Report: Daniel Cosgrove cast as Joey Buchanan

Posted Monday, July 27, 2009 2:40:44 AM
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Report: Daniel Cosgrove cast as Joey Buchanan

Guiding Light star Daniel Cosgrove reportedly will join the cast of One Life to Live later this year. He'll take on the role of Joey Buchanan. Cosgrove previously appeared on All My Children. He may also be joined by one of his GL co-stars if all goes well.

There is growing evidence that Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis) will soon be joining the One Life to Live cast. The actor, currently in his final days on the soon-to-be-ending Guiding Light, will apparently be the latest actor to tackle the role of Joey Buchanan.

There have been three "grown-up" actors who have played Joey since 1994. Cosgrove will become the fourth actor on that list, but he'll be the eighth performer to hold down the role.

Nathan Fillion appeared as Joey from 1994 through 1997, with a brief return in 2007 for Asa Buchanan's funeral. During Fillion's time in the role, Joey became involved with Dorian Lord, a very controversial story at the time. Recently, Fillion told Soap Central that he is proud of his work in that storyline even to this day.

Don Jeffcoat assumed the role of Joey from Fillion. He remained with the show until 2001, when the writers reportedly ran out of ideas for the character. A similar situation limited Bruce Michael Hall's time in Llanview to several months in 2003.

Ryan Morris originated the role in 1982, John Paul Learn appeared on the show from 1983 through 1990, and Chris McKenna was featured from 1990 to 1993. Jeremy Fonicello appeared as a temporary replacement for Jeffcoat in 1998.

Of Joey's previous romantic involvements, only Dorian remains in Llanview. Recently, however, One Life to Live had been in talks with Cosgrove's Guiding Light co-star, Gina Tognoni, about a possible reprisal of her role as Kelly Cramer. On Guiding Light, Cosgrove and Tognoni's characters were half-siblings.

Cosgrove joined Guiding in June 2002 and remained with the show until 2005, when he left daytime to pursue other opportunities. He returned to the CBS soap in November 2007. In addition to his work on Guiding Light, Cosgrove previously appeared on daytime television as Scott Chandler on All My Children from 1996 to 1998.


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