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Chelsea Lawson
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Actor History
Other Names

"BugGabrielar","Peaches" (nicknames by Jeffrey Bardwell)

Andy Walsh (alias)

Joan Archdale (alias)

Chels (by Jordon Wilde)

Alexandra West (alias)

Cell Phone Number

504 147-3313


Former partner (with Chloe) in Bella Milconno a Fenmore's clothing line

Former co-head of Fashion at Newman Media with Chloe

Had her own clothing line Bella Milconno with Chloe

Former 25% owner and manager of the Grand Phoenix Luxury Hotel

Former owner of the Chelsea 2.0 fashion line

Former lead fashion designer for Jabot as 'Chelsea by Jabot' (and under Newman-Abbott Enterprises)

Former collaborator with Jabot as 'Chelsea by Jabot'

Once had a fashion line with Forrester Creations

Former con artist


The Grand Phoenix

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Adam Newman [Married: Jul 20, 2012; divorced: Apr 25, 2013; remarried: Jan 23, 2014, then Adam was declared dead]

Dylan McAvoy [Married: Aug 9, 2013; divorced Dec 27, 2013]

Calvin Boudreau [Married, widowed: Jul 5, 2019]


Anita Lawson (mother)

Jeffrey Bardwell (father)

William Bardwell (deceased) (paternal uncle)


John "Johnny" Abbott (son with Billy Abbott; born Apr 9, 2012; legally adopted by Victoria)

Riley Newman (son with Adam; miscarriage)

Connor Adam Newman (son with Adam born Aug 9, 2013; legally adopted by Calvin Boudreau)

Miles Mitchell (godson; son of Chloe and Kevin, born Oct 4, 2020)

Flings & Affairs

Billy Abbott (one-night stand, 2011)

Adam Newman (lovers)

Dylan McAvoy (lovers)

Billy Abbott (lovers, 2014, 2015, engagement broken)

Adam Newman posing as Gabriel Bingham (lovers, 2015)

Nick Newman (lovers, 2017, 2019)

Adam Newman (lovers 2020-2021; engagement broken)

Health and Vitals

Hospitalized for exposure after falling thru the ice and later delivering her baby, Johnny

Hospitalized as a result of a car accident, suffered a miscarriage and bruises

Small cerebral aneurism, ruptured causing a stroke with paralysis for months, recovered

Crimes Committed

Various cons since childhood

Helped setup various people to be accused of crimes and imprisoned in Myanmar

In on setup of Billy Abbott to be caught for drug possession and imprisoned in Myanmar

Siphoned funds from Fenmore’s Department Stores through a bogus website; skipped town

Attempted murder of Rey Rosales by poisoning; found innocent by reason of insanity, committed/released on convalescent leave

Brief Character History

Billy Abbott, son of the deceased Jabot Cosmetics founder John Abbott, was a drunken rich playboy screw-up before he met and married Victoria Newman, the pampered daughter of billionaire business mogul, Victor Newman. The Abbotts and Newmans had been rivals in business and romance for generations, mostly between Victor and Billy's half-brother, Jack. So Victor made it his business to break up the marriage of Victoria and Billy by any means possible.

Although Victoria and Billy each had a child of their own who lived with their ex-spouses, after Victoria was unable to have a baby with Billy and adoption seemed impossible, Billy paid two million dollars to a baby broker for a newborn baby girl they named Lucy. But the illegal adoption was discovered, and Victoria was devastated when Lucy was taken away from them. Feeling guilty for screwing up Victoria's life, Billy began drinking again and disappeared from their home in Genoa City.

Going by the name Liam, Billy turned up in Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia, hanging out, usually drunk, in a surfer bar where Chelsea Lawson was a bartender. Chelsea was part of a group who were paid by the police to fill their arrest quotas by regularly drugging innocent westerners to be accused of crimes and imprisoned. And although she had a soft spot for Billy, she let them do the same to him, and Billy ended up in a foreign prison.

Back in Genoa City, Billy's daughter, Delia, was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia, and needed a bone marrow transplant to recover. Everyone in Genoa City was tested with no matches, and hoping that Billy could save Delia's life, Victor went to Myanmar. Finding Billy in a dirty prison cell, Victor made a deal with Billy to negotiate his freedom if he promised to never see Victoria again. Billy told Victor to go to hell. Victor got Billy to agree by telling him about Delia's condition, and that Billy might save his daughter's life if he were a match. Victor returned home with Billy but kept Victoria from knowing that Billy was there and had been the donor who saved Delia's life. Sneaking into his own house, Billy was disappointed to find divorce papers signed by Victoria on the coffee table.

Billy convinced his friend Cane to help him clear his name and get his life back by finding Chelsea Lawson. Cane left for Myanmar, and found the surfer bar, but an attractive female bartender said that she didn't know Chelsea. But later when Cane received her photo from Billy, it was of that female bartender. When Cane returned to the bar, the owner told Cane that she had taken money from the till and had disappeared.

Victoria became convinced that Billy was in trouble and unable to contact them, so she and his mother Jill decided to go to Myanmar and find him themselves. Inquiries and bribes at the American consulate disclosed that Billy had been imprisoned for illegal drug trafficking, but was no longer there. Cane convinced Jill and Victoria that he had followed them there, and they boarded a plane back to the U.S. together. Victoria got bumped from her connecting flight in New York City, and Cane and Jill went on ahead.

Meanwhile, Billy escaped from Victor's goon in New York City who had been ordered to take Billy to a monastery in New Deli, India. Victoria and Billy found themselves both waiting for flights in Finn McGee's airport pub. Victoria spotted him and hugged and kissed him, excited that he was alive, and asking where he had been since his release. Billy told her that he was setup in Myanmar, and admitted that it took him awhile to get there, but that all he wanted was to come home to her and Delia. Billy later admitted that he had returned to Genoa City and had donated the bone marrow that had saved Delia's life; and he told her about the deal he had made with the devil - Victor.

Flying home together, Victoria readied herself to give her father hell. Billy tried to confess about the girl in Myanmar, but Victoria told him that it if he truly wanted to be with her, they could get past it. Later, Victoria confronted Victor who claimed that keeping Billy from her was for her own good, and that perhaps she should ask Billy what he had done in Myanmar. Victoria told Victor that she had forgiven Billy, and that their love was something Victor would never understand. Because their divorce had been finalized, Billy and Victoria remarried and took a second honeymoon in Jamaica.

Chelsea Lawson showed up just after they arrived home on New Year's Eve, claiming that Billy, going by the name Liam, had raped her in Myanmar. She showed them that she was pregnant and claimed that it was his. Billy told Victoria that he had been picked up by Chelsea in a bar where he had gotten very drunk. He admitted that they had danced together with him dreaming of Victoria, and that they had kissed. Then Chelsea had spiked his drink, and he woke up surrounded by police with heroin planted in his bag, and had been taken to prison. Billy claimed that he and Chelsea did not have sex, and that she was just trying to con him. Chelsea wanted a DNA test as proof. Billy admitted to Victoria that he didn’t remember everything from that night, but if the baby turned out to be his, he had not raped her. Victoria said that she believed him.

Chelsea began parading her belly around town to anyone who would listen, including Victoria's half-brother and black sheep of the Newman family, Adam, who was blind. Billy booked her a hospital room and arranged a DNA test, which proved that Billy was the father. Chelsea admitted to Billy that she had worked in Myanmar helping the police fill their quotas, and claimed that she and Billy had had consensual sex. Luckily Billy thought to tape her confession, and played it for Victoria. Billy proposed that he fight for custody of the baby, and Victoria agreed that she would rather raise a child who was Billy's, since she didn't seem to be able to have one herself. When they saw Chelsea ordering a burger and a beer, they asked her to live in their garage apartment where they could make sure ate right to look out for the baby. Chelsea readily agreed, then made a phone call assuring someone that "the rich suckers had taken the bait".

Chelsea began spending more time in the house with Victoria than in her apartment, and was continually upsetting Victoria about her family's brushes with the law, her inability to conceive, and the fact that neither of them had custody of their own children. But finally Chelsea appeared to realize that she wasn’t going to break the bond between Billy and Victoria. So one day, after they witnessed her ultra-sound, and were told that she was having a boy, Chelsea broke down and told them she wanted them to raise her baby after he was born. Minutes later, Chelsea's mother, Anita, arrived at the door and began working her con, claiming that she and her husband were missionaries. Although Victoria and Billy saw through the con, they suggested Anita move in with Chelsea to watch them both. Once in the apartment, Anita told Chelsea that she was taking over the con, and that this baby was going to make them rich.

Anita went to see Victor, but he had her thrown off the property and banned, reminding her that he had given her a phone for communication with him. Anita told Chelsea that they would be getting no more money out of Victor. But since Billy had paid two million dollars for Lucy who wasn't even his, she knew they could get even more out of Billy.

Detective Paul Williams and Billy confronted Anita and Chelsea with Paul's discovery that Anita was a grifter who had been involved in scams since she was a kid. Her first arrest in 1978 was for writing bad checks, with others since for mail, wire and credit card fraud, conspiracy, forgery, impersonating a police officer, and felony theft. Anita had also used the aliases of Anita Barrett, Amelia Larson, and dozens of others. Paul found that Chelsea had been scamming people since the age of ten, but had less of a criminal record.

Chelsea later told Victoria that they had met Victor when he had shown up in Myanmar and freed Billy. Then Chelsea had contacted Victor when she found herself pregnant, and he had brought her and Anita to town, giving them a lot of money and promising Chelsea that she could have Billy if she was successful in breaking up his marriage to Victoria.

Billy put Chelsea on the spot by asking Anita to leave, making her choose between staying with them and leaving with Anita. Chelsea, who obviously did not get along with Anita, sided with Billy, and Anita packed her bags and left. Anita later showed up at Gloworm and got a waitress job. When Anita first laid eyes on Jeffrey Bardwell, she dropped her things when she recognized him. Anita later asked Jeffrey, did he not remember her? Jeffrey, who was suffering from amnesia, told her that he had some memory problems. She later told her daughter Chelsea that she had located her father, but that she wouldn't tell Chelsea who he was.

Attorney, Michael Baldwin, drew up settlement and termination of parental rights papers and reminded Billy that prenatal custody agreements were not ironclad. Chelsea signed the papers after Billy and Victoria assured her that she would remain known to their child. They assured her that they were also giving her financial assistance so their son could be proud of his mother.

Adam and Chelsea ran into each other at the Athletic Club bar and commiserated about trying to escape their pasts. Chelsea helped Adam to come out on top in a business deal when she spotted a prospectus on the floor that he was unable to see and read it to him. Upon returning from his business meeting and updating Chelsea on his success, Adam began experiencing pressure in his eyes which turned to flashes which indicated that his vision was returning. His doctor told him it could only be explained as a miracle when Adam regained his sight.

As fellow town pariahs, Chelsea and Adam became friends. After Chelsea told him that her mother had located her father, but wouldn't tell her who he was, Adam did some research and gave her a gift of her birth certificate indicating that Jeffrey Bardwell was her father. Adam accompanied Chelsea to Gloworm where she confronted Jeffrey, but he denied it. Jeffrey told his wife Gloria that his memory did not extend past her, but he thought that he had never met Anita before she began working at Gloworm. A DNA test was done which proved that it was true. Gloria had Anita fired. Jeffrey claimed the test was false, that Chelsea's father must have been his dead twin brother William. But it was disclosed to viewers that Jeffrey was lying and had paid off Anita to disappear and to keep secret that he and Anita were still legally married.

When Billy had to leave Victoria and Chelsea alone when he went to Los Angeles on business, Chelsea got into a fight with Victoria for hovering over her life, and left. Adam became concerned and went looking for her. Knowing her favorite spot to get away, Adam went to Lake Concord and found that Chelsea had fallen through the ice. Risking his own life, Adam managed to pull her out of the lake and took her to a nearby lake cottage when she started to go into labor. Adam did his best to get Chelsea warm, delivered her baby boy, and left them to go for help since his cell phone was getting no reception. Meanwhile Billy arrived home, and he went looking for Chelsea. Victoria had gone to Victor for help, and he allowed her to use his helicopter. They located the cabin, and Victoria found Chelsea delirious and alone with the baby. Billy arrived as Adam returned. But Adam never showed himself or took credit for saving their lives, just walked away alone knowing that Chelsea was in good hands. Chelsea and the baby were fine, and she signed over her parental rights to Billy. After much consideration, Victoria thought to name the baby John, after his grandfather, and she began calling him Johnny. Adam asked Chelsea not to tell anyone what he had done, but when Victoria began badmouthing Adam again, Chelsea disclosed that Adam had been the hero who saved her and her baby's life. Billy and Victoria began to see Adam had indeed changed, and thanked him. Feeling guilty, Adam disclosed to Victoria that her father had actually paid Chelsea to setup Billy in Myanmar.

Nikki overheard Victor admit to Chelsea that he had paid her to setup Billy in Myanmar. Although getting pregnant had not been part of the deal, Chelsea had been a bartender at a surfer bar, and Victor had her spike Billy's drink, seduce him, and take pictures. So that her friends wouldn't know that she had fallen for Billy, Chelsea let her friends plant the drugs on him and accused him of rape.

Victor crashed a family party at Victoria and Billy's to welcome Johnny home. After Billy asked everyone to please leave, Victoria accused Victor that if not for Delia's illness, Billy may have died in prison there, then told him to leave and never return. Later Victoria admitted to Billy that if not for Victor's machinations, they actually may never have gotten Johnny, and Billy agreed that it had all been worthwhile. Chelsea stuck to her word, and with Adam's emotional support, allowed her parental rights to be terminated, and Victoria to adopt her baby. But after the adoption hearing, Chelsea fell weeping into Adams arms, and Chelsea and Adam became lovers. Later Victor offered Chelsea ten million dollars to leave town, but she declined his offer.

In her quest to become a better person, Chelsea let Billy and Victoria off the hook, telling them that she was staying in town to be with Adam, but that she would find a job and pay her own bills, and wouldn't meddle in her their lives. Adam asked Chelsea to share his room, and she moved in. Intent on being something other than a con artist, Chelsea began studying to get her GED

The time for the annual gala came around, and Adam surprised Chelsea a beautiful expenses cocktail dress. As they were leaving for the gala, Adam received a call that the event had been canceled. Rather than disappoint her, Adam took her to the athletic club bar and they played like it was after the prom. While Adam went to the restroom, Chelsea got chilly and put on his jacket, finding an engagement ring in the pocket. Upon Adam's return, Chelsea accused him of intending to propose at the gala in front of Sharon and Victor to taunt them, not because he really cared for her. Chelsea ran outside. Adam followed and convinced her that he really loved her. He proposed and she accepted in the pouring rain.

Since their engagement announcement to the Newman clan was not well-received, Chelsea and Adam tried announcing it to Jeffrey, but were interrupted by Anita who showed up at Gloworm, supposedly after hearing about Chelsea's engagement. Gloria was delighted and reminded them that Gloworm hosted weddings, and Jeffrey pointedly congratulated his niece. Anita interjected that whether Chelsea's daddy was Jeffrey or the late William, she did recall that he had a heart-shaped mole on his inner thigh. Gloria, who had been married to both, was then able to identify Jeffrey as Chelsea's father. Later Jeffrey took Anita aside and she threatened to tell everyone that they were still legally married, if her support checks did not resume. Chelsea later got word that she passed her GED in the 97th percentile.

Adam took Chelsea to a bed and breakfast in his hometown of Leavenworth, Kansas, to elope, surprising her with the traditional something old, new, borrowed, and blue and a selection of wedding dresses. When Sharon found out, she took the next plane there too, telling Victor that she was going to New York City to talk to Noah about Victor's offer for her to move in with him. Instead, Sharon was at Hope's farm when Adam arrived alone. She told Adam that she still loved him, and tried to talk him into ditching Chelsea for her. Adam refused, saying that Chelsea was the only one who "got him", the hick from the farm. As an homage to Hope, Chelsea and Adam were married in Hope's kitchen the next day. Meanwhile the sale of Genevieve's mansion to Adam was being finalized, and he was able to shock Chelsea by taking her home to the 16 acre, 10 bedroom mansion on lake, with its own private airstrip. Jeffrey and Anita dropped by, obviously schmoozing to cash in, and Chelsea threw them out.

Chelsea thought she may be pregnant, but the test proved she was not. Adam was so disappointed, that they began trying to have a baby. Meanwhile Adam and Chelsea worked on the new TagNGrab website venture with Chloe and Kevin, and Sharon married Victor, which Adam called insane. Weeks later at Gloworm, Chelsea excitedly broke the news to Adam that she was pregnant, and was overheard by Sharon, who wished them well, then went home to the ranch and tore up the place. Chelsea later had a nice visit with Jeff, talking about Vegas and cons. He gave her a $100 bill to buy something nice for the baby.

Adam decided to get out of town by taking his pregnant wife on a surprise honeymoon. As they drove to the airport, his niece Summer who was upset and driving recklessly, ran into their car causing Chelsea to miscarry. Both were devastated, but Adam was unable to face it and left home. He ran into Sharon who was getting drunk after being accosted with hatred by every Newman in town. Adam shared that he felt losing his own child was retribution for his taking faith from Sharon. Meanwhile Chelsea sat at home alone with her mourning, named the baby Riley, and wondered why Adam had abandoned her when she needed him most.

Chelsea confronted Adam, wanting the truth of where he had been spending so much of his time, and Adam lied that he had been trying to get into Newman with Jack. Chelsea didn’t believe him and left. Sharon appeared and told Adam she was not going to ruin his marriage, that he needed to tell Chelsea that he was hiding her out. Sharon left to tell Victor what she had done. Finding Jack in Victor's office, he thanked her for driving Newman into the ground, to allow his hostile takeover. Adam arrived and whisked her away to the cabin again where she ranted about being a failure at everything and begged Adam not to leave her. Adam got Sharon some help, and she eventually went home to Noah and Faith, and Chelsea and Adam reconciled. Because Adam was still at her beck and call, Chelsea threatened Sharon to stop, or Chelsea would tell that Sharon had burned down the ranch. After consultation with her doctor, Sharon called things off with Adam, saying that she was done interfering with his life.

Chelsea and Chloe became close, and they came up with the idea of Chelsea working at TagNGrab instead of Adam. Adam got mad that he was not consulted and decided to pull his 15 million dollar investment, and sold his stake in TagNGrab to Tucker McCall who bought out Kevin and Chloe. Chloe bounced back with a great idea for Chelsea to become a designer and start a company together.

Nikki surprised Victor with the redecorated penthouse and played the baby grand for him. They threw a cocktail party to celebrate their new home. Victor invited Adam as bait for Nick and Victoria to fight for Newman, while Victor needled him about Jack's incompetence. Sharon arrived uninvited to confess and apologize. They gave her such a hard time that she freaked out, and Victor yelled at her to leave. Adam followed her, leaving Chelsea behind. Hoping to get Sharon out of Adam's life, Chelsea told Victor and Nikki that Sharon had burned down the ranch. Nikki confronted Sharon, and Victor told Sharon that she needed to seek treatment elsewhere. Later he suspected that Adam had been covering up for Sharon by setting the other fires. Adam found out that Chelsea told them, accused her of betraying him, and left to spend the night at the club. Since Chloe was her only friend, Chelsea went to stay with her and Kevin.

After Adam confessed he wasn't sure how he felt about her and Sharon anymore, Chelsea asked for a divorce. Adam offered Chelsea half his income made during their marriage. She told him she loved him, but he could not buy her off to sooth his conscience. Rebuffed by Sharon, Adam tried to reconcile with Chelsea, but she mistook his sincere effort as being second choice, and told him she would agree to the divorce settlement. Chelsea told Chloe that thanks to the settlement, they didn't need any investors in their new company. But all that changed on New Year's Eve when they got back together with Adam promising they would move away from Genoa City. But later when Adam told Chelsea they would have to put off leaving town because he was still needed at Newman, she threw a fit accusing him of putting business before her, told him they were through, and demanded a divorce.

Intent on taking Adam for all she could, Chelsea let Chloe know that she was ready to start their business, and they purchased the Restless Style building from Billy with Chelsea's half million dollar settlement. When Billy saw their designs, he promised to put in a word with Jack about them becoming a local collaborator for the new Jabot fashion division. Cane began spending a lot of time with Chelsea encouraging her that she could rise above her past as he had, and follow her dreams in fashion design. Chelsea, Chloe and Gloria made a presentation to Jabot and they were hired as a team of collaborators for Jabot Cosmetics fashion division.

Food began making Chelsea nauseous, and a pregnancy test confirmed that she was pregnant again. When she finally decided to tell Adam, she found him with Sharon at his house, so instead she gave him her wedding ring and left. Chelsea made several other attempts to tell Adam, but was always interrupted by Sharon's presence.

Chelsea was helped by newcomer Dylan McAvoy when her car had a dead battery, and they enjoyed each other. Then weeks later, after being yelled at by Adam, and her hopes for telling him about the baby were dashed, Chelsea fell into bed with Dylan. Both agreed it was just a one-night stand, and Chelsea knew it would be convenient if she ever had to claim her baby was not Adam's.

Sharon called Chelsea to let her know that Adam was in the hospital after heroically taking a bullet meant for his father during Victor and Nikki's wedding reception. At Genoa City Memorial, Dr. Costner removed the bullet from Adam, finding bone fragments from a shattered rib which had damaged a lung. In the waiting room, Chelsea lit into Victor, reminding him that he and Adam had both grown up without their fathers, and how Adam was routinely shunned. Following surgery, only one person was allowed in to see Adam, and Chelsea magnanimously allowed it to be Sharon. Adam told Sharon to take charge of Newman for him, then went into a coma. Chelsea told Adam about her pregnancy while he was in a coma, But after seeing Sharon with him when he woke up, she declined to tell him again. After dropping her bag in front of Sharon, exposing a bottle of prenatal vitamins, Chelsea had to admit that she was pregnant, but claimed it was not Adam's. Sharon told Adam, he confronted Chelsea in front of Dylan, and Chelsea told them that the baby was Dylan's. Tearing up, Adam told Chelsea he was happy that she was finally having a baby, but apparently it did not matter with whom.

Lily came up with a Jabot Face of Fashion marketing campaign called "Dare to be Different" for Chelsea's designs using unknown models, and it was approved with Lily working with Tyler. Tyler suggested Summer as their model. Chelsea forgave Summer for the death of her unborn child, saying that they were both getting a second chance.

After the shock wore off, Dylan assured Chelsea that he would not abandon his child, which Chelsea told him would be due around Thanksgiving. The next day, Adam delivered their finalized divorce decree, reminding Chelsea of her huge settlement that he assumed she accepted while pregnant with another man's child, and called her a con to the very core. Chelsea's mother, Anita, was disappointed in Chelsea's choice when she could have used the baby to win back a rich man like Adam, warned her that everything will blow up in her face when Dylan found out he was used, and suggested she get out of it before it was too late. Chelsea felt guilty the more Dylan got into the idea of becoming a father, and invited him over to tell him the truth. But when he surprised her with plans to build a baby cradle, she backed out again. They began spending a lot of time together, enjoying each other's company while Dylan began designing his new digs in a converted warehouse, including a nursery.

Seeing how advanced Chelsea's pregnancy was and remembering her continual attempts to "tell him something important", Adam confronted Chelsea that her baby had to be his. Chelsea denied it. But Victoria told Chelsea she knew the truth, and was willing to help her keep it from Adam for both their sakes.

Dylan bought Crimson Lights coffee bar, and as they made plans to change its name and personality to make it successful again, Chelsea realized she was falling in love, and she spent the night. The next day, Dylan and Chelsea exchanged "I love you's" while Chelsea's mother, Anita, attempted to tell Adam that he was the father of Chelsea's baby. But knowing Anita only wanted him with Chelsea because he had more money than Dylan, Adam refused to let her talk.

One evening, Chelsea arrived at Dylan's to find 'WILL YOU MARRY ME' scrawled on the wall. Feeling guilty, Chelsea said that she did not deserve this. Dylan left the room, but returned to see that Chelsea had painted her reply of yes.

A guy Dylan called "Stitch" who had been part of Dylan's crew in Afghanistan visited Dylan and met both Chelsea and Avery. Stitch was a medic, and told how they had met when Dylan busted his chin open falling off a camel. He had stitched Dylan up, and left no scar, so had been called Stitch ever since. Stitch told Chelsea that he was married, with a three year old son. He explained that he had been home on leave after his son's birth when his platoon was massacred, and felt guilty that he should have been there. Alone with Dylan, Stitch suggested Dylan open up to Chelsea about the past. The nightmares returned to Dylan that night, and Chelsea told Dylan that she would be there for him when he is ready to talk about it.

Dylan surprised Chelsea by inviting Jeff and Anita to their place for dinner. Both were visibly disappointed in the place, and Jeff insulted Dylan as not being able to take care of his daughter. But Anita surprised Chelsea saying that Dylan was a good guy, and everything would be all right. They discussed potential baby names of Scarlet, Emily, or Terry after Dylan's dad. After Jeff made some more judgmental comments, Dylan said that he was not Adam and glad of it, because Adam was smart enough to make millions but smart enough to make Chelsea happy. Jeffrey later got Chelsea to pay him off to keep quiet about the paternity of her baby.

Chelsea went to Avery who told her that Dylan's entire unit had been wiped out, and she had been notified by Dylan's dad that Dylan was presumed dead. That Avery had crumpled to the floor and cried for weeks. Eventually Avery read articles about it online, mostly obits of the men in his unit.

Dylan finally explained to Chelsea that they had been on a routine mission, but hit a mine that had been planted in the road, causing a huge explosion which killed all of his men. He recalled how Sully had been just a scared kid who was injured in the sand nearby. Dylan had lost his gun and needed one to fight back, so he asked Sully to shove him his gun, but when he moved, Sully was fired on and killed, and it had been Dylan's fault. Somehow Dylan had been rescued by a local family and nursed back to health. But when insurgents attacked the village, the father handed his young daughter Ara to him, and he ran out the back to save her while the family had been slaughtered. Dylan told how they had found what food and water that they could, but Ara's health declined and she had died on the way back to camp. Dylan had been wracked with guilt ever since for letting his unit and the family down, that they were all dead because of him.

Chelsea was thrilled to see the first print ad for her line, 'Chelsea by Jabot' which featured Summer Newman and Mason Wilder as the models. The campaign was very successful, and Chelsea and Chloe's designs became a big hit. Not long afterward, Chelsea went into labor, fearing that if she delivered, Dylan would realize that the baby was full term and too early to be his. When Chelsea's doctor evaded his questions, Dylan assumed it was because he was not her husband, and suggested to Chelsea that they get married right away. When Chelsea's labor stopped, Dylan took her home to his loft which was decorated for a wedding. The invited guests Chloe, Jeffrey, Anita, and Stitch arrived, followed by Billy with a cake catered by his restaurant. After some quick alterations to Chelsea's wedding gown by Chloe, the minister arrived, heartfelt vows were exchanged, and they were married using Dylan's parent's wedding rings. Afterward, Chelsea again went into labor, and Dylan delivered a baby boy before the paramedics showed up. Chelsea blamed his normal lung development on medication she had been taking and his size on the fact that both she and Dylan had been big babies at birth. They named him after Dylan's father, Terrance Connor McAvoy, to be called Connor. But their happiness was short-lived after Connor was suspected to have inherited retinitis pigmentosa. After Chelsea said there was none in her family, Dylan blamed himself, sure that it must be in his.

Adam confronted Chelsea after overhearing that her baby had a degenerative eye disease, but Chelsea still denied that Adam was the father. Dylan arrived, and Adam left, warning her to tell Dylan the truth. Chelsea then had to admit to Dylan that Adam was the father, and that she had known it all along. Dylan teared-up, asking how she could do that to him, let him name the baby after his father, and make him a cradle? Chelsea claimed that she had fallen in love with him, that nothing had to change. Dylan cried that everything had changed. He had loved and trusted her and the baby, but that everything had been based on a lie. Chelsea begged Dylan not to abandon them, but he left.

Afterward Chelsea met with Adam, and he convinced her to admit that baby was his. Adam told her that he was changing the baby's name and suing for sole custody.

Dylan returned home a couple days later and told Chelsea that he could not forgive her, was leaving town, and wanted a divorce. When Chelsea left the room, the thunder storm outside got louder. Dylan had a flashback to explosions in Vietnam and ran out the door with Connor. After finding out that his son was missing, Adam went to Avery for help, and they found Dylan and Connor at his family cabin. Avery talked Dylan down from his PTSD delusion, and he gave the baby to Avery. Adam insisted they take the baby home to his penthouse where he would be safe, and allowed Chelsea to be with Connor, only if she stayed there with them. The eye specialist later informed them that Connor's eventual blindness would be caused by retinal scarring during his traumatic birth, not by any inherited disease.

Adam received the results of the paternity test, confirming that Connor was his son. He asked Avery to proceed with the order to substitute his name for Dylan's on the birth certificate, and change his last name to Newman. Chelsea and Adam took Connor to Dr. Lintz the eye specialist, and he was diagnosed with Peters Anomaly. Connor would go blind without an immediate corneal transplant. Adam was refused when he tried to make a large donation to the hospital to speed up finding transplant material, but vowed he would do whatever it takes. Adam promised Chelsea that he would not take Connor away from her and that they would give Connor the family Adam never had. Chloe and Billy's daughter Delia was killed by a hit and run driver. After Chloe heard about the immediate need for corneas for Connor, she and Billy signed the papers to donate Delia's, and the transplant occurred. The transplant was successful and Connor was able to see thanks to Delia. Chloe found solace in visiting Chelsea and Connor, believing that he would be seeing life through Delia's eyes. Adam grew more distant with Chelsea, but loving toward Connor. Wanting to be alone, he allowed Chelsea to move out and take Connor, but she declined, and stayed. Dylan presented Chelsea with the divorce papers, and she signed them, wishing each other well.

Adam and Chelsea discussed their past together, and Chelsea commented that he was becoming the man she loved again. On Thanksgiving, they took their first family portrait, with Connor in a turkey costume. After agreeing to let go of the past and look forward, they kissed. Interrupted by Chloe, Adam excused himself, and Chloe agreed to stay with Connor while Chelsea made a quick trip to the office to get something they needed to work on. When Chelsea returned, both Chloe and Connor were missing. Chelsea panicked and called Kevin. They were discussing what to do when Chloe and Connor returned from a drive innocently taken because Connor had been fussy. Chloe was horrified when she realized that they thought she would steal Connor to replace Delia, but she realized that she should have at least left a note. Adam was upset with Chelsea when he found out, but later he and Chelsea made love, and they exchanged "I love you's". After hinting around the idea of remarrying for about a week, Chelsea (spurred on by Anita) finally told Adam that if he was serious, she would say yes, and Adam said that he was.

Chelsea asked Chloe to be Connor's godmother, and Adam asked Jack to be godfather. Adam also looked into making Jack Connor's legal guardian in case anything ever happened to him, so that Victor could never get his hooks into Adam's son. Just prior to Connor's blessing, Adam and Chelsea signed the guardianship papers and paperwork officially changing his name to Connor Adam Newman. But when Victor showed up uninvited at the end of the blessing, everyone was astonished when Adam allowed Victor to hold Connor.

Billy discovered that Adam was the donor who setup the Delia Project, and confronted Adam, assuming that Adam had done it to repay them for Delia's corneas. Chelsea was upset that Adam had never confided in her, but he explained that it would have been hard for her to keep it from Chloe. Adam shocked Chelsea with a stunning engagement ring, and the idea of trying again to have her dream of living in Paris. Chelsea agreed and they made plans to leave in a few days. But Chloe reacted negatively to Connor being taken away from her, and made plans to move there too.

Adam and Chelsea were married by a judge with Jack and Anita as witnesses. Chelsea went to say goodbye to Johnny before leaving for Paris, but returned home to a note from Adam saying just, "I love you, I always will", with a video. Chelsea watched the video, and saw Adam confess to being the hit and run driver who hit Delia, and saying that it was an accident, and he had not known that he had hit anyone. Chelsea, dazed and confused, was interrupted by Victor at the door. He hugged her and reassured her that no matter what, she and Connor were family and would be taken care of. Chloe arrived after finding out the truth and accused Chelsea of knowing all along. But after viewing the video, Chloe realized that she did not, and they vowed to remain friends and take care of Connor together. Later, Anita arrived after she heard about it on the news, and she and Chelsea watched the video together. Chelsea poured her heart out to Anita, who made Chelsea realize that Adam was telling the truth and had only covered everything up to protect her and Connor, in fact Connor would probably be blind now if Adam hadn't. Chelsea confessed that she still loved Adam and would do anything she could to help him.

Jack arrived at the penthouse and told Chelsea that Billy and Adam had been in a car crash, that the car had exploded, and the police had found only Adam's watch. Victor joined them, and gave them the news that Billy had gotten out and was going to be fine, but that Adam was still missing and presumed dead. Jack was elated at the news about Billy, but admitted that he had loved Adam like a son, and gave Victor and Chelsea condolences. Chelsea refused to believe that Adam was dead. Victor again assured Chelsea that she and Connor were Newmans, and always would be and Victor urged her to live at the ranch, that he would even build her a house there. Jack and Sharon reminded her that was exactly what Adam would NOT have wanted. And Jack later told her that Victor had known that Adam was the driver, but rather than urge him to turn himself in, had been blackmailing Adam to be able to see his grandson.

At the Delia Project Valentine's Day benefit, Lauren asked Chloe how Chelsea was doing, and she snapped back, "Fine because her sick bastard of a husband killed my child, that's how!" Chelsea and Jack walked in together and overheard. Chloe went off on Chelsea, then apologized, and left. Chloe then went to Chelsea's and told Anita she was to relieve her babysitting Connor. After Anita left, Chloe packed up Connor's things, stole Chelsea and Connor's passports, and assuming Chelsea's identity, flew to Paris. Victor, Chelsea and Kevin took Victor's jet, and found them both at the apartment where Chelsea and Adam were going to live. Kevin talked Chloe into giving up Connor and returning with them to Genoa City where she was arrested for kidnapping. Chelsea then talked Victor into investigating if Adam was still alive as she believed, in exchange for access to Connor. Victor's operative located Chick, a homeless man, who told Chelsea and Victor that he witnessed a man crawl out of the SUV with his clothes on fire. Later when she confided this in Billy, Billy tried to convince her to stop looking for Adam and warned her not to trust Victor. Victor had the last call that Chelsea supposedly received from Adam traced to New Orleans.

Chelsea was distressed to see comments online about burning the clothes made by the wife of a kid-killer, but Jabot refused to abandon the line. Instead they began planning a Jabot/Forrester Creations joint fashion show, and Lauren made plans to open a new boutique at the athletic club. Chloe was resentful that Chelsea had gotten a restraining order to keep her away from Connor. Chloe was released under Kevin's care, returned to work and was welcomed by Lauren and Lily. But Chloe was upset to learn that Chelsea was designing on her own without her.

Victor broke the news to Chelsea that a John Doe had been found in the river two counties away, that was a match to Adam's dental records. Chelsea insisted on seeing the body when it arrived to be sure and to say goodbye, but Paul and Jack talked her out it, reminding her that it was unrecognizable and a sight that she would never forget. They began making plans for a memorial. Chelsea insisted that Sharon, who had also loved him, be invited.

The Chelsea by Jabot fashion show was held using real women of Genoa City as models, Lily, Hilary, and Abby alongside Esmerelda the featured model for the line. Summer worked behind the scenes for Jack. Lily insisted on bickering with Hilary throughout. When Chelsea arrived, she and Chloe ended up in a cat fight, pushing and shoving each other, and were caught by Rick and Caroline Forrester. When the Forresters got her alone, they offered Chelsea a design job under a separate label. Chloe heard her accept, saying that it would be no problem cutting out her current partner. To get back at Chelsea, Chloe cut up the showstopper finale dress that Esmerelda was to wear. Chelsea somehow salvaged it and got it to work, and the fashion show was a hit. Afterward Chloe tried to apologize, saying that she wished she could still be herself, that all she had left was rage, and she needed her best friend to forgive her and give her another chance. Chelsea agreed and they hugged.

Late one evening, Billy showed up at Chelsea's door to see Connor, explaining that he had seen so much bad since Delia's death, that he wanted to see some good. Chelsea was reluctant to let him in, but seeing his pain, she let him see Connor. They had a couple drinks and laughs, and were about to share a pizza and a movie when Billy kissed her. Chelsea angrily asked Billy to leave. Then Connor started choking. They rushed him to the hospital, and he was diagnosed with a bad case of croup.

Chelsea had Adam declared dead, and a memorial service was held with just Chelsea, Victor, and Jack saying kind words about him over an urn of ashes. Meanwhile viewers saw that Adam had someone plant a camera over Connor's crib, and he began watching Chelsea and his son. Chelsea convinced Billy to accept a large donation from her inheritance to Delia Project.

Billy spoke with Chelsea about how Chloe had been trying to seduce him, and they realized that Chloe was only getting worse in her obsession to have a baby to replace Delia. They convinced the family to help get her admitted to Fairview Sanitarium, and staged an intervention. But Chloe found out and disappeared. Kevin tracked her to their favorite movie theater, and she agreed to being admitted. But Chloe decided that she needed to get away from all the reminders of Delia, so was admitted to a facility in California. As she was leaving, Chelsea told her they would always be best friends, and let her hold Connor.

Billy began spending more and more time with Chelsea and Connor. Then, after discovering that Victoria was pregnant, Billy went home elated. But Victoria had to break it to him that the baby might belong to Stitch, and that they had to wait until she was 14 weeks along to do a DNA test. Billy became upset and unsure if he could accept another man's child, but Victoria reminded him how she had accepted Johnny, the child he had with Chelsea.

Billy became all the more determined to expose Stitch, and enlisted Chelsea's help. They went to Melbourne, Australia, to speak to his ex-wife Jenna. But Jenna saw thru them and kicked them out without telling them anything. They decided that the only way to find out more about Ben was to investigate Kelly. Searching online, they discovered that her son Sam had a memorial site, and it mentioned her husband Ben. Later, hearing Billy talk about his undying love for Victoria, Chelsea kissed him. On Billy's return, Victoria told him that spying on Ben was the last straw, and she was filing for divorce.

Billy talked Kevin into investigating Ben Rayburn, and Kevin discovered that Ben and Kelly were actually brother and sister. Kevin had more information, but Billy decided it was time to grow up and not hear any more, and he left. But Chelsea wanted to know more. Kevin got Chelsea to admit that she cared about Billy. Kevin told Chelsea that he had discovered in high school and college transcripts from Ben's medical school records that the real Ben Rayburn had died after high school graduation, and that the man they knew as Ben had taken his identity when he joined the army, and was still using his social security number. Kevin and Chelsea continued digging into Ben's past and discovered that the real Ben Rayburn had lived in Chesterfield, MO. and attended Chesterfield high school. Ben's obituary read: Born 1978 – died 1996, son of Mari and Earnest, sister Angela. Grandparents Martin and Hazel Weaver and Diane and Vincent Rayburn. An accompanying photo showed him to be dark-haired and slender-faced, unlike Stitch. Kevin researched further, and discovered Ben's birth name was Ben Russell.

Convinced that he and Victoria were through, Billy went to Chelsea, who gave him a shoulder massage, and they ended up making love. Afterward, Chelsea was disappointed when Billy told her it was a mistake, and it would never happen again. Victoria walked in on them discussing it later, and lit into Billy that as always, he finds a warm bed with a willing woman when he has a problem.

Ben confronted Chelsea, telling her they were alike, that he too had paid for his past and was trying to start over, reminding her that if she destroyed him with it, it would destroy her chances with Billy too. But Billy discovered the high school yearbook at Chelsea's showing Ben Rayburn and Ben Russell, and got her to admit all that she and Kevin knew about Ben. He then confronted Ben with it.

Chelsea invited Dylan, Billy and Kevin to help celebrate Connor's first birthday with a party in Chancellor park. A clown showed up, tickled Connor, and Connor called him "DaDa". After the clown left, they realized that no one had arranged for a clown.

Chelsea, feeling that she was becoming too involved with Billy, who needed to concentrate on his pregnant wife, decided to spend some time in Los Angeles working on her line with Forrester Creations. Later Billy shared with Chelsea that his divorce had become final, and when she returned to town, they began to date openly. After the one year anniversary of Delia's death, Billy visited Chelsea and Connor, telling her that she was an incredible friend and that he loved her. Chelsea asked Billy to move in, and after telling Victoria first, he did. Chelsea went to church and over lit candles told Adam about Billy, telling him that she had to let him go and move on. She left behind for him her "something old" handkerchief which had belonged to Adam's mother, but viewers saw a mysterious woman, Sage Warner, take it, and on Halloween it was returned to Chelsea in an envelope shoved under her door.

Chelsea was puzzled when she found a video camera in Connor's room. Showing it to Billy, he immediately blamed Victor, where Chelsea thought maybe Adam had put it there as a nanny-cam before his death. Billy looked up the camera and discovered that model had not even available until after Adam's death.

Victoria had her baby "Katie" and the paternity test proved Billy was the father. Feeling threatened, Chelsea designed and made a christening gown for Katie, but Billy assured her that "Katie" was not going to reunite him and Victoria.

Gabriel began spending more time with Chelsea. They talked about Adam, trust, guilt, and forgiveness. Chelsea became concerned that Gabriel was handling Connor too much and getting too personal when he knew something about her that only Chloe, her mother, and Adam had known. But after she was told that Gabriel and Sage were in a marriage of convenience, she let her guard down. Gabriel bought the penthouse across the hall, and he asked Chelsea to decorate it for him and Sage. While they were arranging furniture, "Gabriel" asked Chelsea if she would forgive Adam if he walked in the door. Chelsea admitted she used to ask herself that a lot, but loving Billy and raising Connor together, she no longer thought about it.

On Valentines Day, while Billy was off visiting Delia's memorial on what would have been her birthday, Adam visited Chelsea. As Chelsea talked about Billy being unable to get over losing a child, Gabriel looked sad. Chelsea realized that Sage being unable to have children, meant Gabriel could never have them either. Billy walked in to find Chelsea hugging Gabriel but she explained it away.

Later, an apartment below Chelsea's penthouse caught on fire, Chelsea got Johnny outside, and ran into Gabriel. Upon learning that Connor was still inside with Billy, Gabriel heroically went into the building racing up the stairs through the smoke to the penthouse and returned to Chelsea with Connor. Then Gabriel went back for Billy, and brought him down. Chelsea thanked Gabriel and called him a hero. Connor was kept overnight at the hospital, and Billy and Chelsea stayed there with him. Billy, Chelsea, and Connor went to stay at Abbott manor. With the athletic club full, Billy invited Sage and Adam to stay there too. Shortly after, Billy proposed, and Chelsea accepted. They decided to get married in 30 days with Gabriel as Billy's best man.

Chelsea and Gabriel got stuck out of gas in the middle of nowhere, and she reminisced about Adam. How perfect they had been together, how she had completed him, and how convinced she had been that she could fix all that was wrong with him. Later, Sage told Chelsea that she had noticed that Chelsea did not light up when talking about Billy like she did talking about Adam. Chelsea admitted it was not same kind of overwhelming love. Chelsea then had second thoughts about marrying Billy, and conveniently Jack had convinced Billy that he was rushing into it, so they decided to postpone the wedding.

After Chelsea accused Sage of sleeping around on Gabriel with Nick, Sage let Chelsea know that Gabriel had been working Chelsea all along, trying to get her to fall in love with him, naming all the things that he had engineered to make it happen. Sage challenged Chelsea to ask Gabriel if he knew Chelsea's dead husband. Gabriel admitted his manipulations and said yes, the minute he had seen Chelsea he knew she was the woman for him. Gabriel said he knew Adam, because he saw him every time he looked into her eyes. Gabriel accompanied Chelsea to the hospital as they both worried about a problem with Connor's eyes, but it turned out to be conjunctivitis, not transplant rejection.

Chelsea happened upon Billy and Victoria kissing, and left upset, running into Gabriel. Gabriel took her to his place, she started tearing off his clothes, and they made love. Later Billy came home and admitted his slip of kissing Victoria, making Chelsea feel very guilty as Billy promised it would never happen again.

Gloria warned Chelsea that with the merger of Jabot and Newman to watch her back with Victoria in charge. Chelsea went to Jabot to meet with Victoria, who panned Chelsea's designs. Gabriel backed Chelsea's insistence that no one change her designs, and Chelsea quit.

Since they were both unemployed, Billy suggested they elope and take a long honeymoon. But after Billy overheard Chelsea telling Gabriel to forget that they had sex, that it had meant nothing, Billy promised Chelsea she would get a real wedding, and exactly what she deserved. He asked Gabriel to be his best man, but Gabriel declined, so Jack filled in. But when it was time to take their vows, Billy turned on Chelsea, saying no way in hell would he marry her, announcing to the guests that Chelsea had sex with Gabriel. Billy recounted all of Chelsea's sins, and that the only person she had really loved was a snake like Adam Newman. Everyone exited, leaving Chelsea in tears. Gabriel showed up at Chelsea's, and they ended up making love. Even though she had called out Adam's name, Gabriel told her that they had a connection that was deeper than she had with Billy. Chelsea tried to fight it, but found herself dreaming about their love-making.

Chelsea accepted Victor's offer to continue her fashion line at Newman-Abbott with full creative control, with his guarantee of no interference from Victoria. Victoria was upset with the arrangement and accused Chelsea of cheating on Billy. Chelsea retorted that seeing Victoria and Billy kissing had been what had sent her to Gabriel. Chelsea spat that she would not give Victoria the satisfaction of quitting again, but would make her life a living hell.

Not long afterward, Victor announced that Gabriel Bingham was now Co-C.O.O. with her. When Victoria viciously canceled Chelsea's new children's line, Gabriel interceded, telling Victoria not to talk to Chelsea like that again, and to consult with him before making this type of decision. Chelsea went to Jack about reinstating the children's line, and he gave her the go ahead.

Gabriel told Chelsea that he intended to prove that Adam wouldn't be the only love of her life, promising to be better than Adam, to always be there for her, with no family to come between them. And they made love again. Later, talking about Victor, Chelsea remarked how Gabriel reminded her of Adam.

Jack called a meeting with Chelsea, Gabriel, Billy, Kyle, with a hospitalized Ashley to be filled in later, convincing them it was time to overthrow the king and take the company for themselves. He explained how the money that he had Kyle draw to buy a shipping company actually was transferred into a dummy account in Victor's name, and how they were going to be diverting funds to the account to take Victor down for grand larceny and corporate fraud. Gabriel later shocked Billy, Ashley, and Chelsea by telling them that he was Jack's son. Chelsea was livid with Gabriel, calling him a liar. Gabriel claimed that he had just found out.

After his arrest for shooting Jack Abbott, Victor made Gabriel C.E.O. Gabriel made Abby C.O.O., promising Victoria a new position. But Gabriel allowed Billy to stay on as head of R&D, telling him to step it up. Neil quit his C.F.O. position, but Abby hired Nick over Gabriel's objection to take Neil's place. Chelsea was assigned to help Abby, and the two of them met with a trucking executive who was unimpressed with the two young chicks, but Abby won him over and got a contract with a 3% reduction in fees.

Gabriel called a meeting of the executives to come up with a mission statement. When they were tired and had given up, Chelsea came up with "A new company for a new generation." Afterward, Chelsea and Gabriel made love in Gabriel's office. After Chelsea left, Gabriel toasted Victor's portrait, saying, "How does it feel to know the son who was never good enough now has it all? A toast to me – Adam Newman!" Chelsea was standing in the doorway, had overheard, and dropped her champagne glass. He tried to talk his way out of it, but when he called Victor 'Lurch', Chelsea knew that it was true, and shed tears of disbelief. Adam explained how Sage had paid someone to falsify the dental records and ID Gabriel's body as Adam, and that when he woke up Sage had already gotten him the plastic surgery to cover the third degree burns all over his body. Sage had done it for Gabriel's grandmother Constance who could not have survived Gabriel's death. Chelsea finally believed him when he mentioned things from the past that only Adam would know, and they embraced. Adam hoped they could start over with him as Gabriel, because he was still a wanted man. Adam admitted that Jack had known since he had returned, protecting Billy who had shot him in the car before the fiery crash. Chelsea refused, wanting him to turn himself in. Adam said the one constant in his life had been his love for Chelsea and Connor. And the truth would also ruin Sage's future with Nick. It wouldn't help Billy, or bring back Delia.

Adam gave in, and after saying goodbye to Connor, left to call a meeting at the office to tell everyone the truth, promising he would not tell that Billy had shot him. But just as Adam was about to, Chelsea showed up and stopped him. Chelsea agreed not to tell the truth about Adam and they had their reunion. But when Chelsea found out that Adam had slept with Sage and was a potential father of her baby, she accused him of not changing a bit. She refused to be any part of it, and that Adam could not see Connor, who was better off without him, thinking he was dead. Chelsea took Connor to Paris, but Gabriel followed. Chelsea told him he was not welcome, but Adam begged her to stay in Paris with her and start a new life. Chelsea refused, knowing that revenge against Victor would always come first. Adam found a house for sale in Paris similar to the one they had bought when they intended to move there. Adam convinced Chelsea to agree to enjoy one week of happiness there like it used to be. They happily threw a birthday party for Connor in middle of the night. But Chelsea was reminded of the soccer ball Connor had received the year before, and realized that Adam had sent it to him, and had been the one who was watching the nursery thru the installed video camera she had found. Adam explained that it was the only way to keep in touch, that he had seen how she still loved him and kept him alive in their son. Chelsea and Adam bought a house in Paris and prepared to settle there.

Chelsea received a call from Billy that her fashion line was in jeopardy with the dissolution of the merger of Jabot and Newman. Chelsea told Adam she didn't care, to let them argue over it. That they could start a new company in Paris together. Adam talked her into going back to keep her company away from Victor, but they agreed to return for only two days, and that Adam would sever all emotional ties with his father. Victor insisted on maintaining control of Chelsea's fashion line, to which Chelsea and the Abbott's objected strenuously. Victor pointed out that the original merger agreement required bids by each party. Chelsea had to choose a blind bid, not knowing if the high or low bid was Jabot. She followed Adam's advice and chose high, but it was Newman's. Chelsea told Victor she would just stay in Paris and start her own company there. Victor reminded her that she had signed a non-compete clause, and he owned her. Chelsea spat that no one owned her and could tell her where to live, she refused to work for Newman, and was returning to Paris. Later Chelsea and Adam attended the wedding reception for Nick and Sage, and Chelsea caught the bouquet. But Victor ruined their plans by suing for weekly visitation of Connor, a court order kept Chelsea in town until it could be decided. Chelsea was ready to run away with Connor, but without Adam, thinking that if they were caught, Adam would be fingerprinted and his identity discovered. Adam talked her into resuming their life in Genoa City, and they moved back into their condo.

Abby renamed Chelsea by Jabot to Chelsea 2.0, and got very cocky when the yet non-existent clothing line began showing huge European online pre-sales. But it was later discovered that it was thanks to the Paragon project worm causing false sales spikes.

Trying to find the mastermind who was working with Ian, Kevin tracked his IP address to Adam's old apartment, causing Chelsea to guess that Adam had been involved with Ian. Adam tried to make her understand it was a bad idea he tried to get away from. Chelsea told him to quit lying, he was always lying, they were through, the end. She was going to make sure Adam paid for everything he had done, even Delia, and he would end up with no rights to Connor. Adam left, promising to fix everything. Chelsea shocked Billy and Victoria by telling them that Gabriel was really Adam.

After Ian Ward and Adam were discovered to be behind the Paragon project, Abby talked Victor into giving Chelsea back her company.

For the memorial of the second anniversary of Delia's death, the family planted a gingko tree in Chancellor Park in Delia's honor. Adam crashed the ceremony trying to apologize and explain, and with everyone yelling at him to leave, Chloe approached. Chloe spat, "You may have a different face, but you are still the same insincere bastard you have always been." Chloe pulled a gun on him. Billy and Esther begged Chloe not to shoot, but Adam asked her to please do it, admitting that it was exactly what he deserved. Chelsea got between them, reminding her best friend that Delia had been forgiving and compassionate and would want him to live. Kevin was able to take the gun from Chloe to turn in to the police, and they left together.

Adam was arrested for causing the death by motor vehicle of Delia Abbott, but Victor bailed him out. Adam returned home to Chelsea and they made love.

Chelsea testified at Adam's trial saying how much she loved him, how much he loves children, and that he had even delivered hers and Sage's babies under dire circumstances. Adam testified explaining how the accident had happened, how a dog had dashed out in front of his car, he had stopped to see if it was okay, then driven on. Adam took full responsibility, but swore he had not known that Delia had been stuck, and was so sorry. Later when Michael offered to try to cut him a deal on a lesser charge, Adam refused to let him. The next day Billy broke down on the stand, saying that he shared responsibility for not taking better care of Delia, asking the jury to forgive Adam. Afterward, Billy told Adam he did not do it for him, but for his daughter and for himself. The jury quickly reached a guilty verdict. At sentencing Kevin asked, on his step daughter Delia's behalf, that they punish Adam to fullest extent of the law. Jack asked for leniency. Victor reminded the jury that his son had taken full responsibility for the tragic accident, and that his reactions were from grief and had not been malicious. Esther exclaimed that she would never forgive him. Chelsea begged for mercy for their family unit. Adam said that he deserved the guilty verdict, but pled for mercy for his son, saying how he had grown up without a father, and did not want the same for his son. Adam was sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary. As he was taken from the courtroom, Adam asked Chelsea to tell their son Connor every day that he loved him. But as Adam was being escorted from the jail he was intentionally struck by a white sedan. Suffering with internal injuries, Adam was taken into surgery. Chloe went to Esther asking for money and a car, admitting that she had been the hit and driver who tried to kill Adam, but Esther refused. Chelsea confronted Chloe that they were best friends even though she had stolen her son, and now she had tried to kill her husband. Chloe asked Chelsea how she could forgive Adam, who had only gotten ten years, while Chloe had gotten a lifetime of pain. Chelsea reminded her that killing Adam wouldn't bring Delia back. Chelsea wouldn't let Chloe leave, although she protested that she needed to go, to be with her daughter. The police arrived and took Chloe away.

Adam awoke, handcuffed to the bed with Chelsea at his side, declaring that she would wait for him to get out of prison. Victor declared there would be an appeal. Adam urged Chelsea to attend the Delia benefit Halloween costume party at the Top of the Tower. During the party a fire broke out on the floors just below, which was above the floor where the children were being cared for. Adam showed up at Newman tower disguised in fireman gear to welcome the kids as they exited, then went up the stairway after Chelsea. Adam ran into someone dressed as the devil, who knocked Adam out and left him for dead. The benefit guests including Chelsea were on the roof being evacuated by helicopter. Victor and Billy went down after Jack but found Adam unconscious in a stairwell. They helped Adam get to the roof where Victor encouraged Adam to take the helicopter and run away. Billy objected, but Adam refused anyway. Adam went back down the stairs, found Abby who led them to Ben who was injured and Ashley. Adam was declared a hero as he walked out of the building carrying Ben over his back, followed by Abby and Ashley.

Due to Adam's heroic actions when he could have run away, and some blackmail of the appeals judge by Victor, Adam's sentence was reduced to five years probation and 1,000 hours of community service, with a stern warning that the smallest infraction would send him back to prison. But Adam had to sell his soul to Victor to get it. Adam and Chelsea enjoyed their reunion. Chelsea, seeing Adam holding Sharon's baby, suggested that they have another one.

Chelsea and Adam confronted Victor when they discovered that Newman was still getting financial profit form Chelsea 2.0. Victor refused to budge and told them it was just a lesson for them to always read the fine print.

Adam left for Spain on a business trip, but never showed up at the Newman jet. Chelsea reported Adam missing, telling Paul she thought the Santoris were behind it. But Natalie, the young woman who had written Kevin's big deal software, convinced Victor that she was "the girl" Adam's captor wanted to exchange for Adam. Victor arranged for an exchange of Natalie for Adam to be made during a Chelsea fashion show, at the Top of the Tower. Victor told Chelsea not to worry about Adam, that he would get him back to her, even if it meant sacrificing Natalie. Paul took over to keep everyone safe while they stepped in and caught the kidnapper.

Adam told Chelsea about his paternity of Sage's baby Christian so that Victor no longer had any leverage over him, and Chelsea forgave him. Then he told Victor that he would no longer have anything to do with Victor or Newman Enterprises, and quit. Victor was soon arrested for replacing Jack with Marco after Jack and Phyllis filed the charges. Victoria took over as CEO of Newman after the board ousted Victor. Chelsea was proud that Adam had avoided the temptation to become CEO.

Adam accepted a job working for the largest hedge fund in Manhattan. But rather than moving to New York, Adam was assigned to start a new branch in Chicago and would commute. Chelsea hired Sharon and Sage to work for Chelsea 2.0. Adam suddenly was fired from the hedge fund, and blamed Victor. Chelsea convinced him to become the CEO of Chelsea 2.0 and they could work together. Adam and Chelsea celebrated their reuniting by remarrying each other themselves.

Victor framed Adam for the murder of Constance Bingham. Adam visited Victor, asking why he would set him up, then exonerate him in court. Victor promised that the missing pages would show up if Adam agreed to work for him at Newman and follow his rules. Adam said he had his own dreams and family, and he had made promises, telling Victor to take his deal and go straight to hell. Dylan received a tip that was presumably the location of the pages, but the envelope found was empty. Adam ended up taking the plea bargain and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Going straight to Victor from court, Chelsea pulled a scalpel on him, demanding the missing pages. Victor swore he didn't know where they were, but that he would do everything he could to get Adam released. Chelsea visited Adam, and Adam told her that he did not think he would ever be exonerated, that Connor was to never see him in prison, and brushed her off as well, returning to his cell.

Chloe showed up at Chelsea's, claiming to have been cured and having no ill will toward Adam. But when Chelsea told her that Adam was in prison for a crime he did not commit, Chloe laughed maniacally.

Adam guessed that Chloe was the mystery woman and charged Chelsea with finding out for sure. She talked Chloe into bringing Bella to live with her and Connor, and to work at Chelsea 2.0. Chloe went to see Adam claiming she had forgiven him, and that she had learned that the pain of her loss wouldn't go away, no matter what happens to Adam. Searching Chloe's things, Chelsea only found self-help books and wanted to believe her friend had truly changed. Chelsea visited Adam, and Adam told her that he did not think he would ever be exonerated. Adam didn't believe a word of it. Chelsea continued to stand by her best friend and wouldn't believe anything anyone said against her.

Adam became dejected. He dreamed of Connor as a teenager, as Adam finally got out of prison in time to see Chelsea on her deathbed, with Connor blaming him for killing her because she waited for him. Adam stopped eating and sleeping, and had a vision of Victor as his guard, taunting him. Adam attacked the guard Matthews, who later went into a coma, and assault charges were filed. Adam refused Michael's advice to plead insanity, pled guilty, and was sentenced to 10 years. Adam asked Nick to look out for Connor, the one independent Newman with hope, and to protect him from Victor. But as Adam was led away from the courtroom, he was abducted, thanks to Victor. Victor told Adam when he awoke at a secluded cabin that he had arranged passports and a plane to a foreign country the next morning. The last name on the passports was Erasmus, which means beloved. Meanwhile, Nikki slipped Chelsea a burner phone to call the phone that Victor had given Adam. Chelsea called Adam, then took Connor and left through a passageway between the penthouses that Adam had built years ago. Guard. But Connor developed a fever, and needed to go to a hospital. After hearing that the car she was driving was being searched for, Chelsea called Nick to take them. But as Nick and Chelsea pulled up to the cabin, it exploded. Bone and tissue fragments were later tested and found to have Adam's DNA, and he was declared dead. Chelsea was devastated to have lost Adam all over again.

As a show of remorse, Victor signed a contract to give Chelsea back the 35% of her company that he owned, and he agreed to stay away from her and her son.

Nick and Chelsea became close friends, with Nick following Adam's wishes that Nick help her raise Connor. After it was exposed that Sharon's year old baby Sully was actually Nick and Sage's son Christian due to a baby switch, Nick took custody of Christian. Chelsea knew the truth, that Christian was really fathered by Adam, but she kept Adam's secret. Nick and Chelsea became close friends, with Nick following Adam's wishes that Nick help her raise Connor. After it was exposed that Sharon's year old baby Sully was actually Nick and Sage's son Christian due to a baby switch, Nick took custody of Christian. Chelsea knew the truth, that Christian was really fathered by Adam, but she kept Adam's secret.

Nick and Chelsea attended the Abbott/Winters Benefit on New Years Eve and afterward they kissed and started removing their clothes. But Chelsea stopped them, and they decided not to ruin their friendship with sex. Nick asked Chelsea on a date, but she declined because it was Valentines day and Adam was on her mind. Later Chelsea showed up at Nick's club, finding him alone on a busy night with no other bartenders available. Chelsea helped Nick out, amazing everyone with her mad bartending skills. When things quieted down near closing, they danced, and later kissed at home. By their third date, they had made love.

Nick discovered a tracking device in Connor's favorite stuffed animal. Nick suspected Chloe. Chelsea asked Chloe who admitted that she wanted to be able to find her if Chelsea and Adam had run away. Nick decided that Chloe may have killed Adam and put the same tracker on Chloe's car, saw her dump bag in a dumpster which contained a dart gun and a wrench. Nick found out that Chloe's cell records showed she was in the area of the cabin an hour before it blew up. Chelsea refused to believe that her best friend had murdered her husband and asked Nick to drop it. Nick talked to Paul about reopening the case. Paul agreed it all looked suspicious, but they needed more evidence.

Kevin asked Chloe to marry him again, and she agreed. Chelsea whipped up the perfect gown, and a quick wedding commenced with Michael as best man, and Chelsea stood up for her best friend Chloe, with Bella tossing rose petals down the aisle. But when rings were about to be exchanged, Chloe suddenly ran from the room, and Chelsea followed. A while later, Father Todd announced that the wedding was off. Kevin and Father Todd found Chelsea unconscious on the floor and Chloe missing. When Chelsea came to, she told them that she had found Adam's ring in Chloe's dresser drawer and had substituted if for the one Chloe intended to give Kevin, proving Nick's theory that Chloe had murdered Adam. She said that Chloe had admitted it, then knocked Chelsea out and fled. Kevin was devastated and in disbelief. Chloe left a note for Kevin saying she was in trouble and had to leave, that Kevin always brought out the best in her, but she was not good enough for him. Chelsea was in shock, finally realizing that her best friend had killed her husband, and still loyal, she became obsessed with finding Chloe and getting her the mental help that she needed. Victor was shattered by the truth, that Adam had been murdered, and gave Chelsea half a million dollars for her business in Adam's memory. Chelsea ran into old friend and fellow scammer Jordan Wilde and asked him to help her find Chloe get a faked passport, something Jordan had been very good at in their past. Jordan told her this was nearly impossible these days, and whoever did it had to have a lot of money and influence. This helped confirm Chelsea's theory that Chloe had help getting away, as she had taken nothing with her. Following any lead that might help find Chloe, Chelsea ended up at the last facility Chloe was in, outside of New Orleans. She tracked down her psychiatrist, Dr. Harris, and went to his home, where she was joined by Nick. They were turned away, with Dr. Harris saying he hadn't seen Chloe since she had been released. But Chelsea noticed some sketches obviously done by Chloe. Nick lured Harris away, and Chelsea went inside, finding Chloe unconscious, Harris arrived and pronounced her dead, and both Chelsea and later Kevin were devastated. A private funeral was held with Father Todd officiating. Chelsea was not invited, and when she and Nick showed up, Kevin went off on them, accusing them of causing her death, and turned them away.

After Victor kicked Nick out of the tack house, Nick and Christian moved in with Chelsea. When Faith returned from camp, she was very upset that they had moved without even telling her. Only after Nick found out that Victor had already told her, trying to turn her against Nick, did Nick admit to Faith that her grandfather had kicked him out, and that he and Chelsea had just redone her room for her there. Faith turned on Victor, calling him a liar, and saying she could no longer trust him. Victor then relented and had Faith’s room furniture delivered to Chelsea’s. Then Victor coerced Kevin to hack into Nick’s account and drain it. Nick notified the bank, and the money was returned. But Nick, in a surprise move, appeared on The Hilary Hour and announced that he was donating his two and a half billion dollar trust fund to the Abbott-Winters Foundation, part of it earmarked for orphanages as an homage to Victor. Everyone in his family told him he was crazy, but Chelsea understood. Nick said he had all the money he or his children needed, and he hoped this money he was awarded when the children of Victor sued him would no longer come between him and Victor, and Victor agreed to call a truce. That lasted about five minutes as Victor bought the Underground’s liquor distributor, notifying Nick there would be no more discounts. Nick declared he would rather torch the place than see Victor get his hands on it. Later that night, The Underground burned and was declared a total loss. Nick broke it to Noah that after two disasters there where people had almost been killed, he had decided not to rebuild, and was no longer interested in expansion. It was discovered later that Dina who had Alzheimer's started the fire, and Nick was able to collect on the insurance.

In an attempt to get back at Jordan, Hilary exposed his past as a conman on her show with a long-ago photo of a con job, and there in a photo was Chelsea working it with him. Nick was upset about it being exposed to the world, but got over it. Chelsea’s business became in jeopardy over it too.

Nick wanted to build Chelsea her dream house, but Chelsea said her dream home was the condo. So Nick decided to renovate the bathroom of the condo, something Chelsea had always wanted. She admitted to herself that it was really because Adam had lived there. Nick was shocked to find a quarter of million dollars in cash in the bathroom air vent. Assuming Adam had stashed it there, Nick turned it over to the police who determined that it legally belonged to Chelsea. Chelsea offered to invest part of the found money in Nick’s new apartment owner venture. Then she secretly stashed the cash in Adam’s memorial.

Phyllis let Chelsea know that Ravi had discovered that a bogus Fenmore’s website was syphoning money by selling her designs. Since the clothes were actually being delivered, they suspected it was an inside job, and asked her if the name of the registered site owner Alexandra West was familiar. Chelsea feigned shock, but in fact she had set up the site and it had been the source of the money Nick had found. Chelsea went to the bank and closed the account she had set up under the name of Alexandra West using the social security number of a woman who had deceased 15 years prior. Phyllis accused Chelsea of being the thief in front of Nick, but Chelsea managed to deflect. After finding the money gone from Adam’s memorial, and receiving texts about Christian’s real father, Chelsea went to Victor. Victor poured the money onto his desk, and knowing everything she had been up to, warned her to clean up her act or go to prison. Victor returned the money to Lauren, telling her to ask no questions. Chelsea made a deal with Phyllis to stop pursuing it, and Chelsea would not break Nick’s heart by telling him the truth – that Adam was Christian’s father. Chelsea convinced Nick to get married quickly and adopt each other’s children. Phyllis and Sharon managed to get a DNA test to confirm that Christian was fathered by Adam, and got one of the bills from Lauren to confirm that it was from the stash Nick had found. On her cell, Sharon was about to tell Nick the truth about Christian when Chelsea clubbed her from behind with a coffee pot, putting Sharon in the hospital. Chelsea fled town, taking both Connor and Christian with her, with the aid of Jordan who swapped cars with her. But she had second thoughts and returned Christian, leaving him on Victoria’s doorstep.

In 2019 Chelsea received a voicemail from Sharon Newman. When she returned her call, Chelsea was shocked to find out that Adam was still alive and returned to Genoa City. But Chelsea had since married Calvin Boudreau, and he had adopted Connor. Chelsea told Sharon she was happy in her new life and feared the effect seeing Adam again would have on Connor, so she refused to tell Adam where she lived. Adam ordered his people to find her, meanwhile suing for custody of Christian from Nick.

Shortly afterward, Chelsea returned to Genoa City to convince Adam to let her go. She apologized to Nick for leaving him, saying she had felt cornered and had to escape, she was filled with regret, and she had loved Nick more than Adam. Calvin followed and met with Adam, agreeing with him that Connor needed to be with his biological father. Calvin suggested to Chelsea that they give Adam custody and they can move on, have children of their own. Calvin compared it to her giving up Johnny to Billy. Chelsea was aghast! During the night, Chelsea woke up and found Calvin lying dead in the bed next to her. She called 911 and Nick for help. Adam implicated Chelsea to the police, having recorded her telling him how mad she was at Calvin for wanting her to give up Connor. But the coroner ruled he had died of heart attack. Calvin left Chelsea five million dollars, even though they had a prenup, and a trust for Connor. Nick took Chelsea home to stay at his house. They became close again, but promised to take things slow.

After hearing about Chelsea’s windfall, Phyllis approached her to loan her money to finance a 20% buy-in to the Grand Phoenix Hotel. Chelsea listened to her proposition, considered it, then went to hotel owner Abby to invest 5 million for 25%. Abby took her offer and Chelsea became the hotel manager, cutting out Phyllis.

After teaming up with Nick to keep Adam from getting custody of Christian or Connor, Chelsea asked Anita to bring Connor to Genoa City. Chelsea offered her a million dollars of her inheritance from Calvin, but Anita turned it down suggesting it be used for Connor. Chelsea was shocked that Anita would ever turn down money. But it turned out that Calvin’s attorney Daryl had been in on Calvin’s shady dealings and had sold the contents of Calvin’s storage unit for 5 million in cash which he had split with Anita. Chelsea shamed Anita for looting Calvin’s estate, and threw her out. Later Daryl arrived with a satchel of money as a peace offering, suggesting she launder it though. And he gave her a new will leaving her the contents of the storage unit, the Boca Raton house and contents, and all vehicles. Chelsea gave him a suitcase, presumably of cash for him and Anita.

Chelsea let Adam spend time with Connor who was overjoyed to find out that his father was still alive. But Adam pushed it too far, expecting Connor to come live with him. Chelsea and Adam had a heart to heart about the difference between Adam and Nick, how Adam demands things from people, and Nick earns them, including love from Christian. Chelsea pointed out how everything revolves around Adam, he does whatever it takes to get what he wants, and his manipulation just pushes people away instead of getting what he wants most – love. Afterward, Adam presented Nick with papers giving up his rights to Christian and concentrated on being a good father to Connor, and someone Chelsea could trust. But he declared war on the Newman family promising to ruin them. Meanwhile Nick and Chelsea made love.

Chelsea was shocked to run into Kevin and Chloe casually hanging out at Crimson Lights. She realized that Chloe had obviously faked her death and lit into her for doing that to her best friend. Chloe apologized, saying it was the only way to avoid prison for the murder of Adam. That she was not in her right mind with grief over Delia, and she knew now that she was not going to let Adam ruin her life again by attempting to hurt him. Chelsea later decided to forgive Chloe and be friends again. Chelsea later decided to forgive Chloe and be friends again. Chelsea gave Chloe a marketing position at The Grand Phoenix Hotel. Later, although Kevin and Chloe had vowed to Michael to stay clean, Chelsea gave Kevin her suitcases of cash promising him 10% of everything he laundered. Kevin put it in an offshore account.

Connor was greatly affected by his grandfather Victor’s death, and even more so when it turned out to be a hoax that the entire family knew about, but Chelsea had not been in on it. Chelsea became furious with Nick over it, having to tell Connor that his grandfather was dead. When Adam discovered that Victor was alive and the hoax was aimed at getting Adam, he decided Connor was better off without him, and returned to Las Vegas. Connor began acting out at school, his excuse being that everyone lied to him, and Adam had abandoned him. They thought they had gotten through to him with fun and games, until they found Christian locked in the garage. Sharon was called in to see if she could help him. Things got so bad that Nick went hunting for Adam and talked him into returning to help his son. Adam moved back into the penthouse and Chelsea let Connor stay with him.

A man calling himself Simon Black approached Chelsea demanding her deceased husband Calvin’s dirty money, claiming it was his. When she asked Kevin to get the money, he discovered that the Feds had investigated that bank, and seized all its assets. Adam witnessed the showdown between Chelsea and Simon Black who was threatening Connor, which became a hostage situation in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix. But Chance swooped down from the ductwork in the ceiling and rescued them. Black was arrested but made a deal to tell what he knew about Colin Atkinson and the scam he had pulled bilking Devon Hamilton out of two and a half billion dollars. Things only escalated for Connor after being threatened by a bad guy with a gun, and he began seeing monsters. Chelsea started spending nights there with him, then finally moved in with Adam for Connor’s sake. Nick had been understanding to this point, but Chelsea moving out of his house and into Adam’s was the last straw, so Nick ended their relationship. Chelsea fell back in love with Adam and accepted his marriage proposal.

Phyllis blackmailed Chelsea into letting her buy Chelsea’s 25% of the Grand Phoenix. Chelsea was relieved to get out of the hostility between Phyllis and Abby. Chelsea decided to start her own clothing line again, avoiding using her name this time, they settled on the name Bella Milconno, named after all their kids. Chelsea later asked Chloe to join her as they had made such a great team in the past. Chloe promised to accept her decision to hook up with Adam again, and Chelsea forgave Chloe for letting her believe she was dead.

Adam declared war on the Newmans again when he was passed over as Newman CEO, and Chelsea joined him. She accepted Adam’s marriage proposal, and they with Connor traveled to Kansas, to plan the wedding at Hope’s farm. They found the farm in disrepair and stayed in a B&B instead. Adam hired someone to rehab the farm, and met with Alyssa Montalvo, a crime reporter who had been his best friend since kindergarten. They discovered evidence that Victor had probably killed Alyssa’s late father A.J. Adam blackmailed Victor into making him CEO, astounding everyone when Victor backed down. Adam’s tenure was short-lived when Victoria returned as CEO and exposed that the real murderer of A.J. had been 11-year-old Adam who had blocked it out. Victor explained that he had flown to Hope and found Adam catatonic. George, the farm caretaker had moved the body, and Victor had bribed the coroner. Hope had not attended the funeral so as not to jog Adam’s memory. Adam refused to believe it but was disappointed in Chelsea that she did. Determined to expose Victor’s lie, Adam invited George to Genoa City. George reluctantly admitted it was all true. Adam fled, ending up under the kitchen table in Kansas where he relived the altercation and killing A.J. Adam returned and went straight to Sharon for help. ChanceComm published the story titled “The Making of a Monster” which caused Chelsea to lose supporters of her new fashion line. About this same time, Chelsea overheard Adam tell Rey that Adam and Sharon were destined to be together. A photo of Adam and Sharon kissing went viral, and when Chelsea and Adam told Connor that they were separating, Connor blamed Sharon.

Chelsea found herself stuck in the elevator when the power went out. She climbed on the railing in an attempt to get out through the ceiling hatch but fell. Billy found her unconscious and called 911.

Adam saw Chelsea find schematics of Newman tower with a red X near CEO office. Afraid she would expose his latest plot, Adam had Chelsea kidnapped and held in a locked room in a warehouse with nothing but a bare mattress on a bedframe. Chance followed Adam to the same warehouse where Chelsea had just escaped using a bar from the bed frame. Chance confronted Adam as a sniper tried to shoot Adam. Chance dived and tackled Adam, taking a bullet in the chest which punctured a lung. Adam called 911 and left Chance there in critical condition. Chance said Adam’s name to the medical team before passing out.

Victor got Adam committed for psychiatric evaluation and also to protect him from the shooter. Sharon signed the petition. But he was allowed to leave in 72 hours and did. Chelsea took Adam back, and they made plans to move to Minnesota near Connor’ boarding school. Chelsea had been having headaches and pain since the fall in the elevator and was found collapsed again on the stairs. Taken to the ER, they discovered a small cerebral aneurism and had an operation to remove the blockage. She had a stroke, her right side paralyzed, and she could not speak. Adam and Victor arranged to take Chelsea home to the penthouse, hired a caregiver, calling in Dr. Lena Cavett, a stroke specialist. Chelsea lived there alone for months confined to a wheelchair and unable to communicate. Chloe visited Chelsea often but was disappointed to see no change, no recognition, as Chelsea just stared off into space. Meanwhile Chelsea was screaming inside her head, trying to get through to Chloe how convinced she was that Adam and Sharon were having an affair while she was incapacitated. Viewers saw Chelsea begin to move her fingers/hands/and eventually stand when no one was around to see. Finally, Chelsea spoke to Chloe when she was there. Chloe was incredulous, but happy for her. Chloe had seen a photo that had gone viral of Adam and Sharon sharing a kiss, so she believed her suspicions. Chelsea continued to let everyone think she was incapacitated but had a plan to get back at Adam which she refused to share with Chloe.

Sharon’s police detective husband Rey started getting sick and nearly died. It was discovered that he was slowly being poisoned, and Adam became the prime suspect. Once Adam had been arrested Chelsea began showing rapid improvement and was back to normal. Rey questioned her, and she did her best to throw suspicion on Adam. It eventually came out that Chelsea had somehow secured the poison and had gotten Chloe to put it in Rey’s toiletries. Chloe somehow had no idea what she had done, admitted it to Kevin. But although Rey was suspicious of Chloe, it never came out that she had been an accomplice to attempted murder.

Chelsea was found innocent by reason of insanity and did some time in a mental institution where she finally came to realize that the affair between Adam and Sharon had only been in her mind. Chelsea was released on a convalescent leave to take care of Anita who had broken a hip. Rey was appointed her security detail to drive Chelsea to Minneapolis where Anita was living. When Chelsea returned to Genoa City, she joined Chloe heading up the fashion line which was now a part of Newman Media which was headed by Adam and Victor. Sally Spectra had joined Chloe as a designer as well.

Victoria offered to buy Newman Media back from Victor, and he accepted it, insisting that Adam stay on as CEO. So Adam ended up working for his sister Victoria. Victoria decided she didn't want the fashion division, so Chelsea, Chloe and Sally were without jobs. After Chelsea and Chloe moved forward to start their own company once again, Sally was cut loose. Adam stepped in and hired Sally as COO of Newman Media. Chloe and Chelsea pitched a deal with Fenmore's to sell their new line Bella Milconno. Lauren signed them on.

Adam made it plain to Chelsea that he had moved on with Sally Spectra. Connor returned from boarding school a difficult teenager. Chelsea enlisted the help of Rey Rosales to help as a father-figure. Chelsea and Rey became close. One foggy night Rey had agreed to take Connor to a professional hockey game in Chicago. When they met at Crimson Lights, Rey realized he had left the tickets in his other jacket. Rey drove home to get them, but on the way back he had a heart attack that made him veer into oncoming traffic. He died on the scene. Everyone in Genoa City loved Rey and was devastated by his death. Sharon contacted Rey's mother Celeste who insisted the funeral and burial be held in Miami. After discussing it with her family Sharon realized that it was the right thing for a mother to want her son buried near his family home. A memorial service was held in Genoa City, then Sharon attended the funeral in Miami. (Both happened off screen.) Chelsea was devastated and hadn’t realized how attached she had become to Rey.

Chloe and Chelsea began arguing a lot, Chloe pointing out that Chelsea was designing, but no one was creating the clothing, which caused Chelsea to feel she was being micromanaged. Then Summer and Kyle, with the consent of Lauren, asked Chelsea to design for Marchetti in addition to Fenmore. Chloe rained on Chelsea’s parade by telling her she would never be able to do both. After thinking it over, Chelsea admitted to Chloe that she was feeling overwhelmed, asked to discontinue their partnership, and forgive her. Chloe agreed it was better to lose a business partner than a best friend and agreed to disband. Chelsea said she also intended to turn down the Marchetti deal.

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