The show will go on for One Life to Live -- but it may have to go on in a new location. ABC has reportedly already given away OLTL's Manhattan studio space to Katie Couric. There are, however, reports about where OLTL could settle down.

One Life to Live isn't scheduled to ends its run on ABC for another six months, but that hasn't stopped the network from making plans for the show's studio space. In what may be seen as the ultimate irony, a new report states that OLTL's studio will be turned into space for a talk show.

According to the Los Angeles Times, ABC is planning to use One Life to Live's current studio for Katie Couric's new syndicated talk show, which first airs in September 2012. It is unclear if ABC would allow production of One Life to Live to continue until renovations were needed to be done for Couric's show. Soaps in Depth, meanwhile, counters the Times' report, stating that "nothing has been decided."

As previously reported, ABC reached a licensing deal with Prospect Park, a media and production company, that will allow production of One Life to Live and All My Children to continue. Instead of the two soaps airing on ABC, both will be transitioned to the Internet. Prospect Park issued a statement earlier this week, indicating that it was engaged in talks with unions representing the on-screen and behind-the-scenes talent. Additional details of how, when, and where have not yet been made available.

One Life to Live moved to its current studio, located at 66 West 66th Street in Manhattan, in February 2010. The studio was previous home to All My Children, which was relocated to Los Angeles in an effort to cut the show's operating budget.

There is, however, talk that One Life to Live could be moved to J.C. Studios, the Brooklyn studio that once was home to Another World and As the World Turns. The studio space became vacant last year when CBS canceled As the World Turns. The studio owners filed a lawsuit against TeleNext Media, the production arm of the consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble, seeking in excess of three million dollars in rent they felt P&G owed on the space. A judge dismissed the suit earlier this month.

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