OLTL recasting Matthew and Destiny, casting "Billy"

Posted Thursday, January 17, 2013 1:35:31 PM
OLTL recasting Matthew and Destiny, casting 'Billy'

One Life to Live has issued its first casting calls under Prospect Park. The show is looking to recast the roles of Matthew Buchanan and Destiny Evans. A casting call has also gone out for the unknown role of "Billy."

While performers continue signing on for One Life to Live's reboot, there are two former One Life to Live stars who apparently will not be returning to the show.

Soap Opera Digest has obtained casting notices that indicate that the roles of Matthew Buchanan and Destiny Evans will be recast.

For more than a decade, Eddie Alderson played OLTL's Matthew Buchanan. Alderson, the younger brother of Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning), made his first appearance in May 2001. After seven years on recurring status, Alderson was placed on contract in December 2008. Alderson continued with OLTL through its final ABC broadcast in January 2012.

Shenell Edmonds originated the then-recurring role of Destiny in 2009. About a year later, Edmonds was placed on contract and remained with the show through its finale in January 2012. Interestingly, Edmonds had previously agreed to sign on with Prospect Park's reboot during the company's first, but failed, effort in 2011.

Also included in the casting call is a listing for the character of Billy, described as "Caucasian, 30s, ruggedly handsome. Charming yet na´ve when it comes to relationships. He falls in love first and thinks second. He is a man of strong values who puts family before all else."

It's unclear if a false name is being used to hide the identity of the role the show is actually trying to cast (or recast).

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