. Kevin held Amber at gunpoint and made her rob banks with him, but his gunshot wound had put his life at risk, so Amber convinced Kevin they should turn themselves in. The governor ultimately gave Amber and Kevin a full pardon for their crimes, given the circumstances.

Katherine decided to have her memoirs made into a feature film, and recruited Amber to adapt the book with screenwriter Nina Webster, though Nina and Amber disagreed on the direction the movie should take. In the meantime, a federal agent asked Daniel to forge a painting for a sting meant to entrap art thieves. But the federal agent was a phony who later turned up dead, and Daniel was framed for his murder. It was an elaborate ruse by Deacon Sharpe, who had returned for Amber. Deacon told Amber he had evidence that could exonerate Daniel, which he would only hand over if Amber slept with him. Amber reluctantly made love to Deacon, and Deacon made sure Daniel could hear it over the phone, the same way Deacon had done years before with the Forresters and Bridget. Daniel turned his back on Amber after Deacon told him about Amber's checkered past in Los Angeles.

Deacon coerced Amber into marrying him, but Daniel stopped the ceremony by offering to find the original painting that Daniel had forged, which Deacon was supposed to sell. Deacon agreed, and Amber pretended to be Gloria to gain admission to a safe deposit box held by Kevin's deceased father, Tom. Deacon confessed to Amber that he had been working for someone: Sarah Smythe, who had wanted revenge on Daniel's mother, Phyllis, for killing Sarah's sister, Sheila Carter! The federal agent had been killed by Ryder Callahan, Tom's son with Sheila. Eventually, Daniel was found innocent, and he and Amber married in a simple rooftop ceremony.

Before Deacon went to jail, Amber asked if he knew the whereabouts of "their" son, Little Eric. Deacon admitted that he had sent the boy to live with Amber's mother, Tawny. But soon Little Eric travelled across the country alone to find Amber because Tawny had left him alone for days. Amber was overjoyed to have "her" son back, but Daniel scoffed that he wasn't ready for children. Later, when Ryder and his twin sister, Daisy, were still targeting Daniel (including trying to make Amber think Daniel had slept with Daisy), Amber begged Daniel to move away with her and Eric. Daniel maintained that he didn't want children, effectively ending his short marriage to Amber, who indeed took Eric and left Genoa City.

Amber returned to Los Angeles, having placed Little Eric in a school in Central California. She immediately got a job designing at Jackie M, the fashion house that used to be Spectra Fashions. Amber reminisced with her ex-husband, Rick, though they didn't reunite. Instead, Amber fixed her eye on her Jackie M boss, Nick Marone, even kissing him in a steam room. Nick wasn't interested and worried that Amber's designs weren't up to par, so Amber went to work on Oliver Jones, a photographer at Forrester Creations, to get her hands on some Forrester designs and copy them. Amber got Oliver drunk and took pictures of the designs, but before Jackie M could present them, Forrester found out about the copies and showed the originals first. Amber had nowhere to go after Nick fired her. A sympathetic Oliver let Amber stay at his apartment after she offered a sincere apology for using him.

Oliver was lonely after his ex-girlfriend, Hope Logan, moved on with Liam Cooper Spencer. Amber and Oliver enjoyed a brief fling, and Amber even tried to help Oliver get Hope back by dressing up as a limo driver to distract Liam. But when Amber found out Liam was part of the Spencer publishing dynasty, Amber made sure to escort the drunken Liam home from a party. Liam fell and hit his head, so when he woke up with Amber next to him, he believed her claim that they'd had sex. But the trick was on Amber when she found out she was pregnant.

Amber was miffed when Tawny showed up looking for a place to stay. Amber admitted she was carrying Oliver's child, but when Tawny heard about the incident with Liam, Tawny convinced a reluctant Amber to pretend the baby was Liam's, reminiscent of when they tried to pass of Becky's baby as Rick's. The deception, which included faking a DNA test, ruined Liam's relationship with Hope and sparked outrage in Liam's father, the powerful Bill Spencer, especially after Liam was injured in an explosion trying to help Amber light a pilot light in Tawny's trailer. Amber was offered an expensive cliffside house by Bill, not knowing that Bill was plotting to have the pregnant Amber fall to her death from a loose guardrail. A branch hit Amber and knocked her off the cliff, but she was pulled to safety by Steffy Forrester.

While the on-again-off-again Liam and Hope struggled with how to handle Amber's pregnancy, Amber spent time with Liam, and they made love. Amber and Tawny's scheme was almost exposed when the lab tech who faked the DNA test tried to extort money from them, but the real moment of truth came when Amber gave birth to an African-American baby; she'd also had a "friends with benefits" relationship with Marcus Walton Forrester. Having finally carried a baby to term after two miscarriages, Amber vowed to do right by her daughter, whom Amber and Marcus named Rosie.

Amber wanted to make a family with Marcus and Rosie, but Marcus chose to stay with his girlfriend, Dayzee Leigh, assuring Amber he would be there for their daughter. Later, a contrite Amber touched up Rick's fledgling designs; Rick agreed to let her be his silent collaborator, and they kissed. Amber warned interested Forrester intern Beverly to stay away, but faced bigger opposition when Brooke recruited designer Caroline Spencer to work with Rick after the Forresters found out about Rick and Amber's collaboration. Rick took a shine to Caroline, so Amber doctored photos of Rick to make it appear he was a cross-dresser, causing Caroline to shy away. Meanwhile, Rick's half-sister, Hope, had become dependent on antianxiety pills. Wanting Hope to support her reunion with Rick, Amber bought Hope pills on-line, ignoring the possibility they might be tainted. After Hope ratted Amber out for the photos and the pills, Rick told Amber he never wanted to see her again, and Amber once again removed herself from the Forresters. However, Marcus was seen with Rosie occasionally before moving to South Africa with Dayzee, mentioning Amber's presence in Rosie's life.

Amber flew to Genoa City for Katherine Chancellor's memorial in 2013, staying for the impromptu wedding of Paul Williams and Christine Blair. Amber's current whereabouts are unknown.

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