Summer Lovin': Love is lovelier the second (or third, or fourth) time around

by Tony and Laurisa
Posted Sunday, July 20, 2014 10:21:28 PM
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Summer Lovin': Love the second (or third, or fourth) time around

Our Two Scoops columnists are back with another special summer series. Last year it was the Summer of Sinners, and this year they're talking about -- what else? -- Summer Lovin'. In this second installment, it's a look at the repeat lovers.

Love. It's a soap staple. A simple tale, really. One Salemite meets another, sparks fly, and months (sometimes a year) later, fans rejoice when a pair of star-crossed kids finally become a legit couple. And then it happens -- just when everything looks up and wedding bells chime, things implode. Yep, that's another soap staple.

So, Queen sang, "Why can't we give love that one more chance?" We wondered that, too! Seriously, what normal couple couldn't get past some of the little relationship roadblocks life throws their way, like lying, cheating, a sinister third party, rival families interfering, or simply the old back-from-the-dead spouse? And since we couldn't afford Dr. Ruth, we put these select ten couples on our list in hopes that these crazy folks will work things out.

Phillip Kiriakis and Stephanie Johnson

Lame reason they broke up: she can't handle the "scandal" of his family. Because, you know, her rapist grandfather and uncle, and brainwashed/back-from-the-dead dad really make her family seem like the Waltons.
Reason they should be back together: Stephanie's total slight princess complex actually played brilliantly with Philip's silver-spoon-kid persona. They were mini-Dynasty together, right down to the boardroom/bedroom relationship.

Stefano DiMera and Kate Roberts

It was a match made in hell. And we mean that in the best possible way. They were deliciously evil together, and then the funniest thing happened. They actually grew to love each other. She took care of him when he was sick. He made sure that no one messed with her. The fact that he decided to "test" her love just so that Ian had something to do was soap blasphemy. The blink-and-you-missed-it storyline where Ian McCalister thinks he's owed some DiMera money was not worth sacrificing State.

Nathan Horton and Melanie Jonas

She wrote him a note on her wedding day, saying that she'd pick him if he just raised his hand. So there was no reason in the world why, when she found out her husband had slept with her stepmom, they couldn't have made it work. The chemistry between Molly Burnett and Mark Hapka deserved it.

Quinn Hudson and Chloe Lane

Okay, yes, the hooker storyline was not our Ghoul Girl's greatest moment. But there was a little bit of promise there with these two beautiful broken souls. Quinn got a quasi redemption story arc with Carly, but we still think that Nancy's daughter could have easily taken over that role opposite Vivian's son. Okay, really, we just want to see Vivian and Nancy plan a wedding together.

Frankie Brady and Jennifer Horton

Let's be real here. With Jack not an option right now, Daniel is really just Frankie Lite. He's the son of a matriarch with a brilliant profession whom everyone claims to love. The problem is that Daniel's checkered past (and we'd argue the most interesting part about him) is completely whitewashed to be paired with Jennifer. So if she needs a non-Jack, why not bring back the original love of her life and let these two crazy kids see if they can reclaim puppy love as adults? Now that Eve's around to throw the proper amount of shade, well, we won't stand in her way either.

Steve Johnson and Kayla Johnson

Okay, we get it. Stephen Nichols is on another show and isn't returning to DAYS anytime soon. But we're talking about Patch here. And considering the fact that Kayla hasn't been paired with anyone since her split with him, it makes no sense for them to stay apart. At this point, we'd settle for an on-screen chief of staff whose off-screen husband spends his time watching their kid. You remember Joey, right?

Neil Curtis and Liz Chandler

Sure, there were the DiMera ties. Sure, there were the accusations of affairs. Sure, there was a little shooting (or two). And sure, there was some mobster interference. But it was the '80s, man. Things happened. We're still unsure why these two whacky Salemites ultimately couldn't work things out. It's a total bummer! Who didn't love the beautiful songstress and the compulsive gambler with a heart of gold combo? Since we're rapidly approaching DAYS' big fiftieth anniversary, it would be a welcome blast from the past to see these two return and reunite. Oh, and a song or two from Liz wouldn't hurt either!

Mike Horton and Robin Jacobs

Once upon a time, there was actually a smidgeon of religious diversity on DAYS. And it produced a 1980's story where the Jewish girl just couldn't make it work with the Catholic boy. It seems that decades later, a reunion here could reflect not only the change in society, but provide a pleasing resolution for two characters who were, for the most part, kind and loving. Plus, having Robin and Mike back might give us a Jeremy reboot. Raise your hand if you're ready to forget the Touch the Sky foolio era Jeremy ever happened? We thought so.

Lucas Horton and Sheryl Connors

Okay, Sheryl, get over it, girl. When she came to Salem, she was throwing shade at Jordan and eventually got over it. So why can't she do the same for Lucas? He's used to doing a little groveling for his ladies anyway. But more so, Sheryl made Lucas smile, and her adoration of him was refreshing -- Lucas was her first choice. She liked him. They were hot, for a second, and we want another heat wave.

E.J. DiMera and Sami Brady

We're putting this preemptively here as we're just in the early stages of Hurricane Sami cleanup right now. But if for any reason they do not end up together after a measly little affair that made no sense plot-wise, it will be downright confusing after everything else they've made it through. We know that their children will, in theory, keep them in each other's orbits. But they've found not only the perfect foil but also the perfect partner in each other. It would be a shame to let that go to waste.

Okay, we know there's got to be more. Max Brady and Mimi Lockhart, perhaps? How about John Black and Marlena Evans, or Roman Brady and Marlena? Some mature love rekindled between Marie Horton and Alex Marshall? There's always Brady Black and Kristen DiMera! What couples had a terrible reason for splitting and should get another shot?

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What are your top lovers that might have been? We'd like to hear your choices, so drop us a note in the Comments area below, or you can also click here to submit feedback.

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