Rumors: Joan Collins returning to GL

Posted Sunday, April 06, 2003 9:12:22 PM
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Rumors: Joan Collins returning to GL

Joan Collins (ex-Alexandra Spaulding) is again making news at Guiding Light even though the actress left the show several months ago. Internet rumors claim that the actress will return to the CBS soap later this year.

The addition of Collins to the Guiding Light cast in July 2002 was seen as a casting coup for the struggling soap. But just a few months later, Collins announced that she would have to leave the soap because of a previously scheduled commitment.

"Joan Collins has asked to be released from her Guiding Light contract," said Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin, Executive In Charge of Production for Procter & Gamble Productions, in a statement. "It was a difficult decision for us to make because she has been such a wonderful Alexandra Spaulding. However, we completely understand that she has other obligations and we support her decision to focus on her other projects at this time."

Though the timing of Collins' exit was unfortunate, there was a bit of unexpected fortune. Marj Dusay (ex-Vanessa Bennett, All My Children) , who had played Alexandra on Guiding Light off and on from 1993 to 1999, had just wrapped up a stint on ABC's All My Children. This left the actress available for work on Guiding Light. Dusay quickly agreed to step in and help wrap up Alex's storylines.

In February, Dusay was offered a long-term contract with Guiding Light. Dusay inked her name on the dotted line. The terms of the deal were not released. It is not clear how Dusay's contract with the show would be affected by a sudden availability of Collins.

"We don't comment on Internet rumors," a spokesperson for Guiding Light told Soap Opera Central.


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