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Connor Davis
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Actor History
Scott Thompson Baker
1993 to 1998 [contract];

2000; 2002; June 16, 2005 [recurring]



Attended Sherman Oaks High School

Resides At

Presumably somewhere in Los Angeles

Marital Status

Single (assumed)

Past Marriages

Karen Spencer [Married: 1994; declared invalid: 1994]




None (assumed)

Flings & Affairs

Brooke Logan

Karen Spencer

Darla Einstein

Sheila Carter

Maggie Forrester

Crimes Committed

None (assumed)

Brief Character History

Connor Davis was a high school rival of Forrester Creations heir Ridge Forrester. Connor went out with Ridge's ex-girlfriend, Brooke Logan, knowing Brooke was trying to make Ridge jealous. A lawyer, Connor listened as chemist Brooke described having created the wrinkle-free BeLieF formula without having signed a contract with Forrester. Connor was suspicious when Ridge's family began sweet-talking Brooke, who agreed to sign a paper giving the Forresters control of the formula. Connor intervened and helped expose the Forresters' duplicity, then helped Brooke secure 51% of Forrester Creations in exchange for her rights to the BeLieF patent.

Connor was in love with Brooke, but it soon became clear she only had eyes for Ridge, who was married to Taylor Hayes. Connor moved on with Karen Spencer but was frustrated when she put off sleeping with him, so he plied Karen with alcohol and took her to bed, confiding to friend Anthony Armando that he hadn't used a condom. After Karen developed strange food cravings, Connor assumed she was pregnant and proposed to her, despite not being in love with her. Once Connor and Karen said their "I dos", Connor was stunned to learn that Karen had known about their condomless night and lied about being pregnant to teach him a lesson. Connor asked for time to rethink their relationship when Karen didn't hold him to the marriage, and Connor soon began dating Spectra Fashions secretary Darla Einstein. Connor and Karen parted friends when she decided to move back to Texas, where she was raised.

Connor had an antagonistic relationship with Brooke's liaison, Sheila Carter Forrester, so it surprised Connor when Sheila asked him to represent her in case her shaky marriage to Eric Forrester went south. Connor agreed to sleep with Sheila when she was desperate to give Eric a baby; however, when Eric insisted any child of Sheila's couldn't be his because he'd had a secret vasectomy, Connor assured Sheila that she would benefit from Eric's lie if Eric divorced her. Later, Connor became friends with psychiatrist James Warwick, who was convinced that Taylor, who had seemingly perished in a plane crash, wasn't dead. Connor believed James and worked to help him prove that Taylor was being held by Prince Omar of Morocco.

Connor represented young Dylan Shaw, who was being prosecuted for statutory rape after making love to his 17-year-old girlfriend, Jessica Forrester. Connor then advised Brooke against returning her 51% stake in Forrester after reuniting with Ridge. Connor defended Ridge's brother, Thorne Forrester, who was accused of murdering Forrester model Ivana Vanderveld, and investigated the legitimacy of Brooke's marriage to Ridge when it turned out that Taylor was still alive.

Connor briefly dated Maggie Forrester, who was more interested in Dylan. After Maggie married James, Sheila, who got pregnant via a one-night stand with James before his wedding to Maggie, came back to town wanting to nullify James and Maggie's adoption of her child, so Connor represented the Warwicks but was unable to help them maintain custody.

Thereafter, Connor was occasionally seen when the Forresters needed a lawyer; Connor's last appearance was in 2005, when he advised young Thomas Forrester that he could keep his girlfriend, Gabriela Moreno, an illegal alien, in the U.S. by marrying her.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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